Lord Voldemort and the Reluctant Horcrux

Summary: After possessing Harry in the Department of Mysteries, Voldemort realizes that Harry is a Horcrux. He decides to convert Harry to his cause which is a lot harder than it sounds.

Rating: T

AN: yes, I know there are lots of stories like this floating around the internet and usually I try not write things that have already been done to death, but this just will NOT get out of my head so here it is…take it or leave it.

Legal Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the property of JK Rowling; I am just having fun playing in her sandbox.

Chapter One: An Unwelcome Discovery

Lord Voldemort was in his study fuming. If it hadn't been beneath his dignity as a Dark Lord he would have kicked himself. Really, how could he have been so blind, how could have missed his own horcrux when it was right under his nose?! In hindsight it was so obvious, the strange connection between his mind and the boy's, Potter being able to speak parseltongue despite the fact that no Potter in history had EVER had the ability. He shook his head, if he had missed something that HUGE what else had he missed, some genius he turned out to be.

Abruptly he mentally smacked himself. 'Enough' he thought to himself 'quit dwelling on the past and figure out what to do now'. He had three options, number one he could go ahead and kill the boy anyway he had other horcruxes. He discarded that option almost immediately, thanks to Regalus' treachery and Lucius' harebrained scheming he had already lost two of his horcruxes (the blonde was paying for that, even if he didn't know WHY he was being punished) and he was loathe to lose any others.

Option two, he could kidnap the boy and lock him in the dungeons for eternity. After some additional thought Voldemort discarded that idea as well, between his followers' obscene incompetence and Potter's extraordinary luck, that was a disaster waiting to happen. Besides in all likelihood the boy would eventually commit suicide or something and then he'd lose another horcrux.

That left option three; he would have to convert the boy. He knew that it would not be easy; the boy was stubborn not unexpected considering what he was. Voldemort however was not to be deterred, in truth he enjoyed challenges and besides sooner or later he always got what he wanted therefore it was only a matter of time before Harry Potter would be his loyal servant. He smiled as he imagined the shocked looks on the light's faces when the realized their golden boy belonged to Voldemort. There were other advantages as well, if he played his cards right Potter's 'betrayal' would be a devastating blow to the Light's morale, if the boy they were counting on to 'save' them decided to join the enemy instead. He was not naïve enough to believe that the Light would simply surrender immediately after losing Potter but it would weaken them. Another plausible course entered his brain, he could use the boy as a spy, yes he had Severus but the potions master was not the best spy. It wasn't for lack of talent, there were two problems limiting Severus' effectiveness as a spy. The first was that the Light did not completely trust him that would not be an issue with Harry, who would suspect the boy-who-lived of joining the person who killed his parents? The other problem was that Voldemort didn't trust him either; he knew where the Potions Master's loyalties truly laid and it was not with him or Dumbledore.

"Master, what's bothering you?" Nagini hissed as she slithered into the room, she had been out hunting until she sensed Voldemort's agitation and returned to investigate

His familiar was the only one that Voldemort would even consider confiding in and he only told her some things

"It's nothing Nagini; I have just discovered something…unsettling"

"Did one of the incompetent humans ruin another one of your brilliant plans?" Nagini asked him

"No, Nagini not this time." Voldemort said "I have discovered that you have a brother"

If snakes could blink in surprise, Nagini would have. "A brother master?" she asked

"Yes, it seems when I failed to kill Harry Potter I unintentionally" Voldemort beganIt was NOT an accident, he was a dark lord and dark lords NEVER did anything by accident "made him into another horcrux. So I am afraid that I won't be feeding him to you, after all. You can have Wormtail instead."

"Eww, master no" Nagini replied "have you SEEN him? He'd probably give me some horrible disease. How about you get me a nice piglet to eat instead?"

Voldemort smiled slightly Nagini never failed to amuse him "Very well, a piglet it is."

Now that Nagini and Voldemort had decided what her next meal was going to be, Nagini curled up in front of the fireplace and soon after doing so drifted off to slumber.

Voldemort continued sitting and thinking, really of all the people in Britain why did POTTER have to be his horcrux? The boy who had stopped him getting the sorcerer's stone four years ago (he didn't blame the boy for what happened on Halloween, his mother had done that), the boy-who-lived-to-be-a-thorn-in-Voldemort's-side; well it could be worse; at least he wasn't a blood-traitorous Wealsey or a mudblood. He couldn't hate Harry anymore; for one the boy was a part of him and Dark Lords did not hate themselves, they just hated everyone else. Secondly, he was going to be stuck with Harry for all eternity, hating him would not accomplish anything except making his immortal life more difficult.

Now once converted the boy would also have to be highly trained, he was protecting Voldemort's immortality and he needed to be able to defend it from all threats. That was one advantage to living horcruxes, they could protect themselves. He had protected his other horcruxes as best as he could with wards and enchantments but those horcuxes were still only objects, if someone broke those enchantments there was nothing the object itself could do in order to stop them from destroying it but living horcruxes were different, they could fight back. He would make sure that his Harry would be able to defend himself from any wizard that dared raise a wand to Lord Voldemort's horcrux. Wait HIS Harry where had that come from? Nevertheless, it was true. Harry Potter carried a piece of his soul within him that meant that he belonged to Voldemort whether Harry liked it or not. It was well past time for him to reclaim his property from the muggle-loving, senile, old fool…and he knew just how to do it. Part of his brain whispered that getting the boy was the easy part, but he ignored that part of his brain, after all he had to get the boy before he tried to convert him.