Chapter 7: Meeting

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Naruto woke up to the sound of someone knocking on his door; he was still a bit drowsy he didn't remember where he was currently, after a few seconds hey remembered yesterday's conversation.

He walked out of his bed and came to answer the door; he reached the door and opened the door and found Ayame standing in front of the door.

"Ano Naruto-kun I just wanted to know that if you want to go see the village?" Ayame said with a blush on her face seeing Naruto in only in his boxers and a loose t-shirt.

"Hai, Ayame-chan I would love to go see the village, but can we go a bit later I'm still tired from all the travelling from the past few weeks and would like to sleep for a few more minutes."Naruto said sleepily

"Sure Naruto-kun how does 11 sounds to you"

"Sure Ayame-chan I'll be up and ready by that time" Naruto as he went inside his room to get a bit more sleep.


Naruto woke up an hour later and finished all his morning rituals, by the time he finished his shower he was filled with excitement about seeing all the places in konoha.

He got ready and made his way towards the ramen stand just a down the road from where he stayed.

The ramen stand was closed from the outside, so he went back of the store to see if he could find teuchi or ayame

"Ohayo teuchi-san" Naruto called out to the man who was working in the stand.

"Ohayo Naruto-san, it's nice to see you" the man said to Naruto

"Ano, Teuchi-san can i help you with any of the work" the boy asked politely.

"Not today, I'm almost finished preparing everything and ayame has finished her work for the day and she already told me about the plans to go sightseeing". Replied teuchi

"Oh ok, so where is she I didn't see her back at the house" asked teuchi.

"Oh she went to put some ingredients from the store room in the basement; she must have been there, so might have not seen her".

"Oh ok then I will wait for here".

About half an hour later ayame came to the sight of her father and Naruto talking about different types of flavours of ramen.

"Hey too-san, I'm hungry can I have some breakfast" ayame asked as she came inside the stand.

"Hey ayame-chan, where are your manners didn't ask whether Naruto had breakfast or not" teuchi asked his daughter

"Gomen too-san, Naruto-kun did you have your breakfast?" ayame asked with a slight blush from embarrassment.

"It's ok Ayame-chan, I was waiting for you to have breakfast with you" Naruto replied

"Gomen again Naruto-kun"

"So what do you both want to have for breakfast" asked teuchi

"Hmmm I'll have one bowl of miso ramen and bowl of beef ramen" Naruto replied excitedly.

"I'll have one bowl of miso to-san" replied Ayame.

Teuchi brought them breakfast and both the kids finished their breakfast.

Ayame took Naruto to show the major good spots of the village, the ranged from the famous hokage faces to all some the most famous restaurants and even some bath houses.

It took Ayame and Naruto almost till 2 in the afternoon to finish the tour. Both of them enjoyed each other's company, but soon Naruto's stomach grumbled; Ayame giggled at that Naruto just blushed in embarrassment.

Ayame and went to a small restaurant to have lunch, after a good lunch they went back to the house and decided to rest for the day.

Naruto sat in his room thinking how much skill he would show and what to do next if he wasn't accepted here.

He knew he couldn't show all of his skills and abilities at once as it might raise suspicion about him. He finished his thought by thinking he will just see what happens and react accordingly.


It was Monday and it was time for him to go the administration office and get the application form and know all the procedure to join the shinobi academy.

He helped Teuchi early in the morning in the stands and made his way towards the administration building.

Naruto entered the building and saw that it was busy he made his way towards the women sitting in near the help desk

"Excuse me miss, can you tell me where I can get the application form for joining the shinobi academy?"

"For any enquiry regarding shinobi academy go to booth no 4"the lady replied.

Naruto made his way towards the mentioned booth and asked

"Sir may i know the procedure to join the shinobi academy".

"Oh sure boy, to join the academy you need to take form and fill it out"

"Sir i'm not from this village but i'm from a small village in the fire country"

"Oh then you need to take this form and fill it out and go and give it to our T&I department, they will have to verify that you are not an agent for a different village" the person said handing out the required form.

Naruto was shocked that they needed to verify him; he thought and came to the realization that this was how a ninja village operates. He took the form and asked for some other minor details.

As he was leaving the building he remembered that he had to talk to the hokage , with that decide he went to the hokage tower which he had seen the other day.

He entered the building and saw the secretary sitting behind her desk and checking some papers.

"Ano excuse me miss, can i meet the hokage i need to talk with him"

The lady looked genuinely surprised and looked towards the boy, she was in a good mood and thought the boy must be new to the village.

"I'm sorry but one cannot meet the hokage without prior appointment, you must be new to the village to know." The secretary replied with a calm tone

Naruto realised how foolish he was to think he could talk to the leader of the village without any appointment.

"Oh thanks for telling me that, so can i fix an appointment to the hokage-sama"

"Sure, here let me check the nearest date when he will be free, hmmm looks like he will be free in two days from today around 3 in the afternoon" the secretary replied.

Naruto thought this was the best he would get in such a short time and agreed he was talking with the secretary some more asking a few question when he felt the presence of a person behind him.


As Naruto was standing and talking with the secretary the hokage stepped out of his office to take a small break. He wore the traditional white and red robes with the kanji for third on the hat, the man looked in his late sixties and he had a goatee and grey hair.

As he made his way to the outside he saw his secretary talking to a boy, the boy looked somewhere around 11 or 12 years old. As he came closer he saw the boys face clearly. He was shocked to his core he never thought he would see that face again in his life.

The boy looked like chibi version of Minato Namikaze , he possessed the same spiky golden hair and had blue eyes though his face had some roundness to it and there were three whisker marks on each cheek.

The sandaime came closer to the boy; the boy sensed his presence and looked towards him.

Naruto couldn't believe his eyes before him stood the famed sandaime hokage also known as 'The professor', he saw that the sandaime was looking at him with a curious expression and some other expression which he could not place.

"Good afternoon lord hokage" the secretary wished the hokage.

"Good afternoon to you too, who is this boy that you are talking to?" the sandaime asked

"I'm sorry hokage-sama my name is Uzumaki Naruto and I was enquiring with your secretary about getting an appointment to meet you" Naruto replied politely bowing his head.

Hiruzen was again surprised to hear that name he knew that Minato wanted to name his son Naruto and the boys Last name was also a surprise as he knew that only a very few Uzumaki were alive and they were scattered. He wanted to confirm his suspicion so he asked

"Oh, so tell me Naruto-kun why did you want to meet me?"

"Hokage-sama i wanted to talk to you about my parents they used to live here. My mother Uzumaki Konan died recently and wanted me to come and meet you once and talk some important matters about my father" Naruto replied.

Srutobi was completely taken aback from the information given by the boy, his mother Uzumaki Konan had died, he had searched very hard to find any whereabouts of her and what did the boy need to talk about that he had to come here.

"OK Naruto-kun why don't you join me for lunch and we can discuss those important matters" he said to Naruto and informed his secretary to cancel all his appointments for today.

Sarutobi knew he would get some answers to a lot of his question and if his gut was correct about the boy's father then it would be blessing for the village or a huge burden for the village.


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