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You Complete Me



Chapter Eleven



"Kagome, what kind of place is this?"

Fred slowly looked around the room, because that's all it was. A single room. It didn't have a sitting room, or its own bath, just a little room with a small window that looked out onto the side of the building next to it. Which was just as grey and drab as her room. There wasn't anything to show that she lived there. No personal effects, knick knacks, books, photos, nothing. There was a small sofa, a really ugly sofa that was patched and worn in spots. A table, single chair and a bed. There was a small spot in the corner where there was a hot plate, a kettle and a small box, presumualby the fridge.

"I don't think I would picture you living likeā€¦ this?" George swept his arm out to encompass everything in view. "Are you sure you live here? Did we step into the wrong room?"

Kagome laughed as she walked over to her bed. She reached under the bed and grabbed her bag. Her big yellow backpack. She patted it lovingly before looking back at the guys.

"I don't really need much."

"Don't need much?" Fred asked. He walked over to couch and sat. Crossing his leg over his knee he leaned back as he looked at her. "I don't think I understand. I don't know a single woman who doesn't have something 'knick-knacky' to their name. You don't have anything!"

"I do." Kagome said as she started to pull things from the little closet in the back corner of the room by her bed. "I just haven't taken out anything."

"So you have something."

"I do."

"Where?" George started to reach for her back when she swatted his hand away. She tsked as she pulled her bag towards her and started to put her clothes in it.

"You can see it when we get to your house."

"Our house," Fred muttered as he headed to the window. He tried to lift it but it wouldn't move. He started to put his weight behind it when he felt another 'pop' and flew backwards. He could hear Kagome laughing behind him and just sat there stunned. What happened? He thought. Turning his head he watched as Kagome leaned over the bed clutching her stomach.

"Are you okay?"


"Are you okay? You kinda flew a little bit." Kagome tried to control her laugh, she had it down to a light snicker turning her head and trying to disguise it as a cough.

"What was that?"

"I should have told you. The window sticks. I don't know what Mr. Smith did when I asked him to fix it but I couldn't get it to budge. And afterwards I gave up. He told me not to mess with it that he would get to it in warmer weather."

"But what did he do?" Fred asked.

Giggling Kagome reached for his hand and pulled him up. Patting down his coat and his sides she adjusted a button and nodded.

"You are fine. Don't worry about it. Its not our problem anymore, right?" She looked up into his face. Looking down Fred couldn't control himself. He leaned down and gave her a chaste kiss. As he pulled away he couldn't help the manly pride he felt when she looked down blushing. Looking over to George he smirked. George laughed.

"You need help with anything?" He started to reach into her closet when she swatted his hand. Leading him to the couch she forced him to sit next to George. Patting his knee, she walked back to the closet and continued to grab a few other things. It didn't take her long. She only brought a few outfits with her when she came. She didn't think she would have been here that long. She smiled as she tightened the strings on her bag. She looked to the guys sitting on the couch and smiled. Softly touching her lips she thought of all the things that happened to her since she first met them.

She had been in the country for just a short while before she stumbled upon their street and then their store. Who would have known that walking into that store would change her life? She was tired and frustrated before she decided to go back to their store. She was tired and her memories were slowly forcing their way back to the forefront of her mind. And while most of them were pleasant with a tinge of sadness, some were down right horrible. She could do without the blood and death that colored her nightmares. And him. She could definitely do without him taking such a big part of her nights. He tried to rule the world and failed. She wasn't going to let him take over her life. She hoped that with this move that he would now be taking just a small part instead of the lead in her dreams. She truly hoped so.

Taking a deep breath she gave the room one last look before throwing her bag onto her back. She strolled over to the couch, if you could call the few steps she took a stroll, and stopped to look at the guys, her guys and smiled. Reaching out she snagged their hands and pulled them up. They stumbled for a second surprised at the strength behind her pull.

"Let's go. I can't wait to see where you guys live."

"Where we live, Kagome. You live there too."

"Not yet I don't. But when I get there, then I too can call it home." Smiling at them both she stepped up and kissed both brothers on the cheeks and headed to the door.

"Lets go tell Mr. Smith that I'm checking out."

"Kagome. Was that really Mr. Smith?" Fred asked as he carried her bag down the street. They were heading to the nearest alley so they could apparate home. They weren't anywhere near Diagon Alley and he didn't want to walk with the weather dropping in temperature. Kagome didn't have that much on and he didn't want her getting any colder.

"What do you mean? Of course that was him." She answered as she briskly followed the guys. She was rubbing her hands together blowing on them. It was getting colder and she was starting to feel it. She felt a coat drape over her when she stopped.

"No. Put this back on." She started to take it off when George stopped her. Shaking his head, he held the coat around her.

"Your cold."

"So are you." She tried to get out of his grasp when he stopped her by tilting her chin up. Smiling at her, he tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. "The faster you accept that I am not taking it back the faster we can head home. I'll be okay."


"No buts."

Grumbling under breath and in Japanese she trudged after them trying to keep up with their pace. They were taller and so their steps were long, but Kagome was able to keep up. Walking all over Japan looking for shards helped her with her stamina. Even though she hadn't done it in a while. It was invigorating to be going at such a brisk pace again.

"Here's a good spot." George said as he walked into the alley. Looking around he nodded to Fred before he wrapped himself around Kagome.


They apparated and were standing in their home when Kagome grabbed onto George fiercely. "What the hell was that?"

Chuckling Fred tossed her back on the couch and reached out and grabbed Kagome around the waist. Swinging her around he steadied her by grabbing her hips and pulling her flush against his body.

"Honey, your home." He leaned down and gave her a kiss. It started slow and started to heat up. She was cold. Even with George's coat she felt like ice. But when he licked her bottom lip causing her to gasp he let his tongue slowly tangle with hers. He could feel the heat slowly coming to the surface of her skin as she stepped forward deepening the kiss.

Fred couldn't stop. He had one hand tangled in her soft raven hair and the other rubbing slow circles on her back. His hand was slowly rubbing its way down to her backside when he heard a throat being cleared. Looking up he smirked as he saw George standing not a hairs breath away. He watched as his brother tilted her head towards him and continue where he left off.

Kagome had her eyes closed. She was feeling so many things. First the warmth that coursed through her when Fred said, "Honey,your home." And then he kissed her. She had kissed before, but not like this. Not like this. She could feel her insides twist when she tilted her head back and was kissed again. Harder, firmer with more insistence. She wanted to crawl into the warmth and bask in it. She was. She was basking in the warmth of these two very hot looking guys. She pulled away just a bit and got a nip on her bottom lip. Smiling she slowly opened her eyes and looked at George.


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