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character talking: "hello"

character thinking: 'hello'

story start


Jay walked up in to his apartment sorting through his mail "rent, junk, anonymous letter huh"he said as he entered his apartment putting his jacket he opens the letter it was written in very fancy script he starts reading it aloud "Dear Mr. Williams I have a job to give you in daten city the next page there are directions on where you will be residing from now and on the back directions on how to make the ammunition you will need when you get to the place ask for a man named garterbelt he will tell you what to do from then and when your job is completed you will be greatly rewarded". Jay flips the paper over and saw instructions for the ammunition "holy bullets ok what am I gonna kill demons that would be fun" jay said with sarcasm. "well this job better have a good pay"jay said as he packed all his clothes, his black gibson explorer, and laptop into his gran torino. He knocked on the owners door " I'm moving out here's the rent for this month" jay said as he slid a envelope of cash through the mail slot. Jay got in his car and started driving off as bury me with my guns on by bobaflex plays on the speakers "daten city here I come" jay said speeding down the road.

Time skip

"What in the fuck was that" jay said as he saw a pile of excrement the size of Godzilla explode from the corner of his eye as he turned in to the road of his detestation. "so I'm supposed to live in a church this better not be a prank" jay said as he got out his car and felt a gun pointed at the back of his head "who the fuck are you" jay herd from a voice behind him "will you please put the gun down? So you wont get hurt miss..." jay asked the woman. "its panty and no" the now introduced panty said to jay "alright hard way it is then" he said as he knocked the pistol out her hand as he pulled a mateba unica auto revolver from his leather jacket and placed it under panty's chin "well off to see garterbelt"he said as he walked in the church. As he enter he saw a priest with a giant afro "hey are you garterbelt?" jay asked from across the room "yes I am and who are you" the now named garterbelt said looking at jay with lust in his eyes "I'm jay williams I'm here for the job the directions told me that I'm gonna live here and top looking at me like that or I will shoot off what makes you a man" jay said aiming both of his revolvers at garterbelt. Garter just looked at jay for a minute then showed him to his room. Jay just went to sleep from his trip to awaken for the days ahead of him.