A/N: Hello everyone. This story was adopted by me from the lovely DivergentJessica. The first few chapters are going to be her original chapters and then I will write the rest with my own ideas and a little bit of my own style. I hope you guys like it and I will try to stick to the original style. If I start to veer off, I am sorry and please try to keep me in track

Chapter One

POV Tobias

Tris and I stood at the net waiting for the train carrying the new initiates to come. On the other side are Christina and Will, making out while waiting for the initiates. Tris and I are training the transfers and Christina and Will will be training the Dauntless-borns. I look at her only to find her already looking at me.

"Hey sexy," I say in a voice that makes her blush.

"Stop Tobiassss," she whines. I laugh and she sends death glares my way. Oh how I love my Tris. Or should I say Six, seeing as the two of us are going to train the new initiates. We hear the train coming and listen intently as Uriah explains what is going to happen.

"Now GO!" Uriah screams and the four of us took that as our cue to move away from the net. For a while, no one comes. But soon enough, a boy jumps down.

"Name," I say harshly, getting into my "Instructor Four" mode. "Think carefully, you only get to choose once." This earns me a look from Tris and I know that we are thinking about the same thing. Last year, when she was my initiate, I said the same thing to her.

The boy thinks for a while and says "Jacky. My name is Jacky."

"First jumper: Jacky from Amity!" Tris says. We hear lots and lots of whoops and cheers coming from the Dauntless-born initiates.

The transfers come falling down into the net one by one. When all of them have jumped, Tris and I do a head count.

A girl and a boy from Amity: Jessica and Jacky. They look like they are very close. 2 girls and a boy from Erudite: Rachel, Joie, and Justin. They look like very good friends. 3 boys and 2 girls from Candor: Keith, James, Sean, Anna-Jessica and Elizabeth. Anna-Jessica (who says she prefers being called Anna) and Elizabeth are friends. Anna looks like she and James has a "thing" and Sean and James hate Keith.

I see Tris analyzing the transfers as well, but a gut feeling tells me she sees FAR beyond what I see.

POV Tris

Once the transfers have all jumped, I start analyzing them like a lioness analyzing its prey. I see quickly that Jessica, even though she is small, she is like me and I hope crazily that she will pull through. I turn my attention to Jacky. He catches my eye. He sticks close to Jessica and they share silent jokes. Also, Jacky looks like a good kid, kind of like Jessica, except he's not too small. I hope he pulls through too.

I look at Rachel. She's average but she keeps looking at Tobias. She makes googly eyes to him and Tobias turns away, obviously disgusted. I just smirk. I look at Joie, and I see that she doesn't really look like she wants to be here. I'm guessing she transferred just because Justin and Rachel did. I look at Justin; he looks like Rachel's brother. There's nothing really special about him.

There is something evidently wrong with the Candors. Sean and James hate Keith but I can't see why. Keith seems very nice and he looks vulnerable. I'm not sure if he'll make it through... James looks okay, he seems very mean, very Peter like. Sean and Elizabeth obviously have a "thing" but Sean seems very wary and scared of their relationship. That is first sign of cowardice. Anna is very nice. She is trying to make friends at the moment. I hope she makes it through. Last but not least, Elizabeth. She is friends with Anna obviously, but I think that she –like Sean- is wary of their relationship. I'm wondering if they were cut out for Abnegation instead… Hopefully, all my initiates pull through. We don't need a repeat of last year… I still get chills from that thought.