"Awww, she's so beautiful when she's sleeping." Gideon dreamily admired Mabel's twitching, resting body.

"Yeah...no." Cashmere rolled her eyes at her naive cousin and continued sharpening her rapier, but after a complete hour she slammed it down. "Are you serious Gideon?! We're just going to be stuck down here for over a day, waiting and waiting. It's tedious! I can't do nothing for that long! We have to do something!"

"Well, I'm doing what I want to!" Gideon laughed will stroking and tickling Mabel's head.

"Seriously!" Cashmere shrieked. She then marched over to a table cluttered with old magazines, candy wrappers and empty 'Pitt soda bottles'. Underneath all of this though, was an old laptop which looked like it hadn't been touched in several years...come to think of it, it probably hadn't.

"Hey cousin," Cashmere called to Gideon. "Do you get Wi-Fi here?"

"Yeah." Gideon then burst in to laughter. "Why-fi did you ask?"

"Ugh!" Cashmere groaned at the lame joke.

"What are y'all doing?" Gideon asked as Cashmere typed away on the old laptop.

"Y'all see..." Cashmere smiled.

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