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Chapter II

Lord Elrond exited the room, quietly shutting the door behind him. He turned around only to be faced with the two young hobbits who had told him of Alyss' return.

It appeared that they had made themselves at home right outside the door to her room. And as soon as they heard him leaving had jumped to their feet eager to hear how she was doing. A faint smile graced his lips as he saw the concern that the hobbits felt written on their faces.

"How is she?" Merry piped up before Pippin could say anything.

"She will be fine, Master hobbit," Elrond assured them, "A little rest is all she needs."

"Can we see her?" asked Pippin eagerly.

Lord Elrond was about to answer, but was interrupted when he heard the pounding feet of some people approaching. Within seconds, a trio of elves came bounding around the corner their hair wild and flying everywhere in their haste.

"Hey Pip?" whispered Merry as he stared at the new elves, his eyes widening as he not so subtly edged his towards the door, "We'd better go. Like now."

"But I want to see her!" He turned a pleading eye towards Lord Elrond mentally begging him to let him stay, but at that moment the elves spotted the two hobbits and immediately sprung forward to catch them.

"Let's go!" Merry whispered, pulling Pippin along behind him before he could say anything else. Elrond watched in amused astonishment as the three elves flew past him, speaking in hurried elvish about what they were going to do to the petty thieves once they caught them.

Shaking his head at the two hobbits antics he told himself that he didn't want to know what they did and decided instead to go find Gandalf.

"So what exactly happened to her?" asked Gandalf as he puffed on his pipe, even though he knew Elrond did not find the smell of pipe weed appealing. Gandalf knew that Elrond harbored a suspicion that he did that just to annoy him, though that was far from the truth….depending on how you looked at it, "You took off to the Halls of Healing so quickly I did not see her at all."

"She was suffering from some minor wounds to the head and limbs, but those were not noteworthy. Some were mere scrapes, or in her words," Elrond smirked, "Nothing but a flesh wound."

Gandalf chuckled, "So what caused your concern then?"

Elrond's smirk faded away as he recalled what he had seen, "Wargs Gandalf. Apparently they did not get close enough to bite, but their claws had easy access to her stomach. The lacerations ran deeper than I would have expected and she lost a great deal of blood from the wounds."

Gandalf frowned, a certain aspect of the whole affair did not seem right to him at all. "Why did she not heal herself?"

Elrond also frowned, "I do not know. Something must have happened to prevent her from doing so."

"She must have been attacked close by then if she made it here without bleeding to death," Gandalf thought aloud, "What would wargs be doing so close to these borders?"

Elrond remained silent for a few moments before answering, "They were hunting her Gandalf. They were wargs sent by Saruman to hunt her down and kill her."

Though he knew of Saruman's betrayal, Gandalf still found this news to be quite disconcerting, even appalling. The fact that he was capable of such treachery only proved how far their former friend had fallen. "How do you know this?" he finally asked, unable to say anything else.

"She spoke a little as she passed in and out of consciousness," Elrond answered dismissingly, "It was enough for me to piece the clues together."

"So she knows then," Gandalf murmured.


"How did she seem? Did she seem…" Gandalf trailed off.

"Broken?" Elrond finished for him in a weary voice. When he saw Gandalf nod, he continued, "It has always been difficult to tell with her since she can hide her feelings so well if she sets her mind to it. I believe that she locked up her emotions so that she could deal with the bigger problem, and has not yet given thought to them."

"But her pent up emotions cannot stay behind lock and key forever. The dam will burst and the flood will be even greater," reasoned Gandalf.

"I know that," Elrond answered as he began to pace, "That is why I am afraid to let her sleep. You know that she always projects her thoughts and feelings into vivid dreams."

"But she must so that she can heal mellon," Gandalf murmured as he stood up to stop Elrond's pacing, "We will cross that bridge once we come to it. For now, let us be glad that she has made it back here in mostly one piece for once." He finished with a small smile gracing his face.

"You are right."

"You were my friend," she whispered, "I thought we were destined to be together. You said so yourself! We were best friends!"

What is going on?

"Doesn't that mean anything to you anymore? Everything we ever did together? All the fun we had when you were younger?"

What am I doing?

