(This is the second story! Hope you like it!)

Chapter 1: The way it was

" It's okay Gia. Ve're almost safe." I said to the little Jaguar in my mouth. She was asleep, and I kept running.

" Ve're almost there!" I said. I went next to a train cart, and jumped in.

I put Gia down, and heard movement. There was a knife being thrown, but I caught it. A tiger came out of the shadows.

" Where are you coming from?" He said with his arms crossed.

" Don't kick us out! My sister and I have novhere to go!" I pleaded.

" This train is for circus animals only!" He said.

" Ve vill become circus! Just don't let us leave!" I said. He huffed, and backed away.

" Fine. What is your act?" he questioned.

" I do trapeze. I vill teach Gia the same." I said.

" Very well. I am Vitaly." He said, holding out his paw.

" I am Marceline." I said, shaking his paw.

This is the second story! Haven't seen much Vitaly/OC stories, so why not?! I like him! See ya guys soon! Sorry I did the accent on Marce and not Blitzwing!