The Alchemist Apprentice

By Aragon Potter

Chapter 5: Bean Sídhe



"House-Elf Speaking"

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the Characters the cannon; they strictly belong to JK Rowling. The only Characters I own are the OC's that I create.

Summary: Having had enough of the abuse of his relatives a young Harry Potter decides to leave Privet Drive. Shortly after leaving, Harry meets a strange couple who take him in and introduce him to a whole new world…the world of Magic and Alchemy.

- Ireland, County Longford (1990) -

Sleeping quite in a small bedroom on the second floor of a large two-story house, a young Harry Flamel Potter, slowly woke as he heard the sound of birds singing outside.

It had been three years since he had been taken in and adopted by the Flamels and already there had been a notable change in the now 10 year old boy. He had grown taller and was about the typical size for his boy his age, and more well nourished than he was when he was with the Dursley's as he had a healthy glow about him, though was still fairly skinny. His old round glasses had been replaced by oval-shaped shaped one and his skin was slightly tanned, indicating that he was was getting more sun. His unruly jet-black hair was also longer than before where fell down below his shoulders. Thanks to Sh'lainn's training Harry was more confident in himself, and was not as timid as he was when the Flamel's had first found him. His skill in magic and knowledge in Alchemy had also improved, however he was still a long way off before he could perform any potions or alchemy experiments by himself, but was showing a talent for creating illusions, having already successfully tricked Sh'lainn and his Grandfather with small illusions. However he had yet to successfully cast one on his grandmother's, who saw through each of them.

During this time, Harry had also begun to develop a taste for playing pranks on people, (which was in no small part thanks to a certain Dhampiresa), after using some of the joke items that Sh'lainn had given him for his birthday eight birthday along with using a few illusion spells.

On more than one occasion Harry pulled several different pranks on both his Grandparents and the Delacours. One such case involved Harry replacing one of his grandmother's toffees with a Hiccough sweet, causing his grandmother hiccup for most of the afternoon, and before that Harry had secretly planted a dungbomb in grandfather's laboratory after his lesson, which exploded during one of his experiments. Needless to say, it was a while before his grandfather could go back in without having to use a bubblehead charm to breath.

Harry's favourite prank, however, was one he had played on the Delacour family when he went to visit them during a holiday break. At lunch he had secretly taken out a small vile of a potion and added to their drinks, causing the family's hair to change colour every few minutes. He had created the potion with his grandfather's help during one of their lessons and decided to call it the rainbow hair colour potion, given how the person's hair would also change into one of the seven colours of the rainbow every few minutes.

Little Gabriella of course was delighted by how her hair kept changing colour and laughed when she saw both her parents and older sister hair do the same thing. The two older Delacours, of course, took what happened in strides and laughed it off. Fleur, however, did not take the prank as well as the rest of her family and refused to speak to Harry for the rest of the day, though would later forgive him.

However, despite his success in pranking his family and friends, there was one person Harry could not get, that person being, of course, Sh'lainn. Despite his best attempts, the young boy could not catch the half-vampire off guard, who somehow always saw through his attempts, causing him to instead fall for hers.

Slowing opening his eyes Harry let out a large yawn before stretching out his arms in the air. He then reached over to his bedside table and put on his glasses. Pulling off the cover, Harry then lifted himself out of his bed and moved around to the window, opening the curtains and allowing the morning sun into the room.

After making his bed Harry pulled some clothes out from the drawers, taking out some underwear and sock, along with a pair of jeans a white shirt and black hoodie. He then made his way to the bathroom, which was right next to his bedroom. Once he had finish washing and changing Harry the tied his long hair into a loose-fitting ponytail and then left the bathroom where he then took in his surroundings.

It had been over a week now since he had come to stay at Sh'lainn's home, after his grandparents had informed him that they would be going on a trip to search for certain magical artefacts, which had become a sort of hobby for them. Originally they had planned to have Harry stay with Fleur and her family, but that changed when Sh'lainn offered to have Harry stay with her as she had some holiday time built up and needed to take. Seeing it as a good opportunity for the two to get closer together and give Harry a chance to visit somewhere new his grandparents agreed.

Sh'lainn's house was surprisingly big for someone who mostly lived by herself and was away half the time. It was a large two-storey white stone house that could easily accommodate a family for four with little trouble, with each member having their own room, and two bathrooms upstairs to share, (one with a shower and another with a bath). Along with that, there was a hot press for storing towels, clothes and bedding and a large upstairs hall with red carpet flooring and stairs. The downstairs hall and dining room kitchen, (which was easily twice the size of the Dursleys), was white titled, with windows looking out the backyard. Right next to the dining room kitchen separated by large double doors was a large room which Sh'lainn had converted into a movie room with a large screen tv and several large comfortable chairs and one large couch that could up to six people. In addition, there was also a small living room with a fireplace and TV, lower bathroom with a shower and a back hall that was connected an indoor garage where Sh'lainn stored several motorbikes which she would ride from time to time.

The house was flanked on both sides by two houses, one that was a bungalow and the other being a two storey like Sh'lainn's. It had one large backyard garden with several apple and plum trees and a small vegetable garden, and two smaller gardens and flowers beds in front, along with a cement driveway. The gardens and the house were surrounded on all sides by large yellow fir trees, which kept people from looking in, and a small white wall up in front with a large black gate with fleur-de-lis designs decorating it. The gates would magically close at night and open in the morning, where muggles would naturally assume them to be electronically controlled.

Before going downstairs, Harry poked his head into Sh'lainn's room, which was directly in front of the stairs. Seeing that she was still asleep Harry decided to leave her for a little while longer.

Making his way downstairs, Harry headed to the kitchen and turned the stove on and began making breakfast, having had enough practice when making breakfast for the Dursley's.

Before long Harry had the table set and two plates filled with bacon, scrabble eggs and waffles, with a glass of orange juice for himself a mug of coffee for Sh'lainn. But before he could call her for breakfast, the female half-vampire walked in, dressed in only a short crimson red tank top that stopped below her breasts and a pair of black shorts that just fell below her hips.

Seeing her state of dress, Harry quickly turned away with a large blush and shouted "Gah! Sh'lainn, can't you wear a robe or something!" Though this wasn't the first time he had seen the older girl in such a state, in fact he had seen her in less dressed states, he could never get use to it, and couldn't help but feel embarrassed each time he saw her.

The Dhampiresa just grunted in response and headed straight for the table for the mug of coffee. This again was a typical thing in the morning, as Sh'lainn was always somewhat grumpy in the morning. Whether this was because of the lack of caffeine in her system, her vampiric nature, or the simple fact that Sh'lainn hated mornings, Harry didn't know. But once she had her coffee, Sh'lainn was back to her usual self.

"Ahhh, nothing beats a hot cup of coffee in the morning," said Sh'lainn after taking a large gulp of her coffee. To which Harry replied "If you say so" as he refilled the cup before sitting down in his own chair in front of Sh'lainn.

Noticing his discomfort Sh'lainn asked "Something wrong Harry?"

Keeping his eyes focused on his breakfast Harry replied: "Do I really have to point it out?"

Finally noticing her state of dress, Sh'lainn just laughed "Uhhhh, does little Arry have a crushy wushy on his big sis, should Fleur be worried?" teased the half-vampire, as if she was talking to an infant.

"I do not!" Harry retorted angrily, "And stop treating me like I was a three year old."

"Ahh, don't be like that Harry, there is nothing wrong with taking an interest in girls and their bodies, especially with hot little thing like me around. It's all part of growing up, it's perfectly normal for boys."

"You're enjoying yourself aren't you?" where he glared at Sh'lainn while trying not to look down her top as she purposely leaned forward to allow him a peek.

Smirking, the half-vampire replied, "Maybe a little."

The rest of the breakfast was quiet affair, as Sh'lainn decided she had teased Harry enough...for now.

"How do you think gran and grandpa doing?" Harry asked after taking a bit out of his bacon.

"I'm sure their fine, it's not like this is the first time they've gone on these types of trips. Some of them even took years to finish, though I doubt it will be like that this time, since the artefact they're looking for won't be that hard to find. They'll probably be back in a few weeks' time, a month at the very most."

"Do you think gran will finally have stopped being angry at grandpa?" He had noticed some tension between his grandparents where his grandmother would shot his grandfather several angry glares at him. At dinner his grandfather would often get very tiny portions or be given things she knew he disliked, he was also forced to do more house chores than usual and was forbidden from using any form of magic when doing them. On more than one occasion Harry even found his grandfather sleeping on the couch or in his armchair of the study, though he would say that he fell asleep after working too late, Harry knew it was a lie. Whenever he asked what was wrong neither of them would give him a straight answer. His grandfather would just say that it was a simple disagreement between the two of them. His grandmother was even less forthcoming, saying that it was nothing he need worry about, though she would also tell him to become nothing like his grandfather when he grew up.

"Don't worry, they've been together for over six hundred years, they'll get over it" assured Sh'lainn as she put a fork full of scrabble egg into her mouth.

"Do you know why gran is so angry at grandpa?" Harry asked.

Sh'lainn just shrugged and said, "Probably just a disagreement." Though in reality she did, in fact, know the reason for her grandparents' dispute, but had been asked not to tell Harry. The Flamels had known it would be impossible to keep what was happening between them hidden from Sh'lainn given her empathic abilities. When Sh'lainn first heard of what her grandfather and Marquis were planning, she had been outrage at what they were planning, given how they were already planning out Fleur and Harry's lives , without even considering the children's feelings. However, when Nicolas explained to her how the spell that would bind the contract would work and how neither of them would be forced into the marriage if neither of them had any true feelings towards one another, she calmed down.

Once she understood how the magic behind the contract worked, Sh'lainn was a bit more opened towards the betrothal, thinking it would be fun to watch and see how things developed between the two. However as surprising as the whole betrothal contract was, the thing that surprised Sh'lainn the most was how her grandfather was somehow able to convince her grandmother to go along with the whole charade, especially considering her strong hatred of arranged marriages. Still, it did seem to come at a price, given how her grandfather was, to quote and muggle phrase, in the doghouse with her grandmother.

After finishing breakfast, Sh'lainn headed back upstairs to get dress while Harry cleaned up. They made plans today, where Sh'lainn had promised to take Harry to Dublin city and show him both the muggle and magical side of the city.

As soon as he had finished washing and putting away the dishes and glasses, he moved into the hall and put on his white runners before lookung up the stairs after hearing Sh'lainn coming down.

She was dress in a short shelve black crop top with an image of a large burning flame in the centre of her breasts. Over it she wore a black leather biker jacket, with matching leather knee-high boots and a pair of tight-fitting jeans that clung tightly to her shapely legs.

After she left the last step, Harry asked: "Are we going?"

"Yep, but before that, there is one last thing to do"

Taking out her wand from her jacket pocket, she then began to twirl her wand above Harry's head. Before he could ask her what she was doing, she directed him to the hallway mirror hanging near them.

Looking into the mirror Harry was surprised to see a completely different person standing before him. His messy black hair had now turned bright red, his eyes and had become much duller, matching the same shade as Sh'lainn. His nose had also become a bit smaller and narrower and upon closer inspection, he could just about make out some faint freckles around his nose.

"SSSooo, what do you think of your new look?"

"Feels kind of weird" replied Harry as he continued to stare at himself in the mirror.

"Well, we obviously can't have you walking around the streets of Dublin looking like yourself, on the chance that someone recognises you" explained Sh'lainn as she stood next to Harry in front of the mirror. "Besides, this way when we tell people we're siblings, they're more likely to believe it."

Looking back at himself, Harry nodded, seeing the strong similarity between Sh'lainn and his new appearance, which was obviously on purpose when she casted the illusionary spell over him.

"How long will I be stuck like this?"

"It should fade away by itself in a couple of hours, the illusion isn't as strong as one of grans."

Once he had finished taking in his new appearance, Sh'lainn led him to the small living room where she took out her wand again and tapped the fireplace mantelpiece lightly with the tip of her wand, causing the fireplace to expand outward, until it was the size of a small door. After which Sh'lainn then used her wand to reignite the fire and then tossed in some Floo powder, (which she had taken from the nearby container), causing the flames to turned emerald green with a large roar, rising as high as Sh'lainn.

Harry was already familiar Floo travel, as both his grandparents and Sh'lainn and explained it to him and had seen the Delacour family use it several times when visiting. This, however, would be the first time he would be actually using it himself. He had already experienced both apparition and portkeying, after going shopping with grandmother, and like with those, Harry had a feeling that he would not enjoy this form of travel . His experience with magical travel thus far was less than glowing, given how both types resulted in him fall flat on his face and threatened to cause him to throw up his most recent meal.

Handing some powder to Harry, the Dhampiresa could see that he looked a little nervous and reminded him to speak loudly and clearly when travelling with Floo. She then entered the flames and shouted "The Old Haunt!" as she tossed another handful of Floo powder into the fire, causing the flame to spring up and envelop her.

After Sh'lainn had disappeared Harry followed after her and toss the powder into the flame, yelling "The Old Haunt!"

Like with Sh'lainn, the flames immediately sprung to life and enveloped him. It had felt as if he was being sucked down into a plughole while spinning down faster and faster…the roaring in his ears was deafening and he struggled to keep his eyes open as the whirling green flame made him feel sick. He could see a blurred stream of fireplaces and snatched glimpses of the rooms beyond. His bacon and eggs were churning inside him and felt like they would soon make another appearance if he didn't stop, and then – he fell, face forward, onto an old mouldy wooden floor and felt his glasses fall right off him.

Dizzy and slightly bruised, covered in soot, Harry struggled to his feet. Before the world could stop spinning, he felt someone lift him up onto his feet and hand him his glasses.

Putting them on, Harry saw the person who had helped him up was Sh'lainn, who then proceeded to pant the soot off his clothes.

"So what did you think of your first time using the Floo network?"

"I hate it" he replied simply, which just made Sh'lainn laugh. "Is all wizard travel so difficult?"

"Pretty much" shrugged the smirking half-vampire; as she took a step back to allow Harry to finish panting himself off. "Still overall I think he did pretty well for your first time. Certainly a lot better than me."

"What happened to you?"

"Didn't say the name of the place I was going to loudly enough, and ended up in a completely different house. Crash landed right into a kitchen table while a family were having breakfast, pretty nasty shock for them and me as you can imagine."

This, of course, made Harry smile, as he imagined Sh'lainn crashing into the kitchen table, covered in egg and bacon."

"But if you think that is bad, just wait until you ride the Knight Bus, now that's a ride you won't forget anytime soon."

At the mention of the Knight Bus, Harry's smile fell and groaned at the thought of another magical transport that would also probably make him feel sick. The young boy then swore to himself that he would never ride that bus, not even if he had a mass murdering psychopath chasing after him.

After dusting himself off, Harry then took in his new surroundings, the Old Haunt certainly lived up to its name as the pub, certainly look old, dark and shabby. To his right here were a few old men with canes drinking pints at the bar; one of them was smoking a long pipe. On his left in a corner, there was a small woman wearing a pointed witch's hat, sitting in a large chair, talking to a barmaid who was handing her a tray with a sherry on it.

The low buzz of chatter had stopped when they appeared out of the fire. Several people seemed to know Sh'lainn as they smiled and waved hello to her, which she returned.

"Good seeing ya Sh'lainn, been a while?" called out the barman from behind the bar. The barman was average in height with a slim build and thinning hair, which indicated that he was slowly going bald. He then glanced at Harry and gave Sh'lainn a curious glance. "Who's the lad? Don't tell me King has demoted you to babysitting kiddies around."

Smiling Sh'lainn shook her head, "Nah, I'm on holiday and this is my kid brother, he's been living with my grandparents in for a while in France, this is his first time here so I'm showing him around," placing her right hand on Harry's right shoulder.

"Well I'll be…" said the barman, peering at Harry in surprise, "Didn't know ya had a brother."

"Well there's a lot that people don't know about me Frank, that's what makes me so resistible" replied Sh'lainn with a saucy smirk, which made the man named Frank laugh.

"Hah, too right… though it doesn't hurt that you're a looker as well."

This, of course, made Sh'lainn smile more, "Careful Frankie, you don't what your wife to hear that now do you?" Sh'lainn laughed, causing Frank, to quickly look around for the woman in question, who thankfully didn't seem to hear given his relieved look.

"Do ya want me to get the tunnel ready for ya?"

"No, we won't be going to Druids street today, I'll be showing him around muggle Dublin." (1)

After saying goodbye to the barman Frank, Sh'lainn then led Harry out the pub and out into the open street, which was bursting activity, as people walked by them, without even given them a passing glance.

Hopping onto an open double-decker bus, Sh'lainn and Harry made their way up to the top of the bus, from there she pointed out and told him about the various different buildings and streets that they passed by.

Later they got off the bus at O'Connell's street and spent the new few hours visiting the different shops, there Harry got some shirts, comics books and videos, which Sh'lainn insisted on paying, stating it was her treat. Afterwards, they went to a Mcdonalds and had a bite to eat, where they then decided to go to a nearby cinema and see "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," which both of them seemed to enjoy.

By the time film had ended, it had gotten pretty dark, where Sh'lainn decided it was time to head back home. Calling out a taxi, Sh'lanni then told the driver where they wanted to go before boarding.

The drive back to the Old Haunt wasn't long and for most of the journey, Harry spent the time either talking to Sh'lainn or reading one of the comic books he got.

When they arrived the driver stopped in front of the pub and drove off as soon as Sh'lainn had paid him. But before they could enter the pub, Harry heard someone call out Sh'lainn's name. Turning they saw a young man with silver-white hair waving to them.

Upon seeing the man, Sh'lainn cursed under her breath and pulled Harry closer to her and mumbled: "Stay close and follow my lead" to Harry so that only he could hear her.

"Sh'lainn Flynn, well this is a surprise."

Putting on a front, Sh'lainn smiled at the man and greeted him. "Hey Liam, how are things?"

"Not bad, paperwork is a bitch though," the man sighed, before smiling. "Still; I'm surprised to find you here, usually you be off aboard breaking down doors or hunting down some poor sap who had the bad luck of having their names being given to you."

"I had some vacation days built up so I decided to take them" shrugged Sh'lainn. "You?"

"I was just finishing running up a lead and was about to finish the day." It was at the point that Liam's attention turned to Harry, where he raised one eyebrow, "And who is this…your secret love child or something?"

"He's my kid brother" Sh'lainn snapped, not liking Liam's implication. "Just what the hell do you think I am?" Liam opened his mount to respond, but stopped when Sh'lainn said: "Wait don't answer that because if you do I'm liable to smack that stupid grin right off your face."

"Okay, Okay, no need to get your panties in a twist…though knowing you, you'd probably like i-OW!" said Liam before crying out pain as punched him in the arm.

Seeing this, Harry couldn't help but smile as he watched the two, and was already starting to like Liam. After being on the receiving end of Sh'lainn's teasing for so long, he was enjoying seeing her on the other end of it.

Rubbing his shoulder, Liam glanced over at Harry before looking back at Sh'lainn. "Brother, huh?" Never knew you had a brother, surprised you never mentioned him before."

"Despite what you may think, you don't know everything about me."

"Evidently" he replied with a curious look, "So are you going to introduce us or not?"

"Fine" sighed Sh'lainn, knowing that if she didn't the man wouldn't leave them alone. "Jamie…" using the name that she and Harry and agreed on. "This is Liam O'Neill, a friend of mine from work…Liam, this is my kid brother Jamie."

Liam then offered his hand to Harry, "It's nice to meet you, Jamie."

"You too" Harry replied as he took the older man's hand, which was quite strong when Harry took hold of it.

Liam was an attractive and fair looking young man with clear blue eyes. He had broad shoulder and a slim but muscular build, judging by the way his clothes clung to him. His attire didn't match what someone would expect to see from a person out of the magical world; instead, he seemed more like someone who had just left a punk rock concert. As he wore a long bright red-coloured two-tailed coat with a plain black shirt underneath, a grey pair of trousers and black boots with steel tips. But given what he usually saw Sh'lainn wear, Harry thought the two match one another fairly well, in fact, Harry thought that Liam looked pretty cool. (2)

"You know I have a kid sister myself, named Blair, she is just about your age, I think the two of you would hit it off pretty well. How about I introduce you two?"

"I guess that would be okay?" Harry hesitantly replied, though immediately regretted it when he saw the brief grimace on Sh'lainn's face and realized he had said the wrong thing.

Liam, however, didn't seem to notice this and was actually delighted by Harry's response "Great, how about you and your sister come over to my home tonight for dinner."

Before either Harry or Sh'lainn could respond to the invitation. Liam them pulled them inside into the Old Haunt, stating it was starting to get cold.

