'' But Dad I don't want to go. " A young star protested following his father. But his father's decision was final and couldn't be changed.

'' I'm sorry son but you can't live this life anymore. You don't have any actual friends. You barely been outside of this house. You're doing it and that's final young star. '' The father star said who was nonother than the host of the show ' Win or Don't Win '. His actual full name was Twain Randal.

His son's name was Atticus Randal. Twain was planning on sending Atticus to Elmore Junior High School. The reason why was because his son didn't do anything exept sit around and watch t.v. at the most. Twain wanted Atticus to learn things like normal people do. He also had a very busy job and couldn't spend time his son. The young star was an only child and he didn't have mother to be with him because of an accident that happened long ago.

Atticus went upstairs and slammed the door to his room. Twain sighed and started walking upstairs.

'' May I come in? '' Twain asked knocking on the door. He expected it would be this hard. Being a show host and a single father was a complicated job.

'' It's unlocked. '' Came a muffled response from the room. Twain opened the door and walked in.

Atticus was on his bed looking out the window next to his bed. Atticus's father plopped next to him. They sat there in silence for awhile. The older star got up and left for awhile. He came back with a small chest in his hands. He sat back down on the bed.

The older star started rubbing the chest a little and said,'' Look son I know this is hard for you but the life you're living now isn't really a life. I'm sorry that I haven't spent much time with you. I wish your mother was here to see how well her son has grown up. '' Atticus turned around to face his father. He started to get interested in what the older star was saying. Twain continued talking, '' I've had this chest for a long time. I've been planning on showing you this chest at a time like this. ''

Twain opened the chest by pulling the lid opened. He took out a picture Atticus leaned in a little to see it.

'' That's your mother and I at the beach. It was the very first time we've met. I was on vacation at the time. Oh the moment I set my eyes on her it was love at first site. Once we learned that we went to the same high school we started dating eachother. A couple years later we got married. Then later your mother gave birth to the most wonderous child. '' Twain remembered looking sadly at the picture. He put the picture back into the chest, '' Here take this son. Your mother wanted to give you this but she couldn't because of the... accident. She would've been proud. ''

Twain handed Atticus a golden piece of thread that had tied on it a locket. It contained two pictures one of them had both of his parents in it and another had his mother,father and himself as a baby.

'' Hey Dad I'm ready to go to school. ''