Title: Inevitable
Pairing: Mary/Francis,
Spoilers/Warnings: Future
Author Note/Disclaimer: I actually want to try something from Catherine's point of view. Even though she is the main villain on the show, well so far. I can't really fault her to much for her actions. She also may be strong out of character. Also this sort of could be considered as a prequel to Tears of a Queen. Considering their is some references to the fic in this one. Obviously I don't own Reign.
Perhaps this thing between her son and the young Queen of Scots was inevitable. She knows she is going to have to accept that.

Perhaps this thing between her son and the young Queen of Scots was inevitable.

They were able to conquer so many obstacles (assassins from England, princes from foreign lands, and of course she was trying to sabotage their relationship) the past year just to be together just so they can reach this moment and finally get married.

But she knows that her son is in love with the Queen of Scots.

Perhaps he always has been.

She has always known the two of them were quite close, ever since they met as children. Even though, she personally believes a love between children is quite different from romantic love, and yet it seemed like the moment she came back to the French castle.

Her son had fallen in love with Queen of Scots.

She knows he tried to hide it. An alliance can easily be broken and with her husband stalling the chance of them getting married in the future seemed to pretty slim. She knows that Mary has considered breaking the alliance off for primary that reason.

Despite her feelings for Francis.

But love is irreverent to people like them. She certainty doesn't love her husband, and her husband, seems to love is fickle. However, on occasion love can blossom between a husband and wife.

Her daughter admitted that she was very fond of her husband.

Then there is Francis and Mary.

She has witnessed how strong their love was for each other, first-hand, and she's sure only death can break them apart.

She has come to realized that it didn't matter how much she tried to tear them apart. They always find a way to beat her obstacles. Eventually she simply gave up; she still wasn't particularly fond of Mary.

However, she knows her son is happy with happy, and eventually she decided she wasn't going to rob her son of that happiness. She rather have her son happy, than miserable and bitter.

Her brown eyes slightly fell on Nostradamus watching the married couple. She can obviously tell despite the joyous event, there was a sad gaze in his eyes.

She immediately knows what the seer was thinking about. He was obviously thinking about the death of Francis, and how Mary will somehow be the cause of it. She supposes that is the only thing that is keeping this event from being joyous.

She sighs slightly before making her way towards the seer.

"Will his marriage be happy," she questions softly.

The seer was silent for a moment. "Yes."

She nods, accepting his fate.

She supposes some things in life were inevitable, and death is one of those things.