The next morning, Danny woke up to the smell of blueberry pancakes and an empty bed. Stretching upward, he padded over to the door and down the hall. As he approached the stairs, the sound of laughter reached him and he hastened his footsteps. The laughter grew louder as he rounded the corner. The first thing he saw was blonde and pink as he walked into the kitchen."Wow, you're really cool. I can't believe that you're actually related to Danny; though I see the resemblance."

She smiled inwardly at her old friend as she flipped another pancake onto a nearby plate. "Thanks, Cath. So, Danny told me that you moved here four summers ago."

Cathy nodded as she cut into her pancake. There's something about her that seems so familiar to me… she reminds me so much of my old friend, Melody.

Dakota smirked inwardly at the thought as she turned back to a pan of scrambled eggs when she caught sight of Danny. I guess what they say is true: you can take the dog out of the wild, but you can't take the wild of the dog. She smiled as she took up a plate of pancakes and bacon, dumping the eggs into a portion of the plate. "Bonjourna, Danny. Did you sleep well?" he nodded sleepily and she placed down the plate in front of him before picking up a plate of pancakes. Placing it down beside Cathy, she walked around the island and sat on a stool. As soon as Cathy finished, she picked up her plate and stretched her arms across the breakfast bar to place them into the sink. Danny seemed somewhat surprised while Dakota looked indifferent to it as she continued to eat as if nothing happened. A few moments passed before Danny went back to eating. "So, what's the MBC like over here?" the question was so casually put, that it took Danny by surprise.

Cathy didn't look at all surprised by the random outburst, so she was able to answer it. "Well that depends; what's it like where you are?" Danny seemed to be outraged that Cathy was even ensuing the topic as if it was a normal thing to talk about.

Dakota looked deep in thought before she answered. "Well, it's very quiet at times, seeing as how I'm from the Sub-Division. The only time there's ever a real commotion is when something big hits us, like the Spark Rhapti we caught two weeks ago."

Danny almost choked on his food. Since when was Dakota part of the Sub-Division?! He then thought back to the time when the Sticky Aliens had invaded the Singletown suburbs and Dakota had to cancel their time at the arcade to "help her mom with dinner". A scowl appeared on his face that didn't go unnoticed by his cousin.

She narrowed her eyes at him but said nothing as she got up to wash the dishes. "Want me to help you, Lyn?" Cathy asked expectantly as she walked over to the brunette.

Glancing over her shoulder, she nodded and stepped aside. "You know what," Dakota began as she handed the blonde another dish to rinse, "you must be the nicest Rhapsodian I've spoken to in a long while." In response, she received a starry smile from the alien.

They washed in silence for a while until Dakota cleared her throat, successfully gaining the blonde's attention. "I'm a Synosynthean; actually to be more specific, I'm a Sonar-Sunwing." Cathy's eyes lit up as she looked long and hard at the brunette. After putting away the last of the dishes, Dakota took Cathy by the wrist and led her upstairs. Upon closing the door behind them, she walked to the center of the room and sat down. The shades seemed to raise all on their own to allow the sun to come pouring through. Dakota raised her left arm and a path of sunlight illuminated her arm. Pulling her arm to herself, she smiled as she felt the sun wrap around her body. The light soon engulfed her entire form in a blinding white ball of energy and Cathy instinctively raised her arm to shield her eyes. Once she felt it was safe, she saw Dakota dressed in white and she appeared to be floating.

Her hair was a charcoal black with a fiery gold streak in the front. Her eyes were the most beautiful gold Cathy had ever seen. Taking a step forward, she shifted and the blonde could've sworn that she heard what sounded like wings. Taking another step, she saw her shift again to reveal white amber-and-silver tipped wings. Her silk toga was black with flames on the bottom that seemed to flicker animatedly as she remained suspended in the air. A look of awe and disbelief was etched into the blonde's face as she landed soundlessly in front of her. It didn't take long for the Rhapsodian to register who was standing before her and she pulled the Synosynthean into a tearful embrace.