"We were heroes! Don't you remember? We were the warriors of old who led armies into battle and razed our enemies to the ground! We were the Great King and Wise Queen, who ruled all of Middle Earth fairly and justly! We fought alongside the Valar as they defeated Morgoth and threw him into the void! We fought side by side against the Balrogs and together threw them deep into the depths of the world! Don't you remember?"

This already happened.

"Don't you remember searching for treasure? We would search ever little rabbit whole we found thinking it was a troll hoard! And remember when we did find one! The stench was so great that I refused to go inside but you threw me in anyways! Don't you remember?"

I was little.

"Don't your remember the stories we made up of the great adventures we would have together? And how we would search for hobbits and dwarfs in the woods? We decided that we would visit them together one day, and have a drinking contest with the dwarfs! You said that you would be the greatest drinking champion there ever was! Don't you remember?"

He is dead.

"Don't you remember any of it? Any at all?"

He's BEEN dead for a thousand years.

"Do you even care?"

He betrayed me.

He didn't care. He didn't care about anything they had shared; all the good times they had had together were as important to him as a pesky fly. The memories that swirled inside his head were empty. They were completely meaningless.

He turned against me.

There was nothing left of the boy who had been her best friend. As he grew more and more he had sought power. And he was granted it. But his lust for power had consumed him.

He tried to kill me.

She watched as he aged before her eyes from the young man that was her friend to an aged one, his face growing twisted and dark with time. But he did not die. He faded away until all that was left of him was that voice. The high pitched screech that chilled her blood in her veins.

He had no face hidden underneath the dark hood. There was nothing but that voice.

He tried to KILL me.

She didn't understand how he suddenly ended up beside her, or how he suddenly had that THING in his hands, but she knew that she was in pain.

She could feel the blade cutting into her, over and over again.

He's going to do it this time. He's actually going to kill me.

She stared up into the darkness where his face would be, and found that her mind would not register what her eyes were trying to tell her.

Her fried was gone only to be replaced by something dark and twisted.

He was going to kill her.

But before he could strike the final blow his figure melted away before her. The scene changing instead to a place that she recognized well.

What is going on?

She was back at the training grounds in Rivendell.

Why am I here?

They were all there.

Why are THEY here?

All the elves that had bullied her when she was young were standing there in front of her.

I thought they learned to leave me alone.

They were laughing at her.

Stop it.

They were yelling at her.

I said stop it.

They were screaming at her, yelling all the taunts they had thrown at her when she was younger. They said she wasn't an elf and that she was a freak. They said she didn't belong there or anywhere else and that she didn't have a home. They said she wasn't wanted by them or by anyone else.


She clutched her head and shut her eyes, trying in vain to shut out their mockery.

But the more she stopped up her ears, the more that their voices echoed in her mind.

They were everywhere!


She nearly cried in relief when all sound suddenly ceased. But when she opened her eyes, she immediately regretted it.

No, I don't need to see this.

"Does it upset you, little she-elf?" hissed the orc, "Would you like to have him back?"

She could not answer the foul creature since her eyes were fixed on the horror that had once been her friend. They threw his body to the ground in front of her, and he skidded to a stop at her feet. All that remained of his mutilated face stared up at her.

His eyes had been ripped out, his ears were cut off, and he was missing more than one limb. The cuts and bruises that littered his body were too great to count. They had taken him and tortured him beyond all physical and mental limits. They had driven him over the edge.


She should never have left him.

I should not have gotten angry.

She clearly remembered the fight they had had earlier, and how she stormed off in fury, refusing point blank to be anywhere near him.

She had heard the screams too late.

It was all my fault.

She remembered how she searched. She remembered that long week it took her to track him down.

But by then it was too late. I failed him.

She had failed him.

She had let him die.

She never even got to tell him she was sorry.

I can't stand this anymore!

The orc was laughing at her.

Stop it.

He was laughing at her failure.


"You are weak! You could have saved him," the orc hissed, "Yet you failed. You are a failure. You were not strong enough to save him, and you are not strong enough to save yourself!"


With a cry of rage she threw herself at the orc, her hands groping for his neck. They latched on there and she squeezed as tightly as she could.

