Chapter one

When the newly formed wizengamot, the aurors, the minister and anyone that worked in law in the ministry of magic rejected Harry Potter's statement in regards to Severus Snape, Harry watched as shackles were placed on Severus' wrists before dragging him out of the courtroom where he would be taken to Azkaban for the next five years. Their reasoning for their five year punishment was that Severus Snape might have helped aide Harry Potter and Albus Dumbledore but he was still a death eater, he had the dark mark which meant time in Azkaban, anyone found to have a dark mark was sent to Azkaban. The same thing happened to Draco Malfoy, even though Harry explained that the help Draco had given him had let Harry and Ron save Mr. Ollivander, Dean Thomas, Luna Lovegood and a goblin before rescuing Hermione from Bellatrix Lestrange. Again it made no difference and he was sentenced to five years in Azkaban as well, he had been there for two months already.

Harry stormed out of the courtroom, pushed his way through ministry officials who tried to get Harry's attention, he also pushed his way through reporters but said a few words in the hope they would report what he said.

'Fuck the ministry and fuck the magical world.'

'Harry, you can't be serious, now calm down and stop acting like an idiot,' Ron said hurrying after Harry.

Harry whirled around, 'And fuck you too Weasley, I hope you end up in hell, you belong there. If you ever try to talk to me again I will take care of you myself,' Harry snarled then turned and hurried away. He kept moving as he pushed passed everyone even friends who refused to support Harry about Severus Snape.

Harry got back to Grimmauld place, packed his clothes and left the old house, heading away from anything that was associated with him in anyway. He found the secluded cabin deep in the woods that had belonged to his parent's, they only bought this cabin to help Remus out especially on the three nights of his change. As James Potter came from money and Remus could never get work, the Potters wanted to help their friend out, so the cabin was barely furnished for those nights the wolf emerged. It had just enough furniture for Remus to use during the rest of the time he spent there. Harry had found out about the property when he was given another vault that his parents left him but as the goblins could not find Harry on his seventeenth birthday. They could not notify him of the rest of his inheritance.

Harry looked around, it wasn't big but it wasn't too small either. He found the bedroom, unpacked before having a proper look around. He left the small cabin and found the nearby town, being a magical town he could buy all his food, shrink it then stuffed everything in his pocket. As he stepped out of the shop and a woman of about sixty walked up to him.

'Oh Mr. Potter, I hope you can do something about those remaining death eaters, they seemed to be out of control.'

'Then I suggest you look towards your minister, I am leaving the magical world.'

'Oh but why, you've done so much good for our world.'

'I did, but they send my lover away even though he was innocent. Do you expect me to help out after they betrayed me like that? Maybe you can pass on a message from Harry Potter, the ministry better hope another dark wizard doesn't do what Voldemort did because I won't be around to help out next time, I'm leaving,' Harry turned ready to walk away but glanced back, 'I hope you survive what's coming,' with that Harry turned on the spot, vanishing leaving the woman stunned at the cold look the young Potter boy had right before leaving.

The following morning, the front page of every paper or magazine had a large picture of Harry Potter as he stormed out of the courtrooms. In small writing was Harry's quote about fuck the ministry and fuck the magical world, but there was also the story from the woman who had spoken to Harry, how he wouldn't be around to help anymore, not after sending his lover to Azkaban. That piece of news seemed to shock the magical world. The words I'm leaving from Harry Potter sent ripples of fear through everyone because they were so used to knowing that Harry Potter was always around to save them and he did, but not now he had been driven away from their world.

Hermione, Ron, Neville and a few other friends kept turning up at Grimmauld place to try and make him understand why they didn't speak on Severus' behalf. Not once did they receive an answer to their consistent knocking. Hermione cast a few revealing charms which told her that no one, human or otherwise was occupying the dwelling.

'He must have left, moved to some other place,' Neville said.

'He'll come back, he's just angry, but we did the right thing, that bastard deserves Azkaban,' Ron said, but he missed the looks between Hermione and Neville, looks that clearly said they should have done right by Harry and spoken up for Severus Snape.

