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Chapter 1 – One good turn.

The sound of gunfire is not uncommon in this part of town, thought most normal people would have shrugged it off, thinking it was nothing more than a car backfiring. But Takaba Akihito could tell the difference.

The freezing rain was soaking through his black hoodie and his seen better days trainers kicked up puddles that by the light of traffic looked like liquid gold, he began to make his way through the back streets of the city, to the run down apartment block he called home. There was a faint rumble of thunder and the rain started to come down heavier. The final part of his route would force Takaba to cross a large courtyard. As he approached Takaba came face to face with a scene that he had hoped to never be confronted with.

In front of him was a sleek, expensive black car, with shattered windows and bullet holes in the body. There were two bodies slumped against the car, another two flat on there faces a few feet away and one other lying on his side in front of a doorway, the blood from his wounds had bloomed like great crimson flowers on his white shirt. He didn't run as was his first instinct, running would look suspicious. Takaba took a depth breath and walked as calm the Red Death taking as much care as he could to avoid disturbing the shell casings on the ground. Suddenly came from the door way. Takaba watched as a figure dragged itself out of the doorway and over to the body in front of it. The figure tried to turn the body over but did not have enough strength and collapsed. Takaba knew he should just walk away at this moment is brain is screaming at him to do so. Most of the people around here that got shot got exactly what was coming to them. But for some inexplicable reason Takaba's feet are not obeying his brain.

Asami was in pain. A thing that he didn't like to admit even to himself. What was supposed to be an informal meeting with one of his dealers turned had into a fire fight. Asami and his men had forced the other side to retreat, however the cost was high his men dead and he himself wounded. He was actually very lucky as none of the bullets had hit major blood vessels or organs, nevertheless he was still losing blood and two bullets were embedded into him.

Takaba crouched down next to Asami and felt for a pulse"We need to get you out of the rain, so I'll help you stand so just lean on me OK?."Takaba lifted the man's arm over his head and together they brought Asami to his feet. Asami didn't know why he trusted the voice. Logically there was no reason for a stranger to help him. However for all his power Asami Ryuichi is still a human being with a strong survival instinct. And it was that instinct at this moment was telling him to seize any chance for survival.

The first thing that Asami noticed was that he was warm. He opened his eyes and began to test out his limbs. As he did he felt twinges of pain from his right arm, left side and right leg. He took a good look at his unexpected surroundings, which lit only by tall lamp and a glowing storage apartment was small with an open plan living/ kitchen area. He was stretched out on a brown sofa that had seen better days covered with duvet that smelt of cheap cigarettes. The wallpaper was nicotine stained; the blue gray carpet was dirty and threadbare. From the look of things the whole place had known better days. In front of him was chipped and old coffee table with his watch, cufflinks and phone on it. Looking to the left he saw his clothes minus his shirt on a clothes horse. The storage heater was just behind the table throwing out heat. "Your awake then, how do you feel?"

Asami turned his head to in direction of the familiar voice, it was same voice he had heard in the rain, if he had been a religious man he might have taken the voice to have been that of angel , though perhaps a devil might be more apt. But here in front of him was proof that the voice was of earthly origin. Standing there was boy in boxers and a t shirt, he looked a little to thin and stood at about 5, 6. He was pale, with dyed blonde hair and large eyes. "Who are you boy?"

"I am the one who pulled you out of the rain. Be careful when you're moving around or wounds might open again. I took out the bullets that were in your shoulder and leg the others went straight through. " Asami looked to see that his wounds had been bandaged up and with some skill something that you wouldn't expect a child, for the boy looked to be no more than eighteen to be able to do. "Your clothes are dry except your shirt"The boy held up Asami's shirt "I had to put it to soak, so it'll take a little time to dry." Never taking his eyes off the boy Asami watched as the boy hung up his shirt with the rest of his clothes. "Its six thirty in the morning, and I found you last night about ten o'clock last night"

Asami ran his hand through his hair "I'll ask you one more time who you are? Where am I and what do want?"

"I am a soft headed Samaritan, your in a apartment about ten minutes from where I found you and I don't want anything from you. You can go whenever you like."

"Does my good Samaritan have a name?"

The boy smiled "Not one you need to know and I don't want to know yours either. However I would like out of here by lunch time"

"What kind of good Samaritan throws out a poor, defenceless, injured man?" The sarcasm in Asami voice was palpable.

"I never said I was a 'good' Samaritan. And I very much doubt you have ever been poor or defenceless. I am going to take a shower so shout if you want anything. I rescued your phone from a puddle but I don't if it'll work." The boy walked into the kitchen and picked up a cordless phone from the counter "If your phone doesn't work you can use this. No doubt there is someone you want call, I can imagine that someone is probably having kittens by now." The boy walked away closing a door behind him followed by the sound of a shower running. Asami picked up his phone, turned it on it flicked into life and then promptly died. So he picked up the phone the boy left and punched in Kirishima's mobile number, Asami smirked he could decide if the thought of his cool, calm and collected secretary Kirishima in panic was ludicrous, dangerous or just plan amusing.