After entering the pub, Liam suggested that Harry and Sh'lainn go find a table, while he got some drinks. Sh'lainn, however, signalled for Harry to go without her and that she join him shortly. Figuring that Sh'lainn could handle matters, Harry went over to a table and took out another one of comic books he had been reading.

Thankfully the pub wasn't very crowded, which made it easier to keep an eye on Harry, while she talked Liam, who had just ordered the usual for himself and Sh'lainn and a butterbeer for Harry. After the barman Frank had handed them their drinks, Sh'lainn asked him to bring Harry his, as she wanted to talk to Liam alone.

Sh'liann then took her glass took a sip of the beverage, feeling the burning sensation of the firewiskey flow down her throat. Placing the still full glass back on the counter, she watched as Liam continued to drink his cherry syrup. The man had never had much of a tolerance for Alcohol, which had always been something Sh'lainn had teased him about.

"Okay O'Neill, spill it, what is it that you're up to?" Sh'lainn asked suddenly, causing the man to look at her curious.

"Up to, What do you mean? Can't a man, invite a colleague over for dinner?"

In response Sh'lainn scoffed "Please, you forget whom you're dealing with pretty boy, I could sense the concern radiating off you from the moment I saw you."

"You know your empathic abilities can be a real pain in the arse you know that Flynn?" sighed the silver-haired man as he placed his drink down.

"I've been told that once or twice" replied Sh'lainn, smirking a little indicating it was much more.

Looking around, to make sure that nobody nearby could hear them, Liam moved closer to Sh'lainn and began talking in a low voice. "Okay fine, you're right I have an ulterior motive to asking you over, I need your help with something."

"Like what?" asked Sh'lainn, arching her right eyebrow.

"With a serial murder case," he replied, causing the female Dhampir's eyes to widen in surprise. Before she could respond, Liam brought his fingers to his lips, telling her to remain quiet and allow him to finish. "Two months ago, I was assigned to bring in this lowlife, named Jimmy Drew who was selling reused cauldron pots to stores as new ones for twice the price, another one of King's punishment assignments."

"I'm guessing she's still pissed at you after she caught you shifting her daughter in the filing room" chuckled Sh'lainn.

"Hey! She was the one who came onto me."

"She was still in school! Your lucky King didn't fire your arse on the spot and cart you off to Uaimh." (3)

"She was seventeen and was of age, besides she was the one who pushed me in the room and forced herself on me" Liam argued weakly.

"Uh-uh, sure she did, and I suppose that was also why your hand was underneath her skirt, groping her ass" replied the redhead, not believing a word Liam said. She had been there when King had caught the two together, who had called her to the Ministry to give her the riot act about following proper procedures and filling in reports after Sh'lainn had once again failed to write up a full report on one of her capture missions. The female head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement was a stickler for protocol and a pain in Sh'lainn's ass and not the good kind.

However before the man could defend himself, she waved him off and told him to get back to the matter of hand, the serial murder.

"Okay, so when I confronted Jimmy with the stolen goods, the little shit made a run for it, down this ally. I almost had him, but I crashed into this guy carrying, what I thought at the time was a bag of garbage. But when I picking myself up, I notice that the bag burst and saw it filled with human body parts." Liam then began to shudde a little, as he remembered the grizzle sight and took a deep gulp of his drink before continuing with his story.

"After seeing what was inside, I took off after the guy, as he ran off right after I bumped into him. I chased him into another street, but by the time I turned the corner he was gone."

"You think the guy apparated?"

"I'm positive, I was only a few feet behind him and the street I chased him down to was empty. There no other way to explain it, plus I distinctively heard the sound of someone apparating. I also later found a vial filled with some kind of serum or potion that the guy dropped when I crashed into him."

"And you told all this to King?" asked Sh'lainn.

"Of course, but the woman doesn't believe me. She admits the guy that I met was some kind of murdering psychopath after she saw the body parts. But he doesn't believe that the guy is a wizard and is, therefore, a muggle problem and would send word to them of what I had found."

"Did you get a look at him?" Sh'lainn enquired, but Liam just shook his head. "Guy was wearing a hood and the alley was pretty dark when I crashed into him.

"What about the vial of that liquid you found, wouldn't that support your claim?"

"She claims that rat Jimmy probably dropped it right before I crashed into the guy."

"But you don't think he did" Sh'lainn stated.

"No" Liam shook, "I took the vial to a potion expert, but he couldn't identify it fully. He claims that it was some sort of regeneration serum, only much stronger than anything he had ever seen or heard of before. Jimmy Drew is a small-time lowlife; something like this is beyond him. I went with all of this to King again, but she still wouldn't believe me, she said she already looked into the matter herself and stated that the muggles were on the lookout for a Serial Killer whose MO matches what I found and that all the other crime scenes showed no signs of magical involved. She then told me, none to bluntly, that if I didn't drop the issue, she'd have me demoted to floor mopping for the entire Ministry."

"Typical" muttered Sh'lainn. "Having a Wizard Serial Killer around killing muggles and cutting their bodies up wouldn't look good on the headlines. It would mess up all her plans to take the Minister's office from Reilly when he retires."

"Pretty much" shrugged Liam. "But there's no way I'm going to let this go, not after seeing those body parts. I've spent the past two months, getting everything I can from Garda (4), who aren't any closer to finding the bastard. That's why I need your help, you're the best tracker and Hit Wizard around, and everyone knows it, even if some like King won't admit. If anyone can help me find him, it's you!"

Sigh again, Sh'lainn reached for her glass again and drained what was left in a single gulp. After which she then gave Liam a stern look. "You know you could've come to me about this a lot sooner, you didn't have to use this whole "introducing my brother to your sister" ruse, to get me to help. I would have done it if you just asked, especailly if it pissed off King."

"Actually that wasn't a ruse" Liam replied. "I'll admit my main reason for asking you over was to help me with this case. But, I generally would like for Jamie to meet Blair, and for them to become friends. He seems like a nice enough kid, and Blair could really use a friend her own age, especially now."

"Is there something wrong with her?" Sh'lainn asked, her voice filled with genuine concern. She had met the girl a couple of times and had found her to be a sweet and shy child, though it has been a least a year or more since she had last seen her.

Sighing sadly, Liam answered: "Not too long ago Blair came into our mother's power. Shortly after she awakened them, one of our neighbours, an elderly man, died and as you can imagine that didn't go over well with the rest of the neighbours."

Upon hearing this, Sh'lainn's eyes hardened as memories of her own childhood and how she had been treated, began to resurface.

"She's having a pretty hard with her powers, so much so that we had to move recently when neighbours started harassing her."

"I see," said Sh'lainn, where she began to play with the idea of paying these neighbours a "visit" later and show them how it feels to be harassed.

Glancing over at Harry, Liam smiled when he saw the young boy showing Frank the barman his comic, who seemed general curious about comic books, asking the boy why the pictures weren't moving.

"So what's the deal with Jamie?"

"He's my brother, and that's the truth, why?" replied Sh'lainn, in a rather defensive tone.

"Well it's just that you never mentioned him before, that's all?"

"He's been living with my grandparents in France, that's all."

"Well he certainly speaks good English for a Frenchie, in fact, I would think he was English by the way he speaks."

"So what, I was raised in France with my grandparents as well, and I certainly don't speak with a French accent."

"True, but you're different, you're an Irish lass, through and through, which of courses raises the question about your grandparents. You mention them plenty of times, but don't talk about them, hell I don't think you ever told me their names or where they live exactly, other than they travel and move around a lot. Are they vampires or human, since you had to get your vampire side from one side of your family? Also is your brother a dhampir like you, or is he human? As his complexion is a lot better than yours, as he seems to tan better."

Feeling somewhat uncomfortable with the way the conversation was going, Sh'lainn decided to end things, by jokingly replying "A girl has to have some secrets, as it gives us an air of mystery and keeps things interesting" after which she then thanked Liam for the drink and told him she would see him at his place at eight, after he told her the name of his new place.

Before Liam could say anything further, Sh'liann then went over to Harry together they left through the pub fire.

Shortly after Liam followed suit, using the Floor network to return home. However as soon as he had left a cloaked figure, which had been sitting at a small table in a dark corner of the pub, watching Sh'lainn and Liam as they spoke, stood up from where he was sitting, leaving two sickles at the table, for a drink he never even touched, the cloaked figure left without anyone even noticing that he had gone.

-Sh'lainn's House-

Upon arriving back at Sh'lainn house; the two began unpacking what they had bought. After they had finished, Harry then asked, "So are we going to Liam house for dinner?"

"Yes, we are, Liam wants my help with something, which was one of the reasons he asked us over. But when we're there, you need to be careful with what you say around him."

"Why because he's your ex-boyfriend or something" Harry joked. He knew that Sh'lainn was a bit, (in his grandmother's words), cavalier in her personal life, which often came up as a point of discussion between his grandmother and her, as she often grew concern with the lack of any kind of a serious relationship in Sh'lainn's life.

At the mention of this, Sh'lainn face turn to a look of disgust. "Yuck! Morgan no, I've known him since he was a little kid; there's no way I'd date him. That would be like me dating you!"

This time it was Harry's turn to make a face, given how despite not being blood-related, Sh'lainn was still his sister.

"Liam's father Cathal and me were friends, yes friends," Sh'lainn said emphasizing the word when Harry raised an eyebrow. "Cathal and I trained together when we joined Irish Magical Law Enforcement department, where he went on to be an Auror, while I went to join the Hit-Wizards. Back when Voldemort was on the rise and attacking, Cathal was an outspoken advocate in trying to get the Irish Ministry to intervene and help the British Ministry in dealing with Voldemort and his followers, who had already made several attacks in Northern Ireland. Cathal believed that if Voldermort won and took over in Britain, it was only a matter of time before he moved onto Ireland, which was once part of Britain. A lot of people however still felt that it was a British problem and had nothing to do with them, and were reluctant to get involved in the conflict. It also didn't help that Cathal married outside traditional norms."

"What do you mean?" asked Harry.

"You see the O'Neills are an old magical family, one of the oldest in Ireland in fact, and were arguably one of the most powerful in their day, in fact on more than one occasion they ran the country, back before it became part of Britain. So it was quite a scandal when one of the last surviving male heirs of the family married a Bean Sídhe, or as most people like to call them, Banshee …" Harry, of course, was surprised to hear this, since he had read about Banshee in book back at his grandparents home, and from what he read they had nothing good to say about them "So, as you can imagine it was quite the nasty surprise for many of the Irish pureblood families when he married a "dark creature" finished Sh'lainn, spitting the words "dark" and "creature" out as if she had something vile in her mouth.

"But aren't Banshee Dark?" Harry asked. "I read that they cause people's death with their scream, it even showed a picture of one, which looked like a zombie, with green skin black hairs and eyes."

Sh'lainn, however, waved her hands in annoyance, "Tsk, that's utter hogwash, and it because of half-assed rubbish like that, that Bean Sídhe and other magical races get a bad name and dispise wizard folk. I'm willing to bet that the people, who wrote those books about Bean Sídhe, have never actually spoken to a Bean Sídhe who they didn't piss off. For starters, most of the time Bean Sídhe look like us and are actually very beautiful, they only take that ugly form when they get angry or upset and use it to scare off people, which is rather terrifying I'll admit. And their scream certainly doesn't kill, that's the biggest load of crap of all, they can only foresee approaching death, which causes them to scream, they don't cause death. Generally, Bean Sídhe are pale and have silver-white hair, not black and have violet eyes. They're actually a peaceful and a solitary race, preferring to be by themselves, for obvious reasons. Liam Mother's, Mab, was, in fact, one of the kindest and most caring people I have ever known, not that any of those snobbish, inbred, pureblood dunderheads would know, since as far as they were concerned she nothing more than a "dangerous dark creature" and was beneath them. (5)

When Sh'lainn had finished, Harry waited a few minutes before speaking again, giving her time to calm down, since it was clear that topic of "dark creatures" had brought up some painful memories for his adopted sister.

"So if Liam and his sister are both half Banshee, does that mean that they can do all the same things as regular Banshee, like transform and see people's death's?" Harry inquired.

"No, Liam didn't inherit any of his mother's abilities, given how he's male, though he did inherit some of their looks. Blair on the other hand did and has recently awakened them according to Liam. How much of her mother's abilities, I'm not sure, given how she is only half Banshee, however, they manifested enough to cause them some trouble, as they were forced to move when people started accusing her of causing someone's death. Poor girl has been labelled an outcast by most people, something both of us can relate" Sh'lainn finished somberly, where Harry only nodded.

"What about their parents, where are they?"

"Dead…" Sh'alinn answered sadly. "Shortly before the war with Voldemort ended, they attended a small rally with a few magical families, who supported their cause. However, the rally was attacked and both of them were killed."

"Was it Death Eaters?" Harry asked, remembering what Voldemort's followers called themselves.

"That's what most people believe, according to rumours Voldemort was worried that if Cathal succeeded in getting the Irish Ministry involved in the conflict, other magically nations might also act, and if that happened, he be finished. So he ordered the attack and their assassination. Some people, however, suspect that some of the other pureblood families, who were sympatric to Voldermort's movement carried out the attack themselves. Either way it worked, after the attack without Cathal around, to lead the charge any chance in the Irish Ministry getting involved evaporated. Liam and his sister Blair were then sent to live with their Uncle, Cathal's brother Brain, who became the new head of the family. But he's often away for long periods because of his work on studying ancient magical ruins."

After Sh'lainn had finish neither she nor Harry said anything, remaining silent as they mulled over their own past experiences and the hardships they had faced, and what they had lost.

However, after a few minutes, Harry spoke again. "If Liam and his family were such good friends of yours, why do you want me to be careful around them, is it because of who I am."

"Yes" replied Sh'lainn. "It's not that I don't trust Liam, but the fewer people that know about you the better. And when you do come out, Liam can at least have the excuse of not knowing about it, should things backfire on us. Liam is Auror, like his father, and a damn good one at that, if it wasn't for his habit of mouthing off to his superiors, like Mairead King, he'd be on the fast track of becoming head of the entire Auror division. I trained Liam myself before he entered Auror training program, he's smart, and he's already suspicious about you if you're not careful, he'll figure it out himself"

"Is that why he asked us over? Because he is suspicious of me," Harry asked worriedly

"No, he may be suspicious, but that's not the reason. Liam cares a lot about his sister and would do anything for her. I believe him when he says that he wants you both to meet and become friends, and from what he's told me, the girl could really use a friend right about now. Especially someone who can understand what she going through,"

Knowing what Sh'lainn wanted him to do, Harry simply nodded, after which he and Sh'lainn then headed up to their rooms and change for dinner.


At eight o'clock Harry and Sh'lainn apparated just outside the O'Neill's residence, Harry stumbled a bit after he appearing, though was able to manage to stay on his feet, though his stomach was busy performing summersaults inside of him.

"I will never get used to magical travel," he thought to himself, as he took a few deep breaths to settle since stomach. After which he and Sh'lainn made their way into the house.

Liam house was a small two-story house surrounded by a small stone wall and several large trees and brushes. The house was fairly isolated with a single road leading in and out and large open green fields for at least a mile or two. Though there were a small gate and pathway behind the house, which led down a hill to a large lake below.

Before they could even knock, the door opened, revealing Liam, dressed in a short shelve blood red shirt, with a silver chain around his neck, along with the same jeans and boots he had on earlier.

Harry and Sh'lainn were also dressed in similar attire, with Sh'aliin wearing a pair of tight-fitting blue jeans and a white turtleneck long sleeve crop top, which stopped just above her midriff. Harry, on the other hand, was wearing a simple pair of black jeans and a short shelve emerald green button shirt that he left untuck. The shirt had been something his grandmother Perenelle had insisted on buying him before he left to stay with Sh'lainn, stating that it matched his eyes perfectly and brought them out more.

Upon seeing the two, Liam smiled and greeted them both before ushering them inside and into a medium size dining room kitchen. There Liam introduced them to his family's House-elf Tipsy, whom Liam credited for keeping the house so well in order.

The House-elf was similar in size and appearance as the one Harry had met at Delacour family home. However Tipsy was more of a brighter shade of green than Flipsy was and was wearing a bright yellow dress, which if Harry was being perfectly honest, matched horribly with her green complexion.

"So tell me, Jamie," Liam asked suddenly, "Do you like Pizza?"

At the mentioned of Pizza, Sh'lainn groaned loudly and rolled her eyes upwards. "You know Liam, I can honestly say I've never met "anyone" who was obsessed with pizza as much as you, magically or muggle, I swear you'd live on the stuff if you could."

Liam however just grinned back and replied. "And who do I have to thank for that?"

"Don't remind me" Sh'lainn groaned, as she regretted the day she ever brought Liam to that Pizza place in Dublin.

"So Jamie, do you like it?" Liam asked again.

"Sure, I like it."

Grinning, Liam then slapped Harry hard on the shoulder, causing the boy to stumble slightly: "Great! Now you two just sit down, while I go get Blair from her room, Tipsy has the pizza almost ready."

As they took their seats at the table, Tipsy the house elf began setting the table levitating, plates and handkerchiefs over to them. Shortly after Liam returned with a young girl, who Harry assumed was Blair.

She was a small rather pale looking girl with a round face and like her brother had silver-white hair, which fell down to her mid-back. She wore a mint lace hi-low strap dress that fell just to her knee and white sandals. But the thing that struck Harry the most was her bright violet eyes that seem to almost glow and give her an otherworldly look. (6)

Upon entering the room, Blair stuck close to her brother, almost trying to hide behind him. However, Liam would not let her and gave her a slight nudge forward, so that she was standing next to him as he introduced Sh'lainn and Harry. "Blair, this is Sh'lainn and her brother Jamie, you remember Sh'lainn don't you?"

Blair, however, did not answer and instead just stared cautiously at the female Dhampir, before nodding slowly. But when Sh'lainn leaned over to offer her hand, the timid girl got scared moved behind her brother.

Sighing, Liam then led his sister over to the table and to a chair that faced directly opposite Harry, while he took the chair next to her, which was opposite Sh'lainn.

When Blair took her seat, Harry tried to make the girl more comfortable by smiling and waving hello. This, however, had the opposite effect as Blair pushed herself to the very back of her chair and looked away from him.

Seeing this Liam shook his head, he had tried to reason with his sister earlier, telling her that Harry and Sh'lainn weren't here to hurt her and were friends, but she refused to listen

Shortly after Tipsy floated over a large tomato and cheese pizza, which she placed in the centre of the table before cutting it up into several large pieces, and followed up with a large jug of coke with ice.

After they had finished with the pizza, Tipsy sent the remaining dishes over to the sink where they immediately began to wash themselves, which reminded Hary of a scene he had once seen in old cartoon film he had watched with Sh'lainn. The house elf then floated over four large strawberry sundaes, causing Sh'lainn to roll her eyes, as the only thing Liam loved more than muggle pizza, was strawberry sundaes.

As Harry ate his ice-cream, he had to admit that the night was turning out to be more fun than he had expected. In fact, Harry thought that Liam was almost as cool as Sh'liann, he had a lot of funny stories to tell and showed that he could easily take a joke after Sh'lainn had discreetly conjured a small cockroach onto his pizza slice, causing him to almost jump out of his chair in fright. He would later laugh it off and congratulate Sh'lainn on a good prank.

Liam also seemed to be an avid Quidditch fan, which was another plus in Harry's books, as the two of them spent much of their talking about broomsticks and flying manoeuvres.

The only downside to the night was the fact that Blair had stubbornly refused to take part in any of the conversations. Whenever Harry of Sh'lainn tried to strike a conversation with her, she would simply turn away and ignore them, refusing to speak. The only person she was willing to speak to was Liam, and even then she would whisper into her ear so that neither Harry nor Sh'lainn could hear what she was saying. She barely even ate, taking only small nibbles of her pizza slice, though, on more than one occasion, Harry had noticed her glancing and staring at him out of the corner of her eye, though whenever Harry looked over to her, she would look away.

The only thing that seemed get Blair's interest was when Tipsy sent over the strawberry sundaes. At first, Blair refused to even look at the dessert, but as she saw everyone else eating their own, her resolve slowly began to break as she repeatedly glanced at her own ice-cream. It was only when Liam threatened to eat it himself, that Blair finally acted, by grabbing onto it and eating it with frightening speed, as if it would disappear at any second. It was only later on that Harry would learn Blair loved strawberry sundaes more than even Liam did, which said a lot according to Sh'lainn.

When they had finished eating, the two adults left the table, stating that they were going to talk about a case and would be back shortly, leaving the two kids alone in the kitchen.

