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Sergeant Parker held his breath as gunshots sounded from inside.

"Wordy, Lou, Jules, what's your status!" Greg and Ed exchanged looks as no response was given. "Spike, Sam, what's happening in there!"

Spike was typing frantically in an attempt to get the cameras back online. "Boss all of the cameras just simultaneously went offline! I can't get them back up!"

"Boss I don't have a solution, the guy just disappeared! It l-" Sam paused as the doors to the building burst open and the hostages came running towards them. Ed stopped one of the male hostages. "What happened in there?" The man shakily looked at Ed. "I'm not entirely sure, officer. Your officer was talking to the guy and then the guy grabbed her, and fired some sort of blast out of his hand toward the other officers. Then he and the girl just vanished!" Ed let the guy go and ran inside, gun drawn.

He cursed at the sight of Wordy and Lou on the ground and ran over to them, checking for a pulse on Wordy and sighing in relief. "Spike we need EMS in here now, Wordy and Lou have both been knocked unconscious." He paused and looked around before cursing. "Jules?! Jules, what's your status?!" The team held their breath as the comms unit was silent. Ed paled. "Spike get a GPS lock on the comms unit ASAP! And where's EMS?!" As he finished asking the paramedics entered the room and hurried over, gently pushing Ed away to give them room to work.


"Ed her comm unit is either off, or destroyed. I can't get a lock on anything. Not her comms, phone, heck even the earwig she should have on her is offline. I can't find her!" Spike's voice became more and more panicked as he spoke.

~~Cave, Mystery Island~~

There was a scuffling movement as the door opened. The cell became dead silent as a figure came in, carrying someone in their arms.

The figure looked at his prisoners, laughing at their pitiful states. "Your last member is now in my hands. Now, without any bratty rangers to foil my evil plans, THE WORLD WILL BE MINE!" Lord Zedd threw Jules to the ground in front of them and left. Jason waited until he heard Zedd's footsteps fading away before darting over to Kim's side. "Ptera? Sis, can you hear me?" He looked over her as Billy crouched beside him. and put two fingers on her neck. "She's got a pulse, but it's faint. She should be okay. It seems like most of her energy was zapped from her body when she was transported here." Zack clapped his hand on Jason's shoulder as Trini huddled beside Billy and Tommy looked on beside them. "How's our girl?"

Jason smirked. "As tough as always. And by the looks of her uniform, she's toughened up even more."

~~W/ Jules:~~

Groaning, Jules opened her eyes, and waited for them to adjust to the lack of lighting.

"Kim?" Jules bolted up into a sitting position as she recognized her old name. Looking around, she cursed as she looked at the faces of her old teammates, as well as other past teams of rangers that were further back in the cell, watching her warily. Focusing on the face most familiar to her, she spoke. "How the hell did this happen?" Tommy and Jason looked at each other. "We don't know. But Zedd's definitely behind it. What do you remember?" Jason inquired.

Jules thought for a moment before gasping. "Shit, the hostages!" Reaching for her comm, she spoke hastily, turning away from the others. "Boss, do you copy?" She was met with silence. "Team One, Command, do you copy? Team One?" She became more and more desperate as she couldn't reach them. Finally giving up, she cursed under her breath in frustration. Pulling out her PDA, she activated the satellite link Spike had insisted were installed in case of emergency. Dialing a number, she held her breath.

"SRU, this is Winnie." She nearly jumped for joy at the sound of Winnie's familiar voice.

"Winnie it's me." She put the phone on speaker and looked towards the others. "I'm in a cave of sorts, I'm with thirty four others who are being held hostage as well."

"Jules! Thank god, we've been looking for you everywhere! Let me patch you through to the team, and I'll start tracking you right away." They heard the connection being made before Winnie spoke once more. "Guys, I've got Jules on the line."

"Constable Callaghan, give me a sitrep."

"I'm good, Sarge. I'm with thirty five people who are also hostages. None of us know how we got here, one second we were doing something else, the next we were here. What've I missed so far?"

"The hostages all got out safe. Wordy and Lou were blasted with some sort of ray that burned through the Kevlar, but they're okay."

"Alright, good. Winnie, can you get a trace on my signal?"

'I'm trying Jules, but it's not working. It's as if you aren't on Earth whatsoever!'

"Alright, Winnie, this is going to sound like the weirdest request ever, but I need you to expand that search to the moon." There was a prolonged pause on the other end. "Jules, are you oka-" "NOW, Winnie!"

"Expanding the search now." A second later, the dispatcher spoke up."This is weird. Jules, you're on the moon."

There was a silence from the team on Earth, and Jules cursed before muting her mic and turning to her former teammates.

"The only way I can get us out of here fast is to bring my team in on this. It's your call." Jason looked towards the reds, who stared back at him.

It was his decision. He sighed heavily before looking back at his little sister and best friend. "Do it."

She nodded and unmuted the mic.

"Alright guys I need you to listen and listen fast. Get to my house and into the basement. There's a trapdoor underneath the table and rug. The code is 02936. When you get through the trapdoor, I need you to get the black briefcase in the second cabinet on the left. Use the co-" She panicked as she heard footsteps and whispered. "Shit. He's here. Stay quiet."

Laying down, she motioned for the others to go with it and pretended to be unconscious. She nearly flinched as she heard a huge slam. "There's external communication signals coming from this room, my evilness." She had to stop herself from sharply inhaling at the unfriendly voice of Goldar coming from the entrance.

"Someone's not playing the game correctly, Goldar." Zedd stormed in and dragged Kim's supposedly unconscious body up and turned her around so he could hold her against him. Raising the Z staff against her throat, he growled out. "Someone's got a bug. I want to know who."

As her hand slid against one of the pockets in her Kevlar, she was able to slip out a stun grenade and quickly activated it. Raising her hand she grunted as it went off and the sword was dropped from her neck. She threw her head back at the stunned Lord Zedd and he stumbled back. Turning, she slammed her foot into Goldar's stomach with a side kick that sent him stumbling back. Grabbing the staff, she turned and raised it as Goldar's sword clanged onto it, blocking the potentially fatal shot. Seeing the monkey glance to a point over her shoulder she pushed him back, turning around to parry Zedd's punch and then ducking into a sweeping kick. As Zedd hit the floor she turned and aimed the staff at Goldar, who froze and growled in anger. After a moment she smirked and stood, tossing him the staff and raising her hands in surrender and turning her back to him. Her former teammates cried out in shock and protest. Zedd, now standing, got into her face. "Have you finally realized you cannot beat me, Kimberly?"

His confidence quickly faded as he saw the grin on her face. "NOW!" Zedd and Goldar could only watch in anger and disbelief as their prisoners were teleported out.

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