The surprise attacks by death eaters seemed to escalate after the story of Harry Potter leaving the magical world, but attacks on any friends or even acquaintances of Harry happened daily. Ron ended up in St Mungo's and at one time they thought he wouldn't make it, he did, but was badly scared and had a permanent limp. Hermione had suffered similar injuries, one injury she did receive was fiend fyre that caught her hair, so the right side of her face was now badly burned. Her skin shrivelled and red, and being caused by dark magic, it could not be healed.

The twin sisters, Padma and Parvati Patil were shopping when they were attacked, Padma died in her sister's arms. Michael Corner who had tried to help the girls ended up dead next to his friends. The Burrow was being attacked constantly so the Weasley family had to leave which meant they had to stay with Muriel again, none of them were happy about that arrangement but they knew it was safer.

Because Hogwarts had lost all its enchantments due to the battle, they could not be replaced until everything was repaired, so the old castle was also being attacked daily. Argus Filch who survived the battle of Hogwarts even though he was a squib, died when a spell aimed at Minerva McGonagall missed and hit him in the chest. Rolanda Hooch and Pomona Sprout was also killed the following day in another attack. The ministry was overwhelmed with calls for help, the few aurors that remained were working with little sleep trying to find the dark witches and wizards causing these attacks but it seems when the aurors arrive at the place they were hiding, the death eaters were gone. They kept changing their hideout and the ones the aurors found were already abandoned.

Over the first sixth months since Harry Potter left, the attacks were always reported in every paper in the hope that if their saviour would read about one of his friends being injured or killed. They hoped he might return which would give the people hope of surviving just like the-boy-who-lived gave everyone hope they would survive Voldemort.

Most people thought when the evil dark lord died at the hands of Harry Potter that their world would be safe, but it wasn't, it was worse, but everyone was blaming the ministry because their hero left. The death eaters and supporters of Voldemort just didn't seem to care about being seen, they attacked and vanished, they killed without remorse, whether it was a muggle, a witch, a wizard, an elderly man or woman, even a child. Everyone prayed for the return of Harry Potter in the hope he could stop the bloodshed but so far he had not been seen and no one was sure he would ever be seen again. There were even calls to have Severus Snape released straight away in the hope that Harry Potter would return if his lover was given back to him, but those calls were ignored which meant Harry Potter ignored all calls for help. Some who had been close to Harry said he will never return because he felt betrayed. He would usually help and protect anyone, but the magical world took away the one person Harry loved, so as far as he was concerned, they were on their own.

Harry read the paper with no feeling what so ever, but he did decide to do something. The ones that betrayed him would hear his word, how to Harry, they were dead.

A large barn owl flew into the kitchen and dropped a letter in front of Ron before flying off. Ron unfolded the letter and read.

'All you Weasley's deserve to burn in hell, let's hope they kill you, HP,' Ron scrunched the letter up and threw it in the fireplace. He turned and looked at Hermione, who had not spoken to him in days. But these days, Hermione hardly spoke, she never even lifted her head anymore and kept her hair covering her badly scarred face.

To keep his mind off how much he missed Severus, Harry worked out three times a day. He had a room set up with all types of muggle equipment, to work on building his body up to making sure he was as fit as he could. The idea came to him after he seemed to get a growth spurt. He never thought he would ever grow again, but he did, he also filled out, so working would build his body up, give him muscles that he never thought he'd have. He never really liked to exercise but he did want to feel better, plus it kept his mind off Severus.

One thing Harry didn't know about the property but was pleased when he found it was a small lake, so Harry would also swim every day. He was timid at first as he wasn't a very good swimmer, never having swimming lessons when he was young, not like his cousin Dudley did. Whenever he wasn't working out or learning how to make healing potions, Harry's mind would constantly dredge up images of his time with Severus, his time spent in Severus' bed. Harry would moan loudly as he remembered Severus' hands and the way they would move and caress his body, making Harry quiver and beg to be taken. Harry knew just Severus' look could ignite his body, but his touch would make him feel so alive like nothing ever did before. During this time Harry had to force himself not to give up, he knew when Severus was released that he would need help, physical help along with emotional help. Harry just hoped he had enough will and humanity to get his lover through the emotional torment he would go through once Severus was released because Harry sometimes felt that he was losing, losing his love, losing the will to care, losing his humanity, he just couldn't bring himself to care anymore.

