The morning of the mission on Wall Trost, they both woke up from the gunfire alarm the Military shoots every morning. Marco woke up first, he rubbed his eyes and stood up from his bed.

"Jean, get up! Its time for our mission!" Marco said lightly tugging on his arm

"Augh. Five more minutes." Jean then covered his face with the blanket

"Jean, get up! You don't want to be late do you?" Marco took out the blanket covering his face and slightly pulled him to sit up

"Fine, mom." Jean said standing up and stretching

Marco gave him his clothes. It was neatly folded and lay out. Well, someone's neat.

"Marco, lets have a bet." Jean said wearing his uniform.

"Hold on!" Marco quickly wore his jacket. "What is it?"

"So, whoever kills more titans today gets the loser's bread for a week."

"You're on! Enjoy having no bread for a week!" Marco said, laughing.

"Ha! Suck my dick! You're the one who isn't getting any bread!" Marco blushed from how direct Jean could be

"Hey! Was that necessary?"

"Why do you want to?" Jean said smugly

"You're so immature." Marco honestly really liked Jean, so he couldn't help his blood rushing to his cheeks

"When I win, you better suck it!" Jean said laughing

"Jean, lets just go… I don't understand how you could be so blunt!"

"Sure, lets go. Oh, and get used to your best friend's bluntness~"

"As long as you get used to my motherliness!"

"Im glad you know." They both went out the door and went to the meet up area of all the soldiers. After waiting for 30 minutes for the instructor, they kept talking until Keith would direct them for the mission. They were all asked to go to their respective groups and to follow all orders.

"Good luck, Marco. You'll need it."

"Thank you! You also, Jean!" They both flashed their smiles and went to their groups.

As the mission started, the Titans were all rampaged in Wall Rose and comrades were dying and everyone was petrified with the events. Marco's team split up to defeat the Titans surrounding other people. Sadly, terms came to worst as Marco was cornered by an aberrant, as it grasped onto him his leg was bitten off until someone killed it. Marco's right leg was gone, and done for.

"Thank you! Oh Annie thanks for saving me fr-" Marco was killed by a comrade. She cut his arm, kicked his face, stabbed him through his side and grabbed his 3DM gear.

"No, thank you, Bodt." she ran off and proceeded with using her gear to go to the other side of the city.

Im sorry, Jean. I guess you win the bet.