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"…." The two stood in a shocked silence, red and black eyes opened wide and staring at their father. The elder's pair of black eyes were the first to hide the surprise and panic clearly showing on her face where the younger's red orbs still clearly shone with those emotions.

"Hello… Father." Sorcima said, bending her knees to curtsy. She held her crouched position before the King but gazed up at him from behind the curtain of raven-black hair.

"You do not address me as your father!" The king snapped. "A daughter who runs away and then comes back, seeking to fill the head of my youngest son with lies is no daughter of mine. Have you forgotten my promise?"

"N-No, your Majesty." She mumbled, her gentle voice cracking in fright as Sebastian watched with his eyes still wide.

"Then why come back? Do you have a death wish?"

"I simply wanted to help my baby brother, seeing as nobody else will!" She lifted her head and looked the king in the eyes, silent ally accusing him of being a terrible father.

Sebastian's eyes widened as he clenched his fists. Here he was again, being told that he was to small and weak to do anything. That he needed to be taken care of.

"I can take care of myself!" His voice rose to join the clamor of the room.

"This does not concern you, Aryte!" His father yelled.

"Yes it does!-"

"Can't you see that he needs someone to guide him?!" Sorcima made herself heard over the two others. "He's only six-hundred years old!" ((A/N, every 100 years is equilivent to 1 year for humans so in human terms, sebby would be 6 years old.))

"I'm fine on my own!"

"No you're not! You're being forced to grow up too quickly!"

"So are all the other demons! Childish demons are weak demons!"

"You just called yourself weak! Aryte-"

"SILENCE!" The King's voice boomed. At a wave of his hand, a burly demon stepped up, holding a green sword that looked to be twisted around itself. "Behold, the great sword Lævateinn! It is the sword which you shall die by, Sorcima."

The girl's black eyes widened and she turned around and grabbed her younger brother's arms. "Listen, to be able to eat souls, you must find our Mother. She is not the same as our other sibling's mothers so don't ask, I would tell you where she is but Father would kill her. Promi-" She stopped in the middle of the word and gasped as the end of the green sword poked out of her chest, the bloody tip of it almost touching Sebastian. "P-Promise me…" She whispered as the light in her eyes almost faded completely and she fell to the floor, breathing shallowly.

"I-I promise…" Sebastian whispered back, his eyes filling with childish tears. She gave a small smile.

"Do not cry here… Father will punish you.." She spoke as lowly as she could. "You have somebody who will lend you their shoulder to cry on already… You just have to realize it…"

"B-but crying is something that only humans do…"

"That's not true. Most demons don't cry, but reapers-" She gasped as another wave of pain racked through her body as if punishing her for saying the enemy of the demons. "Reapers cry too…" She gave a small pained smile. "Aryte… you don't have to pretend to be somebody you're not…"

Sebastian opened his mouth to say something when he felt someone grab his hair and pull him away. He sunk his teeth into his lip to keep from crying out, forgetting that he had sharpened his teeth to points until he felt hot blood drip down his lips.

"Do not listen to a word she says." Hissed his father. "She is an expert at feeding people lies."

"But-…" He protested, gulping.

"No 'buts'!" Sebastian gasped as he felt a flat force hit his left cheek. It took him a few seconds to realize that he had been slapped.

"Get out of my sight. Your room will be moved to the one next to mine so I can keep a better eye on you. Wey can move here. I'll have some servants move both of your stuff."

"B-…" The prince sighed. He had had enough drama. All of his books and cat plushies would be destroyed. Great. Just great. He walked out with his hair over his eyes and turned to the left, walking past Claude with his head down.

"You are dismissed. Go back to whatever you were doing before I requested your service." He muttered as he passed him, not looking up to see the expression of relief that would surely be on the older demon's face.

Claude's eyebrows knitted together in confusion. Whatever had happened in there, it couldn't of been good. And now the prince was dismissing him? It must've been worse than he originally thought. Sebastian turned his head slightly as he walked away, enough to see his silent tears that were running down his now bright red cheek. The golden eyes that sat behind glasses that were not needed widened slightly.

