Hey guys guess who's back. Sorry for the long long long wait everybody. Anyways im back and im still watching yaoi and none if you can stop me except my mother. Oh well and let me ask you guys a question. What would you do/say to your mother when she says that you can't write a fan fiction and you haven't written one in 3 months and you only started to write them on the 3rd day back to school?

Darkmikan: hey you guys...um Mikan chan what are you doing to Natsume?

Mikan: oh hey... I'm trying to kill Natsume.

Darkmikan: (oh boy) what did you do this time Natsume?

Natsume: I called her strawberry print

Hotaru: Hyugga you know full and well that Mikan hates it when you call her by her panties.

Darkmikan: just get on with it would ya.

Mikan: Darkmikan doesn't own Gakuen Alice

Natsume: please review

Darkmikan: now was that so hard?

All: no

Darkmikan: exactly

Chapter 1

Mikan's POV


Me and my 4 friends were walking down an alley pathway to my house.

"Mikan" a girls voice said.

I turned around to look at a girl with purple hair and eyes staring at me with an emotionless expression.

"Yes Hotaru" I said.

"You feel that to right?" She asked

"Yea I felt it ever since we've gotten here." I said.

"We need to separate. Anna, Sumire, Nonoko. You guys can take the ground paths. Hotaru and I will take the roofs." I said and we split up and went our ways.


Me and Hotaru thought that it would be best if we split up. She said that she would go back meanwhile I'm going forwards. I have to be as quick as a cheetah and as sneaky as a spy. I looked down to see 5 boys surrounded by men and the dead end walls.I sighed.

'Looks like some people needs help.' I thought.

I did a quick text to the others before I jumped down on top of the lead man. He's head went to the floor.

"Oops." I said like I didn't care, which I didn't.

I jumped off and landed 5 feet away. Then the other girls came.

"About time." I muttered.

"Just who in the hell do you think you are?" The man I landed on yelled.

I pulled up my skirt a little and showed my pistols.

I took out both of them and pointed it to them.

"I'll give you 10 seconds to run before I kill you. What would you prefer?" I asked them.

"Heh what is a 10 years old girl like you gonna-" I was I front of him in a instant with the gun at his throat.

"First off I'm not 10 I'm 13." I said and shot him in the throat.

Normal POV

"You better run." A girl with bubble gum pink hair and green eyes said.

"After all your little boss there had already pissed her off." The girl with cotton candy blue hair and green eyes said.

"So you better take up on her offer or you can just let her kill you here." The euphemistic girl with purple hair and lavender eyes said.

"Either way your just going to get killed." A girl with permy green hair and eyes said.

"So what's it gonna be. I'll kill you here or chase after ya?" Mikan said.

They ran and the girls counted down except for Hotaru, the boys behind them and Mikan. she was in a ready-set position. and when the girls reached one Mikan was gone from their sights. all they heard was 9 gunshots and when Mikan gotten back the girls smirked at her as she gotten closer and closer.

"That was enjoyable." Mikan said.

It was like a cheetah catching it's pray for Mikan. The boys all had their jaws either opened or slightly ajar.

"What you guys all look like a black cat had caught your toungs?" Mikan said.

"Well lets go girls we have school tomorrow." Hotaru said.

They nodded as the followed Mikan and Hotaru out the alley. The boys still starstruct were all wondering the same thing. 'Just who was those girls?'