"So let me see if I'm getting this right: you're a Solar-Sunwing that came here from Vera Vixen XIV-XVI, which is located in the 2nd phase of the time continuum to start up the MBC club in the suburbs. Because of your roots of being a Synosynthean, you're able to connect to people using telepathy and telekinesis helps you get from place to place at high speeds. At age eleven, you were sent on Galactic recon to scope out any threats to the MBC and ended up on Rhapsodia. This was where you met Cathy and her grandfather, easily becoming friends because of her bubbly personality. Two months afterwards, an invasion of Spognotz came in search of those in charge of the MBC made you inadvertently send her here to Earth. Your parents are both humans that carried the genes for the type of Synosynthean you are and you're related to Danny because your father is his father's fraternal twin brother. You know all the forms of martial arts, including jujitsu and have loved Chris since you met him." her two friends looked long and hard at her as she caught her breath.

Finally, twin smiles broke out on their faces as they nodded. "So are you gonna tell him how you feel?" a look passed over her face and a simultaneous brow was raised as they saw the color drain from the brunette's face. Looking back at each other, they stood up and each grabbed an arm. Pulling the fighter to her feet, they lifted her down the stairs and commenced to drag her back towards the clubhouse. Dakota sighed as she rolled her eyes at the denial that radiated off the fighter's body.

"Sam, you're gonna say something to him…"

"… because whether you agree or not, we…"

"… know you love him with everything you have." The twinsakes stopped their dragging just outside the door of the MBC hideout. Sam was still a bit put out after the forced escort back to where the trouble had all started. She knew that her attempts to escape now would be futile as she was being restrained by two powerfully skilled aliens. Leaning until they were about a whisper away they said, "Time to make your own destiny." Pushing open the door, they released their hold on the nervous teen as they strode nonchalantly into the MBC clubhouse.

Dakota eagerly took a seat beside Chris and kissed him with all the passion in her heart. Pulling away, they all giggled at the dazed stupor she had placed her boyfriend in. I could get used to this.

Once he had come down from his euphoric high, he wrapped his arm around her and whispered, "I missed you too." Danny looked over at Sam and inwardly smiled, while Sam was narrowing her eyes at the happy couple. She's so cute when she's mad. He looked down at his iPod and began tapping away at the screen. An amiable silence fell over the five as the only sound was the soft humming of the computer in the corner.

Taking a cursory glance around the room, Dakota got up and stretched before she spoke up. "Chris, Cathy, I'll need some taste testers for what I plan to enter for the Annual Bake-A-Thon. Wanna help me out?" the aforementioned nodded before the trio walked through the door without another word, leaving Danny and Sam alone in the clubhouse. A tense silence filled the space between them before Sam chose to sit down and look around. Danny was still tapping away, as he had not paid attention to what his cousin had said.

It wasn't until he had done whatever he was doing, it dawned upon him that he was alone with his crush sitting across the room. "Hey, Sam." His baritone voice seemed to startle her as she visibly jumped at the sudden sound. Turning to look at him with a raised brow, he smiled sheepishly. "Do you know where the others went?"

The statement brought a genuine smile to her face. Leave it to Danny to be clueless. "They went to help Dakota with a baking project."

He regarded her with a blank stare before nodding. She had mentioned that she would be using the kitchen and needed some help with catering for a big event.

The two lapsed back into silence before Sam spoke up. "So, whatcha doing?"

He tapped the screen before turning to answer her. "Playing Tap Tap Revolution." He sat up and sheepishly added, "Wanna play with me?" Sam was taken aback by the kind gesture and quickly walked over to him. Sitting in front of him, he tapped the screen a couple times before holding out the other side of the device to her. The room was soon filled with occasional grunts of concentration, coupled with furious tapping. They were so focused that they didn't even notice that their foreheads were pressed together and occasionally their knuckles would brush because of the close proximity. To them, it was nothing more than harmless fun and competition. However, to the three teens situated outside, it was their way of dealing with their pent-up emotion for one another. Five minutes later, a hoot of triumph and a groan of frustration was heard from the two post-strenuous teens. The hoot of surprise came from the girl while the groan was from the boy who wouldn't stand to see that he had just been beat; and by a girl no less.