Title: Last Thing You'll Do

Author: Calliope-plantain

Rating: M


Disclaimer: I do not own Once. All characters in this story sadly do not belong to me; they're simply being borrowed for a little while, and then will be returned. This story was not written for profit and no copyright infringements are intended.

Storyline: Regina could say her life was perfect… and then it got turned upside down.

Author's Note:This story is largely based on a dream I had.

Beta: Scarlet-Marauder awesomely encouraged me to write this, and then was my beta. So any mistakes she's missed are her fault ;)

"The next heart you crush will be mine" – 45-Spacer.

Two hours! That maddening woman was two hours late. The former mayor knew from her years in office, work frequently overran. The sheriff position was no exception. That wasn't what was infuriating Regina. Their rule was if Emma was to be late she would contact herself or Henry in advance if possible, which it usually was. Tonight was Henry's night out at his grandparents', leaving the two women to their evening alone. It wasn't a luxury they were used to having, and such the brunette had decided to make the night special.

Emma was always home at five, sometimes even earlier if like this evening Henry was going to be away. Counting on Emma's love for food and sex Regina prepared their meal for the exactly five o'clock, and had waited in an elegant dress and designer heels near the door to greet her lover. However Emma had not shown. Which was why at seven o'clock at night Regina was sat in her beautiful but simple black dress, tracing the rim of her wine glass; the only hint of her home made meal left upon the table. An hour earlier, after at least six missed calls to the absent woman Regina had put their meal in fridge.

The whole mansion looked much the same as it always had, though the feeling being home had never been stronger for the former queen. She finally had her family, her happy ending. The people of Storybrooke had shown their excitement and relief at the group's safe return from Neverland by throwing a party in Granny's. Several hours in had found Regina and Emma sharing their first kiss. Once the shock and slight awkwardness of encounter had subsided and if she was honest persistence of a certain blonde she's agreed to their first date.

It hadn't taken long for the people of Storybrooke to find out about their secret relationship; two months to be exact. Hardly surprising when Emma kept breaking their no "Public Display of Affection" rule, nor when Regina didn't have it in her to mind. Another three months had found the town's sheriff moving in with Regina and their son. A year and half after that first fateful kiss, Regina could say her life was perfect.