After leaving the kitchen Liam led Sh'lainn over to the closet underneath the stairs, he then took out a key and began turning it, first right, then left, right again, followed by another turn right before turning it left again. Upon which he then opened the door revealing a square sized medium room, with walls lined with newspaper clippings, photos documents and maps with drawings and pins on it. A single light hung from the ceiling illuminating the room with a single desk and chair in the centre, covered in more papers and folders.

As she looked around the room, Sh'lainn glanced at the various newspaper clippings from muggle newspapers, all having something about the serial murder case, who the press had dubbed, "The Butcher" given the way he would cut up the people's bodies.

Glancing at the younger man, Sh'lainn raised her right eyebrow, "It's nice that you found yourself a hobby and all Liam, but don't you think that this is a little obsessive?"

"I prefer the term determined" replied Liam. "Besides if you found a garbage bag full body pieces, wouldn't you become a little "obsessed" with finding the killer?"

"I suppose you have a point" Sh'lainn shrugged. "So how about you catch me up on the case?"

For the next hour, the two began going over all the information Liam had gathered, some of which he had attained after paying the Garda HQ a "visit" one night when most of the detectives on the case had gone home for the night.

According to the reports, they had found at least nine bodies, though Liam was convinced there were others that they hadn't found yet. The killer didn't seem to have a standard preference when it came to his victims, as he targeted males and females, five men and four women, all of whom were killed within a three year period. Though the one key thing that did stand out to both the detectives on the case and to Sh'lainn and Liam was that they were all young healthy and strong, indicating that the killer was fairly strong himself, given how he was able to capture and kill his victims and move their bodies around. From the reports, the known victims all had various ages, with the youngest being fourteen and the oldest thirty-five. Three of the bodies had been cut up with several of their internal organs missing and left on the street or an old building. Two others were found with missing an arm or a leg, one had her eyes removed, along with heart before being dumped in a river and the final two had been cut up and left in the same manner as the one Liam had found.

Given the different locations and ways the bodies had been dumbed and how they were killed, it would have been impossible for anyone to connect the cases. The only reason the Garda were even able to connect the killings was that the killer had notified them through letters, taunting them and telling them where to find the bodies. This meant that the man was not only intelligent and resourceful, having avoided leaving any clues that could lead back to him, but also arrogant, given how he needed to prove to everyone that he was smarter than everyone else and couldn't be caught.

Placing down another file down on the desk, Sh'lainn, noticed a small note with a list of ingredients, for what looked like a potion. "What's this?"

"It's the list of the ingredients that were used to make the serum that the killer dropped. I had the potion expert break it down in the hope that it could help me track the killer, since a potion as powerful as the one that had to use some pretty rare ingredients, which could be tracked.


"Turned out to be a dead end, although there were a few rare ingredients on it, the people that bought them all checked out."

"But what about this one?" Sh'lainn asked, pointing to the thirteenth ingredient on the list which read "Unicorn's Blood". "I can't say that there are many people buying that since only the truly desperate would use that, ignoring the fact that it is highly illegal."

"That was the first ingredient I looked into, but it turned out to be a dead end, none of the shops that I contacted had any, not that they would admit it, even if they had since it is a banned substance. I even tried some of my underground contacts, but nothing, none of them have reported anyone buying, at least not in the last few years, not that there is much of a market for it anyhow."

"Maybe he's getting it himself, I mean there are a few unicorns herds here?" offered Sh'lainn, but Liam just shook his head.

"I thought of that too, but the wardens charged with the monitoring of those herds, report no killing of any unicorns, or wounded ones."

"So if he's not killing unicorns, or buying their blood, he must be having it delivered to him from aboard."

"That would be my guess, but none of my contacts were able to, or willing to tell me anything" Liam sigh in exasperation. However, Sh'lainn just smiled at this, indicating that she may have something.

"I might have someone that might be able to help."

"Who?" asked Liam, looking up at the red-haired woman.

"Sorry can't say, but I can tell you that very little, legal or otherwise goes in or out of magical Ireland without his knowing about it. If you can let me use your fireplace for a little while, we might finally catch that break you've been hoping for."

Willing to try anything, Liam led Sh'lainn to the Livingroom, before leaving to give her the privacy she needed. Twenty minutes later, the half-vampire came out of the room smiling waving a small note in her hand.

"Did your contact come through?" Liam asked almost desperately.

"He did…" nodded Sh'lainn, after which she handed him the note, which read "Johnathan Dee." "It's the alias your killer uses to order the ingredients he needs."

"How do you know it's an alias and not his real name?"

"Johnathan Dee, aka, John Dee…" emphasizing the name John Dee, "who's been dead for almost 400 years!" When Liam shook his head in confusion, Sh'lainn rolled her eyes and suppressed a groan.

"How the hell do you not know who John Dee is, what did you do during History of Magic, sleep through every class?!"

"Pretty much…" shrugged Liam, causing Sh'lainn to slap her forehead in disbelief and groaning.

"Hey! I'd like to see you try staying awake through one of Professor Seery's lesson. He could put anyone to sleep by just talking to them, his voice is better than a sleeping drought!"

"Alright fine, brief history lesson, John Dee was a powerful wizard the sixteenth century, who was highly influentially and respected in both the magical world and the muggle world, as well as a notable Alchemist. He made several major breakthroughs in Arithmancy, Astrology and Alchemy and was easily the most powerful wizard in Britain at his time. He was even the personal advisor to Queen Elizabeth I herself, where many credit him to being the architect of the golden age of Britain. Basically, he was the Albus Dumbledore of his time and was just as revered, which was unusual for someone like him at the time, given how he was a Muggle-born, and pureblood families were still at the height of their power. But even they were wary to cross him, though there were rumours that said he was bastard from the Black family when one of their members took a few to many liberties with muggle woman. (7) The point is, despite his low status in the magical world at the time, he rose to become one of the most powerful and influential wizards in both worlds, where some say he controlled both muggle and magical Britain from behind the shadows, influencing decisions in both worlds, resulting in many positive improvements and changes. However later in his life, several pureblood families went to a lot of trouble, especially the Black's, to discredit him and downplay his achievements or remove the policies he introduced to the magical world, since Dee contradicted everything they believed about purebloods being superior to Muggle-borns, causing him to fall disgrace and poverty."

"Well aren't you a wealth of information, but I suppose given your age, I sho-uff!" Liam remarked before holding his side in pain from a sharp elbow from Sh'lainn, who didn't take his remark to her age well.

You're missing the point, troll for brains, your killer didn't just pick this name at random, he picked this name for a reason."

"And what reason would that be?"

"I'm not sure, but my guess is, he admires and respects him, remember, this guy thinks he is smarter than everyone else, and despite what happened to him later in life, Dee still accomplished a lot in his time. I'm guessing he sees him as an idol or has a sort of familiarity or kinship with Dee, where like Dee he was probably born to a family with low status but was quite smart, and probably felt unappreciated by his peers, believing that people were jealous of his intelligent and were conspiring against him, causing him to lash out when he didn't receive the admiration or recognition he feels he deserves."

"In other words, he is an arrogant genius, with a major chip on his shoulder, over how he isn't appreciated by everyone" stated Liam.

"I suppose that's one way to put it" responded Sh'liann with a shrug

"Do you know where to find him, or was a name all your contact could give?"

"No he was able to give me an address as well" replied Sh'lainn as she held up another piece of paper up with an address written on.

"Then let's go!" declared Liam as he moved to get his coat, only to stop when Sh'lainn grabbed his arm.

"Wait! You can't mean now, can you?!"

"Of course now! We need to move on this when we have the chance, otherwise, we run the risk of letting this psycho go. He got away from me once; I'm not going to let him get away again."

"Look, normally I'm all for breaking down doors and rushing in head first, but this guy is smart and dangerous, he has already killed over a dozen people…that we know of, there's no telling what he would do when he is cornered. You can't just confront him by yourself."

"I know that that's why I want you to come with me."


"Like you said, I can't go facing off this guy without any backup. You're the only one who believed me about the killer, and it was your contact that the got us the lead, and you're the only person I can rely on."

"And what about the kids, you want to leave them here alone?" argued Sh'lainn.

"They won't be alone, Tipsy will be here with them, she's used to it, as she often minds Blair when I'm away. Besides this place is fully warded by both my uncle and me, the kids will be safe here."

Seeing the reluctant look on Sh'lainn's face, Liam placed his hand on her right shoulder, causing her to look back up at him.

"Look, I'm not exactly thrilled about leaving either of them here by themselves either, especially with a killer on the loose. It's also the reason why we need to act now, the sooner we can put this nut job away, the safer everyone will be…But if you still feel unsure about leaving them here alone, I'll understand and go by himself."

Before Liam could go, however, Sh'lainn grabbed hold of the back collar of his shirt. "Hold up, there's no way I'm going to let you go by yourself. Knowing you, you'd probably get yourself blown up the moment you burst through the front door."

At this, Liam let out a snort and raised himself to his full hieght, "Huh, I'd have you know I caught more than my fair share of dark wizards and criminals by myself, I am more than capable of handling things myself."

"Yea well, I'm still going anyway, if only to keep you from doing anything stupid like getting yourself killed," retorted Sh'lainn as she picked up both her own coat and Liam's and threw his into his face, keeping the younger man from making any comeback.

While putting on their coats, Liam called Tipsy, who appeared right in front of them with a small pop. He then told her that they would be leaving, but would be back shortly, and to mind the kids while they were away.

Nodding, the little elf then told them that Blair was still in her room and that Harry was in the bathroom.

Thanking the elf, the two then left the house and apparated away shortly after that.

-With Harry-

After leaving the bathroom, Harry heard the front door close with a loud bang. Curious he then went to the front hall, only to find Tipsy the house-elf standing alone.

Seeing Harry, the elf asked, "Can Tipsy help Young sir?"

"Who was it that just left? Was it my sister and Liam?"

"Yes-a sir, both Master Liam and Misses Slay said-a they would be leaving but would be back soon."

"Do you know why they had left?" Harry asked, given how Sh'lainn had never mentioned that she would be going anywhere with Liam and leaving him here.

Tipsy however just shook her head, "Tipsy is sorry sir, but Master Liam did not tell Tipsy where they be going."

Sighing, Harry then told the elf that it was okay and asking Tipsy if it was okay for him to have a look around the house, to which the elf respond with a yes. He hadn't had much of a look around the house, since he had spent the past hour helping Tipsy clean up the kitchen, (despite the elf's protests), and then looking at a few books on duelling that took his interest, after seeing them on the shelf in the living room.

The house wasn't overly big with the small living room on one side and a slightly larger living room, which Harry assumed was for entertaining guests, on the opposite side, with the kitchen behind it, separated by a large double door.

Upstairs he found a small upstairs hall, with several doors that lead to different rooms. Opening the first, Harry found a small plain looking room, which Harry figured was used for guest who stayed overnight, given the lack of personal effects in it.

The second room was a bit larger and messier, with a number of shirts, trousers, socks and coats that laid on the floor on the bed. There were also several magical posters stuck on the wall of a magical band called the Weird Sisters, and another band called the Hex girls, as well as the national Irish Quidditch team, and another team called Kenmare Kestrals, and all-girl Quidditch team called the Holyhead Harpies, where several of the females members were waving a blowing kissing to him.

Given the style and state of the room, it was easy to guess that this was Liam room. Tuck in the corner of the room, Harry saw a large trunk, which was locked and a small shelf, with several books and unusual magical items. To his left, he saw a small desk and chair with several pieces of parchment on it, and several pens in a mug.

Seeing this, Harry smiled, figuring that this was another thing Sh'lainn influenced Liam with, given how Wizards generally used quills. Something that Harry had always found rather odd, given how muggle pens were much easier to write and didn't need constant dipping in ink.

Leaving the room Harry moved around to the next room, which was on the opposite of the Liam's, on its left.

Opening the door, Harry immediately realized that this was Blair's room, where there were several dresses laid out on the floor, along with some stuff animals and books. Not wanting to disturb her, Harry was about to close the door, but then realized that Blair wasn't in it.

Curiosity getting the better of him, he then opened the door wider and entered the room. The room was much larger than Liam's and had clearly been magically expanded, given how it was three times the size of his.

The room was spacious with white carpet and pale blue walls, with no pictures or posters covering it, like in Liam's. There was a large window that looked out to the back of the house, which looked over the nearby lake. There was a large bookcase against the wall filled with various books, a large cupboard that was filled with different dresses and a mirror next to it. Not far from that was a small kid's size table with several chairs that had several stuff bears, who were dressed up and moving by themselves, having what looked like to be a tea party by themselves. In the corner of the room, there was a large doll house where the dolls were also moving by themselves doing what appeared to be daily house activities.

As he continued to look around the room, Harry moved over to the bed, which was a small single child size bed in the centre of the room with white blankets and several books scattered across it. Several of the books caught is attention, like "Matilda" which Harry remembered reading himself recently and could see the attraction for Blair, who not unlike Matilda was considered an outsider/freak by those around her and mistreated. Something Harry himself could relate to given his own past, which was what first attracted him to the story.

As he looked around further next to the bed was also a small bedside cabinet, with a lamb and a picture frame on it. The picture was a magical photo of a baby Blair and a young Liam, waving at him, with a man a woman whom Harry assumed was their parents.

Remembering what Sh'lainn had told him about Liam and Blair's parents, Harry had to admit Mab was indeed a very beautiful woman, nothing like the banshee that he had read about in books. Like her children, Mab had silver-white hair, although much longer as it reached down to her lower back and pale skin. She had a kind smile that made her seem like she was glowing and had bright violet eyes, like her daughter.

Her husband Cathal, however, was a little gruffer looking. Like Liam, he had bright blue eyes, with a square jaw with thick raven black hair and a worn looking face, as if he had gone several days without sleep. However, despite his tired appearance, he seemed generally happy to be with his family.

Judging by the photo, Harry guessed the photo was taken not long before both Liam and Blair parents were killed, and was probably the last photo of them when they were alive.

Deciding that it would be best if he left before Blair came back, Harry went put the photo back on the bedside cabinet but stopped when he heard someone yell.

"What do you think you're doing?!"

Turning to the direction of the voice, Harry saw an angry Blair standing at the doorway, looking at him.

Before Harry could respond to her demand, Blair noticed what Harry was holding, "What are you doing with that…put it back it doesn't belong to you, it's mine!"

Realizing how things looked, Harry tried to explain as he placed the photo back on the bedside cabinet, but didn't put it back properly, causing the photo to fall and the glass to crack when it hit the floor.

"Look what you've done!" shouted Blair before rushing across the room, where she pushed Harry aside and picked up the photo.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, maybe I can fix it," said Harry, but as he tried to apologies his hand brushed off against Blair's causing the girl freeze and go rigid. Her eyes then went ghost white, almost glowing, before letting out an ear-splitting scream, forcing Harry to cover his ears from the sound.

When she finished, her eyes returned to normal before leaning against the bed to steady herself as she began to wobble.

For a moment a confused look appeared on the young girl's face as if she didn't know where she was, before looking at Harry, who had just lowered his hands from his ears

At that moment the confused look turned to one of fear and anger, after which a now teary-eyed Blair screamed "G-E-T OOUUTT!

The next thing Harry knew, he was being thrown off his feet and out of the room by some kind of powerful invisible force and set flying across the upstairs hall and crashing into the wall. After which the door to Blairs room banged shut, leaving Harry alone in a crumpled heap on the floor.

Moments later, Tipsy appeared with a small pop and rushed over to the fallen boy and helped picked him off the floor, so that he would be sitting up. "Is Sir alright?"

"I think so" replied Harry, holding his head in pain.

"What was sir doing in little miss's room?" the elf asked, almost accusing Harry of wrongdoing. "If sir has done something to little miss, Tipsy will not forgive sir, Tipsy will not allow anyone to hurt her little miss ever again."

Harry did not answer right away, as he had been momentarily surprised by Tipsy threatening him. Though limited, his experience with house-elves and from what he had heard about them, had told him that they were not an aggressive race and were by their very nature, subservient and rarely acted in anger. However, he quickly realized given how loyal house-elves where to the families they served, it would make sense that they would also be very protective of them, which would explain Tipsy's sudden accusation and change in attitude, especially if she thought he had done something to hurt Blair.

Realizing how it looked, Harry quickly began explaining what happened after he discovered Blair's room. When he finished explaining himself, the house-elf's expression softened somewhat, though she maintained a slightly stern look, though was not as intimidating as the elf had hoped it would be. "Sir should not have entered little's miss's room, but Tipsy believes sir when he says he meant no harm to little miss and begs sir to please for her. Little miss did not mean to hurt sir, little miss is usually a very kind and caring girl who would not hurt anyone. Little miss has just had such a horrible time lately and has been hurt so badly by bad people that she gets horribly upset with anyone other than Masters Liam, Brian and Tipsy."

"Because she's half-banshee" stated Harry, to which the elf nodded.

"Yes-a sir, Sir would not believe the horrible lies people said about little miss, blaming little miss for things she did not do, calling her names that would upset Tipsy's poor little miss and make her cry for days. A bad person even tried to curse little miss once, had Tipsy not been there to protect little miss, little miss would have gotten hurt. Oh how Tipsy has cried for her poor little miss."

Harry in response said nothing, having already known most of this from his sister; however what he wasn't aware of was how people had actually attacked her. Given his own past, he could easily understand why Blair mistrusted anyone outside her family; it had taken him a while to fully trust his adopted grandparents and sister after they took him in.

However before Harry could say anything, there was a sudden explosion downstairs, looking down, the two saw the front door being blasted opened, allowing for a dark hooded figure to enter the house.

"Sir must take little miss and run!" shouted Tipsy quickly, turning to Harry.

"But what about you?!"

"Tipsy will stay here and hold intruder off!"

"I can't just leave you here, I can…" Harry began, however before he could finish arguing, Tipsy reopened Blair's door and used her magic to fling Harry back into the room before closing it again and locking it.

After hearing the explosion and seeing Harry being thrown into her room, Blair stood up from the floor and looked and red-haired boy, who was already picking himself up.

"What's going on?"

"Someone is attacking us!"

"My brother…your sister…"

"Gone, they left about twenty minutes ago on some errand."


"She holding whoever is attacking us off!" responded Harry, making his way over to Blair's window and opening it. Sticking his head out, Harry began looking for a way down.

Seeing the downspout next to the window, Harry pulled his head back in. "There's an old downspout next to your window, we can climb down and escape."

"We can't just leave Tipsy…I won't!"

"You think I want to?" retorted Harry angrily. "But in case you haven't noticed, neither of us can use magic very well, that is, of course, you can do more than throw people out of your room."

Having no argument to this, Blair said nothing, but at the same time remained rooted to her spot. "Look, Blair, I get you don't like or trust me, but we need to get out of here now, while we can. The last thing Tipsy told me was to take you and run, if we want to help her we need to run and find help."

For a moment Blair remained still, however, Harry could tell by the look at her face, she was torn between her desire to help the house-elf and her mistrust of Harry. It was only after hearing another explosion from behind the door and seeing smoke seeping thrown the small gap underneath the door that she finally came to a decision.

Pushing Harry aside, Blair, climbed out the window and quickly made her way down the downspout in a way made Harry think that this was not the first time the girl had done something like this.

Following after her, Harry carefully made her way down the pipe. Once they had both reached the bottom, Blair signalled him to follow her.

Not long after, the door to Blair's room burst open, filling the room with black smoke, shortly after the dark hooded figure from earlier entered.

Seeing the open window, the figure quickly made his way over to it and looked out. However, due to it being so dark, the figure could not tell which way the children had gone. The house-elf had put up more resistance than the figure had expected and had thus delayed him long enough for the children to escape.

"No matter, they won't get far," the figure thought to himself, before apparating down to the back of the house, which was now on fire, as flames filled every room in it.

Upon appearing in the back garden the hooded figure brought out his wand, and with a quick flick and a wave, raised three large stones from the stone wall and turned them into three massive black hounds.

"Go, find the children, lead them to me!" the hooded figure ordered .

Heeding their master's orders, the hounds began to sniff the air for the children's scent. Before long, the three hounds let out a loud howl and ran in the direction that Harry and Blair had gone.

Seeing that his hounds had picked up the children scent, the figure smiled and said: "And so the hunt begins…run little rabbits, run."

-With Sh'lainn and Liam-

After leaving the house, Sh'liann and Liam had apparated to a small forest in the countryside somewhere in County Meath. They then followed the direction given by Sh'lainn's contact to a large clearing in the middle of the forest.

When they arrived the clearing was empty, but when Sh'lainn waved her wand and began to mutter a spell, a small cottage slowly revealed itself, showing that it had been hidden under some kind of illusion spell.

