As CEO of Stark & Vinci Industries, Anna had a lot of responsibilities.

She hired, fired, and had to deal with financing, safety regulations, sales, PR and even marketing. Anna didn't have a lot of free time. Now being co-CEO one would think the role would be easier, and yes Tony usually managed to do some work during the day, especially if Anna pretended to be mad at him. Unfortunately Stark & Vinci Industries was also a big enough company that even with two CEOs it meant a lot of work. It only made sense for her to hire on new people.

But being a superhero?

There was no hiring more people for that. The best she could do was hope that the criminals decided that they wanted to take a day off the same day that she did. If she was lucky they wouldn't wait until night to do a crime. She hated getting up out of her bed to break up a robbing that could have been accomplished without her. But she knew the moment she dropped her attention something would happen, it always does, just like the incident in Afghanistan. She lets herself do something stupid like agree to go to an active war zone.



On this line of thought, she couldn't fathom why she had agreed to what she was doing now. It's not so much that she didn't want to meet the guy, but Anna had a place to be and she wouldn't dare not be there.

To be clear, Anna was meeting with the man known as Captain America, or Steve Rogers to be clearer. Him stepping out in the streets in full Captain America gear would cause a riot the likes of which New York has not seen before. Yes, even New York. Call her crazy but Anna didn't idolize the man as much as others did.

She thinks that maybe it's because she spent her youth running around with Tony acting out all of his adventures. Some people would say that would make her want to meet him more. No. Anna really just wanted to shake his hand and move along, there was no appeal. Anna had been around Tony for too long to care about meeting famous people.

And Captain America is very famous. The roar of people who had nearly had seizures when it was let slip that Captain America was found alive, and walking among them, had been so massive that Anna had gotten three days off. The crime rate had dropped ten percent in three days. Alas, now wasn't the time for Anna to care about whether or not she had work to do or not. The simple fact was that she had just dropped into the back of one of the cafés that she owned in New York, and was sweeping through the kitchen to get to her meeting on time.

It wasn't her fault that she was late. It was the twenty times she had to stop between here and Washington to stop a crime. The life of a superhero could be hard. The rich heir to one of the oldest families of Italian decent knew that she could not save everyone but if she was there and had the power to stop it she wanted to do it.

Brushing herself off and tugging at the tight fit of her yoga outfit, one of the few things that she enjoyed wearing under the Mark III, so that it didn't cling on her so much. The café was a nice home-like place, and even had a few couches and chairs, more than they had actual tables and chairs. The Barista balked at Anna, still not used to seeing her just walking through. Anna nodded, hopping she would bring her usual. Anna had been here going on every Friday and Thursday for three months, working on the Tower.

"Ms. Vinci," The Barista hurried over to her, cheeks flushed and the apron in her hands. If Anna wanted to she could call the woman homely, a Mrs. Weasley type she liked to call them. But really Anna liked her, even if the coffee maker did have a case of star struck every time Anna met her. "Can I get your usual?"

"Of course." Anna smiled, patting down her pants and wincing. "You'll have to put it on my tab I'm afraid." Looking around Anna didn't see the man she was looking for. In one hand she held a loose grip on a small bag and a special bracelet on her other wrist. The Barista nodded and smiled, hustling back behind the bar to take more orders, and to shout out her order with the mass of others. The café had a lot of business lately.

Anna cautiously pushed the pair of sunglasses that she brought with her, tucked into a case in her suit in the back, up her nose. It was amazing the lack of recognition Anna could get away with if she acted like she was one of them. So many celebrities acted odd, not understanding how someone would act if they weren't famous. Anna was born into rich parents and now she was even more recognized, yet here she was walking down the streets of New York and not being attacked by cameras and fans.

Shuffling towards the door Anna maneuvered out of the way of the people mingling around. Anna pushed the door open, getting a rush of New York's questionably fresh air. The moment she stepped out of the door Anna knew who Steve Rogers was and where he was sitting. It's not that he was being overtly Patriotic, more so the awkward air that hung around the man. He had the same look of when he was in the old reels that she used to watch with Tony when they stole Howard's old tapes. If she was drinking the night before she might have been prone to think she was dreaming.