Harry hated thinking about Severus in Azkaban, wondering if he was being hurt, being starved, maybe being subjected to the cruciatus curse. Harry swore so many times a day that if he found out someone had hurt the man he loved they would feel the sting of Harry's spells and only Severus knew just how much of a sting Harry could give.

After the death of Voldemort, Harry's power grew, it surged out of him so much so that Severus said that Harry was now more powerful that Albus Dumbledore using light magic and Voldemort using dark magic. They had tested Harry's power and both men had been amazed at what he could do. He could manipulate the four elements as easily as he could cast a levitation charm. He was able to become an animagi on his first try and could also change his animal at will and had no limit to how often he could change. He was able to use any form as his patronus, but what surprised Severus was Harry could change into a patronus animagi combined which had never been done before. Other things Harry could do was become invisible, not like a disillusionment charm, but completely invisible, he also become a chameleon. One test they did was when Harry was invisible he apparated inside the ministry of magic, again something no one had ever done before. Both Severus and Harry believed it had something to do with the piece of soul that had been behind his scar. They just didn't know why.

Harry walked outside and down towards the lake, he stripped off his shirt and jeans ready to go for a swim when words reached him. He turned to stare in the low bushes a few feet from him when he saw a small snake with its heading sticking out.

"Hello little one," Harry said in parseltongue.

"You speak snake talk," the snake hissed.

"Yes, I can talk to snakes, I'm known as a parselmouth. Do you have a name?"

"Salus, do talker of snakes have a name?"

"Harry," he smiled then squatted down but kept his distance, "Is there many snakes around here?"

"Just my family, my father said no one lived here anymore, but I have seen you bathe in the water."

"I like to swim every day if I can. But my parents owned this place, but their friend lived here a long time ago, he died though."

"Why are you alone?" The snake slithered out of his hiding place and approached Harry slowly who had sat down and crossed his legs.

"My friend had to go away for a long time, it wasn't his choice, they made him go away so I wanted to be alone."

"Why don't you bring him back?"

"I can't, they place they sent him too is protected to stop anyone going there."

"But you are a talker of snakes, you can do powerful magic, surely you could go get him?"

Harry stared down at the snake, "It would mean I would get into trouble, but you know what Salus, I did a lot for the magical world and all they did was hurt me by taking the man I love away. Maybe I should use my magic to bring him here. Have you ever seen other magical people around here?"

"Not here where you have shelter, but down over the other side of those thick trees. They are strange, they wear coverings over their faces, and I hear screaming sometimes."

Harry stiffened and looked towards the trees, "You stay away from there Salus, those people are very bad, they would use magic to kill you, so tell your family."

"Do talker of snakes know who they are?"

"Yes, I do, death eaters. There was a war going on for a long time, I killed their leader. But after my friend was sent away, I decided I wasn't going to help anymore."

"I will tell my family to stay away. But since they have been here, there are no more rats, I came looking for food."

"If you come with me to the cabin, I will give you some food, then leave some down here every day if you want. I know it's probably not as good as catching your own rats, but it'll do until the rats return."

"Thank you, talker of snakes."

Harry put his hand on the ground and the small snake slithered up his arm and settled on his shoulders. For the first time in almost a year, Harry smiled as he walked back to the cabin. He packed a small bag with food, then gave the snake a piece of meat that was left over from his dinner the night before, then they walked back down to the lake. Harry knelt down then placed his hand on the grass to allow Salus to slither down his arm, then Harry emptied the food right under the bush.

"So, your family don't get nervous, I'll skip swimming today so they can come get the food, just tell them to be careful with those other people, they are bad."

"I will tell them Harry, thank you for the food. I will come speak with you again."

Harry smiled down at the snake, "I would like to talk to you again Salus, be careful," Harry turned and went back to his cabin, but his thoughts were on the death eaters. He knew his place was protected, he found the charm to make it unplottable and how to do the fidelius charm, so he knew he was safe. He also knew he could tell the ministry where the death eaters were, but he wasn't going to, not after taking Severus away from him. For now, the ministry will just have to find the death eaters themselves.