Chloe walked into the bar she was supposed to meet her friend Cynthia Rose at, and looked around. She saw lots of people on the floor dancing and all the others were either at tables or at the bar, drinking. She pulled her phone out and was about to text the other woman when she felt someone tap her on her shoulder from behind.

She turned around and smiled when she saw a familiar face standing behind her.

"Cynthia Rose," she shouted excitedly. "How are you?" She grabbed the other woman and hugged her.

"I'm great, excited to possibly get some numbers tonight. How are you?" Cynthia Rose pulled back and smiled at the other woman.

"I'm great; did you hear the news about Aubrey and Jesse?" She asked eagerly.

"I just got Amy's text, I'm so happy for her. I know how much she loves Jesse and they do make the perfect couple." She nodded. "I got us a table, over there." Cynthia Rose pointed to a table near the dance floor where two other women were sitting at.

"Okay, I'm just going to grab a drink. I'll meet you over there," Chloe attempted to yell over the loud music. Cynthia Rose nodded and left to meet her other friends at the table.

Chloe walked over to where the bar was and waited for the bartender to take her order. She looked to the side of the bar and was immediately entranced when she saw a smaller brunette wearing tight skinny jeans and a tight black shirt that had "David Guetta" written on it. She had a thick coat of eye liner and mascara covering her eyes, but that didn't take away from the greyish blue color they were.

She watched in amusement as this strange girl looked to be in a heated debate with another girl. She wasn't sure why she felt so intrigued, but she decided to discreetly make her way closer to them both, intrigued about what they were arguing over.

"How can you even stand there and say that Harry Potter is a poorly written series? Have you even gotten through a full book? I mean the way J.K Rowling portrays each character and make a totally unrealistic world, seem realistic. Bullshit if you said it's not the best thing out there to read." The brunette's voice was raised high enough for Chloe and a few others around them to hear.

"I'm just saying that twilight is a much better plot line. I mean two people, who are from completely different worlds and shouldn't be together at all, ever. Fall madly in love and have to fight all the haters away and attempt to keep their relationship intact." The girl replied back, in a serious tone. Chloe rolled her eyes as she continued to listen to her. "What's not to love about a vampire and human falling in love?" She finished.

The girl behind the bar just blankly stared at her. "Oh my god, I should seriously have you escorted out of my bar for what you just said. Are you even hearing yourself? Harry Potter is about so much more than people falling in love and having to choose between a vampire and werewolf. It has witches, wizards, goblins, dragons and so many other mystical things. It has a real plot line, and real issues. Every book is an intense and beautiful read. It can't ever be compared to twilight." She yelled back. Chloe could tell she was getting seriously annoyed. But she also couldn't blame her. Who could ever compare twilight to being half as good as Harry Potter?

"Twilight has a lot more problems in the series as well," the other girl started. Chloe couldn't take anymore. She couldn't believe how naive this girl was being.

"The only problem Twilight has is that it was ever published." She chimed in. She watched as the girl defending twilight turned her head and faced her, jaw agape in astonishment. She couldn't help but see from the corner of her eye that the girl behind the bar was smirking at her.

"How can you even say that?" The girl shot out.

"Easily, twilight is a tale about a sixteen or seventeen year old girl who falls madly in love with a guy she barely knows, and a guy who isn't even that fantastic of a character. I mean maybe the books are different from the movies, and I've only seen them mind you because my best friend made me watch them with her. But Harry Potter has so much more to it. It's about a young boy who lost his parents when he was young. They died protecting him from the strongest and most feared wizard. Then throughout the series it's about how Harry and the friends he has made have to survive and learn to protect themselves, because that same wizard is after him for vengeance. Along the line they have many other issues that they are faced with. It's issues that correspond with real life. You can't ever compare twilight to Harry Potter," Chloe yelled.

The girl just stared at Chloe, no emotion in her face. Chloe had started to feel stupid when no one was saying anything, not even the girl who was on team Harry potter. She was about to open her mouth once again when she was suddenly cut off.

"And that is the reason why I will buy red over here a drink and not you. You owe me five twenty-five for that beer. Pay up and get out." She yelled over the music. Chloe smirked when the other girl looked between them both and scoffed.

"How you can even run a business like this, I don't get it." She pulled exact change from her clutch and handed it to the bartender. She then turned around and went to walk away but was suddenly stopped by the bartender once again.

"What, no tip? That's rude." She looked over at Chloe, winked and smirked as she watched the other girl turn around in astonishment.

"Here's a tip for you: Stop being such an asshole to everyone around you and you may actually end up happy with someone one day." She shot out before turning around once again and walking away, for good.

"Ouch," Chloe giggled when she saw the bartender roll her eyes.

"She acts like I'm interested in finding someone to make me happy, what a naïve little girl." She sighed.

"Shame on her, how dare she." Chloe replied sarcastically.

