Challenge Words: skeleton, leaking and create a monster

Warnings/Spoilers: Fifth season story

300 words per MS Word Count

Late Night Creature Feature

By Swellison

Dean set his half-eaten cheeseburger on his plate as the waitress dropped the check off. "Sorry to rush you boys, but we're closing at ten."

Sam glanced at the clock: 9:50. "Your sign says 'Open 24 Hours.'"

"I used to be," the middle-aged woman sighed, "but I can't even get a skeleton crew to work after ten anymore."

"Why not?"

"The night cook quit two weeks ago. Claimed the place is haunted." The owner-waitress laughed nervously. "I know that's crazy—"

"Why'd he say it's haunted?" Dean asked, swallowing the last of his cheeseburger.

"Says he heard noises in the cellar—and saw flickering lights after midnight."

Sam and Dean exchanged glances. "Eat up, Sammy. We've got work to do."


Sam expertly picked the diner's back door and slipped into the kitchen, Dean at his heels. Their flashlight beams passed over countertops and cabinets, then located the cellar door. Dean opened the door and carefully stepped downstairs, Sam filling him in as they progressed down the stairs. "I couldn't find anything on the location—no suspicious deaths, no sacred ground, nada."

They spread out, searching the cellar and quickly spotting the puddle in one corner. "Leaking pipes," Dean traced the plumbing up the wall. "But that doesn't sound like—"

Sam silenced Dean with an elbow to the stomach, pointing. Two lines of silvery rats scurried across the room, converging in the center. "Ghost rats?"

Poof! The rat pile transformed into one gigantic rat, its ears touching the ceiling, teeth clacking in audible anger as it advanced.

Dean jerked his shotgun into position but shooting Mega-rat with rocksalt was only a temporary solution; no way they'd ever find and burn every rat's bones.

Grimly Sam lifted his right arm, palm upraised, and blasted Mega-rat into dust. "Let's get outta here."