Kirishima was having one of the worst days of his life. Asami had been missing for nearly ten hours . The GPS in the car had led them to the scene of the gun battle. The bodies of the driver and bodyguards had been found, but there was no sign of Asami. Tracking Asami's phone had also turned out to be a dead end as the phone had been switched off making tracking it via GPS impossible. Kirishima and Suoh began a well coordinated search for Asami, the news that he was missing could not be allowed to leak out. If everyone thought that the king was dead it would not be long before someone declared themselves the new king. So far the deception that Asami was ill and could not be disturbed was working. To add credence to the deception Asami's personal physician made a visit to Asami's penthouse and prescriptions were collected from a local pharmacy. However both Suoh and Kirishima knew that this deception would work only for so long. Suoh walked into Asami's office at Shion which He and Kirishima were using to coordinate the search from.


"No I checked with our contacts in the Police he hasn't been picked up by them, our agents on the streets haven't hear anything. We still are checking the hospitals, clinics and doctors offices but so far nothing. And no bodies matching his description have been brought to the morgue."

"What about the Kokichi brothers?"

" No one has seen hide nor hair of them since last night, no doubt that had something to do with last nights events, but if they had killed him they would be shouting it from the top of Tokyo Tower. They are not know for their subtly. There is no proof that he is dead this could be a kidnap for ransom."

"Then why has there been no demand for ransom yet? Unless he is being tortured for information and the whole meeting was a set up then we must consider the possibility of a traitor." Kirishima phone began to ring he looked at the number and frowned it was not one that he recognised.


" Kirishima"

"Asami -sama? Where are you?"

" Safe for now. Never mind that, the car and the bodies have been discovered I take it? And I trust that the usual measures have been taken."

"Yes Asami-Sama the clean up has already taken place and the normal payoffs made." Kirishima was intently relived to hear from his boss

"Is Suoh there?"


"Hand the phone over."

"Before you ask Suoh I'm fine. Have the Kokichi brothers been found?"

"Not so far we have checked with known associates. I have men also checking the hospitals, clinics and underground doctors but so far nothing."

"Check the morgues and find out if any veterinary clinics have been broken into. The younger brother was shot so were the men with him they have had to been treated by some one." The sound of the shower stopped Asami turned to see the teen as he padded into the room with towel wrapped around his hips. It was then that Asami noticed the jagged scar running from the left side of his neck to the over his collar bone and finishing just at the top of his pectoral.

"I call you later to make arrangements to pick me up."

"No need to stop on my account I'm very adept at letting things go in one ear and out the other. Give me a minute to get dressed and I'll what I can do about some food , you must be starving I am." The boy came back in a few minutes wearing a pair of ripped jeans and a bright orange T shirt that Asami thought was an assault on good taste. Takaba opened up the fridge and started to look through a few different plastic containers until he found some thing edible. Takaba took out two bowls and began to divide the remains of a cold noodle salad into them, picking up a couple of forks he walked over and put a bowl down in front of Asami. "Sorry it's not much but I've hadn't time to do some shopping."Said Takaba. The boy sat in a worn armchair, tucked his legs underneath himself and attacked his food gusto.

"Where are your parents?"

"Not here obviously." Takaba said with his mouth full.

"This is good." The kid smiled and it was a genuine small for it reached his eyes.

"I'd like to change your bandages before you go if that's ok with you?" Before Asami could answer a phone began to ring. The boy put down his breakfast and pulled out a phone from his back pocket. He looked at the phone and then sprung out off the chair and down the small hallway shutting him self behind one of the doors. Asami looked at his watch it was a quarter past seven,he reached for the phone, once again he punched in Kirishima's number and made arrangements to be picked up.

There was nothing new to report on the location of the Kokichi brothers, however on of their associates turned up at a hospital with GSWs. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your point view the hospital he went too belonged to Asami. The staff had secured him in a private room under guard were he could questioned without any interruptions. Asami finished his call just as Takaba was coming out his room, with a box he turned the over head light on and knelt down next to Asami. The box was opened revealing a well stocked and comprehensive first aid kit. As Takaba selected items out of the box he said as he began his work "I just learnt something rather interesting."

"And what would that be?" Asami replied somewhat intrigued by the boy's statement as previous attempts to solicit information had been rebuffed.

"The Kokichi brothers tried to kill someone last night. Anyway it seems that the target fought back. Because the younger brother got shot and so did some of the scum that hang around with them, so they ran I guess they figured that they could just come back for the bodies later. And when they got back one of bodies was missing."

"Do you know the brothers?"

"Lift your arm up. Everyone around here knows them, buys from them, pays them or works for them."

"Which category do you fall into?" Asami watched as the teen quickly deftly cleaned and re bandaged his arm and shoulder.

"The first, sit up please."

"How did you get so good at this?"

"You ask a lot of questions do you usually pry this much? Or am I a special case?"

"Do you always answer a question with a question? It's perfectly natural for me to be curious about you?"

