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The GoM decided to stroll around the school after some awkward silence."What was that?" Kagami asked first. "Yeah, I never saw Sei-chin get mad so easily before." Murasakibara said. "Hn. What happened?" Midorima asked. Akashi sighed as he ran a hand through his hair. "I truthfully don't know. I've never lost control of my emotions and powers before but somehow it felt as though he were unlocking something in me." Akashi said, everyone was surprised, then there was something very weird with this kid. "What's his name again?" Bakagami said as he realized he forgot it. It seems as though everyone else except Akashi forgot too. But he noticed that somehow the memories of Kuroko Tetsuya was fading as if he never existed. Interesting indeed, "Kuroko Tetsuya. Also we will have a new addition for lunch tomorrow." Akashi stated as a smirk as he turned back to normal again.

Their Person View

Smith(it's random I know, I don't remember his name at all!) sighed as he walked out the principal's office. That weird bastard is making riddles, he hates riddles!

What happened in the principal's office

Smith came inside the principal's office without knocking, rude, yes, but it's okay, he known this guy for a while. "Yo, idiot! What is Kuroko Tetsuya's real identity?" He said looking at the orange haired man who has indigo eyes, named Mirachi. "Your always so rude to me Hi-chan." The principal said pouting, he will only act like this around those close, other than that you get the demon. "Because your you. Anyway answer the damn question!" Smith was letting his curiosity get the better of him, and damn was it aggressive. "Geez, calm your nipples! And why do you wanna know?" The orange head already knew why, but he didn't even know, but rest assured he will find out! "Because, no one sensed his presence, smelled him, saw him, etc. Until he said something! What the hell is he? No ghost can do that either, it's like he's a shadow." The teacher said as he looked thoughtful, what monster could you never feel, see, or smell, no monsters have been able to avoid all of them. It feels like he's missing some key information. Meanwhile the principal was thinking the same thing, then he remembered when the kid enrolled in the school.

Meeting With Kuroko

The principal sat in his chair waiting for the next possibly student to come in. After a while of silence and seeing no one he said, "I guess that one was the last." Just as he was about to start doing his other papers a person said, "Ano, you still haven't interview me. Hello, I am Kuroko Tetsuya, nice to meet you." A soft voice said. Mirachi almosted jumped out of his skin when he someone talked out of nowhere. The owner of the voice had teal locks that looked so soft, sky blue eyes that were sort of alluring, he also had pale skin, making him look like a doll, maybe a male siren, rare, but still possible, he certainly had the voice and looks for it. "Ah, I'm Mirachi Sinoe, nice to meet you to." They shook hands and started.

"So, Kuroko why do you think you deserve to go to my school?" Mirachi said, for some reason, he felt comfortable with the mysterious person in front of him, and let go of his demon mode for once. "I don't necessarily think I deserve to go to your school, but it would be nice going here from what I've seen." The boy, no Kuroko Tetsuya, said with a distant look. Mirachi studied his student and his answer, it was weird. "What are you?" He asked, this student was...special, at least he felt so. At this the student snapped out of whatever daze he was in and smirked a little, "I am what you know but have forgotten. I am something that is like no other. I am not any monster that you know now. I am, a shadow." And with that little riddle he stood up and left. Mirachi pondered over this before smirking, this kid will definitely be his student. He always loved a good mystery.

End Memory

"He is a monster that you know but forgot, he doesn't follow the rules, he's unique, a shadow." Was Mirachi's reply after a while.


He ran a hand through his hair, what the hell does that mean?! Smith sighed as he walked back to his classroom.

The Next Day

Every student was excited, today was when they were going to be assessed, then depending on their rank people can decide which were strong enough to be on their teams. This school has a special thing where all year long there's battle to determine who's the strongest in the school and it also affects your grades, popularity, etc. and because of this everyone is in it, either forcefully(grades) or willingly(everything else). It's a minimum of 6 people, you an have unlimited people, because this school is like that, we don't care as long as you get the job done, but somehow the people who graduate are highly skilled, they just got it like that. Anyway at the beginning of each school year every student takes an evaluation test, it's actually multiple tests which tell your strength mentally, emotionally, physically, your knowledge of the world, your grades, socially, planning, and many other things small and big. That's why it takes a full week for the thing to end. By the way, this school has strict rules on fighting, either keep it in the ring(battle competition), get out(expelled), or punishment, it all depends on how severe the fight was and if it was approved by the student council/principle the highest authorities.