At the same time, Liam began casting several detection spells for any wards, and barriers that may have been placed around the cottage, and as they suspected there were several powerful ones.

"Well that wasn't easy" grumbled Liam, after the last wards had fallen. They had spent the best part of an hour, deactivating all the different wards around the cottage. Several of which were rather tricky to deactivate, with some nasty consequences should anyone cross them.

"Yeah, but I suppose that shouldn't be a surprise, given how this guy has evaded detection from almost everyone, so he has to have some skill" Sh'lainn replied.

Making their way to the door, Liam again cast several detection spells over the door, and found not only a powerful locking charm over the door but also an equally powerful anti-unlocking charm. Along with a dangerous curse on the door handle, which Liam and Sh'liann figured would activate should anyone other than their target place their hand on it. There was even a strong runic barrier over the door, with the runes carved into the door frame, which two again figured would only let their target in."

"Talk about paranoid, this guy has got almost every form of magical protection a person can use on their place" Liam muttered, as he knew this would take a while.

Sh'lainn on the other hand just shrugged "Believe me, I've met people a lot more paranoid than this," causing Liam to arced his right eyebrow.

"Remind me to introduce you to a Auror friend of mine in Britain, some time, you'll see for yourself."

Shaking his head, Liam then decided to focus back at the problem in hand. "Okay, so what do we do here? I can handle both the locking and anti-unlocking spells on the door. But I don't know crap about runes or how to get past them."

"Leave the runes to me, I know a thing or two about getting by them" answered Sh'lainn. She then took out a small knife and began carving some extra runes on the door frame and changing a few others. When she had finished, she took out her wand again, waving it around several complex pattern while mutters incantation.

At the same time, Liam began working on the two spells on the door, cancelling the anti-unlocking charm and locking charm itself. He then watched as Sh'lainn finished casting her spell, caused the runes on the doorframe to glow briefly before fading.

"That takes cares of the barrier."

"Leaving the trickiest part of all…the curse on the door handle" indicated Liam, "Any idea on how to get by it, since we don't know what kind curse has been placed on it?"

"I was thinking about doing THIS…!" answered Sh'lainn as she brought her right leg up and used her vampiric to break the door down with a single kick, causing it fly right off its hinges and onto the floor.

Seeing the male half banshee looking at her, Sh'lainn asked "What?! The curse was on the door handle, not the door itself."

Liam's only response was to shake his head and chuckle at the unorthodox, yet effective method she had used. But wasn't at all surprising given how Sh'lainn tended to think outside the box when it came to a lot of things.

Both then entered the cottage, with Sh'lainn leading the way, given how she could use her empathic abilities to sense for any negative emotions, like anger, fear or killing intent.

Using the Lumos spell, the two lit the dark cottage with their wands. The cottage was small with only a single living room with an open fire and small cauldron pot hanging over it, connected to a small kitchen and a bedroom to their right, along with a bathroom and closet.

"Looks like nobody home" observed Liam, as he scanned the house for any sign of their suspect.

"By the look of things, he's been gone for a while, the fire is long dead, and the bed looks like it hasn't been slept in for a while" replied Sh'lainn.

"There's has to be more than this…!" said Liam. "No way, this guy cuts up the bodies in his Livingroom, and the kitchen is too small nor does it have the equipment needed for the kind of advance potion making we've been talking about."

Nodding in agreement, Sh'lainn began to search the cottage for any kind of entrance to a hidden room.

Given the size of the cottage, it didn't take them long to find a floor hatch that had been covered over by an old rug. Like the door, the hatch had a locking spell cast over it, although not as strong, meaning a simple locking spell was enough to open it. The two then slowly made their way down into the underground room. Making their way down the stairs torches suddenly started to spring to life with bright green flames lighting the way down until finally they entered the room, where a massive green fire in the middle of the room burst alive, followed by several more torches along the wall, giving the room an eerie green glow.

The lab was large and square shape, with several desks and tables pressed against walls, covered with various vials and beakers of different liquids, test tubs, potion ingredients and other scientific-like equipment. Also along the wall were several charts, showing the human anatomy, as well as unusual runic symbols. To their left, there was a large bookcase filled to the brim with old tomes, and shelves with more tomes and large glass jars with strange coloured liquids. On their right, there was a large open cabinet, with several more jars and vials of potions and liquids, as well as draws full of potion ingredients. In the centre of the room hovering over the fire was a massive cauldron, five times the size of a normal one, which could easily hold a fully grown adult.

"Looks like we were right, this is definitely his potion lab" Liam commented as he began looking around the room. However, his examination of the equipment halted when Sh'lainn replied, "No, we were wrong."

Looking over to the female Hit-wizard, Liam saw that she was reading an open tome on one of the desks in the lab. "What do you mean we're wrong, this is clearly the potion lab that our guy was using to make that serum of his."

"Yeah, but this isn't a potion lab, it's an Alchemy lab."

"Alchemy? So this guy wants to be the next Nicholas Flamel or something?" asked Liam as he made his way over to Sh'lainn.

"Not exactly, the type of Alchemy that this guy is using is dark Alchemy."


"Meaning that this guy may be even more dangerous than we thought," answered Sh'lainn as she turned another page in the book, reading what appeared to be some kind of Alchemic formula. "These killings, they might have an actual purpose to what your guy is doing."

"Like some kind of dark ritual?" offered Liam, where Sh'lainn shrugged before responding.

"Possible, though it just as likely that the body parts he took were for his serum."

At hearing this Liam turned slightly green at the thought, given how that was pretty much cannibalism. "How do you know all this?"

"I picked up a few things here and there from my grandfather …Alchemy is sort of a hobby of his" Sh'lainn replied, not bothering to look a Liam who was giving her a suspicious look.

However before he could comment on it, Sh'lainn told him to start looking for another compartments or panels, given how nothing they had found pointed to what he was planning or doing.

After a few minutes of searching, Liam discovered a secret doorway hidden behind the large bookcase after noticing the scratch marks on the floor made from being moved several times.

Using a levitation charm, Liam lifted the bookcase and moved it to the side, allowing for the two of them to open the door, which unfortunately was locked like the other doors.

"Shit! Whatever is behind that door, this guy really doesn't want anyone to get it" cursed Liam after using his most powerful unlocking spell on the door.

"He must have casted a powerful spell over the door, where the only a specific key will open it" theorized Sh'lainn.

"If that's the case, then maybe we should blow it open," suggested Liam. "I doubt it could withstand a couple of Reductor or Bombarda spells from the two of us working together."

Sh'lainn, however, shook her head, "Not a good idea, if we do that then we risk destroying whatever is inside there. Besides I have a better way."

"Like what?"

"Like this!" replied Sh'lainn, taking out a small bottle of green liquid from her side pouch and throwing it at the door causing it to break and splatter the liquid on the door.

Within seconds, the liquid began to smoke and slowly began to disintegrate the wooden door.

"That's certainly not standard Hit-wizard equipment," Liam remarked as he watched the door disintegrate.

"Just a little something that gramps came up with, it comes in pretty handy now and again."

"You should really introduce me to your gramps; he sounds like an interesting guy."

"You have no idea" Sh'lainn muttered quietly to herself.

When the door had fully disintegrated, the two immediately entered, but stopped just as quickly and stared at horror at what they found,

Walls lined with shelves with jars filled yellowed coloured liquid, with a different body part in each jar, which Sh'lainn and Liam presumed was to keep them preserved. In the centre of the room was a large table, with body straps and blood stains on it. Next to it was a small operational table with operating tools on it and behind that was a large desk and chair, with several books, scrolls, vails and other items on it, including a skull. Next to the desk was a large chalkboard stand with Alchemic formals written on it.

"Sweet Medb!" said a stunned Liam, not believing what he was seeing, which looked like something out of his worst nightmare. "What the hell is this Psycho doing?"

"Nothing good" answered Sh'lainn as she made her way over the desk and began going over the notes and the open book the table, while Liam examined the jars and the operating table.

After few minutes, Sh'lainn let out a small curse, "Fuck no! Please God no!"

Hearing this, Liam quickly made his way over to the female half vampire. "What's wrong? Did you find something?"

"Yeah, I just figured out who this guy really is, and why he is killing people."

"Who is he?"

"An immortal, born sometime the late 1700's, and one of the worst mass murders in both muggle and magical history…Demitri Blackwood."


"You probably know him by another name he used…Jack the Ripper."

"Jack the Ripper! As in "the" Jack the Ripper?!" exclaimed a shocked Liam.

"Is there any other?!"

"Okay hold on a sec, hold on a sec," said Liam. "I'll admit, I'm not the greatest at magical history, but even I know that Jack the Ripper was, in fact, a vampire named Herbert Varney who was caught and killed by a specially-assigned group from the British Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. The muggles may never have found him, but we definitely did."

"Wrong! The "real" Jack the Ripper was Demitri Blackwood, Varney was nothing more than a scapegoat Blackwood used to cover his tracks so that nobody would go looking for him."

"And why does an immortal go around killing people?"

"Because he needs to, that regeneration serum you found, it makes him immortal, however there a fatal flaw with it. The serum he created heals him and keeps him from ageing or dying, but it doesn't preserve his body or stop it from running down. Human bodies were never met to go on forever, eventually, they start to run down especially if they go through a lot of punishment. To overcome this Blackwood began harvesting human organs and body parts to replace the ones that ran out or were damaged."

Upon hearing this, Liam began to turn green and covered his mouth as he fought back his dinner from making a reappearance. "I think I'm going hurl, how can he be even alive after doing that to himself."

"I told you that serum he makes prevents him from dying and heals him, allowing him to attach new body parts and organs to himself, making him very hard to kill."

"He sounds a lot like that monster from that muggle movie you showed me once, what was it Frankstyle or something?"

"Frankenstein" corrected Sh'lainn. "And yea, who do you think Mary Shelley based the monster on?" causing Liam to look at her in surprise. "Shelley was squib that had the misfortune of running into Blackwood, who at the time was using the name Victor Frankenstein as pseudonym during his earlier murders. However unlike most of his other victims, Shelley was able to escape him, she knew that nobody would believe her if she told anyone about Blackwood and think she was mad and lock her up, so she outed him in her own way by basing a book on him, forcing him to abandon the name. Not that he minded much, given how she basically made him famous, which was probably why he never went after her again."

"G-rea-t" moaned Liam. "Bad enough we're chasing after a homicidal wizard serial killer. Now I find out that said killer is an immortal, who is the real Jack the Ripper and is the bases of a famous horror monster. How the hell do you know all this?"

"After travelling around for about eighty years, you pick up things" replied Sh'lainn simply, as she kept her eyes focused on the notes on the desk, not wanting to go into the matter further, given how close things were getting to the truth about her and her family.

Liam, however, was having none of this, as he grabbed the female Damphir's shoulder and forced her to look at him. "Pick up things my arse, I know I may act like a goof at times, but I'm not stupid Sh'lainn. You're hiding something from me! There's more to this Blackwood character that you're not telling me! You've met him, haven't you?!"

Meeting Liam's eyes, Sh'lainn stared up at the taller man, who was about six foot two, while she was five foot eight. However, despite the height difference, Sh'lainn could emanate a powerful imposing presence about her, which made Liam more than a little nervous, though did little to show it.

"Listen to me O'Neill, "you" are the one who asked for my help, not the other way around. Now I've told you all I can, Blackwood is dangerous, and he hasn't lived or remained undiscovered for as long as he has by being stupid. If we're not careful, it'll be our body parts that will be placed in these jars next. So you can keep demanding answers for questions, you know I won't answer, or you can help me find some clues that can tell us where's he's gone, it's your choice." After which the female half-vampire pushed the male half-banshee aside and made her way over to the chalkboard, and began examining the formula.

Liam for his part, just stared at the back of Sh'lainn's head for a few moments, before letting out an angry grunt and kicking the desk out of frustration, before doing as Sh'lainn had ordered and began going over the papers on the desk for any clues on Blackwood's whereabouts. However, at the same time, he silently swore to himself that he would find out the truth to what Sh'lainn was hiding, even if he had to start a new investigation on her.

Liam's search, however, was interrupted when he heard Sh'lainn call out to him. When he turned to her, Sh'lainn pushed the blackboard aside, revealing the wall behind it, which was covered with various different pictures, newspaper clipping, reports and files, all about him. His family history, his parents, with newspaper clipping of their death, and photos of him, Blair and their uncle, it covered everything, his entire life. All the accomplishments he had made over the years, every place he ever lived, including where he lived now, with pictures of his house. Upon seeing this, his face was almost immediately drained of all colour, where he just stared at a picture of him and Blair playing outside, which he knew had only been taken a few days ago.

"W-What is all this?!" Liam asked, has felt like he was going to hyperventilate at any second from sheer panic.

"By the look of it, while you were investigating Blackwood, he was investigating "you." I'm guessing after he bumped into you, he started following you around trying to see if you were a threat" stated Sh'lainn, but as soon as she said this, her eyes suddenly widened in realization.

Picking up on this, Liam came to the same realization, where the two almost simultaneous shouted "The Kids!"

"If Blackwood even, "thinks" you're on to him, he won't just let you keep investigating, he'll remove you before you get any closer…" cried Sh'lainn in panic.

"…And if he's not here, then that's mean he's at my house!" finished Liam, who looked just as panic-stricken as Sh'lainn.

With no time to waste, the two raced out of the lab, up the stairs and out of the house before apparating back to the O'Neill home, all the while praying that they would make it in time."

-With Harry and Blair-

As Sh'lainn and Liam raced back to save their younger siblings, said children were running for their lives deeper and deeper into the forest trying to keep one step ahead of their pursuers. Shortly after escaping the house, the children had slowed down, thinking that they were safe, however, they quickly discovered just how wrong they were when heard several howling and barking, which was becoming louder with every moment.

Realizing that they were being tracked not only by their attacker but by dogs as well, the two quickly took off as fast their legs could take them, where eventually they ran into a nearby wood.

"Huff, Huff…. Did we lose them?" asked Blair as she leaned against to catch her breath. Her once beautiful lace dress had several tears and pieces of twigs and bramble stuck to it, after running through the field and some bushes.

Harry who was in a similar state, though not as bad, given how his clothes were less likely to get caught of things, shook his head

"I don't think so….Not with dogs chasing us. " He had more than his fair share of experience of dogs chancing after him, courteous of his "Uncle's" sister, Marge Dursley

As if responding to Harry's answer, the three hounds let out a large howl, signally they were getting closer.

After hearing the howl, Blair then asked, "Why are they even chasing us?" her panic clearly indicated in her voice.

"I don't know?" replied Harry. "Maybe it has something to do with your brother's job, he is an Auror after all."

"Or maybe he's after your sister, she's a Hit-wizard isn't see? My brother says she often gets in trouble with their boss" retorted Blair, who immediately became defensive at Harry's suggestion that it was her brother's fault that this was happening to them.

"It wasn't my house that goy attacked and burnt to the ground!" Harry shot back angrily, as he became upset at the accusation towards his sister.

Blair opened her mouth to retort but was cut off by Harry who shook his head and said. "Look! It doesn't matter whose fault it is, all that matters is that we find help and get out of here before that guy and his dogs find us…How much further to the farm you mentioned earlier?"

Seeing Harry's point Blair nodded and answered, "Not far, at the other end of this wood, there a small field and after that there's farm."

"Do you think they'll help us?" asked Harry.

"I don't know? They're muggles, but there nobody else closer" answered Blair, who was starting to catch her breath again.

With no better option left, Harry nodded and picked up a broken tree branch that was nearby and quickly began breaking the small branches off.

Curious by what Harry was doing, Blair asked: "What do you intend to do with that?"

"We won't be able to outrun those dogs for long, so we're going to need something to defend ourselves with."

Before Blair could respond, however, the two children heard the three dogs howling again, only much louder and closer than before.

Taking, Blair's hand, Harry pulled the young girl's hand and began to lead her to the direction of the farm. When Harry grabbed her arm and started pulling on her to follow him, Blair first instinct was to stop and pull away from him. Flashes of the vision she had seen earlier when Harry had last touched her hand began to fill her mind, imagines of her running in this very wood at night, with the dogs chasing after them. There were several more flashes with fragments of other imagines of her brother and Sh'lainn fighting each other. However, the images that stuck out to her was the last two, of Jamie, lying next in the middle of the field, bleeding and hurt with the same dark hooded figure that had been chasing them standing over him with his wand pointed at Jamie. There was then another flash of red light, where the imagine broke and was replaced by another image of a person laying in the middle of the field covered in blood with a dark figure kneeling over him, because of the poor light and the person kneeling over him it almost impossible for Blair to tell who it was, save for the strands of red hair that was mixed with all the blood on the face.

This was nothing new to Blair, as ever since she had come into her Bean Sidhe powers, she would occasionally have visions of certain people dying, whether naturally or unnaturally. However, because she was only coming into them, she was unable to control the visions, where they often came in fragments or a fast moving picture. Leaving Blair often trying to make sense of them. But the one thing that never changed in her visions was that someone always dies at the end and judging by the imagines she saw, and the fact that her vision was caused by Jamie touching her, left Blair with only one answer, Jamie was going to die tonight.

-With Sh'lainn and Liam-

When Liam and Sh'lainn arrived backed at the house, they found it covered in flames.

Working together, the two used an Extinguishing spell to put out the fire quickly before running into the ruined house in the desperate hope of finding the kids alive.

Racing up the charred staircase, not caring that it could give way any second, Liam headed straight for his sister's room, shouting out her name, while Sh'lainn searched downstairs for her own sibling.

When he entered, he found only the burnt remains of his sister's room, as he looked around; he found the picture of him, Blair and their parents lying on the floor. Despite the intensity of the fire, the picture had remarkably stayed mostly intact, with the exception of a few burnt edgings and corners. Staring at the image of his mother holding the infant Blair, Liam silently prayed that sister was still alive and unharmed. Before he could search the rest of the upstairs for the missing children, he heard Sh'lainn call out to him from the kitchen.

Making his way down the stairs Liam made a beeline straight for the kitchen, "Did you find them?!"

However, when he entered he found Sh'lainn crouching over an injured and unconscious Tipsy. The kitchen itself seemed to have suffered the worst of the fire, making it seem the most likely starting point of the fire. The kitchen was completely covered in black soot with charred remains of the wooden furniture and doors, and broken presses and cabinet. However on closer inspection, one could see that the kitchen had already been badly damaged, given the way some things were destroyed, indicating that there had been a fierce battle fought here.

"I found her underneath the destroyed cooker, which luckily for her protected her from the worst of the fire. She's been drifting in and out of consciousness; I barely sensed her using my empathic powers."

Moving over to the elf, Liam cast a reviving spell on her, allowing her to regain consciousness.

Slowly opening her eyes, Tipsy found Liam and Sh'lainn standing over her and let out a painful gasp. "Master Liam, Miss Slay, Tipsy is so glad and to see master and miss alive and safe."

"Tipsy do know where Blair and Jamie are? Did he take them?" Liam asked urgently, while Sh'lainn did her best to threat Tipsy injuries with her limited healing spells she knew, though was just as desperate as Liam to learn the fate of the kids and listened to what the elf had to say.

After letting out another painful gasp, the elf replied. "No Sir, hooded man did not take little miss or miss Slay brother. When hooded man entered, Tipsy had miss Slay brother, take little miss and run, while Tipsy held hooded man off."

Letting out a small sigh of relief, Liam then asked. "Do you know where the kids went?"

"No Master, Tipsy was too busy fighting hooded man to see where they go. Tipsy did her best, but hooded man was much too strong for Tipsy and defeated Tipsy. Please forgive Tipsy…Tipsy failed mas-" but whatever else the elf was going to say end, as she closed her eyes again.

Already sensing Liam's concern, Sh'lainn spoke: "Don't worry, she just lost consciousness."

Still looking at the prone elf, lying on the ground Liam asked: "Will she be alright?"

"She took a bad beating, but I stabilized her enough she that she be fine for now, but she will still need to be treated by healer later if she wants to make a proper recovery." Taking a nearby broken cup Sh'alinn then used her wand to turn it into a Portkey and placed Tipsy hand on it, which then transported the elf away to her home in Longford.

When Sh'lainn explained what she had done, Liam nodded his thanks and quickly headed out to the back garden, kicking down the ruined door, which was barely standing.

"There are two places where they could have gone." Liam pointed "There's Regan's farm…" pointing to the northeast "…and there Duffy's pub" where he pointed in the opposite direction.

"Which way do you think the kids went?" asked Sh'lainn.

"I'm not sure, Regan's farm is closer and there are lots of places to hide on the way. Duffy's pub is a bit further, but they would more likely find help at the pub, since it usually pretty crowded at this time, Blair knows that."

