Saints & Sinners

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CHAPTER 1- Sinner

Boston, Massachusetts. August 1951.

He had been watching her for a very long time now. About three years, three months, two weeks and six days. He had been counting every single day since he lay his eyes upon her outside of East Boston High School for the very first time. It was the first day of his freshmen year and young Oliver Thredson found himself being pushed around by a couple of senior boys after school. They had knocked his books down and pushed him to the grassy floor, laughing at him. It was then he heard an angelic voice coming to his rescue. When Oliver put his glasses on he looked up and saw the face of what must have been an angel. Her name was Lana Winters. She was the prettiest girl he had ever laid eyes on with big brown eyes and dark red hair. She gave him a smile and outstretched her hand asking if he was okay. Oliver was starstruck and could only nod. She helped him up but before he could thank her she was called away by her friends.

Oliver watched her go and he couldn't take his mind off of her ever since. He was a senior now and that day was the first and last time he ever spoke to Lana Winters. For after that day she never set her eyes on him again. It was as if he had vanished in to thin air. Which Oliver thought was cruel since they had had many classes together over the years. But at the end of every year he received his year book and eagerly scanned for her photo. "Lana Winters" it was perfect coming from his lips. He planned out the scene in where he would ask her to sign his year book and then proceed to ask her to accompany him to the ice cream parlor or perhaps to a drive in movie.

But Oliver never did. He remained in the shadows worshipping her from afar. And with each passing day the thoughts became more obsessive and morbid. What had started as an innocent crush had begun to grow out of hand. He dreamed of her in so many ways that it even frightened him but what was even more alarming was the way they excited him. He thought of her day and night. During class, during dinner, locked in his room at night where his hand found its way down his pants. She was always there to please him. She was always so complacent in his wildest dreams. However, over time his imagination had begun to run dry. He needed more. He wanted more.

He could never get enough of Lana Winters.

At night Oliver would sneak down to the living room of his foster home careful that his caretakers or any of the other children would wake and turn on the old battered television. He stayed up all night watching The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. The shows fueled his imagination, gave him ideas and thoughts that left him awake all night. At home (well he didn't really consider that place to be home) locked in his room up in the attic, Oliver imagined a life with Lana. One where he could bury himself in her arms and feel the safety and comfort of her warmth. But oh how soft her skin must have been. Fair and supple. He yearned to touch it, to feel it against his. He longed for it; craved it. And once more in the solitude of his room his hand wandered down his pajama pants and he breathed her name.

It would never be enough.

Oliver stood by his locker waiting patiently until the last bell rung and the student body filled the halls. His eyes quickly glanced through all the ugly faces until they finally found her. The only face that lived up to the word beauty. He felt himself shake when he saw her. She was walking out of her science class with a friend who Oliver had not bothered to remember her name. But he always saw her hanging around Lana and he couldn't lie to himself that he envied her immensely. For he wished it was him walking by her side making her laugh the way she did. Oliver's eyes never left her as she walked passed him and down the hall towards the main entrance. His hands turned in to fists. It angered him the way she never looked his way. Oh how he wanted her eyes to meet him, to notice him for once.

Oliver shut his locker and followed after her. He walked only a few feet behind her. His eyes wandered from her hair down her back and to her legs. She had such a beautiful figure and he was dying to know what was underneath her dress. Her dress was a lovely navy blue. But Oliver had to be honest with himself, that dress would look nicer on his bedroom floor. Smiling at his own private joke he followed her on to the yellow bus that took her home every day. It wasn't his bus, that bus didn't even pass by his house but he wanted to watch her till the very last minute.

He watched as she took a seat along with her friend. The two girls continued to gossip and laugh amongst each other. Oliver sat a few seats in front of them on the opposite row. His eyes never left Lana. He watched as she smiled and laughed. Her voice danced through the air and drifted around him like a perfect melody. Her smile was dazzling and bewitching. How he wished he was the one making her laugh. After a moment he found himself glaring at her. Angry because she never noticed him, angry because her smiles should be for him and her eyes should only look at him. And he imagined having her prisoner in his arms where she could not escape him. Where everything she was capable of would be just for him. And no one else.

He began to imagine what she would do if he was perched upon her with his hands around her lean neck. Oliver snapped out of the thought quickly. Those wicked thoughts always found their way to him. No, he would never hurt Lana. She was meant for him. He just knew it. After all, she could never do any wrong. One day her smile would be for him. Only him. He smiled at the thought.

The bus soon came to a stop and Lana and her friend stood to their feet along with another small crowd of students. Oliver watched as she passed by him. He quickly caught her scent of jasmine and lilacs mixed in with her own perfect scent. It dazed him for a slight moment until he rose to his feet and followed them off the bus. Some of the kids walked in the opposite directions for their homes were near by but Lana still had to make her way through a grass pathway that lead to her neighborhood. It was almost always secluded and empty. He followed behind Lana and her friend through the pathway at a safe distance. The girls didn't even notice him walking behind them. And all the way to Lana's neighborhood he never took his eyes off of her.

Finally, when they reached her friend's house, Oliver stepped behind a large oak tree and watched as Lana and her friend hugged goodbye. The girls were close, that much he knew. His eyes studied as he watched her friend brush Lana's hand as she stepped back. He wanted to be the one to be able to hold her hand and feel their warmth. Not that girl. He watched intently as the girls waved goodbye and Lana continued down the street. When her friend had disappeared inside her home, Oliver stepped out of his hiding place and followed after Lana. He wanted to make sure she made it home safe and sound.

And as she walked, he studied her every movement. He wished he had the nerve to walk up to her side and say hello but watching from afar had its own rewards. Oliver knew in a way that he was a little obsessive but Lana was the first person who had ever noticed him, the only one who had loaned him a hand and helped him up his feet. He was completely smitten by her; a school boy in love.

Lana soon arrived home. Oliver stopped behind another tree and watched as she went inside. Oliver stood there for another moment and then continued on his way down the street. Lana's neighborhood was always calm and quiet. He had come to her very familiar with it. Of course, he was familiar with everything about Lana Winters. Except the feeling of her skin nor the sound of her voice when she spoke his name. That he was dying to get to know. So with his hands shoved in his pockets and his head down Oliver walked through endless neighborhoods until he arrived home.

Home. That was a word he knew very little of. Oliver had been dumped in the system by a woman he had never met. He had spent his childhood yearning for a love and attention he never received. Every single one of his needs were met but those that were the most important. No wonder he clung on to the idea of Lana so strongly. She was what he needed. What he wanted. He saw the way she was around school; always so eager and passionate about everything she did. They had a lot in common- so he believed. If only she would notice him.

Oliver braced himself and went up the porch of the shabby two story home. He could hear the children screaming from inside and dreaded whatever awaited him. Without any further hesitation he opened the door and the yells hit his ears like loud sirens. Small children ran from one room to another and the cartoons were on on full blast. He could hear his foster parents arguing in the kitchen. One more year, he told himself. One more year and he'd be out of the system. He headed up to the attic where he had barricaded himself from the world and dropped his school bag on the floor and placed his glasses on the nightstand. This place was too loud and too crowded for his thoughts. He yearned for a nice quiet place where he could day dream about his girl without being interrupted by screaming children or the bellows of a drunken man. Only a year.

Oliver sat on his bed and reached under his pillow where he brought out a candid photo of Lana Winters. He had taken it the year before at the school's end of the year carnival. He brushed his fingers over it. "Lana." He said her name. It always sounded so perfect. "You're the one. I know it." The sweetest smirk played along his lips for he knew fate had something in store for them. And fate could never be wrong.