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Chapter 2:

After Emily had ran out of the house, things seemed to calm down. Atleast they seemed too. Cook could sense something was up, and not just little Cookie either when he had seen Emily. He definitely was not as drawn to her as Naomi was.

Naomi had been completely enamoured by Emily. Everything about her seemed to draw Naomi in. It was her pleasing scent, the cute button nose, that fucking sexy husky voice, and her deep brown eyes. The blonde could get lost in her eyes, even if there were road signs very visibly pointing her way out.

Dinner was long forgotten; Little Emily Fitch had seemed to cause everyone to lose focus on everything. Naomi forgotten the nawing hunger in her stomach. Cook had forgotten about his own endeaver. And, Effy just disappeared not long after Katie.

The blonde sat at her computer as she quickly typed in Emily's name into the search engine, before pressing search she deleted the syllables. "No, I'm not that desperate." She whispered to herself, she pushed away from the desk and began to pace the room, muttering nothings to herself. "Wait, why am I even this worked up over a girl? Since when did this ever happened?" She asked herself to the empty room. Naomi couldn't remember ever being this worked up over anyone before. Whether it was just nerves or pure curiosity. She couldn't lie, the small red head was indeed attractive and Naomi had found other people attractive. But why did she feel such a pull between them? It wasn't like Emily was her life mate. No, definitely not. That's not even possible between two women who are Carpathian... is it?


"Whatcha want, blondie?" His booming voice came from the living room.

"Come up here you wanker, I'm not shouting across the house!" Soon Naomi had heard footsteps coming down the hall and began thinking about what she should ask him, he should know right?

"Finally need that willy waggle?" He asked as he plopped himself down on her computer chair and lit a fag and quickly inhaled.

"Fuck off. I want to know if it's possible for a female to have a female life mate?" Cook got the look on his face that he already knew why she was asking, he didn't say anything about it when he finally answered.

"It's never been done before, Naomi. See with us; women and men are destined to be together. That's how we were made. Man is supposed to find a woman to lead him away from the darkness." Cook said as he took another drag. "And women are meant to help keep him in the light. It's destiny, Naoms. Not my words but the books." He looked over at Naomi who seemed to be digesting everything he was saying. "If it were to be female, and female. Things would be corrupted. It's forbidden for women to mate. Why? You have the hots for that Emily?" Naomi slowly nodded as she she kept her eyes low. "Babe, it's not possible."

"But it is what I am feeling is not possible." Cook stared at Naomi like she was speaking another language he had never heard before.

"She's your life mate?"

"I think she is. She's Carpathian, and I feel like I've known her years already. How is that possible?" Cook had quickly disposed of his fag and pulled out his mobile.

"We need to speak to Effy." Was his only response.




The sun had set already in Bristol, and a thin layer of frost had already begun to cover the car windows and the grass on the ground was already frosted over. It was quiet in their little suburban neighbourhood, not a sound but the occasional car horn and police siren that echoed off the buildings. A layer of mist was quickly making its way across the lawns, leaving the odd dog or squirell startled as it floated past.

Meanwhile in Naomi's room; they were talking rapidly about what was going on. Emotionally. Naomi nor Cook could even place their finger on the obvious elephant in the room.

"Naomi, think about what you're doing. If you even try to attempt it, you'll be imprisoned for the rest of eternity." Cook spoke harshly as he watched Naomi pace.

"Look at you, Cook. Finally growing up, how long did it take? A hundred and ninety three years?" Naomi quickly shot at him and it stung him, immensely.

"No, he's just looking out for you." A melodic voice spoke from the window, scaring both Cook and Naomi.

"Jesus, Effy!" Naomi exclaimed as she held her chest. "Learn to use to fucking door!"

"As far as I knew this was an emergency, why would I waste my precious time using a door?" Effy said as she hopped off the windowsill and closed the window and she strode over and sat down next to Cook. "Now, what are you thinking of doing. Naomi? Protesting the council with your little microphone again?" The brunnete said as she smirked.

"I think Emily's my life mate." The blonde said quietly.

"And?" Was Effy's only response, hardly if not nothing ever surprised the blue eyed woman. "You think all of my two hundred years of life, you think you can surprise me?"

"Fucking teach me how it doesn't! Because, I am pretty fucking surprised."

"Naomi, werewolves exist. Vampires exist. Do you honestly think that this was not possible? It was bound to happen sooner or later." Cook chuckled as he lit up his second spliff, Naomi gave him a sharp look.

"What? Naomikins, I'm fucking Carpathian, do you honestly think a little spliff will faze me?"

"How can you smoke in my dillema?" Naomi asked as she finally slumped down against the wall.

"There is no dillema, you either accept it or don't." Effy murmured as she plucked the spliff out of Cook's mouth.

"But how is it possible, Effy? You know if my name is sent to the council again-"

"We know, you'll be imprisoned." Cook said as he waved his arms around.

"It's life, Naomi. Yes it affect's not only humans, but Carpathians and werewolves, even Vampires and the dark ones. Life always finds a way."

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