"We can't take the chance that you could guess wrong, I take the pub while you take the farm, if either of us sees the kids we fire a signal spark into the air.

Nodding in agreement, Liam then took off in the direction of the farm while Sh'lainn raced towards the pub, all the while both praying once again for the safety of their sibling.

-With Harry and Blair-

Racing through the woods, Harry and Blair could hear the hounds getting closer and closer. As they exited the woods and entered the field that Blair had mentioned, Harry glanced back behind them and activated his aura sight, causing his eyes to glow to the point where they could be clearly seen the dark. Using the sight, Harry could see the magical aura's of three hounds in the dark and could tell that they would catch up to them before they could clear the field.

Seeing no other alternative Harry stopped and turned around to the direction of the approaching hounds.

"What do you think you're doing?" shouted Blair as she stopped and turned around. "They're almost here."

"You go ahead," responded Harry, without even turning to look at Blair.

"Don't be stupid, come on!"

"We won't make it together," retorted Harry. "I'll hold them off while you go and get help."

Before Blair could argue further, three massive hounds sprung out of the woods and raced straight for the two children.

"Go!" yelled Harry as he raised the large stick as if it were a sword and prepared to fight off the approaching dogs. At the same time after seeing the three massive beasts, Blair followed Harry's order and ran for the farm.

Remember what had Sh'lainn had taught him, Harry held his ground and waited for hounds to get closer. As they got closer Harry could see the sharpness of their teeth that looked like they could tear the flesh from his bones with ease, and the foam that flew from their mouths, like starving animals.

Within seconds two of the three hounds were almost right on top of him, but just as they were about to tear him to shreds. Harry swung his stick with all his might and hit the large hound to his left at the side of the dog's head, causing it to yelp in pain and crash to the ground. Using the momentum of his swing, Harry then sidestepped the second hound that tried to jump him, the spun around and slammed the stick right into the animal's face and sending it flying back several feet.

With two of the hounds temporarily out of commission, Harry then turned to face the third and final dog. However, as he turned the third hound leapt at him, slamming Harry to the ground and was only able to keep the large beast at bay using the stick he had, which was jammed in the dog's mouth.

As Harry struggled to keep the animal from tearing him to shreds, he began to wonder which would give out first, his strength or the stick as he saw the hound bite down harder on the stick, causing small cracks to appear. Slowly the dog's mouth began to get closer and closer to his face, as he could feel the intense heat of its breath right on his face, along with its drool which landed on his face. But just when Harry thought he was done for, a large stone flew through the night air and hit the dog at the side of the head, stunning it for a moment, allowing Harry to push it off him and hit it on the head again with his stick, causing it to fall to the ground and whimper in pain.

Once the hound was dealt with, Harry picked himself up and turned to the direction of where the stone came from and was surprised to see Blair, who was holding yet another large stone in her hand.

"What do you think you're doing?!" Harry half shouted in surprise, to which Blair replied.

"Saving you, that's what!"

"I told you to run and get help!"

"Well it's a good thing I didn't listen to you, now come on!" yelled Blair as she waved Harry over. She couldn't believe what she was doing, nor understand what was making her do it, instead of running away like she wanted to, she was risking her life trying to save a boy she had only just met tonight, and whom she was certain was fated to die tonight from her vision.

However before Harry could run over to her, he was stop and felt a sudden intense pain in his left leg, causing him to fall to the ground again. When he looked back he saw that one of the two hounds he had fought moments ago had recovered and sunken its massive jaws into his leg and began to drag him back.

Seeing Harry being dragged back by the hound, Blair shouted "Jamie!" before throwing two more large stones at the animal, hitting the animal in the side and causing it to let go of Harry's leg and yelp in pain from being hit. However, it did not last long as the hound quickly recovered and jumped on top of Harry as he tried to drag himself away.

Using the stick, Harry tried to fend the large dog off but was struggling to do so, due to the pain from his leg. The situation only grew worse when he saw one of the other hounds make its way over to him.

In an attempt to help, Blair searched the ground for any more stones to through, but before she could find any, she saw that hound she had hit earlier recover and charge straight for her.

With nothing to defend herself, Blair attempted to run away but fell back on the uneven ground as she tried to turn and run. At which point the giant hound leapt through the air with its massive jaws wide open.

Just as the as the hound was about to land on op on her and tear her to pieces, closing her eyes Blair brought her hands up in a desperate attempt to shield herself and screamed "NNNOOO!"

At that moment a powerful invisible force erupted from her outstretched hands, like a shockwave, and sent the hound flying back through the air, along with two hounds that were attacking Harry. All three hounds then crashed into the nearby trees.

Stunned by what happened, Harry slowly lifted himself up and watched as the three knocked out animals reverted back into three large stones. He then turned and looked at Blair who still had hands raised up and her eyes shut, completely unaware of what she had just done.

For several moments Harry just stared at the girl with a stunned and confused look, unsure what to make of what just happened. "What was that? It was like that attack she used to throw me out her room, only way more powerful."

At the same time Blair slowly opened her eyes when the hound's attack never came, and to her surprise and confusion, she found that massive hounds had all but disappeared.

Lowering her hands Blair looked around and saw that the two hounds that were attacking "Jamie" were also gone and that he was now staring at her with the same baffled expression that she had one her face.

It was only when she heard "Jamie" cry out in pain, that Blair finally snapped out of her confused state and saw "Jamie" try and lift himself up and fall back onto the ground from the pain of his injured leg.

Picking herself up off the ground, Blair ran over to try and help the injured boy; it was only then after she got closer, that she finally noticed that "Jamie" had changed. Due to the darkness and poor like of the night moon, she had failed to notice the changes in his appearance until now.

Gone was his bright red which had now turned pitch black. His eyes had also turned from a dull green to a bright emerald green that seemed to almost glow in the dark. His nose had also become a bit bigger and wider upon closer inspection and the freckles around his nose had also disappeared, leaving his face completely unblemished.

"What happened to you?" asked Blair when she saw his face.

Puzzled by Blair's question and how she was staring at him, Harry brought his hands up to his face and felt it, where he then realized that the illusionary spell that Sh'lainn had cast earlier was gone. "Dammit, whatever Blair did, not only reverted those dogs back into stone blocks but also undid Sh'lainn's illusion."

"Look, I'll explain everything later, but we need to get out of here," Harry said urgently, as he began to look around.

"Why? And what happened to those dogs, where did they go. Did you do something?"

At this question, Harry turned to look at Blair with a surprised look. "It wasn't me, it was you, when that dog was about to attack you, you hit it with the same kind of magic that you used to throw me out of your room earlier. You then sent them flying into those three, where they turned back into stone." Harry then pointed at the three large stone blocks on the ground next two the nearby trees.

Looking at them, the young girl's eyes widened slightly. "I-I did?" said Blair with a stunned look. "I mean remember throwing you out of my room, but, I was so angry at you for being in my room and what happened that I didn't think about it much at the time, and when that dog attacked me, I was so scared, that I just raised my hands and closed my eyes."

Still unsure as to how to make everything, Harry just shook his head and replied. "Look we can talk about this later, but now we need to get out of her fast!"

"But the dog-" began Blair only to be cut off by Harry.

"The dogs aren't what I'm worried about, it's the guy who attacked the house, he can't be far behind those dogs."

"Quite correct young man" spoke the dark hooded man in a calm deep voice, as slowly emerged from the tree line with his wand pointed at the two children, his face hidden from them thanks to the hood over his head.

"Quick Blair run!" shouted Harry, but before the young girl could even move a long length of rope sprung out from the tip of his wand and wrapped itself around Blair, causing her to fall to the ground, unable to move.

"My, My I must say I'm quite impressed with how you two handle my hounds" commented the hooded figure as he slowly made his way over to Harry and Blair.

Kneeling down, the hooded man cupped Blair's face with his gloved hand to have a closer look at her. "Although it was just accidental magic, it's obvious that you are very powerful, it is quite rare to have such raw power, at so young an age."

As the hooded continued to stare at her, Blair tried whimper in fear and pull away from him, but the man's grip was too strong.

"Let her go!" yelled Harry, causing the man to let go of Blair and stare at him. "Oh pardon me, I almost forgot about you" replied the man, who almost sounded genially embarrassed by forgetting Harry. He then turned to him and cupped Harry in the same manner that he did Blair, however unlike Blair, Harry did not whimper or try to pull away from the hooded man, instead, he just glared coldly at him. Not wanting to give the man the satisfaction of knowing he was just as afraid as Blair.

"Oh my, what beautiful eyes you have, it's not often I see such a vided shade of emerald green eyes, especially in a boy, a gift from your mother perhaps?"

At the mention of his mother, Harry glare hardened, but before she could respond, the hooded man continued talking. "Hhmmm, I can't quite place it, but I can't shake the feeling that I know you from somewhere, have we met?"

"Sorry, I generally try to avoid creeps in hoods who come after kids in the night!" spat Harry, trying to hide his concern over the man figuring out who he really was.

Unaffected by Harry's insult, the hooded man only laughed "Bravery…how admirable, or perhaps foolishness, it's so hard to tell with the young."

"What do you want from us? Why did you attack us?" demanded Harry as he tried to deflect the man's attention away from who he was to something else.

"You two… nothing, you both simply have the ill fortune of having two older siblings who are too curious for their own good, especially you miss O'Neill."

"What do you mean, what do you want with my brother?!" shouted Blair, as she struggled against her bindings.

Still holding Harry in his hand, the man turned his head slightly to look at Blair. "You brother has become somewhat of a nuisance to me as late, as he has been investigating matters that did not concern him and has gotten a bit too close for his own good. I'll admit I underestimated him at first and did not think he would be such a threat to me, however, he has been rather dogged in his pursuit of me. He has even brought in Miss Sh'lainn into his investigation and has thus forced me to take action. You two should prove to be sufficient bait, where they will have no choice but to surrender to me in exchange for your lives."

"Do you really think they'll buy that? There's no way you let us go, even if they do give themselves up to you?"

Underneath his hood, the man smiled at how astute Harry was. "Very true, but I've found that people will do just about anything to protect the ones they love, no matter how small or unlikely their chances are."

"You won't get away with this!" shouted Blair as she once again began to struggle against her binds, which only seemed to amuse the man as he chuckled darkly.

"Heh, heh, heh, Oh my dear, I have been getting away with this for well over a hundred years, and I can assure you I will be doing so again while you rot away in the ground."

He then turned to look at Harry, "Now then…Jamie was it? Perhaps you can tell me how are my old friends Nicolas and Perenelle doing?"

At the mention of his grandparents, Harry's eyes widened and before he could stop himself he half shouted: "You know my grandparents?!"

Smiling again underneath his hood, the man nodded. "Oh yes, your grandparents and I were quite good friends once, many, many years ago. Sadly we had a bit of falling out over some minor differences."

Harry in response said nothing at first, but then his eyes widened slightly, when he realized the true meaning of the man's words, "You're an immortal!"

"Very good, yes I am indeed an immortal, just like them."

At hearing this, Blair gasped in shock, but neither Harry nor the man paid any attention to her.

"Who are you?" demanded Harry, although his grandparent had told him that there were other immortals out in the magical world, this was the first time he had met one, other than them.

Still staring at Harry, the man began to examine Harry face more closely, as he couldn't shake the feeling that he had seen Harry somewhere before. It was only when he brushed his hair away and saw the Lightning Bolt shaped scar on his forehead.

Upon seeing it, the man's eyes widened before he began to chuckle, which then slowly turned into a high shrill hiccup of a laugh, that made both children cringe as they heard, as it sounded so unnatural and horrid.

"Oh my, ha ha ha ha," laughed the man. "This is my truly my lucky day, ha, ha, ha, ha, who would have believed that of all the people I would meet tonight, it would the fame Boy-Who-Lived, or should I say, the Missing-Boy-Who-Lived…Harry Potter."

Upon hearing who "Jamie" really was, Blair's eyes once again widened in surprise and stared at the now revealed Lightning Bolt Scar on Harry's forehead, proving that he was indeed Harry Potter.

Using a bit of wandless magic, the hooded man the levitated both children up in the air, after which he began to examine Harry like he was some fascinating new puzzle that he needed to understand.

"It would seem that Nicolas and Perenelle still have a soft spot for run-away and strays. Tell me did they find you begging for money on the streets or was it in some alleyway, going through the garbage for something to eat? Oh yes, that would have been quite a sight to see, the famed Harry Potter, rooting through the garbage like some wild animal, ha, ha, ha."

At hearing the man's mocking laughter Harry struggled violently against his restraints as he wanted nothing more than to shut the man up for laughing at his misfortune, as he did not like remembering his time when he was living alone in the streets.

The hooded man's laughter however soon stopped where he then began to circle around Harry as he hung in midair. Stopping in front of Harry again, the Hooded man continued.

"Still, I must confess, I've wanted to meet you for some time now, as it is not every day that one meets someone that survives being struck by the Killing Curse, least of all a child, as well as destroy a wizards as powerful was Voldemort. When I first heard of what happened that night I could scarcely believe it. I suppose you wouldn't be kind enough to tell me, what happened and how you survived now would you?"

"How should I know, I was only a baby when it happened" retorted Harry, hoping to keep the man talking as he tried to figure out a way for him and Blair to escape.

"Hmmmm, yes, I suppose you wouldn't" the man replied, who sounded a little disappointed with the answer, but unsurprised by it at the same time. However a dark twisted smiled that frightened Harry formed on the man's lips. "But that is what experiments are for, to help us learn what we do not yet know. I believe I may keep you alive mister Potter, at least until I've learned your secrets. I may even keep your friend here alive as well for other experiments…," where he then cast a glance at the still retrained Blair before turning to look at Harry again. "However that will depend entirely on how well you behave and co-operate, as you wouldn't want me to do want I do to most of the people I capture."

Before Harry could even dare ask what he did, a jagged jet of white light shot out from the tree line and hit the unsuspecting back in the side, sending him flying through the air several meters away before hitting the ground…hard."

"Get away from them, you sick bastard!" shouted a voice that both Harry and Blair recognized.

Turning the two children saw Liam racing towards them, his wand raised and looking angrier than either of them had ever seen.

"Liam!" cried Blair in relief at seeing her brother, however, he did not respond to her call, as he kept his eyes and wand fixed on the hooded man, who remained unmoved from the spot he landed on.

"If you've hurt so much as a hair on my sister's head, I don't care if you're immortal, I'll kill you myself."

Throwing a brief glance at the two children, Liam was relieved to see that both of them were alive, though showed concern when he saw the blood dripping from Harry's leg, who was still suspended in mid-air by Blackwood's spell, while Blair remained bound.

Pointing his wand at the two and with a quick twirl and a wave of his wand, the robes restraining Blair disappeared, while Harry was gently lowered to the ground, so as to not hurt his leg.

Once the children were free, Liam returned his attention back to Blackwood, who seemed unaffected by being blasted away by Liam's spell, as he stood back up. Despite having been thrown several meters away, even his hood had somehow remained on and he simply brushed the dirt off his cloak. "Well now this was unexpected, I did not expect you to return so soon. Still, I am very pleased to finally meet you, Mr O'Neill, I am…"

"I already know who you are Demitri Blackwood."

Momentarily caught off-guard by Liam knowing his real name, Blackwood stared at the young man for several moments before chuckling. "Hahahaha, It seems you and Miss Flynn have learned much, I'm impressed."

"We also found your little house of horrors in Meath" continued Liam, which stopped Blackwood's laughter and caused him to frown underneath his hood, he had not expected the two to have found his hideout.

"It would seem that I have "greatly" underestimated your both, had I known that you were so close to finding me. I would have acted much sooner and not have toyed so much with the children here" replied Blackwood coolly, before a cruel smiled slowly formed on his lips. "Then again despite this, there have been some positive outcomes to tonight, it's not often that I find two such fascinating children as them, they'll certainly make excellent test subjects for my experiments, along with other things once I am done with them.."

Hearing Blackwood words, and remembering what he and Sh'lainn found when they raided Blackwood's lab, Liam's face twisted into a look of pure hate as he kept his wand focus on the man. Just thinking of that man using his sister, in the same manner, he used those other people made him sick to his stomach. A part of him, deep down, wanted to kill the man with his bare hands. However he quickly pushed down the urge to kill and calmed himself down, he knew from experience as an Auror that fighting an opponent in anger was always a bad idea as it was too easy to get blindsided or make a mistake. That was something he couldn't afford, especially with the kids nearby.

Quickly pointing his wand up into the air, Liam fired a red spell, which flew high up into the night sky before exploding in a bright red flash that illuminated the surrounding area in a bright red glow.

Blackwood was at puzzled by this action but soon realized what Liam had done. "I see, signalling Miss Flynn for assistance, a wise move, but I' am sorry to say that she will not arrive in time to save you."

"Funny I was about to say the same thing to you" Liam replied coldly as he stared at the hooded man with his wand pointed forward.

At the same time, while keeping his focus on Blackwood, Liam then spoke to his sister. "Blair, take Jamie and get behind the trees for cover."

Hesitant, Blair did not move at first, and tried to say something, but stopped when Liam shouted: "Get behind the trees, NOW!"

Having never had her brother shout at her before, Blair, quickly picked herself up and helped Harry to his feet and moved behind the tree as fast as they could.

Taking advantage of Liam's momentary distraction, Blackwood made the first move by firing a powerful blasting curse at the younger man.

Reacting quickly, Liam shouted "Protego!" conjuring an invisible barrier to block the spell. However due to the hastily way he had done the spell; the barrier hadn't fully formed when the blasting spell hit it, and although the barrier had taken the brunt of the blast, it still had enough force to blow Liam back several feet.

Recovering from the blast, Liam attempted to strike back, but before he could perform any spell, Blackwood, struck again, firing several more spells and curse in quick succession at the young Auror, keeping him on the defensive and preventing him from attacking. It was only thanks to his quick reactions and training as an Auror that allowed Liam to block or dodge most of Blackwood's attacks, suffering only minor damage.

"How disappointing…I had hoped for a better challenge than this" taunted Demitri has he fired another blasting spell at Liam.

Unable to avoid the spell, Liam created another shield to block it, but the spell was much more powerful than the previous was and exploded on contact with the invisible shield. Covering much of the clearing a smoke and dust.

Seeing the explosion, Blair called out her brother's name and attempted run over to him, but was held back by Harry.

As the smoke and dust cleared a medium size crater could be seen in the middle of the field, with no sign of Liam.

"Oh dear, I may have overdone it with that last spell" commented Blackwood when he saw the crater. "It seems I blew him up."

However before he could say anything more, Blackwood the heard telltale bang of someone apparating behind him. Spinning around Blackwood attempted to fire another spell at his opponent, but was hit with a Diffindo spell, severing his wand arm off completely.

At that moment Liam thought he had won and had expected Blackwood to fall to the ground screaming in pain at the loss of his arm. Instead, Blackwood remained completely unaffected, as if losing his arm was nothing.

Stunned by the lack of reaction from the man, Liam failed to notice Blackwood raise his other hand and before the young Auror knew what happened he was launched in the air by an invisible force and sent crashing into a tree several meters away.

"Liam!" cried Blair from behind the tree she and Harry were hiding behind. When she was tried to run her brother was held back by Harry, who grabbed her right arm and stopped her.


"Let me go, I need to help him…!" snapped Blair as she tried to break free of Harry's grip, however despite the pain from his leg, Harry was able to maintain an Iron grip on her arm, preventing her from going to her brother.

"And what?" retorted Harry, "If your brother an Auror can't beat him, what chance do we have? He captured us both before without even breaking a sweat?"

"But we can't jus…huh!" Whatever else Blair was going to say was lost when she let out a sharp gasp of horror.

Turning to the direction that Blair was looking at, Harry was stunned when he saw the man named Blackwood pick up his severed arm and reattach it like one would do to a doll who had lost its arm.

Horrified by what they had just witnessed, neither Harry or Blair moved or said a word as they watched Blackwood pick up his wand with his now reattach arm and make his way to the groaning Liam, who had somehow remained conscious after he was sent flying into the tree. Like Harry and Blair, Liam watched with a mixture of shock and horror as Blackwood reattached his arm. Despite hearing he could do this after visiting his laboratory, it was still surprising to witness with his own eyes.

When Blackwood started to make his way over to him, Liam attempted to reach over for his wand, which he had dropped after being flung away by Blackwood's attack, but before he could grab it, the wand flew off the ground and right into Blackwood's waiting hand.

