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Skye knew that the team's reactions would be bad. She had prepared herself for being ignored, having dirty looks thrown at her and not being trusted. She was ready for that because she had, after all, been untruthful and she knew how much that could hurt.

At first, she'd thought that the bracelet Coulson gave her was a peace-offering; something to say that he wasn't completely annoyed at her, that he wanted her to stay. It only took a few days to realise that she was wrong.

She was under S.H.I.E.L.D.'s control; she had to do anything they wanted. She wondered whether they'd just use the bracelet to monitor her. She thought they'd probably do what they did with Miles; stop her from using technology. Then it hit her that, without her hacking skills... what was her purpose on the team?

Then came the realisation that perhaps she didn't have one.

She woke up early the day after the fiasco with Miles, leaving her room in her pyjamas, not really caring who she bumped into; the majority of the team should be used to seeing her in her bunny-patterned pyjama bottoms by now anyway.

Her hair was falling out of the bun she'd thrown it in the night before, so she didn't see Ward straight away. When she brushed the hair out of her eyes and caught sight of him, she froze. He was sat at the breakfast bar, head down as he stared into his coffee.

"Hi," she said quietly. He glanced up, looking at her for a second before looking down again, remaining silent. "Okaaayy..." she said, dragging the word out to try to break the awkward air in the room.

She reached over the counter to switch the kettle on (Coulson always had a thing about making sure all of the switches were turned off if not in use – something she tended to forget constantly), pulling away hurriedly as an electric shock went up her arm.

"Son of a bitch!" she exclaimed, glaring at the kettle.

"You probably shouldn't do that," Ward said, his voice cold and detached as he stood up and walked away. Skye just gaped at his back, watching as he left.

*. . .*

Though she could use technology again a few days after the kettle incident (she figured it had just been a warning to her: 'don't contact any of your Rising Tide friends again'), she found that the team's attitudes around her were all the same. No one could even look at her, and Coulson had done absolutely nothing, to her knowledge, to help her find her parents in the week since he'd found out, despite the fact that they'd simply been flying around. Whenever she tried to talk to someone, they'd either ignore her, or walk away. The only exception was Simmons, who would look sympathetic, perhaps murmur an apology, but not answer all the same.

The weeks passed slowly; Skye found she generally wasn't trusted enough to be given a specific job on any mission, and when she worked her hacktivist magic to get the team out of trouble, she didn't receive a thank you, or even an acknowledgement of her work. The team would simply go about their business, and Skye really was starting to wonder if they even knew she was there.

Three weeks on, and she had had just about enough. So when Coulson announced that they'd be landing in LA for a few days to pick up supplies and that the team had a few days down-time, she decided to do something about it.

*. . .*

"Hey... do you have the keys for my van?" Skye asked one of the people at the airstrip. He frowned at her confusedly. "My van," she repeated, pointed it out in the large car park, "I need the keys. I left them here about two months ago?" The man shrugged.

"They're probably in the office," he said, moving to walk away.

"Well can you get them?" Skye asked, starting to get annoyed. The man sighed, but unlocked the office, re-emerging with her keys a moment later.

"These them?" he asked. Skye nodded.

"Thanks," she muttered, picking up the bag she'd packed the night before and heading over to her van. She sighed happily as she unlocked the door, throwing her bag inside and looking towards the Bus one last time.

She'd made the decision to leave perhaps too easily. It was obvious that no one wanted her there, and, as much as she did help, she was tired of not getting any credit for it. She wasn't expecting a knighthood or a letter from the President or anything like that; a 'good work, Skye' would have been nice, though.

Climbing in and starting the engine, she saw May standing on the ramp of the plane, watching her. Skye sent her a goodbye salute before slamming the door shut and driving away, determined to put her S.H.I.E.L.D. life behind her.

Later that night, as she was sat in the back of her van, huddled in an old blanket and thinking about the happy times she had on the Bus, she pulled out her laptop, typing a message to the team; she'd be damned if she sunk to their level and left without saying goodbye. She'd parked down a back alley just outside LA, thoroughly enjoying the three hours she'd spent driving alone.

She programmed the message to pop up on the big screen at nine A.M. in three days time, when the team would all have returned to the Bus for their briefing. She pushed the laptop away again, sighing as she leant her head back again the side of the van, her eyes drifting close.

Just as she was falling asleep, a heavy knock sounded at the side-door, snapping her from her doze. She wondered if it was the team, thinking they'd come looking for her when one of them realised all her stuff was gone, or when May had alerted Coulson of her departure. She shook her head at herself; she didn't want to go back, and nothing anyone could say was going to change her mind; not that she expected the team to want her back anyway. Ignoring the knock, she pulled the blanket tighter, closing her eyes again.

"We know you're in there, Skye," the familiar voice that cut through the walls of her van moments later chilled Skye to the bone and her breath caught in her throat as she desperately fumbled with her phone to activate the deadlock she'd installed the last time she'd encountered him.

The door was thrown open milliseconds before she pressed activate, and Skye found herself wishing that it had been S.H.I.E.L.D. after all.

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