But the orc continued laughing at her even as his face turned blue from the lack of oxygen. He continued laughing as she choked the life out of him.

He did not stop until all movement left his body, and the life left his eyes.

But even then, she could hear him laughing at her.

Just stop it.

She shut her eyes as she let go of the orc's vile throat, but this did not stop the tears that trickled down her face.

If this is a dream, then I want to wake up. Now. I don't want to see this anymore.

Her silent entreaties were met by a blood curdling scream.


Her eyes flew open on her own accord, only to see it.


They were all there…all fighting….all dying. Men, elves, dwarves, orcs and wargs alike, fighting with and against each other. Dying by the other's sword.


She remembered clearly what happened here, outside that solitary peak. She saw it vividly in her dreams almost every night.


She remembered how she found them after the battle had ended, their bodies broken and their breath stilled.


They were so young.


They should have lived.


She could have saved them.


But by the time she found them, they were already dead. Their eyes were open, showing the dull and lifeless pupils that had once held so much energy and spirit. Their once golden and dark hair was completely matted in blood and filth. They had died fighting together.

Even in death, they were inseparable.


She remembered the anguish she felt as she carried them back to their company, their friends. She remembered the looks on their faces when she had given them their bodies. She remembered how they had silently begged her to save them.

But there was nothing she could do.

They were dead.

And once you had crossed over into the light, there was no coming back.

Some of them had yelled at her when they found out she could not do it.

They called her useless. They called her a failure.

But the others had remained silent; each quiet tear that rolled down their faces was another knife shoved into her heart.

She expected them all to yell at her.

Actually, she would have preferred it. She would have preferred their anger over their anguish any day.


She remembered when she found him.


They had brought her to the tent where they had laid him. They had told her that there was nothing more they could do.


He was still alive….barely.


But the bloody idiot resisted her help, even though he knew he was dying.

He did not think himself worthy of life. He believed that he deserved to die because of his past sins. A noble death in battle was all that he asked for.

But Valar damn it she didn't agree!

She needed him to live.


But she didn't do anything. She didn't heal him like she wanted. She sat there and held his hand in the last moments of his life.


She watched him gasp for air in the final moments. She watched him take his last breath, and then let it out in one final sigh.

She watched the life leave his eyes. She watched the spirit depart from his body, leaving an empty shell behind.

And she watched his eyes close to sleep, a sleep from which he would never awaken.

She watched and did nothing, even though each agonized breath he took was another wound upon her soul that would never heal.


She was forced to sit there and watch the bloody idiot die. Her bloody idiot who was also herbest friend.


She remembered how a part of herself died with them that day, as she stood over them.


She was helpless even though she could have helped. Powerless even though she had the power. She could have saved them, but instead they died.

She saved so many that day, but she couldn't save them.


She had failed them too.


She was a failure.

I've seen enough, please make it stop!

She stood paralyzed as she watched it replay before her eyes. They were all dead and gone, and she couldn't stop it.


The picture before her eyes changed again so suddenly she stepped back in surprise. But what she saw now was like salt on the new wound that lay upon her heart.

It was him.

He betrayed me.

Saruman stood before her, his once white robes shimmering with color, changing with every step he took.

He was no longer her friend Saruman the White, he was now Saruman of Many Colors.

My enemy.

She could still hear his voice echoing in her mind.

He is my enemy.

"If you will not join me," he had said, "Then I will begin what should have been done long ago."

He tried to kill me.

And in a way he had succeeded.

His betrayal had basically killed her.

I am broken.

And she was. She had lost so much and so many people in her life. She had watched so many die before her very eyes. Each one was a new wound upon her heart, a new wound that would never heal.

She was all that was left of a shattered life.

I am a failure.

She felt no relief as he faded away.

I am a failure.

The pictures changed again.


Someone was screaming.

I am dreaming.

It took her a moment to realize she was the one screaming.

I have to be.

They were all dead. Their broken bodies lay scattered at her feet and their blood lay pooling underneath, soaking the earth and turning it a deep red.

They are all gone!

Everyone she had ever known, everyone she had ever loved lay dead at her feet.

As she looked at the massacre before her, she felt her soul shattering with every person she saw….





















They were all gone.

She had lost them too.


She had lost everything.