A/N: The battle was won and Earth is safe but the Colonials allies on the planets Paradeen and Terra still in need of aid. The Galactica, Armageddon will return with their fleet to help save the people they once thought were from Earth.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Part 5

Bree and Hunter walked into the tunnels on the far side of Mars. So far they had found lots of manufacturing facilities and the zoos along with the stasis fields full of animal and human embryos. However they had only scanned and explored a small part of the underground base. Both women had agreed to help explore the remaining tunnels as both loved the idea of exploring. So far they had not found much of use only abandoned quarters and a worn out mining facility. It might be useful for parts if the engineers could dismantle it but it was not in production which given the number of ships they had found made sense. The mine had clearly provided the raw materials for the hulls of the ships. Both were hoping to find more useful items. It was annoying that the guys always seemed to stumble onto the good stuff. They giggled a little at that while both were mature women and warriors they could admit at least to themselves that they wanted to be far more than just back up warriors. Oh they knew none of the men considered them that but, the truth was had it not been for that virus all those years ago at Kobol most of the women warriors would never have seen a cockpit of a viper. The old Colonial military had been all about protecting women. Only rare exceptions like Sheba and Athena had a greater chance at being flyers of more than shuttles. Hunter knew a lot of that was down to the fact that humanity had to survive and women were considered far less expendable then men. After all one healthy male could impregnate dozens of women while it took a woman 13 cectons to deliver a child. However that had impacted the choices women had in the Colonial military of the Colonies. Fortunately things had changed now it was more of a friendly game of seeing who could find the most useful things for their peoples. Bree spotted a blocked tunnel and called Hunter over.

"Hey Hunter we got a blocked off tunnel."

Her wingman came over and together they moved the large rocks away. Fortunately Mars had an even lighter gravity then earth so they were under no strain even moving the largest boulders. They soon had an opening cleared and they moved forward with care after sending off a location marker just on case. Unlike some warriors who would remain nameless they took no chances.


Dr. Zee was both shocked and pleased when Dylan and Gloria informed him of their good fortune. He immediately agreed to perform the sealing. Starla and Moonstone along with Wellington agreed to be their witness. Gloria however did insist on going to clean up first and Starla seconded that plan so the men all went to shower and change as the women ran off to her room to pick out an dress and get cleaned up as well.

Dylan did not see the big deal but he would do anything to make his bride happy and he texted Jamie and Troy knowing that if he failed to inform them his wingman would kill him.


Doctor Mortinson sighed as he turned away one more Senator. He had his orders and he was not about to break faith with the Galacticans they had helped him too much. While he did not agree with Commander Ki's choices she was technically the Seal Holder for the 13th Tribe and he had long ago accepted his role in the lives of the Colonials He would not, could not break faith with them over such a minor thing. It was not that technology would not be shared only that the timetable had slowed and if he was 100 percent honest he got the Commander's point of view. He wait and see what the various world governments would do. After all his own people had often been abused so he was not going to blame Ki for demanding reparations for the past the various native nations had acted in good faith but the governments had chosen to ignore that now they reaped what they sowed and maybe being held to account would improve their outlooks some. One could hope in any case. He closed his office and headed home never seeing his secretary frown at him and then slip out to meet the Senator. Soon the Americans would have a spy in the Colonial camp.


The People of Luna Seven were fighting a gorilla war now. The Cylons had landed and were searching for the human population. None of them were under any illusions that they Cylons would spare even the youngest of them. Michael watched the vid screen as a group of centurions moved through the old city. It was the first time in decadons he was glad that the people had all been killed. His Warriors were there to take the battle to the Cylons a living human population would have been a distraction or liability. The planet was still vastly under populated but in this case it was a good thing fewer people to hide and guard. His men moved and then waited until the Cylons were in the kill zone. When they stepped into the square the rigged explosives went off taking out the lead centurion and giving the snipers time to take out the others. Ten more centurions down. His men raced out and quickly and efficiently dispatched the remaining Cylons and stripped them of any useable gear and weapons. At least a few more of their people would now be armed. It was a win and they had not lost anyone. Now if only Mitch and the others could secure the fighters and get them under cover maybe just maybe they would have some air defenses. He waited to hear the news. With luck this group's ship or ships could be added to their growing air force.