***Authors note
Hi person reading this!

I can't think of a title for this yet, so 'chapter one' will have to work for now.

This is a story a friend wanted me to write, it was inspired when him and I started thinking about "What if fictional characters we look up to took us on as apprentices?" Most people might not get what's going on a lot, since it's about two different fans of two different fan bases(Star Wars, and The Legend of Zelda. Strange, I know). This is my first story that will be read by people that aren't close friends of mine. I appreciate any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism you might have. I'm not very experienced with writing, so there will probably be a lot of things to critique. Thank you for reading the first chapter of my story!

God Bless!


Staring down into the gaping abyss in the side of the mountain, Sarah had extreme doubts about the whole expedition.

"Are you ready for this? We could die in here, Ray."

"I'm as... ready as I'll ever be."

"Let's do this."

Cautiously delving down into the dark cave, they gave one last longing look at the retreating light.

When they took out their lights, they knew this was going to be far more difficult than anticipated. All around them were branching paths, leading to God only knows where. There was no way they'd ever make it back.

Sarah sighed. "What the heck? It can't just be simple FOR ONCE? What are we gonna do? We have to find the chest soon or..."

"We may never be able to finish what we started..."

"Well, we have to try."

Pacing around, Raymond pondered the situation.

"What can we do? We can't split up, we won't be able to find each other again."

"Can we leave a trail?" Sarah said hopefully.

"With what? We have nothing!"

"... We have our hopes and dreams!"

"Shut up."

"Can we go back to the base and get something?"

"I don't think we have time. We might have to just pick a tunnel and pray it's the right one."


Raymond looked around the tunnels and pointed. "I think it's that one."

"What makes you think that?"

"I don't know. I just feel something down there."

Sarah shrugged. "Whatever."

He gestured towards the tunnel. "Ladies first."

Sarah sat down, panting. "How long have we been down here?"

Raymond sat down next to her, getting out their food pack. "It feels like forever."

"Ray, shouldn't we have run into some kind of trap by now? I think you took us down the wron-AH!" Sarah jumped up shrieking. "Something just touched me!"

A small spider crawled away from the place Sarah was sitting. "Ugh! Gross! It was on my back!" She stomped on it making disgusted noises.

Then, the tunnel walls seemed to start moving.

"W-What the?" Raymond whispered, slowly standing up.

Black specks varying in size were writhing on the walls, making the cavern walls appear to be moving.


Thousands of them.

All of them swarming towards them.

"R-R-RUN!" Sarah screamed.

Down the long, intricate tunnel they ran, all the while they could hear the scuttling of thousands of arachnids behind them, seeming to get closer with each step.

This went on for what seemed like hours.

Then the unthinkable happened.

Sarah tripped. Screaming, she fell, nearly immediately being enveloped by a swarming mass of black.

"SARAH!" Raymond roared, turning back to help.

It was to late. She was gone.


Sarah face palmed as Minecrafts game over screen came over her T.V.

"Darn it man! Why did we have to play no re-spawns hard mode? We were sooooo close to The End! You're gonna have to go on without me Ray."

"Sorry Sarah, There must be a spider spawner back there. Man, we get waaaaay too into this."

"I know right? You really sounded like you thought I was going to die!"

"Like I would be that concerned for you!"

"I know you would be!"

"Riiight. Oh hey! Have you patched things up with your sensei yet?"

"Yeah. I fixed the artifact and restored the magic.

No one died, and the magic works even better!"

"How did you even break it?"

"I don't know! I was standing next to it, and it was like someone pushed me towards it! It toppled over and broke. Master Link was furious! He was all like 'If you can't go FIVE MINUTES without breaking something then you can't be in here with artifacts that are SEVERAL THOUSAND YEARS OLD AND CAN BLOW UP IF TAMPERED WITH!' "

"And you said?"

"I tried to explain what happened, but he was SOOOO mad! I said 'At least it didn't explode'

trying to relieve the tension, but he didn't get it! He just face palmed and told me to fix it before something died."

"Fun times. Why were you two even there?"

"I... Had a dream about the temple the artifacts were in. It was like it wanted me to come there. Like I needed to see something."

"Huh. Anything else happen in there?"

"No, which is odd. Why would I have that dream if nothing happens in there?"

"Why would there be artifacts out in the open like that?"

"They didn't know I would be there. I guess. How's your life?"

"Not bad. My lightsaber almost got stolen, but my pet Zillo beast got rid of the thief."

"Oh... Fun. Speaking of subject changes, have you gotten past the spiders yet?"

"Yeah, still haven't found the chest yet. Why do we need watermelon seeds again?"

Sarah's cell phone began to ring.

"Aw crap. I gotta go."

"Everything okay?"

"Yeah, something came up at the temple I was at today.

Some kind of poltergeist? I don't know, the text was kind vague."

"Was it because something you did?"


"Not much of a stretch, considering your track record."

"That's it! I'm out!"

Sarah angrily exited Skype. Mumbling angrily to herself, she left her home and ran into the dark woods surrounding her home.