A/N- Originally I was thinking of sticking Harry into the Armed Forces, but instead I've gone with MI5. Secret agents and spies are just sexier at the end of the day, plus Hermione will be by his side through it all so this way she's on equal footing. Now, I looked. I really did, but couldn't find much on titles for MI5 superiors and so I went with section chief (Criminal Minds viewers might recognize said title). If you like the Weasleys you won't like this chapter. But this story requires it. There are no reprieves in this fic. I have other fics where the Weasleys are nice; this won't be one of them. I fully intend to eviscerate the wizarding community (I'd say magical but I like the goblins).

They returned to Gringotts a few hours later at Ragnok's request. "Bonescar has alerted me that you need treatment for malnutrition," he looked at Harry sadly, "We'll heal you as part of our debt to you. The potions take care of all those years of malnutrition. This will also aid your hiding. You won't look like you do now. Even Miss Granger might not recognize you."

"I'll always recognize my Harry," Hermione ran her hand over his thigh and he smiled.

"How do we do this?"

"You take one potion every day," Bonescar said as he entered with a tray, "for two weeks."

"Okay," Harry nodded, "I think Hermione can make sure I take it." She nodded and he smiled.

Discussion turned to horcruxes and they revealed that they'd found one in Gringotts already, it was the cup of Helga Hufflepuff. Harry's eyes widened, then it hit him. "The diary!"

"Riddle's diary?" Hermione asked. Harry nodded and her eyes widened, "Oh dear Merlin it was a horcrux! Well then that means three have been found and two destroyed," Hermione said.

Ragnok stroked his chin, "May I see the memory of this diary? I'd also like to see all your dealings with Dumbledore and these adventures; especially anything to do with Tom Riddle."

"Sure," Harry nodded.

It took Harry 30 minutes to get out all the appropriate memories for Ragnok. The goblin leader decided to look at them tomorrow and offered to go over the list of people who'd taken money from Dumbledore. Harry shook his head, "I know I'm going to get angry, I'd rather get angry with Hermione in private than angry in public and risk hurting our relationship with you, sir." Ragnok nodded and saw them out after giving them both a debit card that they could use in the non-magical world to get clothes and whatnot.

Back at their new home Grant was smiling, "First things first, we're getting you sworn into duty."

"Harry's not even sixteen yet."

"Doesn't matter for this job," he said. "We're going to a special division of MI5. All squibs and Muggleborns. You two will take an oath and then the goblins can go after Dumbledore."

Hermione smiled and looked at Harry, "Take your first potion, Harry, then we'll go."

"Yes dear," he sighed.

"Less than 24 hours and you're already whipped?" Dan laughed, "Oh Harry you have it bad for my little girl don't you."

"I can't imagine my life without her," Harry answered honestly. This saw him rewarded with Hermione's lips on his. Unseen by the teens Dan smiled proudly. All he could ask of a suitor was that they were devoted to his daughter, would treat her well, and thought she was everything. Harry accomplished that without even a lecture from him. It was nice to see that his upbringing hadn't destroyed him.

When they exited the floo they were in a very governmental looking area. "This is the magical section of MI5," Grant explained to the teens and the Grangers. Mark and Grant led them through the floor to a room, "Here's our section chief, Katherine Vance. Ma'am we have here Hermione Granger and Harry Potter. These two are Miss Granger's parents."

Katherine Vance was not what Harry was expecting. She had straight, blonde hair with a few streaks of grey in it. Her eyes were hazel but were piercing and intimidating and while she was short he could see she was toned. Harry had the feeling that this was not a woman to cross. Not only could she more than likely destroy you verbally she could also crush you physically. She looked them over before smiling and walking around the desk toward them, "We are delighted to help you both."

"Thank you," Harry said. "How do we become agents?"

"You will take an oath of allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II and we will go from there," Katherine explained curtly.

All told the process took several hours before Harry and Hermione were free from Dumbledore's thumb. Harry felt a sense of relief and freedom wash over him as they left. For now they were to be trained by Mark and Grant; once that was done they'd report directly to Katherine. Back at the safehouse Harry and Hermione went to the study. Mark and Emma went shopping for clothes from them both while Grant and Dan, who had served in the Royal Air Force long before Hermione was born, began a training schedule for the teens.

"Time for the list then," Hermione said. Harry nodded. There was no avoiding it. She looked at the parchment given to them by Ragnok, "First, the Weasleys. It wasn't given to the whole family, just individuals."

"Which ones and how long?"

Hermione looked at him sadly, "Molly and Arthur, since you were two years old. None for Bill, but then maybe that's because of the large amounts given to his parents; none for Charlie either but the same reason is viable."


"Yes, but it's minor."

"Fred and George?"

Hermione could see the hope in Harry's eyes and hated that she was the one that had to crush it, "The twins were also getting money from Dumbledore. Substantial money, Harry." The young man hung his head, "I think you know that Ron and Ginny were definitely getting paid. Ron's payments increased the year we began Hogwarts. Ginny's the year after."

Harry closed his eyes. Two Weasleys he barely knew were the only possible ones who hadn't stolen from him. But then, could it have been because he wasn't at Hogwarts with them? Even Percy was being given payouts and Harry'd never hung around with Percy. "Who else?"

