Pain, pain was all she was thinking about. Her body resisted any command to move. It was as if her whole body was on fire. She had made it this far but it looked as if her time was up. She dragged her body for what seemed like miles only to end up collapsed in forest hopefully near civilization. Though she didn't have any high hopes though. She knew she would die in the next few hours even with any medical treatment. She just hoped she found someone soon. She need to needed to find someone to give her power to. Someone that could continue her legacy after she died. She honestly didn't care who.

He walked through the forest as he often did during a post mob beating. He never knew why he was hated, he just knew that everyone save for four people. Five if an Anbu bodyguard counted as someone who cares about you. He continued to trudge through the forest, clutching his bleeding arm. He continued even though his legs told him otherwise .He was covered in bruises from head to toe. His shirt, yet intact, was cut in multiple places. The tips of his sunny blond hair were dyed red dip in his on blood. He looked like mess, and didn't any better than he looked, but he kept walking. He had to it had been the only way he could get any peace.

'Damn rotten villagers.' The boy thought as walked slowly trying keep himself from passing out. He was brought out of his thoughts as he heard groining coming from the bushes. If anything something in his mind told him to stay away but, the five year old he was curiosity got the best of him. He trudged over to the bushes preparing himself for whatever he might encounter. Pushing the last of the bushes away from his face he had caught sight of a woman with hair and skin white as snow wearing a full skin tight body suit that seemed to be littered in in slash marks and bullet wounds, not that he knew what bullets were. 'Wow! She would be beautiful if she wasn't covered in blood. Wait….BLOOD!'

He ran over to her despite the pain he was in. He relaxed a little seeing that she was still breathing although heavily. She opened her eyes catching a glimpse at the boy standing above her. He had to be at least five years old with spiky sunny blond hair with the tips red, cerulean blues, and three whisker marks on each cheek. The one thing she couldn't fathom was why he was covered in bruises and cuts. But then again time was very short; she didn't have time to care why. With the last of her she managed to speak out in a whisper.

"Hey, child, come closer" The boy was a shocked she had the strength to talk at all but he did as he was told none the less.

"Don't worry miss I can go help if you need it."

"No. I won't make it. But there is something I want you to do for me."

A little hesitant nodded his head before answering. "Okay. What do you want?"

The woman gave let a smile grow upon her face before coughing up some blood. "I want you to keep my legacy alive. I want you to have a power not seen in this world and spread it to those you deem worthy." Honestly she didn't care who he gave it to. She just really wanted the kid to take it.

"Sure." He wasn't sure what she was giving him but a power unseen just sounded too good to pass up. Raising her hand weakly she pointed an open palm near his stomach.

"What's your name kid?"

"Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki."

"Naruto Uzumaki. I name you the new carrier of the Red Diamond. Spread the nameless worm and may the branch of sin protect you." He couldn't even form a sentence before being hit with something red. He couldn't make out what it was but all he knew was that it hurt. The pain came and went as waves throughout his whole body. By the sixth wave he passed out letting the world go black for a while.

Naruto's subconscious.

"Looks like host has picked something quite…interesting."

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