"You're skilled Mr O'Neill I will grant you that, that last move was quite impressive, not many can perform a high-speed Apparition and offensive spell in quick succession of one another, while also firing with such precession as you just did. I was completely caught off-guard; I can see why you were able to rise to the ranks of the Aurors."

Grunting, Liam looked up at the approaching man and stared coldly at the man. "Thanks and I can say the same about you, I never met anyone who could use wandless magic, not many have the skill or power to perform it effectively. In fact, I heard only a small handful the entire magical world."

Smiling at the complement Blackwood walked closer before replying, "Yes, well when you have lived as long as I have, one does pick up a thing or two, though it does require a great deal of skill and talent to be able to perform it correctly an-" whatever else Blackwood was going to say was lost when a white blur suddenly jumped down from the tree Liam was leaning against and slashed at Blackwood face causing the man to cry out in surprise and pain.

Before Blackwood could even recover by what happened he was blasted back several meters by a powerful force, causing him to drop Liam's wand.

"About time you did it, I was beginning to think he was never going to shut up" smirked Liam as he looked up at his saviour, Sh'lainn.

Glancing back, the half-vampire smirked back, "Sorry, but I wanted to be sure he wouldn't have time to avoid me when I attacked, besides you were doing such a good job at distracting him."

Liam scoffed at this as he picked himself up, after being sent flying by Blackwood's spell and hitting the tree, he had seen Sh'lainn hiding atop the tree when she had signalled him. Realizing what she was planning, Liam pretended to be unable to move or do anything and keep Blackwood distracted so that he would not see Sh'lainn until it was too late.

"Where are the kids?" asked Sh'ainn,

Once he was upright Liam pointed to where Harry and Blair were hiding. Seeing that the two kids were okay Sh'lainn let out a sigh of relief however she could smell fresh blood in the air thanks to her strong vampiric sense of smell and recognized it as Harry indicating he had been injured.

Growling silently at this, Sh'lainn turned her focus back on the injured Blackwood, intending to make the man pay for what he had done.

However before she could do anything, a now furious Blackwood stood back up, his hood having fallen off, though his face remained hidden covered by his hand after Sh'lainn's sword slash.

"You'll pay for that" hissed Blackwood has he held his bleeding face and wiped the blood away from his eyes.

Sneering back, Sh'lainn raised her wand while still holding her short curved sword in her other hand. At the same time, she was joined by Liam who picked up his own wand from the ground and pointed it also at Blackwood.

"Give up now Blackwood, you can't beat both of us."

"Heh, I wouldn't be so sure of that" replied the man, before lowering his hand from his face, where a surprised gasp escaped from Liam's lips, while a small shriek was heard from Blair, who griped onto Harry left shoulder in fear. Harry was less audible about his surprise, though was unable to hide the horrified look on his face, even Sh'lainn, who already knew the downside of Blackwood's immortality serum, was shocked at what Blackwood really looked like.

What could only be described as man made up of several different people stitched up together, if they could even call him a man, as he looked more like a crudely made child's doll. His translucent yellowish skin was pulled so tautly over the body that it "barely" disguised the stitching's around his face, which looked like a jigsaw with the stitching splitting his face into sections. Several "pieces," in fact, didn't even seem to go together as the colour tone didn't seem to match with other pieces, where a section on his chin was pale, while another section around his left eyes was darker and tanner. He had two mismatched eyes, one blue and another brown, his lips where black, which only serve to highlight the most perfect white teeth that any had seen when he smiled.

"A pleasure to finally meet you, Miss Flynn, I have been following your exploits for many years, along with grandparents," said Blackwood, though Sh'lainn stayed silent and simply stared at the man.

"W-Wh-What is he?" asked the terrified Blair.

Harry, of course, had no answer, as he was just as confused and unnerved as Blair, and felt like he was in one of those horror movies that his cousin Dudley would sometimes talk about.

"He really does look like Frankenstein monster" Liam silently remarked while keeping his wand trained on Blackwood.

"He's even uglier than I expected," thought Sh'lainn.

"Not a pretty sight am I?" asked Blackwood, who was well used to people acting like this when they saw him. "I have your grandparents to thank for this."

"You brought it upon yourself!" snapped Sh'lainn. "How are you even alive? They said you died in that fire in Toronto."

"Oooh, I very nearly did, was it not for my serum I would of. My entire body was burnt beyond recognition. The pain I endured was beyond imagining even with the healing power of serum which barely kept me alive, I was in constant pain and weak, I could no longer be as selective with the body parts as I use to be. I had to take whatever ones I could get my hands on and of course because of the damage was done to my body, my operating skills when replacing body parts became substandard. Even after I recovered the damage was already done resulting in what you see. Had you grandparents not been so dogged in their pursuit of me and simply left well enough alone..."

"Wait! Your grandparents were after this guy?" spoke Liam, who now joined the conversation. "Is that how you knew so much about him?"

"AAhh, so she hasn't told you, has she?" replied Blackwood sounding almost amused by Liam's question.

"Told me what?" asked Liam as he turned to look at the immortal.

Glancing at Sh'lainn, the dark alchemist grinned as he saw the Dhampir scowl angrily at him. "Tell me, Mr O'Neill, does the name Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel ring a bell?"

Upon hearing these two names, Liam's eyes suddenly widened in realization, Sh'lainn's knowledge of Alchemy, the way she would act so secretive about her grandparents and how she knew so much about an immortal Alchemist like Blackwood. It now all made perfect sense to him now, she was Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel's granddaughter, but what he couldn't understand was why she would hide all this from him.

However before Liam could even question Sh'lainn on this, Blackwood started speaking again "In fact, young miss Sh'ainn's grandparents mentored me in Alchemy, and for many years we were colleagues together and they even helped me develop my immortal serum. Although this was all before they took young Sh'lainn in."

"What?!" cried Liam as he turned to look at Sh'lainn. "Your grandparents helped this monster!"

Liam was of course not the only one shocked by this revelation, as both Harry and Blair were equally shocked by it. Harry, of course, took it the worse as he couldn't believe that his kind and loving grandparents helped the very man who was now trying to kill them."

Glaring at the grinning man, Sh'lainn bit back a snarl, wanting nothing more than to smack that arrogant grin away, as this was exactly what Demitri wanted, to create a divide between her and Liam and give him a chance to escape. Even without looking at him she could feel Liam staring at her, demanding an explanation and she knew he would not let this matter go or leave it for later.

Keeping her focus on Blackwood, Sh'lainn answered. "It's true, Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel are my grandparents and were the ones who taught Blackwood Alchemy and helped him with his immortality serum, but that is only half the story. When they met Blackwood, my grandfather saw he had a talent in Alchemy and took him on as an apprentice and trained him in Alchemy, but that was until he discovered some of Blackwood's darker experiments and caught him stealing from them, after that they kicked him out and alerted the authorities of his action."

"Nicolas couldn't stand the idea that I could surpass him, he always had to be the smartest person in the room. He knew that my immorality serum would surpass his precious elixir of life" sneered Demitri.

At this Sh'lainn just sneered back at the man, "Superior Huh? Guess, you haven't looked at yourself in the mirror for a while? Because I can tell you right now my grandparents look a hell of a lot better than you."

Growling at this remark, it was Blackwood's turn to glare, as he wouldn't stand for anyone to insult his intellect. "Only because your grandparents refused to share any of the elixir of life with me, had they simply let me examine it I could've perfected my serum. But they refused and cast me out all because they were jealous of what I had created."

"That's a lie!" shouted Sh'lainn. "When my grandfather discovered the flaw in your serum, he warned of it, but you refused to listen. Even if he gave you some of the elixir of life, it would never have worked the way you wanted, which was why he refused to give it to you. When he refused you then tried to steal the philosopher's stone from them, but my grandmother caught you and sent you running like the cowardly thief you were and went into hiding. But eventual you came out, you couldn't live in the shadows forever, your ego wouldn't allow it, would it?"

Angered by the Dhampir's words Blackwood opened his mouth to retort but was cut off by Sh'lainn who continued on. "Mary Shelley and her novel's gave you a taste of the fame that you always desired, but could never get. That's why later you began the Jack the Ripper spree and taunted the muggle police with those later, all so you could keep flattering your own ego." Sh'lainn smirked when she saw Blackwood eyes narrow in annoyance at her taunt. "However what you didn't know was that my grandparents figured out that you were the bases of the Frankenstein story and when the Jack the Ripper killings began they realized you were behind it and alerted the British Ministry. You may have been able to make Varney your scapegoat to get the British Ministry of your back, but my grandparents chased you down."

"Indeed they did" replied Blackwood. "And because they couldn't leave well enough alone much of the city of Toronto was destroyed in the fire."

"Don't you dare try and blame them; you were the one arrogant and foolish enough to use Fiendfyre in the middle of a city when they cornered you. It was only because of them that nobody died in that fire" snapped Sh'lainn.

Before Blackwood could retort, however, Liam cut in having heard enough. "Okay, that's enough of the family history lesson from both of you. Raise your hands slowly Blackwood, I'm arresting you for murder and attempted murder."

"Well if I am being arrested, surely Miss Flynn or should I say Flamel be arrested as well along with her grandparents, after all, I believe kidnapping is still a crime?"

"Kidnapping?" repeated a surprised Sh'lainn

"What in Morgan's name are you talking about?" responded Liam

"Why the kidnapping of Harry Potter of course" Blackwood answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "And he's right over there, with your sister."

Turning to the direction where the children were hiding, Liam was surprised to see that the boy he had known as "Jamie" was indeed Harry Potter. Although he looked older from the photo's he had seen of the boy, there was no mistaking it was him. He had been so focused on battling Blackwood; he had failed to notice that "Jamie's" appearance had changed.

"Shit, the illusion over Harry must have fallen, dammit why now of all times?" cursed Sh'lainn silently as she turned to look at Harry was back to his normal self. She knew this would only cause problems for her and her family.

"Sh'lainn! What the hell is going on? Why do you have Harry Potter and why is he pretending to be your brother?" demanded Liam.

At that moment seeing that both Liam and Sh'lainn were distracted, Blackwood pulled out a small red amulet and shouted "DOLOO!" (A) (8), creating a blinding red flash of light.

When the light died down, Liam found that Sh'lainn had disappeared and Blackwood now standing where she had been. What was worse, however, was that both Blair and Harry had also disappeared.

Pointing his wand at the man, Liam shouted "Blackwood! What did you do to my sister and the others?"

In response, Blackwood smirked and replied: "Heh, They are gone, as will you."

Angered by this Liam fired a Reducto at the man only for him to jump to the side and avoid it, after which he then fired back with his own spell using his wand.

At the same time after the red flash had faded, Sh'lainn found that Liam and the kids had gone. Leaving her alone in the field with just Blackwood, who had somehow gotten his wand back and was standing where Liam had just been pointing his wand at her.

"Time for your die my dear… Reducto!"

Dodging the spell, Sh'lainn then fired a cutting spell at the man, but he blocked and started firing several more spells at her, which either blocked or avoided before started firing back and driving the dark Alchemist back.

"Blackwood you Bastards, where are Liam and the kids?"

While this was happening, confused and worried Harry and Blair watched as their two older siblings started fighting one another.

"What's going on?" asked the freighted Blair, one moment her brother and Sh'lainn had the man named Blackwood cornered, the next thing she knew, the two of them turned on each other, just like in her vision.

"They're under some kind of spell that causes them to turn on one another!" answered Harry.

"How do you know?"

"Both of them have them have a crimson red aura around them, the same kind that is emanating from that amulet" explained Harry as he used his aura sight to see the magical aura surrounding Sh'lainn and Liam.

"Aura?" repeated Blair in confusion. "What aura? I don't see anything!"

Not wanting to waste time explaining his aura sight, Harry replied. "It's a long story and I'll explain later. All you need to know is that I can see magical auras around people and things, which is how I know they are under a spell."

"Then how do we release them from the spell?"

"I have an idea, but I'll need your help" answered Harry as lifted himself back up, but grunted in pain from his wounded leg. He tried to ignore the pain as best he could, but it was difficult as he felt like a thousand needles were piercing his leg.

Fortunately, Blair was there to help who allowed Harry to lean on her as they slowly manoeuvred around the trees behind Blackwood, who was so focused on watching Sh'lainn and Liam fight one another that he had forgotten about the children.

At the same time, Liam unknowingly continued his battle with Sh'lainn, where after evading several more spells he fired a blasting curse.

Using her vampire agility to her advantage, Sh'lainn jumped up high into the air to avoid the blast, which would have been impossible for any normal person or wizard. As she hung in midair, she threw her sword right at Liam, who deflected with another spell, sending the blade flying into a nearby tree where it got stuck.

"You move pretty well for an old man" yelled Liam before conjuring a long length of rope to bind Sh'lainn while she still in midair. However, the female Dhampir avoided the rope by apparating right front of the male half banshee and kick him right in the face, sending him tumbling back.

"Take that you bastard! Now tell me why Liam and the kids are?" shouted Sh'lainn.

Liam, however, did not hear her words, as thanks to the spell he was under the only heard Blackwood's taunt. After recovering from the kick he then used an earth and raised several earth spikes up from the ground around Sh'lainn in an attempt to impale her. But once again Sh'lainn avoided this thanks to her quick reactions and apparated right above Liam and drew her second short sword from her back attempted to stab him as she fell down.

Looking up, Liam narrowly avoided stab by rolling to his left and then fired a disarming spell at Sh'lainn which flung Sh'lainn away and sent her sword flying out of her hand. However, she was able to somehow keep hold of her wand.

As Liam and Sh'lainn battle became more destructive, Blackwood, who had been watching the battle after moving back, closer to the trees to avoid being caught in the battle. After using his amulet to place Liam and Sh'liann under his illusion Blackwood had decided to stand back allow the two to finish each other off.

"Heh, I must say this battle is much more entertaining than I had expected, and regardless which of them wins, both of them will die tonight, and anyone who will investigate will see that the two of them fought each other to the death. The only thing left will then be the children…" But when Blackwood turned to look where he had last seen the children, they had disappeared. "Blast! Where did those two brats go?"

It was in that moment that Blackwood caught a silvery white blur at the corner of his right eye, moving toward him from behind one of the nearby trees.

Acting quickly, Blackwood took two steps back grabbed Blair by her hair as she moved passed him and pulled her back, causing her to cry in pain. "Silence child!" yelled Blackwood as he kicked the young girl in the stomach, ending her cries, where he then dropped her to the ground.

At that moment Harry appeared from behind another tree moved behind him and hit him in the back of his knee, causing Blackwood to fall to his knees. However, he recovered quickly and grab Harry as he tried to move around Blackwood to grab his amulet. Blackwood then flung Harry to the ground next Blair, who lay on the ground holding her stomach in pain from Blackwood's kick.

"Hehehehe, an admirable attempt, but utterly futile in the end. Your brother and sister will keep fighting until they kill each other, none of your will live past tonight."

"LIAM! WAKE UP…HELP US!" shouted Blair, only to be kicked in the stomach again by Blackwood,

"I told you to be silent girl!"

However at that moment, after forcing Sh'lainn back with a blasting hex, Liam halted his attack and began to look around in confusion.


But before he could say another word, or do anything, Blackwood immediately grabbed his Amulet and shouted "DOLOO!" again, placing Liam once again back under its spell, who was then forced on the defensive by Sh'lainn who manoeuvred around the blast radius and began firing several more of her own spells at him.

Still, this proved a helpful distraction for Harry, lifting himself up on his one good leg, Harry then used all his remaining strength to throw himself on top of the dark wizard.

"Urgh! You don't know when to give up you little brat!" snarled Blackwood as he struggled to get Harry off him, as the young boy kicked and tugged onto anything and everything he could. Blair even joined in by grabbing onto Blackwood's right leg and bit him. Still, despite being momentarily caught off-guard by Harry's and Blair's actions, Blackwood quickly flung the children off him. He kicked Blair hard in the nose, breaking it, causing the girl to scream in pain, then threw Harry as hard as he could into a nearby tree. Feeling his ribs cracking from the blow as he fell to the ground, Harry screamed from the pain.

Brushing himself off, Blackwood sneered down the two injured children "Fools you should have run when you had the chance, you might have actually gotten away."

Despite the pain he was feeling Harry couldn't help but start chuckling, causing a perplexed Blackwood to stare at him, wondering if the boy had taken too many hits to the head and had lost his mind.

"Hehehehe, If we had done that then, we wouldn't have gotten this!" upon which Harry then revealed Blackwood's Amulet, which he had grabbed during the struggle.

Horrified by this, Blackwood looked down and saw that his Amulet was indeed gone, "You…You little brat, you were after my amulet the entire time!"

With a painful smirk, Harry nodded, after which he then smashed the amulet has hard as he could onto a large stone that was next to him, where the amulet then shattered into pieces, while Blackwood could only then watch and scream out in fury as a massive red left engulf the entire field.


When the light finally faded, Harry then saw Blackwood staring at him murderously, which made the man's even more frightening than he already looked, due to his appearance.

Before Harry could say or do anything, Blackwood hit the arm that was still holding the shattered amulet with a powerful bone breaking curse from his wand, causing the boy's arm to snap in two with a sickening crack.

"AAAHHHH!" screamed Harry as he held his now broken limb and desperately tried to move away.

"You insolent brat, I'll make you suffer for what you've done!" spat the furious Demitri, who then cast a silent spell to and slammed Harry hard into another tree several meters away.

Upon hitting the tree, Harry cried out in anguish before spitting out some blood and falling down face down onto the ground, losing all consciousness.

Blackwood, however, was not done with the boy yet as he then pointed his wand at Harry and roared "NOW BURN!" as he fired a massive stream of fire from his wand and envelop Harry.

However before Blackwood could even celebrate in his victory, he noticed that his flames were being blocked. It was only when the flames started to lessen that he saw Sh'lainn standing in front of the unconscious boy, with her left hand outstretched blocking the flames.

Seconds later, Blackwood was hit in the side by a powerful disarming spell, which caused him to lose his wand for the second time tonight and be sent flying into the forest, several meters away.

At that moment grubby looking Liam came running over to Sh'lainn and the kids. Seeing Blair lying on the ground bleeding, the young Auror raced over to his sister and lifted her up.

"Elam!" muffled Blair due to her broken nose as she looked up at her brother.

"It's me, little sis, you're safe now, your safe," said Liam as hugged his sister

"Elam" repeated Blair again, as she hugged her brother back and began to cry, staining her brother's shirt with a mixture of blood and tears.

At the same time, Sh'lainn turned to Harry and lift her adopted brother's head up, careful not to injure him further. "Harry, Harry! It's me, Sh'lainn, talk to me, Harry!"

Groaning, Harry slowly opened his eyes, looking up he saw Sh'lainn, where a painful smile formed on his lips. "It worked, you're free!"

Smiling back, Sh'lainn nodded. "Thanks to you squirt; you did good, real good."

Harry, however, did not respond as he quickly faded back into unconsciousness.

"Rest," said the female Dhampir as she began to pick Harry up. "You've done your part, now I'll finish it."

After lifting Harry up, Sh'lainn heard Blackwood's angry screams coming from within the forest. Wasting no time, Sh'lainn quickly made her way over Blair and Liam and handed the unconscious Harry into Liam's hand. She then took out her wand and pointed it at the nearby stone before speaking to Liam.

"I just made the stone into a Portkey, it'll activate in thirty seconds and take you and the kids back to my place where they'll be safe."

"What about you?"

"I've some unfinished family business to deal with" replied Sh'lainn darkly as she turned around and moved toward where Blackwood had been sent.

"Then I'm staying too, that bastard is going to pay for what he's done," said Liam, but was stop by a sharp rebuke from Sh'lainn who turned to look back at him.

"No! Getting the kids to safety is more important, leave Blackwood to me."

Unconvinced, Liam was prepared to argue further but stopped when he felt Blair grab onto his coat and looking at him with concern and fear. It was then that Liam understood that Sh'lainn was right, getting the children to safety was more important, they had already suffered enough.

With a simple nod, Liam then led his sister over to the stone and touched it, upon which the three were then transported away.

With Liam and the kids now safely away, Sh'lainn turned her attention back to Blackwood, who had just emerged out from the three, looking angrier than ever before, which further highlighted his monstrous appearance.

"A costly mistake child, you should've fled yourself or just sent the children away and had your friend O'Niell stay to help. Now you'll die here and once I'm done with you, I will deal with himand those children, especially that boy" spoke Blackwood, while snarling angrily as he mentioned Harry.

Narrowing her eyes at the threat, Sh'lainn stared coldly at her grandfather's former apprentice. "You won't touch, a hair on my brother's head, or harm any other person again, as you're not going to leave this place alive. I'm going to finish the job my grandparents started all those years ago."

