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"She will never be able to control it. It will destroy her."

"You do not know that. The good in her is strong, she can conquer it."

"It will destroy her and she will be the end of us all!"

"You do not know that!"


"We cannot jump to conclusions, we must have faith that she will remain strong."

"And if she cannot? What happens then? What happens when the evil becomes unstoppable? What happens when the world begins to burn, and a darkness overshadows all the land that none can escape from? For that is what will happen; not even the elves will be able to escape from it. This darkness will stretch to the very ends of the earth."

"Then what would you have us do? We cannot 'purify' her, we cannot send her away and we will NOT kill her."

"And what if that was our only option? We are speaking of the LIVES of all those in Middle Earth!"

"That will NEVER be an option! That is something that I could not do, and I am appalled that you would even consider such a thing!"

"You are a fool! She will fall, and then she will be your destruction."

"Do you have such little faith in her?"

"Well maybe I do! Can you blame me after what I have seen?"

"That was not entirely her fault! He had no right to say such things to her."

"That does not change the fact that she nearly KILLED him with her bare hands! She should have been able to contain her anger."

"We will teach her to, she can learn to ignore it."

"If you say so. I do not share that belief."

"She can! She carries the light of the Eldar in her."

"She is not like her kin; she is tainted by darkness."

"Even a dark star may bear light. She can conquer the darkness within herself!"

"I'm afraid I do not share your conviction. She will fall. The darkness will destroy her."

To hear the people you trust most in your life discussing you fate as if it wasn't even your concern is frightening to say the least. It is kind of infuriating too.

Do I not have a say in what my own life will entail? Do I not have a say in whether I live or die? Can't I make the major decisions in my own life? I know I am young, but I can take care of myself.

Even to this day I wish I had not heard them. Their conversation has haunted my thoughts ever since.

I only had a faint idea of what they were talking about then...but I guess I understand now.

It is not easy living like this. It is frightening, knowing that the next time I lose control I might never be able to bring myself back.

I am afraid...I am terribly afraid of what I might become.

They say the dark star will still shed light, but what if the darkness in it overpowers the light? What will happen then?



Death will happen.

I never asked for this ... I never asked for any of this. I never asked for this power. I never asked for this pain.

They always tell me that there is nothing to be done now; I could not help that I was born the way I was.

I am who I am, and I cannot deny it.

I do not deny it anymore...

I am the destruction of my world

I am the death of its peoples

I am the Dark Star.

But that day that I overheard them speaking, I made myself a promise and to that promise I hold: it will never destroy me. I will NEVER fall.

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