Command and Conquer All-Stars 2 Chapter 4

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Anyways, I just wanted all of you to know that another mod has entered the fray from behind the scenes. This mod adds in two more factions, so be prepared to be bombarded with a lot more operations and battles.


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Location: West of the Centre of the Super Continent
Current Factions: Unknown

The fighting was intense. Russian forces were forced back for the fifth time but that didn't stop the Russian General from preparing another force.

"These damn Western Europeans think they're so tough with all their artillery and machine grenade launchers, eh?", he said to no one in particular. "Well, let's see them face more tank and helicopters!"

"Sir!", his assistant said. "We have numerous reports of a deadly toxin crystal growing in the middle of the battlefield. We also have reports of more enemies east and south of us, including the American Army."

"The Americans are here, too?", the General said unsatisfied. "Contact the President. Tell him we're going to need help. And assistant?"

"Yes, General?"

"What exactly do you mean by more enemies, including the Americans?"

"There is a large amount of unknown forces moving and engaging each other, we've counted a total amount of at least five other new factions."

"I see... And we are yet to see the Chinese?"

"Yes, sir"

"Mm... Prepare three scout forces. We're going to need to do a lot more investigating."

Location: Northwest of the Centre of the Super Continent
Current Factions: Russian Federation vs European Continental Army

"Are you sure that those are Americans?", an old, yet tough man asked.

"I'm positive. They seem to have gotten new allies as well", a woman said.

"I don't know, they seem a little too technological advanced..."

"Sir", a second, younger man said. "I suggest we make a move anyways. The Russians are pounding at our doorstep, the place we've been forced to work with is a frozen wasteland and our weapons systems are literally freezing in these temperatures."

"Hmm, maybe you're right commander...", the older man said. "Prepare a convoy and warn the rest of the base. We might be moving so pack the little things for now. We still have a party to settle with the Russians here before moving."

"Yes sir, deploying a Diplomatic Convoy."

Location: South of the Centre of the Super Continent
Current Factions: Soviet Union and China vs Japan

Border clashes and disputes have ceased between the Chinese and Soviets. The two have later decided that they may need each other's support for the new imminent threat, and in doing so have called an alliance between the two.

"Yes, of course", Premier Stalin, the current leader of the Soviets, along with his Generals, assistants and their Chinese counterparts are trying to decide on a new plan, in which was almost complete. "Gentlemen, it is an honour working easily with each other, and now the plan is complete. Zhukov, please present."

"Ahem", Zhukov stood up and proceeded to present. "Our plan is to slowly move to another area and build a new base of operations there, establishing our presence on this world. At the same time, we will distract the Japanese into believing that we are still here.

"The first phase of our plan is to have the Chinese pack a portion of their base first and cross into our territory and set up a temporary base. The other Chinese forces will keep the Japanese distracted. At the same time, Soviet forces will provide more distraction fire against the Japanese, assaulting their fortress.

"The second phase is when the rest of the Chinese move into the HQ and the Soviets start packing. During this phase, the Chinese will need to abandon their base and pack them with trigger explosives, so when the Japanese will attempt to capture the base it will explode instead.

"The last phase is when all forces within Soviet HQ has packed up. Soldiers up to the task of fighting for their lives and distracting the Japanese will stay behind and hold their fort while the main force moves to new territory. They'll set up the same explosives and fight to the last man or retreat and regroup to either our new HQ or become guerrilla fighters.

"Does everyone understand?", Zhukov finally finished. They all nodded their heads once. "Good then..."

"Proceed to phase 1 of Operation Renew Guan Yu."

Location: Near the Soviet Union Border
Current Factions: Russia and Soviet Union

"It looks like we have more red stars...", a conscript said.

"Yes, but they are different. They call themselves Russians but they do not look like any Russians I am familiar with", the sergeant, a Shock Trooper, said.

"Maybe these are the men we may be able to receive help from", the conscript noted.

"You make a good point-"

"Chinese movement!", another conscript said through a phone. "The Chinese are with these other men!"

"Is that so? Then maybe they could help us..."

Location: Russian Federation HQ

Current Factions: Russian Federation

"Sir", the assistant said. "One of the scouts have reported back. They say they have found the Chinese and some new allies."

"New allies?", The general smirked. He looked over to his Command Computer and flipped his channel towards the now separate squad. Within view range, the squad was able to see men with Red Stars. "Hmph. Prepare a diplomatic party and my personal Hunchback. I want to talk to this new faction and give that recon squad a promotion."

"Yes, sir."

Location: GDI/AIM HQ
Current Factions: GDI/AIM and ECA

"Sir!", An soldier saluted an five star general before walking in his office.

