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A young boy sighed as he put down the cat plushie he was holding. He looked to be about six years old, his bright red eyes dull with boredom. A tail that trailed out of his behind was wrapped lazily around another stuffed animal of a cat and his horns were twisted and black, but held another smaller cat plushie in them. He got up, letting the stuffed animals fall to the ground and walked over to his bookshelf, selecting his favorite book- a book about the human world. It talked about the animals there, the human's history, it even talked about the boy's race. Demons.

Of course the book says nothing good about demons, and with demons being the narcissistic race they are, the book was decreed to be burned when it was found, but the boy had found it and hidden it, just in time. He opened the book just as a knock came on the door.

"Sir, it's time to go downstairs. Your father and his guest are waiting for you." A maid said, glaring at him. All of the staff in his house hated him, and he hated them back. He hated everyone in this wretched place, it had always been like that and it always would be.

The boy nodded and put the book back, walking out the door of his bedroom. His raven black hair matched the gloomy decor of his palace. As he stepped down the staircase, his eyes rested on a tall man with manipulating red eyes and a mouth set in a frown. His hair was the opposite of his son's- a light orange. He was talking to a woman with a sly smile and rather large breasts, making no attempt to hide them with her choice of outfit- she wore a low cut black dress which accentuated her obviously dyed platinum blonde hair. She was the perfect example of how demons were an incredibly lustful race. The females wore close to no clothing and the males often owned harems.

The boy walked down and tugged on the man's sleeve, barely reaching his waist.

"You requested my presence, father?"

"Ah, yes..." The man said, annoyed at being interrupted. "This is my son, Aryte Reeto Yawest, 5th Prince of Hell. Aryte, this is Duchess Aithco Ooytee."

"I go by 'Sebastian'." Corrected the little prince. He had heard of that human name in his book and had taken a liking to it. He held out his hand for the Duchess to shake. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Duchess Aithco."

"Aren't you a little charmer...~" cooed the Duchess. She instead ruffled his hair and gave a fake smile. "How.. Adorable..."

Sebastian stubbornly fixed his hair again, a small glare appearing on his face. As he walked away, he could hear his father talking.

"He's the fifth son so we don't expect too much of him. He's the runt and his body can't handle eating souls so he's quite weak..."

'I'm not weak!' He thought furiously as he passed by a mirror. Large red eyes stared back at him and he tried to fix his hair again, giving up after a minute. He continued on his way, not sure where he was heading but eventually wandering into what looked like to be a kitchen.

Demons bustled about, putting spices of sin upon pure souls to enhance the flavor. They were obviously preparing for the feast that was sure to come of the King of Hell having a guest. Sebastian wouldn't get any of the souls, of course, he would simply be served his usual portion of human blood since he couldn't eat souls yet. He walked around the kitchen, messing up all the hurrying cooks until he bumped into a demon with dark violet hair and golden eyes. A monotone expression was set on his face as he gazed upon Sebastian sprawled out on the floor from behind his glasses, his mouth turned down in distain.

"What are you doing here, urchin?" The older demon asked the younger in a bored tone as he sat up, his red eyes narrowed in a glare.

"You dare speak to a /prince/ like that?!" Sebastian replied, putting up his 'High and mighty' facade. He would much rather just go back upstairs to brood and read, but the servant's tone irritated the young prince more than anything.

"Prince? You?" The older demon lifted a skeptical eyebrow. Princes of hell were known for their graceful manor and cruel attitude, even when they were young. This boy was beyond clumsy and even though he tried to hide it, he could tell that he was quite timid and confused. He saw flashed of anger, frustration and even sadness reflected in those huge red eyes, framed by long lashes.

'Perhaps this could be the fifth son, the one His Majesty is so disappointed with. The rumors say his body rejects any sort of soul...' He mused as Sebastian reached in his shirt and pulled out his ring on a chain. The black stone was set inside a larger clear one, which in turn was set in a pure gold band. It was the mark of the royalty in Hell and was proof that Sebastian was in fact, a prince.

"Now shut up, servant. Get me a soul to eat." He said defiantly, deciding to try once again to eat a soul. Maybe if he tried hard enough, he could teach his body to accept them, instead of throwing them up.

"Are you sure that's wise, Prince Aryte?" He asked, sounding uncaring.

"I said shut up!" He yelled, noticing he was shaking slightly. He clenched his small fists tightly and stood glaring at the larger servant.

The golden-eyed demon nodded and prepared one of the souls that he was planning to use for the feast. He carefully handed it to him and watched silently as Sebastian held it up to his mouth and swallowed it, tensely waiting to see if any pain would follow.

A few tense moments passed but then Sebastian's knees buckled and he collapsed on the ground, curling up in a tight ball and letting out a childish whimper.

