'' Ready. Set. Go! '' Miss Simian started to run along with Principal Brown.

Banana Joe and Leslie were partners. They got buried under dirt after a few minutes of racing. They fell into a hole that a dog was filling up.

'' Help! ''

Anton and Idaho were running as fast as they can. They were doing fine until a duck decided to make lunch out of them. The first one started pecking Anton first. Then the second one went to grab onto Idaho. Anton and Idaho got carried away screaming.

'' Ow! Ow! Ow! '' Gumball screamed in pain as Tina stomped on him as she ran. His rope kept pulling him under her feet.

'' Ow! Sorry! Ow! Sorry! Ow! '' Dawrin kept apologizing to the cars he keeps smashing into. They were at the highway and were in second place. Hector and Tobius were in first.

Tobius was relaxing on Hector's shoulder. He was drinking a smoothie. Tobius shouted at Gumball.

'' Watch out for the beehive! '' Tobius shouted at Gumball then drinking more of his smoothie. Gumball looked around then screamed as he flew into a beehive. He struggled to get it off of his head.

'' Help me! '' Gumball scream was muffled by the beehive. Darwin started to pull as hard as he could.

'' It's stuck! ''

'' Well get it un - stuck! ''

'' Would it kill you to say please? ''

'' Yes! ''

They arrived at the school in second place. Tina turned around and growled at them.

'' I told you if you mess this up I'll mess you up! '' Tina roared.

Gumball and Darwin couldn't get away because of the ropes. The next minute they were sent to the hospital. The doctors had to remove the beehive in a painful.

'' Wait what's that sound? Is that a chainsaw? It's a chainsaw! '' Gumball screamed.