"So what's your name?" The bartender smiled. She couldn't help but notice how beautiful this girl was. The way her bright blue eyes corresponded with her dark red hair was truly amazing. "Or should I just call you super cool Harry Potter fan?" She smirked.

Chloe laughed and reached her hand out. "I'm Chloe," she yelled.

"Nice to meet you Chloe, my name is Beca. I'm the owner of this bar." Beca replied as she shook Chloe's hand.

"You look so young though, that's insane." Chloe watched as Beca raised an eyebrow. "I mean I'm just shocked you own such a popular place when you look twenty-three," she smiled.

"For your information, I'm twenty-five. I not only own this bar, but I can even dress myself and use the potty on my own. I'm more mature than most people my age," she smiled when she saw Chloe laughing.

"So can I buy the beautiful girl a drink?" Beca asked smoothly.

"You can, but in a platonic way." Chloe smiled.

"Platonic? What's the fun in that?" Beca pouted at the girl.

"There's lots of fun in it. You now have someone who probably loves Harry Potter just as much as you do. We can have discussions about it and everything," Chloe winked.

"Discussing things is better when you're naked though," Beca hinted. Chloe laughed and shook her head at the other woman.

"If I wasn't straight then maybe," Chloe replied.

"I've turned many straight girls gay," Beca pointed out.

"How about straight girls who have a boyfriend?" Chloe asked, smirking.

"Oh yeah loads of those as well, I actually keep a wall filled with pictures of all the straight girls I've turned who had boyfriends." Beca replied sarcastically.

"I can't decide if that's cocky or weird?" Chloe giggled.

"Probably both, but I don't care," Beca smirked. "So what can I get the beautiful lady to drink?"

"I'll take screwdriver," Chloe yelled.

"Great," Beca replied. She quickly turned around and made the girl's drink. She turned back around to face Chloe. "That'll be…" Chloe cut Beca off.

"Hey, I thought you said you were buying?" She yelled.

"Well I was actually just going to say that it would be a kiss on the cheek. But much like Kanye West, you didn't let me finish." Beca winked.

"You're very persistent, aren't you?" Chloe sighed.

"Yep, so just give in now." Beca winked.

"Look you're nice and all. But I'm really happy with my boyfriend. So sure, I'll give you a kiss on the cheek because I have to admit, you are quite charming. But you won't be getting anything else aside from that." Beca smirked as she leaned forward. Chloe slowly and gently pressed her lips to Beca's cheek and let them linger there before pulling away. "It was nice to meet you Beca, I'll see you around." Chloe winked before walking over to where her friends were sitting.

Beca sighed as she watched the beautiful redhead walk away from her. She didn't know why it was bothering her so much that she wasn't gay, there were so many other girls she could go home with later. But for some reason, she was only interested in taking Chloe home.


Chloe woke up with the sun shining in her face and her head pounding. Her mouth was dry and she seriously had to go pee. That could only mean one thing, she got drunker than she had planned on getting and was definitely hung over.

She didn't even remember how she got home, in fact she really didn't remember a lot about the night. She went to get out of bed but found it difficult to with a bare arm draped over her abdomen. She froze when she looked down and noticed that the arm did not look like Tom's arm at all.

Hesitant, she slowly looked beside her and saw a familiar face sleeping close to hers. She looked around the room and realized she wasn't in her room at all. She was in a complete stranger's house, and she was naked. That could only mean one thing.

They had sex.

Chloe had cheated on Tom and slept with a woman, out of all people. But Chloe wasn't a cheater and Chloe wasn't gay. So what the hell was she doing in the bed of another woman, naked? Curious if Beca was naked as well, she slowly lifted the blankets up. Chloe's stomach dropped when she saw perky breasts and a soft bare body lying under the sheets.

She had definitely cheated on Tom.

Chloe's mind began to race as she thought of what to do next. A bunch of scenarios ran through her mind before she finally came to her senses.

What was she freaking out over? She didn't know this girl. Yeah she knew where she worked and her name. But it's not like they were close friends. It's not like they would ever see each other again, they had no connection to each other whatsoever. There was nothing that had to be said between them, she was free to leave the apartment (probably like every other girl she sleeps with) quietly and without waking the other woman up.

Chloe slowly grabbed the girl's arm and moved it onto the bed. She then slowly removed the covers and quietly got out of the bed. She found all her clothes that were sprawled all over the floor and quickly picked them up. She then quietly slipped them all back on and tip toed towards the bedroom door. She looked back and took one last look at Beca, who was sleeping peacefully. She frowned before she turned to face the door. She slowly opened it and closed it behind her.

Grabbing her shoes, she slipped them on and slowly opened the front door. Being as quiet as she could, she did not want to wake the other woman up. She slowly shut the door behind her and quickly walked down the steps of the building. When she stepped outside, she looked up at the sky and took a deep breath. It was all over with now. She had nothing to worry about. She didn't know who Beca was and Beca didn't know who she was.

She would never have to see her again.