Title: Dreaming of a Day We Will Be Together Again
Pairing: Mary/Francis
Spoilers/Warnings: Pre-Series.
Author Note/Disclaimer: Inspired by a quote by Adelaide Kane. I know historically Mary was a bit older than Francis. I believe by two years. However considering I don't quite remember the ages of Mary and Francis on the show, I decided to make Francis a tad bit older. So he is a year older. Like always I don't own Reign.
Ever since she was seven, she has been dreaming about her childhood friend. Her future husband. The prince of France.


She's pinned so much of her hope and happiness on him, and she's been dreaming about him all these years. - Adelaide Kane


She had been six when she met her future husband.

He was a boy a little bit older than herself, but the two of them quickly became friends. Playing childish games with each other, she would chase him in the gardens, or play others games that were fit for children, and on occasion jumping on the queen size throwing feathers into the air.

She knows that she is fortunate enough that she will marry somebody that she at least cares about, and possibly fall in love with.

Even though, she knows love was pretty much irreverent for someone like her. She would have been expected to marry him regardless of whether or not she and Francis were in love.

But still she supposed meeting as children they had been able to form some type of bond between them before they were expected to marry.

She had been seven when she was sent to a Catholic Covenant supposedly for her own protection, but Francis has always had a large place in her heart, despite their distance.

He was her dear childhood friend.

It honestly didn't take long before she started to daydream about the blond blue haired boy. Sometimes the dreams were platonic, wishing he was with her at the covenant.

So they can continue playing their childish games, or simply to have a friend at the covenant, although she also occasionally wondered if he missed her as well, or what he was doing.

But mostly she just longed for her friend.

As she grew older, her daydreams started to become a bit more romantic compared her previous dreams. She would imagine the day they are reunited, their marriage, but just in general what their future might be like.

Would it be a happy and glorious one, or would he have fallen in love with another, and their marriage would be tainted with an air of bitterness to it?

She will admit she slightly wonders how much he has changed.

His attitude, his physical appearance, whether if he is taller than her now. Even though, she is sure that he is, his legs have always been longer than hers.

She can only imagine that he was given quite a growth spurt the past nine years. After all, he must be fifteen by now.

A bright smile crosses her face as she glances up at the night sky.

She slightly wonders if she would be dreaming about Francis tonight as well, or when their paths might cross again.