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Trick Or Tear?

"Hey, is she awake yet?"

"I think so. Look at her wing, it's moving."

"Ohhh, it's her own fault anyway. I've warned her not to cause any troubles, but she was just uhhh- saying those bad words again."

"Oh, I've got an idea! Let's take her back to the other world along with us!"

Savannah, who was still half-unconscious, got surprised by the statement. She slowly opened her blue eyes, just then she felt as if her heart got hit.

The red-hooded bird appeared once again right in front of her face, still glaring with his scary red eyes. Savannah was surrounded with empty darkness around her and the bird chuckled in evil tone.

"How do ye feel, kid? Yer spoiled behavior and words are really making us disturbed! Can't ye even have any respect to me... the person who has died?! I'm not one of those stupid ghosts just like what ye think, you fool!" Savannah's beak was shut tightly, she wanted to scream but she couldn't. She wanted to run away, but the bird kept glaring angrily at her.

"You treat other people just like what ye want to... Ye're making people teased, one day ye're gonna pay fer that!"

Before Savannah could even blink, the bird bit her left wing really hard, causing her to cry out loud. And the darkness slowly covered her surroundings...




"Hey, is she awake yet?"

"I think so. Look at her wing, it's moving."

"Ohhh, it's her own fault anyway. I've warned her not to cause any troubles, but she was just uhhh- saying those bad words again."

"Oh, I've got an idea! Let's take her back to the real world along with us!" Savannah held her breath when she heard the same statement like before. Her eyes were shut tight, not daring to see anything.

"Bobby! Do you think that she is in Heaven? She is still alive!"

"Uhhh, I'm just teasing, Sis..."

Faintly, Savannah heard her brother and sister's voices. She slowly opened her eyes, and saw Tiago, Jasmine, and also her parents in the Treatment Room.

"Huh? W-where am I?"

Jasmine sighed in relief, as if she had been holding something for a long time. Savannah saw her left wing having been covered with bandages. Jewel, who had been really worried about her oldest child's bad condition, quickly gave her a bear hug. Tiago started to explain what he had witnessed.


Just as after Savannah had flown away, Tiago, who was cleaning the camera, got surprised on seeing her sister hit a tree branch and fell down on the ground with a small thud, causing her wing to be broken. Tiago couldn't move his muscles, so that he could only stare at Savannah's body lying on the puddle of blood. Realizing that their sister was dying, Jasmine and Tiago immediately called for help. Blu and Jewel, who had heard about their daughter's accident, soon arrived and they hurriedly took her to the Conservation Center.

Ye can laugh now, but I'll never stop following ye, Ye Self-racist Two-faced Back-stabber!

Savannah's heart started to pound hard, as she was afraid if the scary bird came to her again.

"What's the matter, Sis?" Tiago asked curiously to her sister. However, Savannah just weakly shook her head in response.

After Savannah's left wing had been given enough medical attention, she was allowed to leave in the following morning. When they arrived at home, the young macaw was going to have shut-eyes in her comfortable bed, but still couldn't get rid the scary red eyed bird out of her mind.

"Hey, Carla. Uhhh- can I have a talk to you?" Jasmine whispered on her side. "I just wanna ask you, did something on the jungle last night have any relations with your injured left wing? Because when I saw you flying away, there was 'something' on that tree.."

So Bia knows about him too, Savannah thought.

"Y-you also saw that ghost?! Oh, how scary he is, that's why I ran away. You saw him too, but why weren't you scared? Oh my God, he has yellow feathers, he was wearing a blood stained red-hood and using a fake leg which stomped me on the ground!" Savannah shuddered. Jasmine suddenly raised her right eyebrow in confuse.

"What? What are you talking about? That's Uncle Carlos, right?" Savannah's eyes widened as Jasmine cracked a tiny smile on her beak, "That's Uncle Carlos, silly! Papa said that he was helping some things for the Halloween party last night, Carla! Don't you even know that?"

Uncle Carlos, the one-legged-and-still-unknown-species-of-macaw who was always carrying a golf-stick wherever he went. He's Blu's closest friend in his life after they both had had an epic one-to-one fight contest in the jungle about a year ago. And almost got murdered brutally by a giant rattle-snake so that he lost one of his talons. That was a story Jewel had told her children for bedtime. Savannah had her mouth gaped, tried to get understand what had happened.

"I-I don't know, Bia. But he was t-there, he's so scary with his b-black-red eyes. And the most important is, he tried to EAT me!"

"Pfffff- 'eating you'? What do you mean 'eat you'? He's always kind to all of us, even you. I'm still afraid of flying, but he always gives me motivations how to fly! Instead, I think he's pretty handsome. Be careful, Carla, maybe he's still watching you right now." Jasmine said as she giggled a couple of times.

Suddenly, a wind blew open the window slowly. Being urged by curiosity, Savannah peeked at the window which showed the view from outside. At the same moment, she got extremely surprised when Carlos appeared with his normal form in front of the window, and smiled warmly while saying;

"Hey, Bia! Ye wanna hang out fer some flying-practice today?"

-\-\-\- THE -\-\-\-

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