I woke up to an overly hyper Jamie Bennett. It has been a month since his dad died and now it is December 3. He looks way too happy for his dad's one month death anniversary.

"Sheesh, kid! What is it?"

"The pond! Your pond! Apparently, people all over town have been seeing the ghosts of their loved ones there! Maybe my dad will be there. Maybe even your sister! Please, please, pleeeeeaaaase can we go?"

"The- the boundary. Between life and death. It's broken. I can feel it in the pit of my stomach. Jamie, let's go! This has happened before; it just scares the townsfolk. Nothing to worry about."

I jumped out of bed and threw on my hoodie and some boots. After all, I'm not a winter spirit anymore. Jamie grabbed a big bag of cookies that I knew we wouldn't finish while we were there.

"Cool! When we get home, I wanna show you something, Jack! It's about the project! The hero one!"

I jumped a little at this. I was about to find out how I am related to Jamie.

"I can't wait, actually. You're my great-something….. UNCLE! At first I didn't believe it, but your sister, Rosie? Yea well she had kids! And then, generations later, you get the point! Hehehe. Uncle Jack."

I stood there with my mouth hanging open until Jamie dragged me along to the pond. I shook myself out of the shocked state I was in and ran with him.

When we got there, we were lucky. Everyone else in the small town had already come so we were alone.

Off in the corner, I couldn't believe my eyes.

Rosie Lucille Overland was standing in front of me with our parents, all hand in hand. She still looked like she did when I… Left her.

"Jack, how come you didn't come? When it was my time, you weren't there. I have waited three centuries! If you are wondering why I still look the same, it's because I was reverted to this age. I thought of this age as the golden age. The best age to be."

"Sorry Rosie. I became a winter spirit after I died and then now I'm stuck as a human. When I died, I also lost all my memories. It was only right before I became a guardian that I got them back. This, by the way, was in the spring. I will come when it's my time. However, that could be anywhere between five minutes and thousands of years."

Rosie started to sob. I went over to her and cradled the young girl in my arms. It has been 300 years since I felt the familiar warmth of my sister. I cried into her shoulder until the boundary was repaired. Jamie doing about the same thing with his father. We came on the last day, after all, that we would be able to see them.

To tell you the truth, I don't even know IF I would ever die. However, if I end up like this forever then that would mean that my life span would be a lot shorter.

We walked back to Jamie's house with watery eyes. Let me rephrase that. Jamie and I walked back with tears falling down our eyes while trying to stop to no avail. So manly, I know.

"Jack, I think this is the only time I have seen you cry. You cried when you told us about your past but I was too buried in your chest sobbing to look at you. You shouldn't cry. It doesn't look as good as when you're smiling."

"I'm the guardian of fun, Jamie; of course I wouldn't look good as a crybaby.

"I guess…"

After that we walked in silence.

That was, until we walked past an alley and heard a little cry of 'help' from a child.

"Jamie, stop. Come, follow me, NOW."

I grabbed Jamie's hand and we ran into the alley. He looked up to me in shock when he saw the girl.

"Hello, my name is Jack, what's yours?"

"Penny… Help… please"

"How old are you Penny?"

She held up four fingers. This is worse than I had originally thought.

"Where are your parents?"

"They… they um… their car hit another one. I was the only one who was breathing. Checked. I'm really hungry."

"Jamie hand me the cookies."

He handed them over and Penny said something along the lines of 'thanks' only her mouth was too full to be sure.

"Follow me, okay Penny?"

She nodded and the three of us walked over to the nearby hospital to get her wounds checked. I told the nurse at the desk about her predicament and she assured me that Penny would be placed in an orphanage when she is able to be checked out.

Jamie and pushed on the heavy hospital doors and left.

"So you're still a guardian even as a human?"

"Why would that change?"

We looked at each other and laughed.

1 AM December 22nd

"Jack, I have a plan to turn you back…"

"What is it then?"

"Well, Christmas is in three days and so North would be coming, right?"


"Well what if we just stay up really late and meet up with him? Then he could either fix you or he could research it! Doesn't it sound good?"

"I guess it could work."

With that we ended up discussing our new plan until morning. We stayed all night yet we were still hyper due to our new mission.

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