Ello! Kuroko No Basuke has been my addiction for a while and these ideas always pop in my head about what I would love to read in one so I created one! Kudos to all Kuroko fans! Enjoy!

Normal POV

A teal haired male walked through a huge crowd of teens. Some were ugly beasts, some had ears, some had tails, some were normal, etc. Everyone was talking, walking and shoving each other. All except the teal eyed boy, no one seemed to notice him either, he easily glided through the crowd and successfully entered the school. He wasn't a ghost, though there were some in the crowds, not even a yokai, spiritual demons that were scattered out through the crowd. He wasn't a beast of any kind, no fangs, ears, tail, no grotesque figure, or anything strange. He wasn't a demon of any kind nor was he anything like the others, he was like a shadow, always behind another, never to be noticed unless of course he willed it. He made it into his first class easily, already knowing his class number without looking at the huge board where the crowd formed, acknowledging that there were only six students in the class right now he nodded to himself. Of course they were all early, not wanting to deal with the crowds. The teal haired boy sat in the back and started reading his book, noting that none noticed his presence as of yet.

Not even ten minutes later, a crowd of students came in, all shapes and sizes, with a handsome man with striking features behind them. Everyone sat down, still chatting until the man, obviously the teacher, cleared his throat, "Good Morning, I'm and I'll be your Literature teacher for this year. Unlike the rest of the teachers I'm going to be honest with you, so all that bullshit about me caring for your well being is a lie, I got better things to do than act like I care. Also instead of giving you that God forsaken stupid speech let me cut to the chase. Welcome blah blah blah and I'll start role call now." Wow, he seems like a interesting teacher. "Aomine Daiki?" asked, "Here *yawn*" a navy haired teen said as he stretched. "Kagami Taiga-" "Yo" was the red heads response. "Murasakibara Atsushi?" "Here~" a bored sounding purple haired tall teen responded as he munched on some Doritos. A few more names were called and then "Midorima Shintaro?" "Present." a green haired boy said while holding a glass pony(?) "Kise Ryouta?" "Here!" an energetic blonde responded. Some more names before, "Akashi Seijuro" "Hello." A hetrochromatic red head responded. The last few names were called and then the final name was called, "Kuroko Tetsuya? Are you here?" looked around a bit, confused, the student should be here right? Everyone else did too.

Then a chair was heard being pushed back in the back, instantly gaining their attention but no one was there. Then they heard "Ano I'm Kuroko Tetsuya." Like magic a stoic teal eyed teen appeared. It caused everyone in the class to jump, well most of them. "When did you get there?" The handsome teacher asked surprised that he had not sensed/seen the teen at all, it was like his presence was nothing, definitely something to report to the principle about. "I've been here the whole time." Kuroko said, then after everyone calmed down a bit said, "I have to do something, and because your not switching or whatever I'll allow you to do as you please, just don't get in trouble." Then he left, he had an interesting class this year.

Tetsuya took out a book and started reading. All the other students were interested in what the others were. They are actually specifically interested on what the Generation of Miracles, or so people called them, are. Akashi Seijuro is a red head with heterochromatic eyes, one red the other yellow. He is the leader of the group, he is the scariest despite being the shortest. He is very smart and makes the most rational ideas in the group. Akashi is an elementist, a person who controls the six elements, light, darkness, Earth, fire, air, and water. It is rare to harness elements and even rarer for someone to not lose control, they must be very powerful in order to master it. Also his eyes can control people, but that's just a rumor, or maybe not. Then there's his half brother Kagami Taiga, also a red head but with red eyes too, who is part tiger/cat and loves a challenge. He's one of the 'protectors' of the group, always there for the other and tries to help. He has a short temper like one of their friends. Kagami is said to have high jumping skills and very bad grades. Also there is Murasakibara Atsushi, a person forever loyal to Akashi, he is one of their childhood friends. He is very tall and has purple hair and eyes. Despite being overly tall he is not a giant, he is actually a vampire, one of the most strongest demons. He has a childish personality and is said to love sweets. He's always munching on a snack, he always follows Akashi's orders too.

The fourth is Aomine Daiki, a navy haired and eyed, dark skinned boy. He is a hellhound, and is also the others childhood friends. He has a soft spot for those he cares though he won't show it. He's just like Kagami, hot headed and bad grades, and because of this they're always clashing. He loves a challenge just like Kagami, he's said to be an ace in all sports. He's the other protector to the group, always trying to help. There is the fifth member of the group Midorima Shintaro, a bespectacled green haired and eyed male. Shintaro is an medium, can listen/see people's spirits and the dead, he can also use their abilities time to time. He is what's known as a tsundere, a person who denies that they care for the ones they care for(that's a little confusing). Another friend, he is very smart and is said to have perfect aim. He is the most cool headed of them. He is also obsessed with luck, always carrying his lucky item no matter how weird it is. Speaking of that, today's lucky item is a Gir plushie(I love Gir!). And the last member is Kise Ryouta, a blonde haired and eyed boy. He is a succubus, naturally drawing people in as part of his nature. He always showing a cheerful attitude but when he needs to he'll be serious. He is the child of the group, playful, cute, annoying, but lovable. Another friend, he is a model in the 'other world' (I'll go more into that later) He loves playing, always trying to get into others stuff too. When he respects someone he adds chi to their name, so far only the GoM and very few others have this suffix. He can also copy almost everything he sees, just perfect for his part in the group.