"H-help me you idiot!" He screamed out, clenching his jaw.

"I am not permitted to place my hands upon you, my apologies, Majesty."

"Then c-call my father!" The boy screamed desperately, convulsing on the ground. This is what usually happened when he tried to eat a soul and the pain was worse and worse every time he tried. The golden eyed demon was about to send one of the lesser cooks to alert the King of his son's discomfort, but the King strolled in without having to be invited.

"Could you at least keep your screaming down?! We have /guests/, Arythe. Demons aren't supposed to scream. They take the pain and turn it into something more enjoyable, do you understand me?" He asked in a cold furry.

The boy on the ground put up a guarded (although pained) expression on his face and nodded.

"Y-yessir..." He gasped out.

"You, servant. Bring him up to his room and lock him in there so he doesn't make trouble for the Duchess. I don't want anyone disturbing us all night, understand?" He asked the standing servant, not caring to hide how lustful he sounded. Lust was just a part of any demon's personality. They all had a constant craving for pleasure... except for the young Prince.

The head of violet hair nodded and he picked up the boy rougher than need be, slinging him over his shoulder and walking upstairs with him.

"I warned you that it wouldn't be wise..." He murmured, rolling his eyes.

"S-Shut up..." The boy growled with a pained grown. He had grown quieter after his father had scolded him, but not completely silent.

"Yes Majesty."

And that was the last thing the boy heard before he blacked out.

Sebastian's eyes fluttered open and he groggily sat up. He was back in his room and the pain had ceased to a faint ache. He looked around for his favorite cat plushie, the special one he hid because it was considered weak to own such an item to sleep with. They were considered 'fine' if the boy did not sleep with them… According to his father and brothers anyways. The boy retrieved the forbidden toy from under the bed and hugged it tightly.

'Why can't I eat just one soul...? Am I just a failure of a demon..?' He felt tears prickling in the corner of his eyes and clenched his teeth. No. He was a demon. Demons don't cry. Demons don't cry. Demons don't...

'Dammit.' He thought as a tear dropped down his face.

"Excuse me, sir?" He heard a voice say.

"..." Sebastian wiped his eyes with his fists and looked at who was talking, his face hardening into a cruel mask, although the mask was quite easy to see through. At least the violet haired servant thought so, and he was the one studying the boy's mask at the moment.

"You don't have to put up that mask, you know."

"Shut up. Why are you in my room?!" Sebastian asked angrily.

"That's not important."

Sebastian just then decided that he hated this servant. He was far too arrogant for a servant- how /dare/ he speak to royalty in this manner?!

"Get the fuck out!" He yelled, grabbing a book and throwing at him.

"Calm yourself, my little prince~ won't you at least learn my name?"

"I don't want to know about you, emotionless idiot."

"But isn't that what demons are supposed to be like? Aren't you told to be emotionless by your father? Emotionless, cold, unforgiving, merciless... Many adjectives could be used to describe our race, little prince, but only one phrase truly fits us."

"Shut up!" Sebastian screamed at the servant, who leaned down to make eye contact with him. Staring into those unblinking golden eyes, the boy suddenly felt intimidated and wished he wasn't sitting against the wall so he could back away from the eyes that were now fixated on him.

"We are cold hearted killers. That is all."

Sebastian screamed childishly and pushed him away, his mask slipping for a moment.


"My name is Doate." The servant said as he straightened and made his way to the door. "But you may call me Claude."

As the door closed behind him, Claude smirked. He was sick and tired of being ordered around by royalty and thought it might be fun to see if he could order this young prince around instead. It wouldn't be hard, judging by how the level of fear reflected in Sebastian's eyes heightened when Claude had leaned in.. And how he had snapped and screamed.

But another part of Claude also wanted to help the boy. He was definitely lonely, lost, angry, sad... Half of the servant wanted to experiment with boy and the other half wanted to comfort the over-emotional demon child and whisper to him that everything would be okay.

"Damn child... Making me feel such worthless, human emotions.. or the shadows of them anyways..." He muttered to himself, opening the double doors leading to the kitchen. All of the lesser cooks had left to wander the streets, looking for something to provide amusement. Claude thought it was sick. Sick and filthy were also appropriate adjectives for demons, along with many others, in his opinion. He was unlike most demons, they were a quite arrogant race who thought about nothing but themselves. It was disgusting. Claude moved around the kitchen in the darkness, brooding as his glowing pink eyes lighting the way.

Upstairs, Sebastian stood, slowly growing angrier and angrier.

'That damn servant... Thinking he can get away with that...' He fumed, hugging his cat plushie tighter. 'In the morning I'll go to Father and request to have that demon... that 'Claude' as my personal butler. Then, I'll make him regret he ever met me.'


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