A nineteen-year-old Daniel Jackson sat on the front porch, absentmindedly looking down the road. He had been doing this for a week now and his patience was growing thin. A week ago, it had been said that his cousin had run away from home and was going to stay with him and his family. His brown hair blew in the wind and he instinctively threaded his fingers through it. He wore a black shirt with multi-colored speakers beneath a blue sleeveless hoodie and ash grey skinny jeans. Danny had changed from a naïve and adorable twelve-year-old to a sophisticated and well-built jock. He still hung out with Sam, Cathy and Chris and he smiled inwardly at the mention of his friends. Cathy, the young Rhapsodian alien that he had befriended four summers ago, hadn't changed a lot. Her blonde hair had grown to reach 3 inches past her shoulders. She still wore pink, but she chose to more conservative with it. She had grown up to be quite the looker, seeing as how she had gotten curvier while maintaining her slim physique. Chris was still a geek, but had grown up to be muscular and more self-confident; he still wore blue, but just decided to sport it in plaid and checkered clothing accessories. Then there was Sam; the smart, type-A-overachiever of the group. Sam was no longer the twelve-year-old girl that he had gotten so accustomed to back in middle school. She had grown up and that was more than obvious in many ways. Danny felt his cheeks warm as he remembered when she came back from her Tae Kwon Do Training Camp three summers ago.


Danny, Chris and Cathy were seated on Cathy's front porch waiting for Sam to come back. Danny had started in on his lemonade when a car pulled up to the curb. A girl with sienna brown skin, dark brown hair and golden brown eyes stepped out. She wore a red form-fitting t-shirt and a crimson plead skirt that reached mid-thigh exposed her long shapely legs. Her beige gladiators were decorated with gold studs. She smiled as she turned to retrieve her duffle bag before she closed the door. Danny felt his breath hitch in his throat as he took her in. That can't be Sam; she's… hot. Chris and Cathy got up to greet their friend, while Danny was trying to remember how to breathe. It wasn't until she was right in front of him did he register that he had been gaping at her.

"Hey Danny." Blinking, Danny looked up to see her smiling and his heart fluttered around in his chest. He picked up his glass up from beside him and would've taken a sip if it hadn't been taken from his hands. He watched in a dazed stupor as Sam brought the glass to her lips, the golden liquid disappearing down her throat. A sigh of satisfaction was heard before she placed the cup back in his hand. Leaning forward until her breath teased the outer shell of his ear, she whispered.

"Thank-you." She gently pressed her lips to his temple before running up the stairs to tell Cathy all about what happened while she was gone.

End flashback

Without thinking, Danny placed a hand to his left temple. He traced the area where she had kissed him all those summers ago. Coming back to reality, he checked the horizon. It's nearly sundown, where could she be? He was about to head in to announce to his parents that she was a no-show when he saw someone standing on the sidewalk across the street. If it wasn't for Danny's inquisitive nature, he would've been inside. The person looked as if they were contemplating whether or not to cross the street. He couldn't see their eyes or most of their face because of the Aviator sunglasses and the black hooded cloak. Before he could blink, the hooded figure was standing a few feet in front of him. The sudden movement made him instinctively fall into a fighting stance.

The hooded figure gasped. "Danny?" Blinking, Danny peered down at the person in front of him. His incredulous look was enough to make the person remove her hood. Her skin was a light brown; her hair was a rich mocha brown streaked with auburn streaks and the setting sun created an amber-gold halo around her. Removing her glasses, his eyes widened to see forest green eyes staring back at him. His attention was pulled to the silver pendant with the letter K engraved into it.

He shifted from his fighting stance and pulled her into a warm embrace, which she happily returned. "It's been a while, Dakota."