They all met in a park one day and instantly hated each other at first, but they stuck through for each other eventually. Anywho moving on now, Akashi felt interested in that student with no presence. Even with his Emperor's Eye he couldn't see him until he spoke. The red head also noticed that his group didn't notice him either. Apparently, as they are ranting now, Daiki, Taiga, and Atsushi couldn't smell nor fell him at all, Even when he announced his presence. And According to Ryouta the blunette had no pheromones at all for him to sense. Even Shintaro, as sharp as he is, couldn't see his soul nor aura until he attracted their attention. He has no aura apparently and not until the blunette appeared he didn't notice the cluster of spirits surrounding him, how in the world did Shintaro not see that? The heterochromatic genius smirked, what an interesting person. "Kuroko Tetsuya huh? You'll be joining us soon..." He murmured his deadly aura leaking.

The rest of the GoM looked at the shortstack feeling worried for the ghost like guy who they were sure Akashi was interested in. "Hey where'd the ghost guy go?" Aomine asked as he didn't see him at his desk. "Yeah where did that weirdo go?" Kagami repeated as he looked around.

"That's what I just said dumbass!" Aomine said

"Oi I'm not a dumbass like you dumbfuck!" The jumper retorted. Cue the clashing heads and electricity.

"What did you call me Bakagami?"

"I called you a dumbfuck Ahomine!"

"You pussy!"

"You son of a bitch!"


"Fuck you!"


"You want me to kill you!"

"Ha I bet I can kill you first!"

"No you-"

"Daiki, Taiga. What did I say about using that type of language and fighting?" Said a very deadly voice from a certain male. They immediately backed down, their ears flattening in guilt, fear, and embarrassment, "I'm sorry." They said immediately. Kise who was laughing in the background received a very promising smile from the Shorty that made him shut up instantly. "No he's still here." Murasakibara said as he munched on his never ending snacks. "He is?" The three idiots said at the same time. "Yeah he's here, the chair hasn't made a noise and I would bear the door open." The purple giant said lazily as he looked at the back seat. "Nice job Atsushi." Akashi said as he handed the giant a special snack. The vampire's eyes glimmers with happiness as he ate it. "Ano, why are you guys talking about me?" A quite voice said from behind that startled them. "You are interesting, join our group." Akashi said bluntly, "No." was the emotionless response he got. The ruby eyed male smirked dangerously, "It wasn't a request." "Mine is an answer, and that is no." Ooh this kid going into dangerous territory.

Meanwhile with the GoM, "That shorty has balls to talk back to Seijuro, or he's just plain stupid." Aomine said, the others nodding as they watched their boss as his eyebrow twitched slightly. "Shit, that kid is screwed." Kagami added. "I feel sorry for him." The model said looking worried for the cute student. Wait, cute? Well he does have baby blue hair that makes him want to run his hand- damn, he just saw this kid and instead of the teal haired male falling for him it's the other way around. Kise was about to find out something important when Akashi's aura seeped through, creating a thick atmosphere. The only one that didn't seem affected was Kuroko. "Akashi-kun," the shadow sighed as he noticed everyone else having difficulty to breath, maybe he was controlling the air. "Don't let your emotions get the best of you, I don't want the whole class to die." Suddenly everyone can breath again, that boy is a miracle! "I..know. Thank you. But consider my offer, and meet up with the Generation of Miracles at lunch after The Tests tomorrow." The red head said as Kuroko bowed and left.

The GoM decided to stroll around the school after some awkward silence."What was that?" Kagami asked first. "Yeah, I never saw Sei-chin get mad so easily before." Murasakibara said. "Hn. What happened?" Midorima asked. Akashi sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. "I truthfully don't know. I've never lost control of my emotions and powers before but somehow it felt as though he were unlocking something in me." Akashi said, everyone was surprised, then there was something very weird with this kid. "What's his name again?" Bakagami said as he realized he forgot it. It seems as though everyone else except Akashi forgot too. But he noticed that somehow the memories of Kuroko Tetsuya was fading as if he never existed. Interesting indeed, "Kuroko Tetsuya. Also we will have a new addition for lunch tomorrow." Akashi stated as a smirk as he turned back to normal again.

Done. It's not the best but I think it's okay. Happy Halloween! Bye-Bye!