"Loser!" "What a dork!" "You're such a nerd!"

Golfball was pushed to the ground, landing in a puddle of mud. Her glasses fell to the ground, shattering. She looked up at her assailants, sight blurry from both tears and near-sightedness. She didn't need to see in order to know who they were.

Match and her posse looked back down at the form. They saw her walking home and decided to jump her. She was the smartest girl in high school, but she was so bossy and rude. She had the nerve to talk about them to everyone in school. She deserved this.

Pencil kicked Golfball, and spat on her, "You're nothing but a bozo-brain bossy ball,"

Ruby sneered, " You're so ugly, you don't deserve to be alive,"

Bubble felt uncomfortable. She was the only one Golfball didn't hate, and she didn't hate Golfball either. She stood awkwardly to the side, not hurting her but not helping either.

Golfball looked up at Bubble, pleading. Why wouldn't she help her? She thought Bubble was different, but maybe she was the same as the others. She silently took her punishment, insides screaming.

Bubble had to do something. She couldn't stand this anymore, " Come on guys! You've had your fun," the group looked at her," I mean, she's learned her lesson, hasn't she?" She wished with all her heart that they took the bait.

Match looked at Golfball, covered in mud and crying, "Looks like it's your lucky day. We took it easy on you, this time, but if you talk about us-"

"-or give us the ugly face-" Pencil interjected.

"-ever again, will pound you even harder!" Match finished.

They strutted away, except for Bubble. She glanced back at the girl in the mud apologetically, and shuffled away reluctantly.

Once they were gone, Golfball broke down crying. She searched the mud for her glasses, wildly sobbing, but couldn't see them. She gave up and put her head in her lap. Ruby was right. She didn't deserve to be alive.

"Hey, are you ok?"

Golfball looked up, and saw a blurry figure with green hair. She squinted, but couldn't see who it was, "Yeah, I'm fine," She didn't take charity. She put her head back into her arms.

She felt something touched her arm. She looked up again, "What do you want?" she demanded.

"Well, I think it might be easier to see with some glasses," the figure jokingly replied, "Yours are broken, but maybe mine will work. Here, let me help you up,"

He took his glasses off and placed them on the bridge of her nose, and held out his hand.

Golfball was surprised. Who was this random stranger, who would give a random girl his glasses and help her out? Full of sight again, she took a long look at the hand and its owner. He was quite dashing. He had bright green hair with white highlights, and had a tennis racket strapped to his back. She reluctantly took the hand, and was pulled up off of her feet.

"Thanks," she said, picking up her shattered glasses, " You can have yours back," She began to take his off of her face, when she felt a finger push them back.

"It's no problem, really!" The stranger said, "I've seen you around school. You're Golfball right?"

"Um, yeah?"

"I'd do anything to stay and help, but I'm already late to tennis practice again. Coach would kill me," he chuckled, "but I'll give you my number, and you can return them some other time," he set his backpack down, and took out a binder. He ripped a piece off of some paper, and jotted something down on it. He handed the slip to Golfball, and she looked down at it.

TB: 625-948-3521

She looked up to thank 'TB' but he was already gone. She looked back at the slip, filled with wonder.

Then she came to a conclusion. Golfball was 94.657% sure that this 'TB' guy was her guardian angel.