"What is it?", a tough man in an general's uniform asked. He was sitting in his command room and wore the proud badges of a Five-Star General. He was General Ironside.

"There's some soldiers here from an outside faction. They say that they're from the ECA and require some assistance", the soldier responded.

"The ECA?", the general inquired. "I knew they would be here, too, but them asking for assistance? What is the threat that they are dealing with?"

"The Russians, sir", the soldier said. "The Russian Federation might be here, too."

"Damn those bastards, following us everywhere... Tell that diplomatic team that I'm coming down there to meet them soon."

"Yes, sir!"

"Also, tell them to set up a secure communications channel to the Supreme Commander of the ECA. I want to talk to him."

"Of course, right away sir!"

Location: GLA HQ, Southeast of Nod HQ in the centre of the Super Continent
Current Factions: GLA/Nod vs Allies

"GLA! GLA! GLA!", soldiers shouted. Intense fighting has ensued on the border between the Allies and the GLA. The Allies from both the WWIII and the WTP (War of the Three Powers) timelines have collided with the GLA and pushed deep into their territory and captured it. Or so they thought.

GLA forces have managed to survive by using their underground tunnel systems, or Tunnel Network. The Allies have no idea, however, and are essentially surrounded.

"Damn these bastards! I thought this was going to be easy, but more and more just keep on coming!", an Allied G.I. shouted from his machine gun position. "Contact command, tell them to send reinforcements!"

"Yes, sir!", another G.I. shouted behind cover. "This is Strike Force 2 under heavy fire. We require reinforcements!"

Location: Allied Mobile Chronosphere HQ, Western part of Super Continent

Current Factions: Allies vs Nod

"Repeat, we are in heavy fire! We need those damn re- God damn it! Ross! Man down! MAN DOWN!", the soldier shouted through the command screen.

"This isn't good", the commander from the WWIII era said to the other commander in the room. "My forces are pinned down deep within enemy territory and won't be able to support us back here."

"And we won't be able to help them", the other commander, the one from the WTP era, said. "Their allies have my men in a tight position. My forces are pinned to the west and won't be able to provide any help."

"Damn. That only leaves us with one other choice", the WTP commander nodded in agreement.

"Men from the Second World War will have to be deployed."

*20 minutes later*

"What do you mean you won't deploy them!?", the WWIII commander shouted at President Ackerman.

"I mean that those men are our last defence. We need them stationed back here just in case of an attack from the ocean to the east or the northern arctic", the President responded. "Besides, those men are way too under armed and use old tactics-"

"With due respect, Mr. President", the other commander said calmly. "Being under equipped does not essentially mean you have a poor army. The men that he's facing is using weapons made from an poorly built garage. And he's still being beat."

"Are you insulting me?"

"No, I'm merely trying to prove an point to try and help-"

"Enough", the president interrupted. He thought for a brief moment before responding. "I will allow the use of some men from the second war to deploy to the battlefield and try to support an escape, but that also means I'm going to have to force some orders for you-"

"And give me more objectives?", he asked.

"Yes", he stated simply as he walked out the room. "I'll give you some updates later."

Location: GDI/AIM and soon to be ECA HQ
Current Factions: GDI, ECA and AIM

"I see", General Solomon said. "The Russians you have faced are powerful enough to conquer an entire continent in a few years."

"Impressive", General Granger said. "For an non-superpower country."

"What do you exactly mean by that?", Ironside asked.

"GDI and it's rival, the Brotherhood of Nod, are actually superpowers with global dominance", EVA responded. "The Brotherhood was able to incite rebellion in two continents, capture half of Europe and Africa and attack main GDI territories in an matter of seven months."

"Hmph. You have all these are technologies, of course you'd be able to do that", ECA General Wolfgang scoffed from the computer screen.

"All these attacks took place in the years 2046 and 2047. According to the documents discovered within the AIM A.I. unit, the war you have fought took place from 2047 to 2049", EVA responded quickly.

"I think your computer has a virus", ECA General Charles growled. "It is insulting our integrity."

"EVA, enough", GDI General Granger responded. "Omit that conversation and return to territory watch."

"Yes, sir", it responded before continuing it's active duties.

"Good", General Solomon said. "Now then, we shall proceed with the plan; The ECA will move it's forces into our territory and construct a base from here. At the same time an AIM led force with some GDI airborne and artillery support will launch an attack against the Russians to distract them, and with luck, subdue them."

"One question", GDI Commando Parker interrupted. "What happens when the assault fails?"

