By around ten-forty the next morning there was a knock at the door. Rod was the first to wake up. Seeing that he and Nicky slept through the night on the couch, with some of their attire on the floor and some still on them because of what they had done the night before when Nicky finally said he loves him, Rod panicked. "Shit!", he cursed under his breath.

When the knocking came again Rod quickly, not even attempting to be quiet for Nicky to stay asleep, slide off under Nicky. "Be there in a moment!", Rod declared at whoever was at the door.

Rod made haste to the peep hole of their door, seeing Mark's mother and father standing in the hallway. "Shit!", he cursed again. "Nicky!", he whispered when he turned his head to the other. "Wake up! Mark's parents are here!"

"Damn!", Nicky said. "Well what'll we do? We're half naked because we-"

"Wait wait! I got it!", Rod said. "Just run off and put your clothes back on then go wake up Mark."

"But what about you?"

"I'll tell them that we were watching TV late last night and we just fell asleep." Rod quickly began to pull up his briefs and slacks.

"You sure that will work, Rod?"

"Yes, Nicky!", Rod hissed. "Trust me, now get going!"

Nicky took his word for it and hurried away. Rod finished putting on his belt then, like a bat out of Hell, buttoned up his shirt. Without even bothering to fix his hair and glasses to make it look like he'd just woken up Rod put on a friendly face and opened the door to Derek and Angelica Anderson.

"Hello there!", Rod greeted cheerfully to the parents. "Sorry for the wait, and if I seem to appear sloppy. Nicky and I were watching TV after we put Mark to bed and I suppose we both fell asleep on the spot." Rod hoped that his plan would go accordingly.

"Hey hey, that's alright.", Mr. Anderson said. "Everyone passes out on the couch now and then. Is Mark awake?"

Relieved, Rod replied that Nicky was getting him. "Won't you two come inside. You don't have to wait out in the hall. Come come. Tell me about your trip. How was your flight?" He was just throwing any random sentences and questions to start a conversation. "Would you like some coffee? Why your coat is so stunning, Angelica. Tell me where you bought it."

The parents at first felt cozy when they entered the apartment, being seated at the small kitchen table, but they soon noticed that the temperature was a bit heated. "It's a bit warm in here.", Mrs. Anderson said, taking off her coat.

Rod quickly jumped to a clever answer, then said, "Yes,it got cold in the night and so we set the thermostats to a warmer temperature. I'll go open the window if you'd like." As Rod did so he let out an inaudible sigh of relief, but as he passed the dreadful-looking couch he noticed a wet stain. Immediately, he placed a pillow on top of it to cover it up, blushing red.

In walked in Nicky, who had his hoodie and baggy blue jeans back on, with Mark running to his mother. "Mommy! Daddy!" Gleefully, his mom scooped him right up and showered the boy with kisses.

"Oh my precious little baby boy!", she said. "I missed you so much. I just couldn't wait to see you."

"I'm surprised that he's all in one piece.", Derek Anderson joked. "I take it that he behaved well for you guys."

"Oh he was just the most well behaved child I've ever seen.", Rod declared. "Very smart too."

"Yup. He was just an awesome kid.", Nicky added, giving Mark a high five. "You keep on making people happy, you hear?"

Mark gave a thumbs up. "You got it, dude." He turned to his mother and asked for her to put him down, and when she did Mark walked over to Rod and Nicky. He wanted Rod and Nicky to crouch down so he can say something to them. They did and they listened to what the child wanted to say.

"I told you that you guys would make a cute couple.", Mark said, and he smiled.

Rod and Nicky couldn't do anything but smile back at him. "You were right, kid.", Nicky whispered.

"Come on, Marcus.", the father said. "Let's go get some breakfast."

Mark said his final goodbye and followed his parents out. As bittersweet as the goodbye was, Rod and Nicky felt so overjoyed that everything in the end for them turned out well. They've never thought that a small five-year-old would tell them that they'd really mask fine lovers and be correct all along. Even when they would need their own space and be alone to come to terms on their own, Rod and Nicky knew they had to be thankful for Marcus.

"I'm going to make some pancakes.", Rod said as he walked over the kitchen. As he got out the pancake mix and the culinary utensils the he needed Rod thought about last night; the emotional coming home of Nicky, when they poured their hearts out to each other, and when they first kissed and made love. As Rod thought about all of this a smile formed on his face.

As for Nicky, he felt the same joy. He felt like a complete asshole for not taking a close look at how Rod feels at times and not bothering to question his attraction for him before. It doesn't matter though, Nicky finally got that special someone that will care for him like how he's searched for in someone.

Of course their friendship is not just a friendship like they've always had since college, but a relationship is added as well. It's going to take some getting use to, but they'll mange.

"Say Rod?", Nicky started out saying.


"Do you think we could maybe go somewhere today to..."

Rod immediately knew where this was going, and he turned to Nicky. "To go for a date?"

"Yeah, a date. You know, to start off our...togetherness."

"By togetherness, you mean relationship." Rod grinned.

"Sure, so-uh-how about it?" For once, Nicky sounded hopeful yet nervous about asking.

Rod thought for a moment, giggling. "Well, if you ask me, I think it already began when we kissed, then made out, them had sex." He snort a laugh. "However, we can go somewhere too."

"Ok, s-so where to? Anywhere you want." Nicky had to be prepared if Rod wanted to drag him to a musical though. He didn't know if he'll handle the type of Broadway shows that Rod favors.

Rod had a different plan though. "How about the park again, you know, where all of this got started?"

Nicky smiled back just as enamored as Rod, and said, "I couldn't agree more."