Title: Battle Star Galactica 1980 to 1985 Returning to Paradeen

A/N: This is the Sequel to Battlestar Galactica 1980-1985 My apologies for the long wait.

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Author: Firewolfe

Disclaimer: I sadly do not own TOS BSG if I did the abomination known as GINO would never have happened. That being said this wonderful world belongs to Glen Larson and the corporations.
Language: English Rating: Rated: T to M for content containing violence and some adult type situations. You won't find anything to steamy or more than your average romance novel here but just on case the warning is up.

Genre: Sci-Fi/Adventure

A/N: The battle was won and Earth is safe but the Colonials allies on the planets Paradeen and Terra still in need of aid. The Galactica, Armageddon will return with their fleet to help save the people they once thought were from Earth.

Part 2

Playing basket ball was fun. It was not Triad but it was similar enough that Dillon enjoyed it. The net made the game a bit of a challenge but it was worth it. Dillon however was glad that they could finally play Triad in the open. It was one of the things he missed the most about the fleet. Not that they did not play at the farm but still missions often got in the way. He watched as the younger boys played. Triad was the universal addiction in the fleet it had been the one thing all the colonies had shared a love of and fortunately it had been considered to vital to fall to the way side on the journey. Commander Adama had wisely set aside space on each ship for the use of various teams. It had helped keep moral high when conditions had gotten bad. Of course arriving on Earth had not really change it much other then they could now share the game. Dillion had high hopes it would catch on here as well. Of course the fact that Triad had been played by the Toltecs further united them. He grinned as he recalled a recent game where Commander Ki and her CMO had challenged Starbuck and Apollo and won. He had kind of felt bad for Commander Adama because the man clearly had no clue who he should support. Then again either way his house was well represented. Because Dillion had no doubts what so ever that Ki would soon be sealed to his CO. He moved with purpose toward the flower stand. He had to get those roses before he went home. He was late and hoped that the flowers would ease his loves anger with him. He promised to take her to dinner and Gloria had been more than patient. So he hoped the flowers and special arrangements for dinner would help him out. He looked down at the ring he gotten. It was the reason he was late the damned store had misplaced it. Fortunately they found it or Dillon would have been very upset the darned thing cost him 6 cectons wages after all. It was a beautiful emerald with a platinum band it would look great on her hand. He was settling down finally and he wanted her to know he valued her deeply. Yes she had already agreed to seal with him but he now understood such rings were her people's custom and he wanted Gloria to know he honored those as well. She would be his wife in both cultures eyes because hey blessing were always a good thing. Besides if he was married in more than one way she could hardly slip away from him. Sometimes Dillon still wondered what she saw in him but he was so glad she said yes.

Gloria rushed to get done. She was running late. Damn I so hope I don't keep Dillon waiting. Stupid traffic, LA so sucks why anyone would want to live there, I will be so glad when the shuttles start running locally. She pulled a comb through her wet hair and glanced at the clock. 10 to, well for once I am so glad Dillon is running behind. I just hope he is not made at me. But I so needed to talk to the doctor. I mean it is kind of important. I wonder how Dillon will feel about the news? I'm happy but this was not exactly planned. Oh well at least we are going to be sealed or Daddy take a shotgun to him.


The new ships were outstanding. Apollo loved the sleek vipers and hoped that they would fit on the new baseship. Well Boomer thought they would work so they should. However it was going to be strange seeing vipers come off a base ship. Of course the newly redesigned Cylon ships would be weird as well. A part of Apollo wondered if it feel strange to fly with them? Then again he and Starbuck had flown the Cylon ships before. He just hoped the new design made them easier for the pilots because the old ships were just to clunky.


The Warriors from Paradeen were eager to return home. Each worried about their people. However each felt like they now had a chance if only they could get underway. Impatience was driving them to distraction. Instead each worked out and got ready to fight. Being healthy and whole was vital to sanity and survival. They would go home stronger and better and the damned Cylons would never know what hit them.