Upon hearing this Blackwood let out the same high shrill hiccup of a laugh he made earlier. "Foolish child, I've you forgotten I am immortal I cannot die, and I've been practising magic for al most two hundred years, you don't stand a chance against me by yourself!"

To emphasize his point Blackwood wandlessly created several large fireballs from his hand fired them directly at Sh'lainn, who didn't even try to evade them and simply raised her arm forward. When the flaming fireballs hit, they exploded on contact with remarkable force, covering much of the surrounding area is smoke and fire. But when the smoke from the explosion finally cleared, it revealed Sh'lainn standing behind a white magical barrier completely unharmed, much to Blackwood's surprise. (B)

"So that really wasn't a fluke earlier, she really can use wandless magic," thought the Dark Alchemist in annoyance, knowing how difficult this would make things. But he quickly pushed aside his concern and sneered back at the young woman. "But that still won't be enough to save her, no matter how powerful she may be, she can't hope to match me in terms of skill and experience."

"Ahhh impressive," commented Blackwood almost mockingly. "It would seem that you're more poweful than I thought, but don't think for a sec-huh?!" Whatever else Blackwood was about to say was lost when a sudden flash of white light flew right past his head, cutting his right cheek as it flew by. Leaving the man completely stunned as he hadn't even seen the attack until it flew past him.

"What was that? It was so fast I couldn't even see it!"

"I suppose I should probably tell you this now, but back when you had Liam and me fighting each other, I was holding back quite a bit. But I've no intention of holding back this time" spoke Sh'lainn in a chilling tone as she stared coldly at the man, as her eyes turned bright vampiric yellow.

It was also in that moment, as he stared into Sh'lainn's yellow eyes that Blackwood, a man who fancied himself an immortal, felt a very mortal chill crawl up his spine, a feeling that he had not felt in a very long time.

Unwilling to show any weakness to his enemy, Blackwood masked his nervousness with a confident sneer and pushed down any uncertainty he was feeling. He would not allow this "child" to intimidate him; his pride would not allow it.

"You think you can scare me, girl? I'm more powerful than you possibly ever imagine"

"Then show me what you got!" replied Sh'lainn coldly, where she then raised both her hands outward. Before Blackwood could even ask what she was doing, he saw both Sh'lainn curved short swords flying towards her from opposite directions.

Upon seeing this, Blackwood expected the blades to fly right into Sh'lainn's waiting hands, but instead, the two blades stopped short in midair. Sh'lainn then turned her hands around so that they were facing upwards, with the swords hovering over them. With a snap of both her fingers, the two shorts swords started spinning around a high speed, like a pair of spinning disks, where Sh'lainn then sent both spinning blades at Blackwood.

Acting quickly Blackwood avoided both spinning blades, receiving only light cuts on his right arm and left cheek. Thinking he had avoided the blades, Blackwood raised his right hand to fire another spell, but stop short when he felt a sharp pain from his back.

Turning around, Blackwood saw one of Sh'lainn swords embedded into his back, it was also then that he saw the other sword spinning towards him, and only just evaded it in time.

Grabbing the handle of the sword, Blackwood quickly pulled the first sword out of his back and threw it a Sh'lainn, who in turn raised her hand causing the sword to once again stop in midair and start spinning again. It was then that Blackwood cursed himself for not realizing sooner that Sh'lainn not only could call her swords to her, and send them to attack her enemies. She could also control them and change their direction at will, allowing her to attack her opponents from multiple different directions, which explained how one of the swords stabbed him in the back after he avoided them.

With a quick flick of her wrist, Sh'lainn sent both spinning blades flying towards him again. Raising his hand, Blackwood attempted to destroy both swords with a powerful Reducto curse. When the curse hit, however, both swords remained intact and were instead simply blasted back.

Seeing this Blackwood narrowed his eyes, "Blast, my curse should have shattered those swords to pieces; there must be a powerful spell cast over them to protect them like that." But before he could ponder more on what was protecting the swords, Blackwood was forced to defend himself with a shield charm when a powerful stunner towards him.

"I would be more aware of my surroundings if I were you Blackwoods, as my swords aren't the only things you have to deal with" spoke a smirking Sh'liann before she fired another spell from her left hand while directing he spinning sword with her right hand.

For the next few minutes, Blackwood was put completely on the defensive. With her right hand, Sh'lainn would control her spinning swords and have them attack him from multiple different directions, while using her left hand to fire a constant barrage of spells leaving him no openings to fire back.

As the battle continued Blackwood was slowly taking damage, and even with the enhancements he had given himself and the healing power of his serum, there was only so much damage he could take. Gathering his magic, Blackwood quickly extended both his arms outward and unleashed a powerful shockwave of magic, blocking all of Shlainn's spells and destroying several nearby trees, while sending both of Sh'lainn's sword flying away. One of which narrowly missed the female Dhampir's head as it flew by and embedded itself into the trunk of a tree several meters behind her.

Sh'lainn however to her credit, stood her ground and did not move an inch as Blackwood unleashed his powerful magic, and remained perfectly calm. Even when Blackwood raised both his hands over his head to conjure a massive fireball that was equal in size of a large boulder and lite up the surrounding area, Sh'lainn continued to show no fear or concern and simply stared at the man.

"Now Die!" shouted Blackwood as his Fireball suddenly exploded into hundreds of smaller fireballs that flew straight for Sh'lainn.

Calmly, Sh'lainn raised her right hand at the approaching rain of fireballs and with quick flick and twirl of her right hand a massive wall of earth erupted from the ground in front of her, shielding her from harm.

When the fireballs hit the wall they exploded with force equal o that of a cannonball. However the wall stood firm until the last fireball hit and exploded, causing the wall to finally collapse, still the wall succeeded in its job in blocking the attack and protecting Sh'lainn, who remained completely uninjured.

After the attack had ended and the smoke and dust from the explosions had settled Blackwood was left completely stunned by how effortlessly Sh'lainn had blocked one of his strongest spells and remained completely unharmed. It was only after he had gotten over his shock that Blackwood then noticed the dozen or so man size pieces of rubble, from the destroyed earth wall, now hovering directly above his head. That Sh'lainn had discretely sent over to him while the smoke and the dust still covered the area and blocked his line of sight.

Before Blackwood could even utter a curse, Sh'lainn then flicked her hand downwards, sending the debris crashing down on the Dark Alchemist with enough force that would crush any man, immortal or not.

However moments after dropping the debris down on Blackwood, Sh'lainn heard someone apparating nearby, turning to her left she saw Blackwood appear.

Having just managed to escape being crushed the falling debris at the last possible moment by apparating, Blackwood then raised his hand at Sh'lainn and with a quick hand movement yelled "Avada Kedavra!" firing a blinding green flash of light at Sh'lainn and hitting her square in the chest and sending her flying back several feet.

Seeing this, Blackwood lips curved into a twisted smile, but before he could even bask in his victory "Sh'lainn" began to fade away into nothing. At that moment one thought appeared in mind "An Illusion!"

Realizing he had been tricked Blackwood frantically began to look for any sign of female Dhampir, but just as he was turning around he was met by a strong left hook, that nearly broke his jaw and sent him stumbling back several feet.

"Too slow old man."

Hissing in pain from the punch, Blackwood attempted to straight himself up and fight back but was then hit dead centre in the chest by white light from Sh'lainn. Blood then spurted from Blackwood's mouth and chest as though he had been stabbed with an invisible sword and was sent flying back several meters back into the open field until he landed and crumpled onto the damp grass.

For next minute or more, Sh'lainn remained where he stood and did nothing as she watched Blackwood crumpled body lay still on the ground, but before long Blackwood began to stir and slowly lifted himself back up.

As he straightened himself up, Blackwood began to cackle maniacally, like some kind of madman. "Hahaha, Did I not tell you? I cannot die...foolish girl …Look!" He then pointed at the large hole in robes, where the wound on his chest started healing right before her very eyes, leaving only a large scar on his exposed chest.

"You see, it doesn't matter what you do, you cannot kill me…I am an immortal!"

"You're not immortal, your nothing but a leech, a parasite living off the people you kill, all so you can live a little bit longer" Sh'lainn retorted coldly.

Angered by her words, Damatri glared at the woman, before sneering back, "Well I suppose a vampire would know a thing or two about that. Remind me, what was that ever so delightful moniker you earned among some of your colleagues in the Irish Ministry…oh yes I remember now, Dearg-Due (Red Blood Sucker)." (9)

Disappointingly though the name did not get the desired rise out of Sh'lainn, as Blackwood had hoped it would get her angry and cause her to attack him and make a mistake. He had heard how much Sh'liann despised that name, which had been given to her by some of the more bigotry members in the Irish Ministry. The fact that it was cruel and fitting to her appearance and heritage allowed the name to stick and was often used on her by her enemies to taunt her.

Instead, Sh'liann remained as cold and impartial as she had been ever since the fight started and coldly retorted "Shut up…I've had enough of listening to you yammering on about how you're immortal and cannot die and how powerful you are. You can also save me the speech about the three hearts, the two spleens, and all that other shit. But even with all that and more, you still only have one brain."

Not understanding what Sh'lainn was getting at, Blackwood simply responded "So?" The next thing he heard was a whooshing sound and the world went completely dark, never knowing what happened to him.

At the same time, Sh'lainn caught her short sword as it flew into her hand and watched as the top half of Blackwood's head fell off, while the rest of Blackwood's body crumpled to the ground, leaving a dumbstruck look on his face with half a brain insie his skull, which was now open for all to see.

After summoning back her other sword and sheathing both blades back onto her back, the female Dhampir slowly walked over to the now dead immortal and knelt down next to him to make sure he was indeed dead.

"I told you earlier, you should be more mindful of your surroundings," stated Sh'lainn as she looked down at the man, whose face was now covered in blood, which had also mixed in with his red hair that seem to shin in the moonlight. Blackwood had been so full of himself that failed to realize that Sh'lainn had been manoeuvring him into the path of one of her swords. Once he was in position and while he was bragging about being immortal, she used her wandless magic to discreetly pull out the sword from the tree it was embedded in and had the spinning sword come up behind him and slice the top part of his head off. Immortal or not, the man still needed a brain to live.

Once she was certain he was dead, she cast a large scale magical barrier over the field and Muggle-Repelling Charm so to keep any muggles away until the Irish Ministry could come and clean up. When the barriers were up, she then turned a small stone into a Portkey that then transported her back home to Liam and the kids.

-Sh'lainn's House-

After arriving at Sh'lainn's living room Liam wasted no time in placing the injured Harry on a couch and began explaining him, with a few spells he knew and conjured a few bandages and began to redress the nasty wound on Harry's leg from the dog bit.

"Is ve's going to ve alrigvt?" asked Blair in her muffled voice, as she stood next to her brother with a worried look for the boy who has risked his own life to protect her, even after how badly she treated him and had also saved her brother.

Glancing to his younger sibling, Liam replied "I can't be sure, I'm not much of a healer, but I think he'll be alright for the time being, the kid is tougher than he looks…"

"Are yov suv...?" Blair asked again, which made Liam look at her strangly.

"Yes why?... Wait! Did you have another incident?"

Nodding, Blair then answered: "Ve touched e earlier an I ad a vision of im dying vack there in the veild."

Upon hearing this, Liam's face became more stern and told his sister to tell him every, from her vision to what happened after he and Sh'lainn had left the house. After Liam fixed her nose, Blair spent the next few minutes retelling her brother what had happened; telling him everything that she had seen in her vision and what happened when Blackwood attacked the house. Looking at back at Harry, Blair stared at the young boy before her. "Is he really Harry Potter?"

"I think so," her brother replied. "His appearance matches what was given out, I mean he looks like he photo of him and who else would have a lightning bolt shaped scar on their forehead."

"But why is he with Sh'lainn? And why is pretending to be her brother?" Blair asked. However before Liam could answer, a small groan was heard coming from behind them.

Turning to sound of the groan, the brother and sister only now noticed their injured house-elf, who had been transported lying on a large armchair

Slowly opening its eyes, the house elf was surprised to find itself in an unknown place, but as she looked around, she then saw Blair and Liam and gave a painful smile. "Master Liam, little miss, thank goodness you are safe, Tipsy is so relieved."

"Tipsy!" exclaimed Blair as she moved over to the injured elf, "You're hurt."

"Little miss is too kind to worry for worthless old Tipsy…Tipsy failed, little miss was put in danger and got hurt, can little miss ever forgive Tipsy for failing her and for being such a bad house-elf" said the house-elf, who would have punished herself if she could, but was too injured to move.

"Don't say that" spoke Blair. "You did everything you could, that wizard was simply too powerful, even my brother had trouble with him, you did everything you could."

"Blair's right and you didn't fail us" joined Liam. "If you hadn't held him off for as long as you did, Blair would have killed by the time we got back. You've nothing to be sorry about."

"But Master Liam the house…?"

"Can be rebuilt" finished Liam, while raising his hand to stop Tipsy. "I'd rather lose a hundred houses than lose Blair, or you for that matter. I mean who else can cook for us, certainly not me! I probably burn teh house down again."

Slapping her brother on his arm, for his bad joke, Blair then turned back to Tipsy and smiled. "We're just glad you are safe Tipsy."

At this point, the small elf became teary-eyed, though not out of sadness or pain, but out joy. "Master Liam and little miss are too kind to worry so much for Tipsy. Tipsy does not know what she did to deserve such kind Masters as Master Liam and little miss, but she is so proud to be their house-elf."

Liam and Blair however smiled and stated that they were the lucky ones to have Tipsy. Shortly after the little elf closed her eyes again, courteous of silent sleeping spell cast by Liam who was afraid that the little elf would overexert herself, and wanted her to get as much rest as possible.

It was only after doing this that Sh'lainn appeared in the room, looking no worse than when Liam had left her with Blackwood.

"Sh'lainn, you okay?"

"I'm fine" replied the female Dhampir rather shortly.

"And Blackwood…?"

"Not so fine."

"Meaning….?" Liam asked, though he although suspected what the answer was going to be.

"Meaning, that he won't be ever troubling you or Blair again…ever."

In response grim look appeared the younger man's face, "So its wasn't Harry that Blair saw dying in her vision, it was Blackwood." As an Auror Liam was trained to bring criminal in alive and kill only in the self-defence or the defence of others. He was not supposed to condone cold-blooded murder and by all rights he should arrest Sh'lainn. However Blackwood had come after him and his sister with the intention of torturing and killing them, so instead, he gave Sh'lainn a short of approval. He was certain that if she hadn't, he probably would've killed the man himself, immortal or not, for what he had put his sister through.

After answering Liam's questions, Sh'lainn moved over to where Harry was laying and began looking over his injuries. "How is he?"

"Not great" Liam answered. "I treated the more serious injuries, and he should be okay for now, but he still has a broken arm, two fractured ribs and a nasty wound from one of those dogs on his leg and by the look of it has lost a lot of blood. He's going to need a proper healer to mend them properly and make sure he doesn't have any other internal ones I might have missed."

Frowning at this, Sh'lainn thought about contacting her grandparents, given how both of them were a lot more experienced and skilled at healing. However, she quickly remembered that would not be possible given how it would be impossible to contact them when they were on one of their trips.

Cursing silently, Sh'lainn stood up "I know someone."

"Someone, you trust?" Liam inquired, having already guessed that Sh'lainn would still want to keep her "brother's" identity hidden.

"I should…I saved their life after all."

Moving over to the fire and throwing in some Floo power, causing the flames to turn green, Sh'lainn stuck her head in and began talking to someone. Moments later she pulled her head out and took a step back, where the fireplace began to widen and the fire exploded, upon which a young woman, carry a small black medical bag appeared

The woman was tall, with a slim build, and long raven-black hair that fell below her shoulders. She had a severely pale complexion that almost matched Sh'lainn's indicating that the woman didn't get out very much and wore a Healer's long white coat over her sky blue robes that did not seem to match her appearance. Still, she was very attractive; with her round full face small narrow nose and lips, and dull olive green eyes that seemed alert and quick to take things in.

Without saying so much as a word or being asked, the woman quickly moved over to the couch where Harry lay and started performing several quick spells, which Sh'lainn and the others guessed were analysing spells to see how injured Harry was. When she saw Harry's scar, she glanced momentarily at Sh'lainn, who simply signaled that she would explain later.

Nodding, the healer then began to work on Harry, casting a few bone-repairing spells and took out a few potions, to help heal his wounded leg.

While the female healer was dealing with Harry, Sh'lainn gave Liam a brief rundown on who she was, when he asked. "Her name is Maura Wells; she's the Healer-in-Charge of the spell damage ward at St. Brid Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. About seven years ago, I saved her life when she was targeted by a certain group of people."

"A Handy person to have, especially when you're injured and need a private house call, but why exactly was she being targeted by this group?" Liam asked curiously.

"It's a long story…but to put it simply, it was a family matter," Sh'lainn replied cryptically.

Before Liam could press further on the issue, Maura stood up and declared that she was done. "He should be alright now; I've mended his broken arms and ribs, as well as healed his injured leg and treated several bruises and minor injuries. I've also given him a dreamless draught to make sure he stays a sleeps for the remainder of the night so that his body can rest."

Relieved at the news, the half-vampire nodded and said: "Thanks Maura, I owe one."

Nodding back, Maura immediately walked over the injured Tipsy and Blair, pushing past Liam without even saying "excuse me" and started first with Blair. Although Blair's injuries were relatively minor, with having only a few cuts and bruises on her arms, legs and face, Maura could see that exhausted from what happened tonight was starting to affect her and needed rest. Bringing up her wand, she then tapped Blair's forehead and silently cast sleeping spell on her, causing her to slump forward, where Maura then placed her on a nearby chair and began healing her. When she had finished she then conjured a small blanket to cover her as she slept.

Healing Tipsy, however, took a little longer than either children, given how badly the elf had been hurt, but after twenty minutes of spell work, and feeding her several small potion vials, the majority of the elf wounds had been healed before putting her to sleep as well.

When she finished, Maura then immediately turned to the two adults. "The two of you sit down next."

"Thanks, but we're fine…" Liam tried to explain

"Yes, I can see that" Maura replied in a tone that clearly indicated otherwise as she looked at the several cuts and bruises that covered them. With a quick swish of her wand, the medi-witch conjured two small chairs and forced both the Auror and Hit-witch to sit down.

"Now then, while I am treating you, perhaps you can explain what happened to all of you and why exactly Harry Potter of all people is with you, especially considering how he is supposed to be missing for the past three years."

Smiling weakly, Sh'lainn replied, "It's kind of long story…" as she had not been looking forward to this conversation, and was hoping to delay the explanation for a while longer.

"Good, since we've plenty of time, as the kids and the house-elf will be out for a while" answered Liam, who despite having been forced to sit down and go through Maura's examinations, wanted answers just as badly.

Sighing tiredly, Sh'lainn then spent the next two hours, explaining her relationship with Flamels, how they found Harry, to them adopting and hiding him from the rest of the world. However, she made sure not mention the Delacours, as the fewer people that knew of their involvement with her family the better for them.

When she had finished her story, both Liam and Maura remind silent as the mulled over everything they had learned.

Glancing between both the Sh'lainn the sleeping Harry, Liam silently remark. "Despite not be blood-related, both of them probably have more in common with one another than most siblings, given their similar pasts. Both of them were raised in an abusive environment and were despised by their family for what they were and forced to run away and live on the streets, before being found and taken in by the Flamels."

Turning to look back a Sh'lainn, Liam then said: "So what happens now?"

"What happens is that you go report the attack to King. The sooner you report this, the sooner the Ministry can cover it up , I placed some wards and barriers around the area we fough Blackwood, but peole will notice your house being burnt down."

"Shouldn't you come as well?" stated Liam. "You were the one who defeated Blackwood after all." Sh'lainn, however, shook her head.

"No, you should tell King that you were the one who defeated Blackwood. The less I'm involved the better. If you tell them about me, there might be some questions that could lead to Harry being found out."

"Would that be so bad?" spoke Maura, who until now had been kept quiet. "You can't honestly expect to keep the boy hidden forever; sooner or later this will all come out."

"I know that, which is why my grandparents have been making some preparations for when we do reveal that we have him, we just need a little more time, that's all."

"What sort of preparations?" Liam enquired, having now become curious as to what the Flamels were planning. Sh'lainn, however, would not say, and stated only that her grandparents had a plan.

Still not convinced by this, Maura argued further. "I'll admit, keeping you and Harry's involvement in the Blackwood matter would be for the best, but I still don't see why you want to keep him hidden, from what I heard his relatives are in Azkaban and can no longer harm him."

