A/N: I do not own of the characters, all rights go to Veronica Roth. Original plot for this story goes to DivergentJessica and thanks to her for letting me adopt the story and continue it for her. Now on to where we last left off.

I hold my gun close to me as I take quiet deep breathes. Justin is watching the guards outside the door and the ones above to give us the signal to shoot. Our weapons of choice are just the training guns to get us through the front defense first. Mom is behind me and is as calm much calmer then I am right now because my main focus is getting to Tobias safely. Justin makes the signal for us to move forward with him in the front and Mary right behind. I move swiftly with mom right behind me and stop when we reach the front door. Justin and mom go first to secure the entry before giving us the signal. I nod my head for Mary to move forward so we can secure the first hallway, only to find it is empty. We make it to the elevator with ease, but we are all on the edge as we ride the elevator to the top floor that no one has been to. The ding of our arrival puts my nerves on the edge and I grip my gun tightly in my hands. We come out of the elevator, only to be greeted by the spray of bullets which I could not tell if they were rubber or not. Mom pulls me out of the way of the bullets while trying to knock a few people down with our first guns. Justin motions for me to follow him as mom and Mary give us some cover to run down the hall to greet our shooters with our own guns and fists. We knock the shooters out quickly and run as quickly as we can to get to the main room. I kick the door open to see Jeanine, Peter, and Eric standing with big smiles on their faces with Tobias standing in front of them with blank eyes. My heart aches as I look into his cold eyes and my rage picks up with wanting to kill Jeanine for starting this damn war.

"Welcome back, have you come to join us?" Jeanine asks. I growl as I shift to charge at her, but mom grabs my arm to stop me. "We would love to stay and watch, but we have an army to control to kill some divergents. Hopefully we see you next time."

"Mary, Justin, stop them," I say quickly. Mary and Justin run after Jeanine, Eric, and Peter quickly, leaving me and mom with Tobias. "Mom, go and try to stop the simulation while I deal with Four."

"Are you sure?" mom asks. I silently nod my head and she leaves alone. Tobias stares at me blankly as I toss my gun to the side before charging at him. My fist flies to his face quickly, but he blocks it and he flips me over him. My body lands on the floor with a hard thud just seconds before Tobias gets over me to beat the crap out of me. I left my arms to block his punches and try to look for an opening.

"Tobias, please, I know you are in there. I know you are there and I know you can hear me. Please snap out of it so we can get out of here and see our son," I beg while continuing to block him. Tobias falters for a moment, but goes back to his punching assault again. I find my opening right in the middle of his torso and go to make my move by hitting him square in the chest. Once he flinches inwards, I move my foot kick him off me and roll away from him. I hear him move towards me and brace myself for another assault, but we end up rolling. I manage to get on top of him to start my own assault while crying and begging him to snap out of it. Tobias is faster at finding an access point then I was and he gets my in the side. I use this moment to roll as far from him as I can to my gun and point it straight at him, but find he too has a gun that may possibly have real bullets.

"Tobias, wake up," I beg once more, setting the gun down. Tobias falters once more, his eyes regain some light and his hand falls a little.

"Tris?" Tobias mutters. I scramble over to him to stand in front of him to caress his face. He looks at me while I coo to him softly just like Alexander and he comes out of his haze from the serum. He pulls me into a deep kiss for a moment and holds me close to him. "Tris, it is you. I am sorry."

"It is okay, we need to go help the others in stopping this simulation quickly," I say. Tobias holds my hand in his as we run in the same direction Jeanine ran down to find mom laying on the ground limply and a gunshot wound in the middle of her chest. I scream as I run over to her to hold her in my arms, hoping I can save her.

"Mom, no, mom, please do not die," I sob. Mom smiles at me as he says my name softly, puts her hand on my cheek, and lets out her last breathe slowly. I scream while shaking mom to wake back up, letting my tears fall down my cheeks onto her face. Tobias puts his hand on my shoulder and that is when we hear the scream accompanied with the sound of gunshots. I lay mom back down to remind myself to come back for her later and follow Tobias down another hall to see Justin and Mary fighting Eric. Tobias pulls out his gun and manages to shoot Eric in the leg while I continue forward to find Peter and Jeanine. Peter jumps when I kick the door open and is too slow to catch my fist before hitting him square in the face. Jeanine stands at the control stand with her back to me.

"I should kill you," I growl. Jeanine turns to me with a small handgun cocked and ready to be fired.

"You should be dead because you are divergent. All divergents must die before you all kill us just to take over," Jeanine says. I let out a scream as I charge at her, knocking her against the control panel with one hand on her throat and another holding the hand with gun in it away from me.

"You will die first," I growl. I bang her head against the control panel a few times to knock her out and then try to find a button to turn the simulation off. I cannot find it, so I grab her gun to shoot the panel, killing the power to the power just after ending the simulation. With shaky breathes, I listen to the silence of the room and then feel the burning sensation of a gun hitting me in my right shoulder. I turn to see Peter with his gun in his hand before falling to the floor in pain, hearing Tobias calling my name.