What better time to start a Supernatural/Criminal Minds fic than Samhain!

Usually I try to finish stories before I post them, but you can probably tell that hasn't worked out so far. So this will be my first WIP. Don't run yet! I'll try to get chapters out at least once a week, but if i don't please keep in mind that I am trying to get through my fist year of Uni. On the other hand, if I am taking too long, feel free to send me a reminder (I've found that creative threats work wonders). And, as half of you won't even read this, on with the story!

Warnings: Rated T for language and mature themes. Nothing worse that what you see in the show, really.

Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or Criminal Minds.


The sky had long grown dark by the time she left her friend's house, and Ellie knew she should have been home a while ago. She and Mila had been playing a new game though, and they'd lost track of time. Besides, home wasn't too far away, and she wasn't walking alone anyway.

Ellie brushed a stray blond hair from her face as she stole a glance at her companion. Mila's older brother Dante was one of the coolest boys she knew, much cooler than the boys in her class who were still convinced she had cooties. The older boy's straight dark hair was highlighted with bright red streaks that she thought looked awesome, and he had these bright green eyes that always seemed to be sparkling. He hadn't even argued when his mom had asked him to walk her home, just saved his game and grabbed his shoes. Her best friend was so lucky.

It had gotten so dark all of a sudden. When Ellie looked up she couldn't see any stars, and the moon must have been hiding behind a cloud because she could have sworn she'd seen it as they left the house. She felt a prickle of nervousness on her skin, as if she'd done something wrong and been caught. Ahead of her, Dante paused mid-step before grabbing her wrist and walking faster. Nearly tripping over her own feet as she tried to get her footing, Ellie glanced up and saw his gaze rapidly flicking between shadows.

"What's wrong?" she asked, "Dante?" That prickly feeling was getting worse.

"Quiet, Eliza," Why was he using her full name? Like her mom when she was angry? "Just keep walking, okay?"

"But-!" she tried to argue but was cut off as he broke into a run, forcing her to either struggle to keep up or be pulled off her feet.

The smack of their shoes on the pavement was the only sound. There were no birds, or dogs, or even crickets; the sounds of early spring were suddenly absent. The street lights flickered overhead and went out. The children's' steps were abruptly cut off and a terrified shriek pierced the air.

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown." -H. P. Lovecraft