381. Nanos are curious.

(Dexter! For the last time, stop dismantling every electric appliance in the building!)

(Humph! - Nano Dexter)


382. Nanos love shiny things.

(Give me back my quarters Eddy.)

(Mine! - Nano Eddy)


383. Some Nanos are brave.

(Adventure Time! - Nano Finn)

(Finn! Get back here! We are not going into the creepy forest of death!)


384. Some are not.

(Eduardo, we won't get very far if you keep flying up my shirt every time you hear a squirrel.)

(¡Las ardillas gigantes atraparme lo harán! - Nano Eduardo)

*translation: The giant squirrels will get me!*


385. Nanos are helpful.

(Thanks for the assist Lil Jake.)

(*Wink* - Nano Jake)


386. Certain Nanos are meticulous.

(Lil Blossom, you've been at it for five minutes, I think my shoes are securely tied. You can stop now.)

(Nooooo, they're not perfectly symmetrical yet! - Nano Blossom)


387. Some Nanos are stubborn.

(Huuuuuurrrrrrgh! - Nano Four Arms)

(Mini Arms, I know you're strong, but I don't think you have the adequate leverage to lift a building.)

(Eeeuuuurrgh! - Nano Rex)

(And neither do you!)


388. Some Nanos don't act like their original counterparts.

(*Purrrrrr* - Nano Demongo.)

(Well at least your not trying to steal my soul.)


389. Some Nanos are too much like their original counterparts.

(Billy! Dee Dee! Get out of that blender!)


390. Nanos are small.

(Never have I ever held anything so tiny and precious.)

\(^o^)/ – Nano Courage


391. Some Nanos aren't aware of how small they are.

oVo - Nano Vilgax

(Don't you give me that look little tyrant, you know what you did. Now stay in that corner and don't move until you're ready to apologize to Ben.)


392. Some Nanos love cuddles.

(Hugs! - Nano Bubbles)


393. Others do not.

(HISSSSSS! - Nano Aku)


394. Most Nanos are very expressive.

/(*0*)\ - Nano Ed

(o.O) – Nano Edd

\(*) O (*)/ - Nano Eddy

(Guys, I know what your thinking. Don't do it, that jawbreaker is too big for any of you.)


395. Some are not.

( . . . - Nano Alien X)

(*poke poke* Are you even alive?)


396. Nanos can't eat most food.

8( - Nano Ed

8( - Nano Billy

8( - Nano Chowder

(Stop staring at me, this is my sandwich and you know you can't have any.)


397. Nanos are like children.

(Lil Bravo! Put those Barbie Dolls back!)

(Eddy! Get out of the wishing fountain!)

(Flapjack! Stay away from the cotton candy! You'll get stuck again!)


398. Some Nanos can be unpredictable.

(Cheese, what are doing in my shoe.)

(I'm a race horse, quack quack. - Nano Cheese)


399. Certain Nanos can be too predictable.

(Rath! Get away from that plant!)

(Let me tell ya something freakishly big kid! When Little Rath has gotta go, Little Rath has gotta go! - Nano Rath)


400. All Nanos are adorable.

(You know what I'm talking about.)


This project is a work in progress. Suggestions and comments will always be welcome.

Keep fighting the good fight.