"If it does fail, and in which case would be alright in this scenario, our forces will retreat and regroup towards our territory, where we'll hopefully establish new territory."

Commando Parker nodded, "Will we be needing an Commando in this operation?"

"I'll hold you back on reserve", GDI Commander McNeil responded. "If anything bad happens I'll let you have some fun with the Russians."

"Heh. Alright."

"Excellent", the final ECA General, Five-Star General Willem van der Meer, responded. "We all know our roles. All men, salute!"

All ECA and some AIM personnel, including Ironside, saluted.

"Good luck boys!"

"Yes, Sir!"

"...That was weird", Commander Parker commented.

"Agreed", Commando N. Parker said.

Location: Russian Federation Base
Current Factions: Russia, Soviets and China

"We'd like to thank you again for your assistance, comrades", Now-Five-Star-General Romanov praised.

"It is no problem", Russian Federation General Aleksandr responded.

"We have great gratitude to the Russian Federation. You've helped us many times already, we do not know how to repay you", Chinese General Mau praised once more.

"Please, you're words are too kind!-"

"Quite down!", Commander Cherdenko growled. "I am trying to work here! What are all of you, drunk?"

"That's not a way to treat a new ally, commander", Mau responded smirking.

"I hate all of you-"

"Generals!", Dasha yelled. "Battle stations! The Russian Federation is under attack by the Americans!"

"Damn Americans, let us show them who is boss, eh?", Aleksandr cheered. The other two generals cheered as well.

Cherdenko merely sighed, "I'm working with a bunch of moron children."

Location: Russian Federation Border

Current Factions: AIM vs Russian Federation

"This is recon, we have made contact with the Russians. They are engaging our Strike Force", an soldier in an Humvee spoke through a radio. "Please send attack forces immediately."

"Copy, we read you Strike Force 5", the Allied Commander came from the radio. "Sending in Strike Forces 1 and 2. Prepare for a para/\/\"

"Come in command? I can-"


"Russian Kodiak tanks!", an soldier screamed from outside. "They have freaking tanks!"

"Pass me the next load!", the machine gunner shouted.


"Are they ours!?"

"Command, confirm that they are ours!", the radio man asked. "Command?"

"They-/\/\/ ours/\/\."

"Damn this static. Driver, move to higher ground!", he shouted, but didn't get a response. "Driver? Driver!"

He looked over to see three bullet holes through the glass and some blood stains.

"Damn it... Gunner, grab three more loads manually and give me suppression fire!"

"Roger, giving you-", the gunner ducked as a bullet whizzed past his head. "Oh damn, they have a sniper!"

"The Federation doesn't deploy snipers..."

*2 miles away...*

"Damn...", a woman gritted her teeth.

"How did you miss that one?", a man asked.

"He ducked. Oh well, next target", the woman sighed, pointing her gun to the next target.

"Sometimes I wonder why we are doing this..."

"For the sake of the country that's why. Now, hurry up and go down there."

"Why? So I could get shot at by an British Sniper?"

"The Allies aren't here, now hurry up and move in!"

"Okay fine", the man sighed. As soon as he stood up, a bullet shot him in the chest. He fell over, clutching his chest. "Damn... those.. stupid snipers..."

The woman only sighed before looking through her scope again. She shot another round into the scope of another sniper.


Location: ?
Current Factions: ?

"Hmm... Two conflicts?", a man commented.

"This is of utmost disappointment", a robotic voice responded. "Humanity is usually more destructive."

"I concur. There might be a third, unknown conflict that we have yet to see", the man pushed a button and switched the channel. "Another faction is yet to present itself as a deadly force. A force in which may be the deadliest of any of these kind."

"... I estimate that the force that you are suggesting is a faction I know too well..."

The man chuckled lightly, "Precisely."

Location: East of Nod Fort, Northeast of GLA Fort, West of Allied/GLA/Nod conflict
Current Factions: ?

"Behold brothers!", an deep, modified male voice preached atop a stage. "We are at a glory point! Once again, we may rise and bring freedom to all who is oppressed!"

Deep voiced chants came from the large crowd as a green glow filled the room. The man at the staged started speaking again.

"We are not remembered! We have been banished and forced into exile! We will show them, show each and everyone of them! Humans, cyborgs, all opposing mutants, they will know true power!"

An fellow mutant threw a gun up to the stage and the stage mutant caught it and raised to the air. "They have seem to have forgotten who we are... We are the Forgotten! We will be remembered! They will remember! THEY WILL KNOW US!"

The mutants preached and cheered, each and every one of them inspired to fight. Another faction has risen, the faction of the mutants.

The Forgotten has come back.

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