The blond haired man with his old fashioned…everything really, was glancing around while also managing to use what used to be a fountain pen to doodle on a napkin. He had a cup of what would probably be a plain coffee, as Anna highly doubted that he knew any of the new crazy hipster combinations. Sighing, Anna pushed up her sun glasses and stepped out of the door towards the man. She had to manage to weave through many of the outside tables and chairs but, she managed to get a glimpse of what the Captain had been doodling before she sat down.

The Tower.

It made Anna preen that he would draw it but it also reminded her that she had something to do after this, a date. "Hello, Mr. Rogers." She greeted as the man turned his eyes to his new companion. He looked like a man caught in headlights. Although, with his current attire Anna felt a strange kind of pity for the man.

Steve Rogers had been frozen for so many years that he didn't even know that plaid had gone out of style years ago, at least when it was buttoned up and paired with a brown leather jacket. Maybe it was just Anna and her upbringing that made her think like this but the man acted like the old men she'd seen around, but with a young man's body. He even looked lost and compared with her bright colors and tight clothing Anna felt like she was dressed as a harlot. If he jumped up and shouted Shakespeare she wouldn't be surprised, even if he wasn't quite that old.

"Um, you must be the Agent that Director Fury sent…" Rogers drifted off, swallowing and smiling sheepishly. His cheeks reddened and his gaze changed from loss to awe, but Anna didn't notice. She was too busy gratefully taking her tea from the waitress who had bustled out.

The drink itself was almost a work of art, and Anna felt like she was going to have to snap a picture and tweet it. The only problem being that Anna didn't tweet, or facebook, or even something like MySpace, she'd long since decided that she didn't much like social media and all its easy entrapments.

"Yes, call me Anna." She allowed, placing the slightly heavy bag onto the table in between them. "I hope you don't mind that I'm late, but I had to stop a few times on the way over here." Anna tried. This time the rich woman did see the rosy tint to Captain Rogers' cheeks, but it didn't mean anything to her, only that perhaps he was upset with her.

"It's alright, um, did you see the um…" Rogers trailed off, and then cleared his throat. "Did you see Iron Woman perchance?" Anna blinked behind her glasses, and her eyebrows furrowed as she followed his hand to where it was making vague gestures to the back of the café. "She just landed behind there. Everyone here was in a rush to see her."

So, Rogers couldn't tell it was her. Not that Anna could blame him. If he could barely keep up with how to watch video on a computer there was no chance he would be able to get old newspapers to see that the person in front of him is Iron Woman. "Hmmm…" Anna said instead, not commenting. Come to think of it the Captain didn't seem all that awestruck by the idea of meeting Iron Woman, he only seemed to be trying to make conversation. "A lot of people want to meet her I guess. It's not for me; I'm not a celebrity person." She smiled.

"But," Anna gestured behind her with her hand to the new shining tower. She wasn't going to lie; the slick outer covering of the building along with its wonderful insides was her pride and joy right now, besides her suits. The building only had the last name Stark on it, but that was alright with her. It was for all intents and purposes a company building but the penthouse was all for Tony and her, with multiple floors and it even accommodated the suits. "If you want to see her you might want to watch closer to the Stark Tower. They've been flying back and forth for the last few months."

Rogers looked to the building and then glanced down at the napkin with the doodle on it.

"That's a nice piece of art; you're really good at it." Anna praised, wondering if he'd gone to a college to get that good, and she could admit that he could draw well. She couldn't draw anything; it just wasn't in her list of talents. "Kind of speaks to me." She grinned, trying to show that she didn't really know that much about art. Anna couldn't help but think, as his cheeks reddened and he flushed, that he must have been a really shy Captain.

"Thank you, ma'am." He muttered, dropping the pen in his hand to rub the fingers of that hand together. "I don't mean to bother you, but what exactly is the point of the building?" He asked, glancing back to the building.