She licked her lips before speaking slowly, "Cho Chang this past year."

Harry's eyes snapped open, "WHAT? Her interest in me was solely monetary? Bloody hell what a sl-"

Hermione's hand covered Harry's mouth, "Don't use that word in my presence, Harry James Potter. Even if the little tartlet deserves it." He nodded in understanding, "Look on the bright side, love, you didn't do anything with her."

"That's true," he admitted.

"Remus Lupin is on the list, Harry."

"We know he was watching the Dursley house to make sure I stayed there. It hurts, but not as much as my supposed friends and crush. Let's look at the rest of the list together. I might be calmer if you're in my lap."

"Or just riled up for another reason," Hermione teased, making Harry flush in embarrassment. She got up and sat on his lap, feeling his arms wrap around her as they looked at the list. Plenty of Gryffindors were on the list. A handful of staff were; pretty much the entire Order of the Phoenix was on the list. The only absences were again Bill Weasley and, unsurprisingly, Sirius Black. "At least Sirius truly loved and cared about you."

"And you," Harry reminded her, "and with all due respect to Sirius, I'd rather have you loving me."

"I'll bet," she leaned against him and Harry's lips landed on her jaw, "Harry that feels good."

He smiled and continued, "That's the point love."

The couple got lost in one another again, which Harry was grateful for. The betrayals were painful but since he wanted nothing to do with that world again it was easy to put it aside. Now he was free and the goblins could get back all the money. Honestly it wasn't even the money for Harry. He had plenty of it. It was the fact that people had presumed they could steal from him without any repercussions and used and abused his relationship with them.

When they parted Hermione shifted to sit next to him and leaned fully on him. "We'll always have each other," he said. "If it weren't for you I don't think I'd even want to live anymore."

That brought tears to her eyes and she shook her head, "We get to choose our own destiny now, Harry."

"You mean do we wipe out Voldemort or not?"


"I say let the goblins deal with the horcruxes. They won't be easy to find and they'll have to find out how many he made. For now let's focus on our training." She nodded, approving of this direction. Harry was silent for a bit before he asked, "So do your parents do any other schoolwork with you?"

"Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, History of Magic," Hermione counted them off on her fingers, "and of course Potions. Pretty much anything that doesn't require a wand. They have read my other books, and my dad is not pleased with Defense Against the Dark Arts. He thinks they need a physical part of the class. I had to explain that purebloods are lazy and don't even cook without magic. This astonished my parents."

"I can imagine," Harry nodded. "It's nice that you do that with them, keep them involved in your life. I would imagine it's hard for lots of Muggleborn and even half-blood students."

Hermione nodded, "I could never keep my parents in the dark about the things I do at school. I've always had an open relationship with them; I'm allowed some secrets, of course, but I never deny them important things about my life."

"Like being petrified by a basilisk?" Harry offered.

"Exactly," she nodded. "Let's explore the house. We'll be staying here a long time." Harry approved of this so, hand in hand, the young couple wandered the house together.

Ronald Weasley did not understand why his owl refused to take a letter to Hermione Granger. He knew he had to start working on her to get her to date him and do all of his homework for him. He was now annoyed. Ginny's plan for seducing Harry couldn't begin until Harry went to Grimmauld Place. They were supposed to already be at Grimmauld Place but Dumbledore hadn't arrived to take them yet.

Albus Dumbledore was almost frantic. First Harry Potter had gone missing, with no one the wiser. Albus wasn't sure exactly when he left Privet Drive but the boy certainly wasn't there now. Then he'd called on the Granger household to find it empty and abandoned. By that point he was definitely worried. Hermione Granger was a thorn in his side, certainly, but he felt he could control her. Her last letter to Harry hadn't even made sense:

I saw her today at the reception

A glass of wine in her hand

I knew she was gonna meet her connection

At her feet was a footloose man.

I went down to the Chelsea drug store

To get your prescription filled

I was standing in line with Mr. Jimmy

And man did he look pretty ill.

Albus had no clue what it meant. He'd tried to decipher it, even shown it to the teachers at Hogwarts. None of them had a clue as to Miss Granger's strange code. He was extremely proud of how he was able to copy her letters before making them return 'unopened'. He'd hope she'd desist. Instead she'd just got more cryptic. Clearly she was plotting something and somehow had been able to communicate with Harry since they were both gone without a trace. Then he'd headed to Grimmauld Place to find that he couldn't find the house. Or remember where it was. When he'd returned to his office the instruments to track Harry had all been inactive. Either Harry Potter was dead or he'd figured out how to stop the charms and whatnot. Even the horcrux in Harry's head wasn't being tracked. Now he was really worried. Had Voldemort figured out that Harry was horcrux and killed him?

Whatever was going on, Albus Dumbledore would get to the bottom of it and get the boy back under his control. Right where he belonged. Only death could destroy that horcrux and he would see Harry Potter dead. It was for the greater good.

A/N2- I would like to give full credit for the lyrics printed in italics to The Rolling Stones from the song "You Can't Always Get What You Want". I thought it was poetic justice and that Hermione would get a chuckle out of Albus Dumbledore intercepting that letter since she already had a plan in motion to get Harry out.