Everyone was nervous and excited, well almost everyone, some were resting*Cough,cough*Ahomine and Bakagami *Cough,cough*, eating*Cough,cough*Giant baby*cough, cough*,waving*cough,cough*drama queen*cough,cough*, reading*cough, wheeze*Tsun..dere...Control..frea-Akashi*choke, cough*(they almost killed me!) And our beloved Shadow reading a mystery book where no one knows what the main character is and tries to find out what he is while they go on crazy adventures.(much like your life Tet-chan!) Kuroko walked to his class while reading his book, somehow moving through the crowd with no injury or getting bumped into. He made it into his class and easily slipped into his seat undetected, well almost, since some people were paying enough attention to notice. Akashi turned to his direction, he was carefully paying attention to his elements since they actually seem to like Kuroko Tetsuya and he was curious about the boy. Immediately the elements surrounded him almost caringly and bended towards his liking. Once he saw the sky eyed male he wondered why he couldn't control himself the day before, it seemed like everything pent up was flooded out and oddly after that he felt relaxed. He narrowed his eyes, there's something about him, he's not a regular monster, he's mysterious, and Akashi's gonna find out just what he is.

Akashi turned to the front of the class when their teacher, Smith, came in. The black haired male looked annoyed with something, he went to the front of the class and everyone shut up. "Today as you all know starts the evaluation test. Today would first start with knowledge, trusting, and strategy. It would vary from showing and chest, all the way to war and tests. We have to go to the auditorium where students will first take the machine test which is a person who evaluates your knowledge just by looking at you. After that each student will individually be tested in different rooms. So let's go, just follow the crowd if you get lost, the whole school is going to the same place." Smith said as he walked out the classroom with the students following. Because of the noise the GoM stopped what they were doing to pay attention and went to the auditorium with the rest.

Please pay attention to the ending comment that's bolded!

At the auditorium there was many students put into 50 or something lines. It was buzzing with conversations, in front of the lines were huge tables with adults sitting. Just by looking at the students they can tell their potential and write it down, the lines are made alphabetically so no need to worry about names. After that each student is taken by 5 different people, they are the testers for that day, all tests are done quickly, well not really because they have a time manipulator because they need to evaluate all the students. At the end of each test the students would get their results posted on the huge boards outside. Right now everyone was first being looked at, as usual the GoM got a lot of attention, compliments and what not. Akashi and Midorima got looks of astonishment by the evaluates when they came up, these kids had, just wow! The others were also like this but to a lesser degree. When it came time for Kuroko Tetsuya to come up as usual no one saw him and it caused a huge uproar, again. The evaluator was about to skip Tetsuya when the blunette suddenly appeared scaring the poor guy. When he looked at the kid he was shocked, this kid, his numbers were too high, higher then the most ancient people's numbers, what the hell!

When Kuroko left that guy was still shocked but quickly moved on but with a different memory, a one with Kuroko as average and so Kuroko's number was written as average. Quickly forgetting about the mysterious students he continued on. After that was a chest game mixed with shogi, it was three layered and they had to make different strategies to beat the game. Akashi beat this in only five minutes! Midorima 15, Murasakibara 30, Kise 35, Kagami and Aomine 50, and Kuroko stalled his game to an hour and a half, average time for something that complex. Then a written test about different situations and how you'll handle it. Then you had to write about how you would improve a war that happened a while ago. Then finally making a war plan yourself.

All the GoM passed with flying colors and above average remarks, while Kuroko had disturbingly very average results. Akashi's eye twitched when he saw the scores that day, what's with this kid? Even his name was easy to miss on the board, also those results are literally the exact average for all the tests! He was the blunette was doing this on purpose when he turned around the blunette grinning mysteriously at him before disappearing. What is Kuroko Tetsuya? Why is he doing this? Just who is he? Akashi was getting more questions than answers. Meanwhile Kise found out something shocking. He was pondering why he is attracted to that cute guy(he accepted it) and when he asked his mother that mother that day and she was delighted. She looked at him with the biggest smile he seen and said, "Aw! Sweety, they always grow up so fast! When a succubis is attracted to someone they just met its not like love at first sight like humans. It means you found your destined partner! Who is it? Tell me all about them? Is it a boy or girl? Is it a boy? I knew it! New, tell all about him, I want to meet your partner! Honey! Ryou-chan found his partner!" And so he was left with this shocking news. But then he soon became determined, he has a cute partner and he's gonna male the best of it! How's he going to approach him though? Oh yeah, lunch time!

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