"It's not those people we are afraid of" Sh'lainn replied, refusing to even acknowledge as the Dursleys as Harry's relatives given what they did to him. "It's the Ministry and Dumbledore who we're are worried about."

Surprised by this statement, Maura stared at her friend. "You can't honestly believe that Albus Dumbledore of all people would harm the Boy-Who-Lived"

Shaking her head, Sh'lainn then replied, "No, I don't, but neither I nor my grandparents trust him enough to keep Harry safe. He was the one who placed Harry with those people" spitting out the word people as if it was something vile in her mouth. "He didn't even bother to check in on him once, to make sure he was doing okay. He just placed Harry, who was only one, outside on their front doorstep in the middle of the night, with only a letter to explain what happened. He didn't even know Harry had run away until three months later. After that how can anyone trust him to make sure Harry, or any child for that matter, was safe?"

"And the British Ministry?"

At this question, Liam snorted, gaining Maura's attention. "The British Ministry?! You might as well just hand the kid over to one of the Dark Lords Death Eater stooges and be done with it, especially from what I've heard."

Nodding in agreement, Sh'lainn continued, "Liam's right, despite the British Ministry's claims, not all of Voldemort's followers were captured or killed." At the mentioned of Voldemort's name, both Liam and Maura flinched slightly, which Sh'lainn ignored and continued. "A lot of them were able to escape Azkaban by claiming to be under the Imperius Curse, or by bribing and blackmailing certain Ministry officials, some even sold out other Death Eater to get an early release. If my grandparents handed Harry to the Ministry, you can bet that one of those dark families who escape Azkaban would use their influence and money to get Harry to live with them, where they would either arrange for an "accident" to happen to him or turn him into the next Voldemort, and not even Dumbledore could prevent it, since he lost a lot of influence and support when Harry's abuse and disappearance came out and most people blame him for it, given how he was the one who gave Harry to his abusers."

Despite still having reservations about keeping Harry hidden, Maura could not fault the logic behind Sh'lainn's argument, especially if what she said about some of the Dark Lords followers still being free and having influence in the British Ministry of Magic. Given her own past, she could easily believe it, plus given what Sh'lainn had done for her. She felt that the female half-vampire had done more than earn both her trust and support.

"So how exactly should I spin this to King?" asked Liam.

"Tell her the truth or at least most of it, just leave both Harry and me out of it, that way there be less chance of us being discovered. You can tell her that after learning of where Blackwood lived and finding his home empty, you returned home and discovered Blackwood attacking it, you then chased him down and in the defence of your sister you duelled and killed him. Afterwards, you then took Blair and Tipsy to the hospital to Maura to be treated before you went to report to the Ministry"

Believing that this would be the best course of action, Liam nodded in agreement, however, at the same time he frowned in displeasure. Although he did not have a problem keeping quiet about Harry, given how the young boy had risked his own life to save and protect both him and his sister from Blackwood, and he trusted Sh'lainn enough to trust her to do what was right. He, however, did not like taking the credit for other people's accomplishments but knew it was necessary to keep Harry hidden and safe.

Once both Liam and Maura were in agreement, they took the sleeping Blair and Tipsy up and prepared to Floo to the hospital. Before leaving Maura promised to inform both Tipsy and Blair of what to say when they woke and before they were interviewed by the Auror's, so to prevent them from saying anything that could reveal Harry and Sh'lainn's involvement.

After they had all left, Sh'lainn collapsed onto the couch right next to Harry from exhaustion, the events of the last few hours now finally catching up on her. It had been a long night for them all and she no longer had the energy to stand, let alone walk upstairs to her bed. She also didn't want to leave Harry alone, believing it best for her to be with him when he woke so that she could explain everything to him.

Turning to the unconscious boy, she could not help but think, "Trouble sure seems to have a thing for you squirt." Sighing, Sh'lainn began imagining how her grandparents would react once she sent word to them, which only made her groan.

"I'll write to them later"

Feeling her eyelid getting heavier, Sh'lainn raised her hand up slightly and conjured a large blanket to cover the both of them before allowing sleep to finally take hold over her and drift off into a dreamless sleep.


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(1). This is Magical Ireland's version of Diagon Alley

(2). Go to Larkin 2727 Photobucket and look up the Alchemist Apprantice Album for image of for an image of Liam O'Neill

(3). Uaimh is Irish for Crypt and is Magical Ireland's version of Azkaban

(4). The Garda are what the Police are called in Ireland

(5). Much of what I said here is true about the Banshee, unlike in the book, as J.K. took some liberties there. In Irish lore, the Banshee has long white silver hair. In addition, their screams do not kill; it only foretells an approaching death. Also although the Banshee is often seen as ugly, frightful hags, they can also appear as young and beautiful women if they choose.

(6). Go to Larkin 2727 Photobucket and look up the Alchemist Apprantice Album for image of for an image of Blair O'Neill

(7). This rumour is my play on Dee's name since the word Dee means Black in Welsh.

(8). Doloo is Ancient Greek for to beguile, to ensnare" as well as "to corrupt, to adulterate."

(9). Dearg-Due means Red Blood-Sucker in Irish and as the name suggests is the Irish name for a female Vampire. It is said that Bram Stoker, an Irishman, who would be familiar with the legend took some inspiration of the legend of the Dearg-Due for his book.

Extra Notes:

Legend of the Dearg-Due

The legend of the Dearg-Due is an old one told to children by their grandparents. According to legend the Dearg-Due, lived over 2,000 years ago. Her true name has been lost to the ages, overshadowed instead by the thing she became. When she lived it was said she and was a legendary beauty, with blood-red lips and pale blonde hair. Men travelled from far and wide and even from rival clans across the land, to not only look upon her but to win her hand in marriage. Her outward loveliness was said to be only a shadow of that within her. Godly and kind, she was a blessing to all who knew her.

Of course, as fate would have it, this sweet-natured girl fell in love with a local peasant. His name too has been forgotten, swallowed by legend. He was a true match for her in all things…handsome, kind-hearted…but lacking in the one thing that meant the most to the fair maiden's cruel Father: money land and cattle (Cattle were a sign of stature in Ancient Ireland, meaning the more you had, the more respected you were). Without any of these things, there was no stature in the community, and without stature, there would be no security for the family. That love match would never be allowed to happen.

Instead, the Father gave his child to a vastly older, vastly crueller man, all to secure a name and a fortune for the family. While the Father revelled in his newly acquired riches, he gave not a thought to his poor daughter. She daily suffered terrible mental and physical abuse at the hands of her new "husband." His particular pleasure was found in drawing blood from her…watching as the deep crimson welled up on her soft, porcelain skin. When she was not being abused, she was kept locked away in a tower cell, so that only her husband could see her…touch her…bleed her. And she waited, in vain, for the day that her former love, the kind peasant boy, would somehow rescue her. That hope kept her alive for many months.

Until, one day, she realized there was no hope. No one would come for her. So she saved herself, the only way she knew how. She committed suicide through stravation, it is believed, she secretly disposed of the scraps of food left for her each day. It was a slow and no doubt painful, death. She is buried in a small churchyard, near "Strongbow's Tree," in the County of Waterford, Southeast Ireland.

Some say the months of abuse had broken and twisted her kind spirit, and before she finally breathed her last, she renounced God and vowed a terrible vengeance. For the devout, souls of those who commit suicide are never at rest, regardless; they are, in fact, doomed to walk forever in torment.

Her husband was said to have taken another wife, while her body was still warm in her deathbed. Her cruel father and family were so busy with their new wealth living without a care about her demise. The only person who mourned her passing was the young peasant boy.

Long before this sad tale, folklore in Ireland dictated that you should pile stones on the graves of the newly dead, to prevent them from rising again. Perhaps it was out of sadness and guilt that the townspeople did not pile the stones on her grave that first night. Perhaps they remembered the kind and beautiful soul she was and thought she had suffered enough persecution and defamation. After all, none of them had come to her rescue, despite the fact that they knew her husband was a monster of a man, and none of them had ever seen her again after the day of their marriage.

As the story goes, she arose from her grave the following night of her death. Overcome with anger and vengeance, she first visited her father's house. Finding him asleep in his bed, she leaned over him and placing her lips over his where she sucked the life's breathe from him until there was no more. She then visited her husband. He was said to have been engaged marital exploits with his new wife and never noticed her enter the room. Overcome with a furious rage she went into a frenzied attack on the couple, this time her attack was so ferocious that she not only drained the pair of their life breath but also their blood. The surge of fresh blood through her dead body made her feel alive again. She used her beauty to prey on lustful young men. Luring them away to a quiet place only to sink her teeth into their throats and deprive them of their blood. Her hunger for blood became all that she knew. So eager to quench her thirst, she forgot all about her young love and never saw him again. Each night she would rise from the earth to feast like a wild beast returning to her grave a bloody corpse and thus the Dearg-Due "the red-blood sucker," was born.

It is said she steals blood from children, from the innocent, and especially from young men. Calling them with a strange, haunting siren song that invades their sleep, she lures them out into the night with her…tempting them to follow her, to her grave. Punishing them, as she was punished, keeping them with her, as she herself was kept. Those who go missing, those taken mysteriously ill, those children who die inexplicably, are all attributed to the cursed, wandering, and insatiable Dearg-Due.

According to lore the only way to stop the Dearg-Due is to pile stones on her grave and in doing so prevent her from rising and taking her fill of lifeblood from her potential victims. Locals are said to have done this for many years, but… sometimes they forget…

Custom Spells/Items:

(A). The Amulet of Dolus: This Amulet was created by an unknown Greek Wizard who would use it to delude foes into believing that their comrades and allies are him, which results in them battling each other. One known method to undo the illusions is to destroy the Amulet. It is, however, possible for a person to break out of the illusion if another person calls out to them, Liam showed this when he temporarily regained his senses when Blair yelled desperately for him and Sh'lainn to stop their battle, before being placed under the illusion once again by Blackwood. The Amulet is activated when the wielder shouts the word Doloo, causing a blind red flash that places those caught in it under the illusion. The name of the Amulet is derived from the Dolus, who is the spirit of trickery and guile in ancient Greek mythology. He is also a master at cunning deception, craftiness, and treachery.

(B). Exploding Fireball: Powerful Fire spell, where with a single flick, of his wand or hand, Blackwood can produce flaming fireballs from the tip of his wand or fingers, which explode when contact is made. Each fireball has enough force to kill or severe injury to a person hit by it. Utilizing the explosives, Blackwood can also generate smokescreens to confuse his enemies. This powerful spell can be used in both small-scale and in large scale. When using in large-scale Blackwood can conjure a single large fireball that will explode and release hundreds of smaller fireballs that will explode on contact and cause wide-scale damage on the surrounding area.

Character Profile:

1. Name: Blair O'Neill

Nationality: Irish

Age: 10

Status: Half-breed, Half Banshee

Family: Liam O'Neill (Brother), Cathal O'Neill (Father, deceased), Mab O'Neill (Mother, Banshee, deceased), Brian O'Neill (Uncle)

Background: Blair is the second child and only daughter of Cathal and Mab O'Neill; shortly after she was born Blair lost both her parents in a rumoured Death Eater attack in Ireland. She and her brother were then raised by their Uncle Brian. Due to her being a half Banshee, Blair suffered a great deal of distrust and dislike for her Banshee heritage, leaving her with no friends with the exception of her brother. This was made even harder when she turned seven and came into her Banshee powers where she predicted a neighbour's death. This then led to people mistakenly believing that she caused the person's death, forcing her brother and her to move from their Uncles and resulting in Blair's distrust and fear others.

Skills: Due to her Banshee lineage Blair will be able to foresee a person's possible death. When seeing a death, she will go into a trance-like state, he eyes will go white and she will let out an ear-splitting scream. Also when she is extremely emotional, example angry or upset, her magic can act out, where she expels a large out of magic out from her hands and let out an ear-splitting scream that is loud enough to shatter glass.

Appearance: She is short of stature with sharp features, along with the silver-white hair that falls down to her mid back and violet eyes. She is often told that she resembles her mother in appearance.

Personality: Due to the harassment she received when she was young. Blair is a meek, timid girl with little confidence or self-esteem, especially when around others, and often stayed close to her brother.

Due to the harshness of her early childhood Blair grew up hating her powers and is mistrustful towards people she is unfamiliar with, preferring to be alone, but is extremely loyal to those who earn her trust and friendship and can be very courageous when needed.

Blair is very close to her brother, Liam, given how he was her only real friend, and greatly admires and looks up to him, due to him always defending her from those who harassed her.

2. Name: Liam O'Neill

Nationality: Irish

Age: 20

Status: Half-breed, Half Banshee

Profession: Auror

Family: Blair O'Neill (Sister), Cathal O'Neill (Father, deceased), Mab O'Neill (Mother, Banshee, deceased), Brian O'Neill (Uncle)

Background: Liam is the eldest child and only son of Cathal and Mab O'Neill. Due to his Half-breed status, Liam was often looked down upon by other wizarding families, especially traditional Pureblood families.

When he was ten his sister Blair was born, but shortly after that, he lost both his parent in a Death Eater attack, where he and his sister were then raised by their Uncle Brian. Later Liam entered Tara's school of magic; Ireland's only magically school but would come home every holiday to spend time with his sister. When he graduated out of school Liam joined the Auror's division and quickly became and a fully fledge Auror after only a year of training, thanks to the support of Sh'lainn, a friend of his father, whom he looked up to, he soon became one of the best Auror's in the Irish Ministry. When his sister turned seven she awakened her Banshee powers, causing many local magical families to turn against them and forcing them to move

School: Tara's school of magic

Skills: Unlike his sister, Liam did not inherit his mother's Banshee powers, though this could be because he was male. He is, however, a highly skilled and gifted dualist, which is shown given how quickly he graduated from Auror training after only a year. He also has some skill in Hand to hand fighting, thanks to some training from Sh'lainn.

Appearance: Like sister, Liam inherited his mother's silver-white hair that is somewhat parted with his bangs brushed down. He is broad shoulder with a slim but muscular build. He is tall, about 6,2, has blue eyes, which he inherited from his father, and is regarded as rather handsome and fair looking, which most people credit to his mother. Unlike most Auror who generally wear long brown trench coats, Liam prefers to wear a long bright red-coloured two-tailed coat.

Personality: Liam is incredibly flippant, casually mouthing off to even his superiors, and he generally enjoys rubbing people the wrong way. But can be serious when the situation calls for it, he however still maintains a laid-back demeanour during such situations and is never without a witty taunt or comeback. But actually has a very strong sense of justice. He can also be counted on to do the right thing, even if he makes cynical quips about it the entire time.

From his time hanging out with Sh'lainn in his youth, Liam has a strong fondness for the muggle culture, especially their food. His favourite food is strawberry sundaes and pizza.

Due to losing his parents when he was nine, Liam cares very deeply about his family, especially his sister, and is very protective of her and will not stand for anyone harming or threating her.

3. Name: Maura Wells

Nationality: Irish

Age: 30

Status: Half-blood

Profession: Healer, Head Healer of Spell Damage Ward

Family: Unknown

Background: Maura was born in Ireland and went to Tara's school of magic when she was eleven. When she graduated she went on to train as a healer in St. Brid Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries, where she eventually became the Head Healer of Spell Damage Ward. Seven years ago she met Sh'lainn after she saved her from being killed by a group of wizards, due to some issues involving her family.

Skills: As the Head Healer of Spell Damage Ward in St. Brid Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. Maura is a highly accomplished and skilled healer with an equally very high understanding of medical charms and spells and the human body and can mend broken bones in less than sixty seconds without any lasting damage. She is also capable of putting a person to sleep wordlessly, needing only to tap their forehead with her wand.

Appearance: Not unlike Sh'lainn, Mura has a severely pale complexion indicating that she doesn't get out very much. She has a slim build and long raven-black hair that falls down below her shoulders and is considered very attractive; with her round full face small narrow nose and lips, and dull olive green eyes.

Personality: Maura is a very smart and confident woman in her thirties and very professional in how she acts. She has a straight forward-like personality and is always logical and patient and takes her job very seriously, where she will immediately act when she sees an injured person, without even having to be asked. She is not easily ruffled and has a steady temperament, however, she is very tight-lipped about her personal life. Although Maura is socially awkward around people who are not her patients or does not know, (causing her to come off as rude), she isn't awkward around Sh'lainn or those she trust. To her patients, especially children, she maintains a kind but professional manner.

4. Name: Damitir Blackwood

Nationality: English

Age: 202

Status: Human/Immortal (Deceased)

Family: Mother (Deceased), Father (Deceased)

Background: Not much is known about Damitir background; he came from a poor low standing magical family with his mother being a muggle-born and father a pureblood. At eleven he entered Hogswart and joined Slytherin where he showed a talent for Alchemy and potion brewing, though was not well liked by his housemates for half-blood status. At some point, after leaving Hogwarts he met with Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel, and upon seeing his talent Alchemy, Nicolas took him on as an apprentice and assistance. Later he developed his own serum for immortality and asked for their assistance in perfecting it. However, upon realizing the limiations of the serum, the Flamels refused to help him anymore, causing a arguement to break out between the three, where Damitir later attempted to steal the Philosopher's stone for himself but was stopped by Perenelle Flamel and was forced to flee. At some point, while using his immortality serum he met with a young squid, Mary Shelley, (while under the alias Victor Frankenstein), who escaped his clutches and later outed his hideous experiments in her book Frankenstein, which she had based on her experience with Blackwood. Later Blackwood returned to England and began harvesting young muggle woman's organs where he later became known as Jack the Ripper. This would then alert the Flamels, who in turn alerted the British Ministry and began a hunt for him. He would however escape and pin his crimes on a vampire named Herbert Varney, though the Flamels were not fooled and would continue their pursuit of him. Eventually, they tracked him down to Toronto Canada where he then used Fiendfyre to escape capture, which in turn caused The Great Fire of Toronto of 1904. However, he did not escape unharmed as he was horribly burned and left severely weakened beyond even his immortality serum to heal him fully and spent much of the past ninety years in hiding. However, in the last year, his need for attention drove him to restart killing spree in Ireland, which later caught the attention of young Auror Liam O'Neill and later notable Hit-wizard Sh'lainn Flynn Flamel, adopted granddaughter of Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel.

Skills: Damitir Blackwood was a highly skilled and talented Alchemist to the point where even notable Alchemist Nicolas Flamel recognised and acknowledged his skill where he made him his apprentice and assistant and later developed his own unique serum for immortality. In addition to his Alchemic skills, Damitri is also an accomplished potion brewer and can expertly dissect and harvest body parts and organs to use later. He was also a powerful wizard magically, capable of performing powerful fire spells, wards and barriers, and cast the killing curse, among other spells, wandlessly.

Appearance: In his young Damitir was a tall charming handsome young man with short brown hair and blue eyes. Even when he started replacing body parts to stay alive he was able to maintain his attractive appearance thanks to the healing power of his serum and his operating skills. But after the Great Fire of Toronto horribly disfigured and burned beyond his serum healing powers and because of the damage was done to his body his skill in replacing body parts drastically fell, resulting in his Frankenstein-like appearance.

Personality: Blackwood is very narcissistic and arrogant, believing in his own superiority and that his abilities surpass everyone else's or he holds a key component in solving their problems. He was highly intelligent and charismatic and charming, as evidenced by his skill being recognised by Nicolas who took him on as an apprentice and assistant and developing his own immorality serum.

However, his inability to work and communicate with others and accept his own limitations had often set him back. He refuses to admit to his own failings or shortcoming often trying to pin it on others, believing they are either incompetents or they are jealous of his skill and sabotage his work.

Blackwood also has an incessant need for fame and attention, and prove his own superiority and does not care what way he gets it, which is what drove him to his serial killings. Whenever he is given a task he will stress how lucky people are to have him, even when fighting he will sing his own praises to everyone within earshot and even when he praises others skill, it is only to raise his own ego when he defeats them and would often taunt them as he fights them. He has no loyalty to anyone except himself and will use people however he sees fit.

Blackwood had very little attachment to anything that did not amplify his fame or existence, which was why he has no interest in attaining followers or subordinates, believing they would only slow him down. He could not care less what happens to anyone else, as long as he got what he wanted or avoided discovery for his crimes, shown as how he framed Herbert Varney his crimes as Jack the Ripper and his lack of empathy for all the people he killed and harvested for their organs and body parts. He was never concerned with the consequences of his actions, only if they either benefited him or got him into trouble with the law.

Despite the fact that he usually maintained a calm, reserved and sophisticated persona, Blackwood was capable of phenomenally explosive and violent fits of rage, especially when his intelligence was being challenged or insulted. His rage would often get the better of him, as shown when Harry Potter destroyed his amulet and freed Liam and Sh'lainn from its spell.