"Oh my god. What have I done?"

"Brad, it's ok, It'll be alright. Ok, I just need you to put down the gun, and we can all resolve this peacefully."

Jules was losing control and she could see it. But how to regain control?

No it's not ok! I could have killed somebody!"

"But you didn't, and that's a good thing Brad!"

"You don't understand!" He said, waving his gun around.

"Jules he's unstable, we need to calm him down."

"Brad you need to calm down, I need you to lower your gun otherwise I will be forced to shoot,"

She yells, raising her gun to aim at Brad.


"Sorry Jules, No solution"

"Same here"

"Brad don't!" Jules says, seeing as Brad's about to shoot her with his gun. As he pulls the trigger,

Jules quickly does the same with her MP5. The shooter goes down.

And so does she.