"You!" A servant yelled to Claude. " 'elp pack up this little brat's room! We're movin' 'im into 'is brother's room!"

"Of course…" He muttered, glaring at his fellow servant. A small bit of worry edged into his mind as he entered the room. The young Prince's toys and forbidden books that even he wasn't supposed to know about would be found and burned. Wait. No. He hated the Prince. Why was he worrying about something as small as that? Why would he care if the Prince's only joys in life were destroyed? Demons were only supposed to find joy in pain and other sins. They were wired that way. Created that way. Made specifically to be evil.

That should be the last of them. Claude thought as he tucked the last cat plushie in a private box, along with all the books the youngest prince wasn't supposed to have. I can't believe I'm doing this for the brat…

"You move that to the room and then come back for more!" The demon in charge of it all yelled, his blonde eyebrow twitching in annoyance. Claude bowed his head and picked up the box of forbidden treasures, walking to the room in which the prince was to move in to. As he passed demons coming from the opposite way, also with boxes, he glared at them and hugged the box protectively as if his very life source was in it. As he moved through the now empty hallways, the tinniest of sobs fell upon his ears and he stopped, looking over to where the sound was coming from. …. There was nothing there. Nothing but the stone wall of the hallway.


There was a small stone out of place. Shifting the box so he could carry it with one hand. he touched the stone and it moved away, along with some others, to create a small doorway. Claude shrugged and got in, having to almost crawl on the cold floor. He got to the end and tried to stand up, letting out a hiss of pain as his head and sensitive horns crashed into the low ceiling. An unlit candle sat on a ledge of a wall and the golden-eyed-demon snapped his fingers, using a bit of his power to light it.

Hmm…. Nothing here… He thought, looking around. The sight to meet his eyes was a small room, it would fit five people, or demons, in it at most. Perhaps I just imagined the noise?

Suddenly there was the smallest amount of movement. Any human and even some demons wouldn't be able to detect it, but Claude's eyes narrowed and he turned around to find the young prince trying to sneak out behind him, to the tunnel that lead back to the hall.

"Wait, Prince."

Claude's voice rarely showed such…. gentleness. The prince froze.

"… What?" He asked, straightening his back and wiping his eyes with the back of his hand. "I thought I dismissed you."

"Your voice is trembling, Majesty." Claude informed him as he opened the box and took out the prince's favorite cat toy. He saw him bite his hand to most likely keep tears in, but then gasped as the toy hit him and then fell to the floor. As the small demon turned around, his eyes lightened considerably when he saw what had been thrown at him.

"Kira!" He whispered as he picked the toy up and hugged it to his chest. He gave a happy gasp up at Claude, a small smile creeping onto his face.

He's still sad, and lost, not to mention confused and angry… But now at least he looks a bit happier. Claude thought, satisfied.

"I also rescued your books and the rest of your toys." He explained, motioning to the box on the right of him.

"Really?!" Another happy gasp escaped the small demon as he ran over to hold truth to his servant's words. Or ex-servant as he may be.

"Yes, Majesty."

"…" Sebastian's face went sullen at the title Claude gave him. He stopped opening the box and looked down, allowing his hair to shield his face. "…. Don't call me that." He muttered in a shaking voice. "I don't want to be reminded that I'm related to that piece of shit… Call me Sebastian instead. Or just Aryte. Just not any titles."

"As you wish." He walked over and studied the silent child.

"… I just thought… That since she was here… and she was the same as me… I thought…" He broke off with a sob. "I thought I would be less alone! I thought that someone would finally understand how I feel! I thought that… She could help me escape Father and find Mother…"

The young prince cried into his hands, his shoulders shaking with the effort to keep quiet.

"Maj- Excuse me, Aryte… If I may." Claude instinctively sat down and pulled Sebastian into a hug.

"H-Huh?!" The younger asked, his tears stopping from the surprise of the sudden kindness. He hiccuped and buried his face in the rough fabric of Claude,s jacket, butting him gently with his tiny horns.

"I believe I've told you this before…. You don't have to always put up that mask."

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