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If I did Naruto would not be that blind to hinata's love for him.

He looked at her for the last time as she was being placed in her coffin, as the lid of the coffin closed he couldn't help but remember the person who was there with him throughout his life. But the most recent memory was the one which brought immense pain, sadness, anger, guilt and a small sense of betrayal. He wished with all his heart that this whole situation would just be a nightmare and he would wake up any moment now, but sadly that was not the case in his life now. The women who lay in the coffin had told him the biggest secrets of his life, a life which he believed was his life, one which was filled with happiness and love, the one which he thought was his true life but that became delusional the night she told him the truth.

As the coffin was moved to the graveyard he stood alone with her, as the coffin was lowered he couldn't stop the tears pooled in his eyes from flowing, his bright blue eyes which showed his sadness which was deep as the ocean, his pain, loss increased as the reality hit him that he was truly ALONE in this world. The reality hit him hard when he remembered that she would not be there with him to celebrate when he would learn a jutsu successfully or play a game with her, she would not be there to cook him his favorite ramen to make him feel better when he was down or failed at anything or just be there to hold him and tell him it would be ok that everyone makes mistake. But he would miss the most was her love for him, for there is no alternative in this world for the LOVE a MOTHER has for her child


He had woken up that day and went to his mother's room to apologize for his reaction and outburst last night when she had told him the truth about his life, He was shocked to see his mother lay there without any movements, her white skin had lost its color as he came closer he saw that she wasn't breathing, he got panicked but calmed himself and checked for pulse when he did get one it was a faint one, so he picked her up and ran towards the village hospital. When he reached the hospital he was exhausted the doctors took her to the ICU, after about 2 hours the doctor came and told him," Son I'm sorry but there is nothing we can do to save her, she is on her death bed".

His whole world had come crashing down on him, he couldn't think of anything to say. Seeing this, the doctor told him, "She wishes to speak to you, plz go and talk to her".

Naruto ran towards the room in which his mother was kept, he slowed down as he came near the door, as he opened the door he saw his mother lying on the bed some medical equipments attached to her, as soon the door opened his mother turned towards him and smiled, the kind of smile that only a mother could give her child telling everything would be okay.

Naruto didn't know what to do he stood there staring at his mother, he noticed slight movement in her body and saw that she was gesturing him to come near her. As he went there he could see that there was no spark in her violet eyes or any life in her skin color.

She looked at him and told him," Naru-chan why are you so sad, my son should always be happy and positive. Sweetheart I don't have much time I've told you everything you need to know last night, after I'm gone I want you to make your choices correctly all the things you need for your future are there in my room just see them once alright", as she finished saying this much Naruto could see the pain she was going through.

She smiled a strained smile towards him

she asked her son" hey sweetheart can u do me a favor?" he just nodded at her.

She asked him "can u bring me a bowl of ramen ha, I really feel like eating a bowl right now".

He didn't know what to do he really didn't want to go away from her now but on the other side he wanted to do something for her. He quickly decided that he would bring the ramen and stay with her, he ran across the village and came back with the bowl of ramen for his mother as he entered the room he could hear deathly silence in the room. He sat next to his mother "hey kaa-chan wake up I brought the ramen for you, see this one even has some vegetables that you like" he didn't get any response from her he shook her again but still he didn't get any response he starred try and wake her a bit roughly but he didn't get any response.

At that moment the doctor came into the room and said "it's no use son she won't wake up, she died a few minutes after you left the hospital" as soon as hearing this he became angry and started to shout at the doctor

"you're lying my kaa-chan is sleeping she'll wake up you'll see, hey kaa-chan wake up this old jiji is lying that you won't wake up come on wake up".

Still getting no response from her she started to shake her yelling and crying " KAA-CHAN THIS IS NO TIME FOR JOKING WAKE UP, plz wake up, plz wake up just this once just once I promise I will eat my veggies, I'll study hard, I'll even stop doing pranks plz wake up".

He started to cry hugging himself to his mother the elder doctor wanted to console him but decided that he needs to be alone as he knew that no one could console him and the only person who would be able console him was the one lying in that bed.

He couldn't help but curse the gods as he could only wonder how much of an emotional effect this would have on a boy of just 11 years old.

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