"Curiosity killed the cat. OK I just need to do your leg then I am sure you'll want to be on your way. What exactly are you so curious about anyway?"

"Your reason for helping me." Takaba swallowed hard he himself wasn't sure why he helped this man.

"You needed help." He whispered.

"What did you say?" Takaba could feel Asami's eyes boring into him. He knew that this guy was dangerous, but for the first time Takaba got a sense of just how dangerous "I said because you needed help. There is nothing wrong with helping someone just because they need help." Takaba's eyes had locked with Asami's daring Asami to contradict him. Asami fought the smile tugged at his lips. This boy who had been so calm and passive changed before his eyes. No longer was his voice and manor dispassionate and cool, he blazed with fury. "There is nothing wrong with it. I just didn't think such Samaritans existed."The fire in the boy died down as quickly as it had appeared. "How did you find out about the shooting last night?" Said Asami.

"My friend told me, he found out from his sister, some how she always knows all the news before anyone has even heard the rumour. There you are all done." Takaba stood back and admired his handwork. "How did you get good at this?" Asami asked again.

"Necessity is the mother of all invention. Now can you manage to get your clothes on by yourself or do need my help? No need to be embarrassed I know what boys look like and it's nothing I haven't seen before." Asami couldn't decide wither the boy's cheeky little grin made him want smile or pull the boy over his knee.

In the end Takaba helped Asami to dress, as he didn't want Asami to reopen his wounds. "Where are you being picked up?" Asami named a quite side road not to far from the apartment complex. My patch job should hold up for now but get yourself to a real doctor and by the way I am coming with you." Takaba went back into his room and came wearing the same pair of worn black trainers. In his hands were a black hoodie which he pulled over his head "I am coming with you, I know the back routes and the short cuts you don't know. Plus if you get caught all my hard work goes to waste." Takaba wrapped his scarf around his neck pulling it up so it covered up the lower part of his face. Takaba turned off the heater and all the lights. He opened the door and took a look around. There wasn't a soul in the corridor 'Thank goodness it's Saturday morning everyone is still sleeping off Friday night.' Takaba beckoned to Asami to follow him "We'll use the stairs that lead to the old entrance people know its there they just tend to forget about it."

With Takaba's help Asami made it down the rotting stairs and out of the building. The sun had had risen bathing the area in a pale gold light that did nothing to disguise the shabbiness of the streets. Takaba led Asami through a maze of back streets and vacant lots, many of them surrounded by abandoned or run down buildings. Abruptly Takaba stopped he turned to face Asami and his eyes narrowed for a spilt second "Your breathing heavy, lean on me." He said before Asami could say anything the boy had slipped himself under Asami's arm and wrapped an arm around waist. They walked in silence with only the sounds common to any big city breaking the silence.

Kirishima was tired for nearly the past twelve hours he'd been running on adrenaline. The car came to a stop and Kirishima exited followed by Suoh and a guard. A second car stopped and the armed guards inside exited forming a perimeter as they did. Suoh glanced over at Kirishima like him Kirishima looked perfectly cool and collected; but underneath Suoh was disturbed. For this event had confirmed something that Suoh that had began to suspect. That as an organisation they had become over confident, that reliance on the fear and respect generated by Asami's name alone would be enough to keep those under them firmly in their place. However this incident with the Kokichi brothers had proved fear was not always a paralyzing agent. People who are afraid can become desperate and desperation makes them dangerous. "Where is he?"

"Calm down Suoh."

"I have been calm enough to last a lifetime Kirishima."

Suddenly one of the perimeter guards called out "There is someone coming." Kirishima flanked by Suoh and another guard came over to join the man. There indeed was a figure coming up a narrow trash ridden alley. As it got closer it became clear it was not one figure but two. One large the other much smaller. The smaller of the two was supporting the larger one. "Your friends I take it?" Takaba said to Asami.

"Yes, are you that keen to be rid of me ?"Asami's voice was laced with amusement.

"Hell yeah the last ten hours have provided me with enough excitement to last a lifetime, besides your heavy."

"I'm a perfectly healthy weight, maybe if you weren't so scrawny then you'd be stronger."

"I'm not scrawny old man."

"Little brat. Well this is where you and I part."

"Not a minute to soon as far as I'm concerned."

"Has my company been that bad then?"

"No but if I ever see you again it'll be a million years to soon. I've used up a lifetimes worth of nerve since I met you."

"Looks like am in your debt."

"No you're not. We won't meet again so it doesn't matter."

Kirishima, Suoh and the guard all walked forward to meet Asami, relived as they were to see their boss alive they were equally curious about the smaller figure that was supporting Asami. Suoh nodded and a man came forward to take Takaba's place "Thank you." Asami could see that they boy was smiling thought his mouth was hidden his eyes were lit up. " I'll make a note of that in my diary,you don't strike me as the type to say that often."Then he turned away and sprinted back down the alley, Asami and the others watched until Takaba disappeared from sight. "Asami-sama who was that?" asked Suoh.

"A good Samaritan."