"Oh, the stated reason or the real reason?" Anna giggled, looking over her shoulder. "Well, it's mostly a place for inventions, called R&D. It's what Tony Stark specializes in. He and Anna Vinci make most of the products. When they don't, a special team of scientists do. The real reason is really so they have a place to hide out." She pointed to the top of the building, above the lip on the top that had Stark in bold letters that lit up bolted to its metal. "See the top most floors have rooms in them, to live in." She turned back.

"And the real reason?" The Captain asked. Anna thought about it, mulling it over in her head before she pressed the sunglasses closer to her face from where it had slipped.

"Well, to be honest I think it symbolizes something." She took this moment to take a long sip of her drink. "It's kind of a symbol of hope, for all kinds of people that Iron Woman and Iron man are both a force to be taken seriously, that they won't be divided. 'Cause they both will live up there, together." She grinned, her own eyes behind the shield that was her glasses twinkling and a strange parody of Dumbledore. The thought of being compared to a Harry Potter character made her blink and take another sip of Vanilla flavored tea.

She should have known that going to bed reading the Deathly Hallows would be bad for her brain functions. Her eyes, which had fallen to look at the warm cup of tea in her hands, looked back up to the man in front of her when he started speaking again. "Um, do males and females usually live together now?"

Anna blinked and licked her lips, to get all the sugary taste off of them, and contemplated her answer and the man in front of her. "Yes, generally it's accepted although most people will poke fun at males and females who are not in a relationship and are sharing a home." She took a sip of her tea again, her eyes laughing at Rogers, as she couldn't help it. "But, to get to the reason why I'm here…" She pushed the bag she had been carrying to him, still smiling. "I tried my best, you'll have to contact me if it doesn't cover all the bases."

Captain America opened the bag, where several DVDs were residing, along with a USB. "Thank you, ma'am." He said, blushing in embarrassment.

"Don't worry, I was told you knew the basics of using a DVD. The USB is for later, when you fill more advanced." She laughed, sipping the last of her drink up. "I wouldn't push you to far, to soon."

"What are these for?" He asked, his eyebrows crinkling. Anna's eyebrow rose.

"Director Fury didn't tell you?" Anna asked, not waiting for a response. "What am I thinking? Of course he didn't tell you. These DVDs contain videos of me explaining the basics of living in our society. You'll have to pause it and play it to try it yourself, but I tried my best to explain everything. You'll at least be able to walk down the street without people noticing that you are different." She reached over to pat the hand the Captain had laid down on the table, having zipped it up.

"Thank you, ma'am." The Captain said again, and then jumped. The reason for his jump was obvious as a streak of red and gold flew above the café, and into the top most part of the Stark Tower. It was Tony Stark, as Iron man. Anna grinned, watching the evaporating trail that he had left behind him. Her finger rubbed absently along the band of her hand, finger caressing the ring on her finger that Tony had given her. She couldn't wait.

Speaking of waiting, she couldn't keep Tony waiting.

"If that will be all, Captain." She said, rising from her spot, and shuffling out of the seat, wondering how long it will take Tony and her to get to work on finishing up the tower, not to long she hoped. She had plans for tonight.

"Steve." He said, smiling as he stood up to see her off. She laughed again, free and excited to see Tony. She lifted her hand offering it.

"It was nice to meet you, Steve." She smiled encouragingly. "I'm sure you will get our era figured out before you know it." Steve took her hand, shaking it as if she was made of glass. It made Anna roll her eyes behind her glasses.

If she had looked back at that moment she might have seen Steve Rogers ask the waitress who she was, and she might have seen the waitress laugh at him, as if he was joking.

Instead, she swept off to get in her suit, so excited to get to her date with Tony. Anna didn't have any care for Steve Rogers. When she took off, leaving a stream of cloud behind her repulsors she couldn't see the way Steve's eyes were stuck not on the Iron Woman's form, but on the way that Anna had left.