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This chapter takes its title and biggest inspiration from a song titled "In my Blood" by Australian duo The Veronicas, and "Avenue" by Agnes Obel was also an influence.

Chapter 18 – In My Blood

Kirishima had placed a call to Akira, who via Roku confirmed that heads that had been delivered belonged to the remaining drones. However the absence of San's head came as no surprise.

Asami took the news without a flicker of emotion. He had been proved right about the level of Suzumeibachi's paranoia and the possibility that the he would eliminate his own Drones. He had also factored in that San would survive the massacre, however Asami was confident that with a little more pushing San would also soon be dead. Then on his own Suzumeibachi would have three options: retreat, surrender or carry on regardless. The first two options seemed unlikely knowing what he did of Suzumeibachi's nature, the third would be suicide. But to Asami it was clear that Suzumebachi was so committed to his cause that this fact would be ignored.

After the delivery of the heads Suzumebachi went quite it was assumed that he was looking for a new hiding place because of Roku's action against him, plus it was also speculated that he was now revaluating his position. In this time Akihito's grief began to take hold, and no one could predict what form it would take from one day to the next. One day he would hardly move from his and Asami's now shared bed, on another day he cleaned the penthouse with frenzied enthusiasm. Asami knew that Akihito had spoken on the phone with his aunt once since his mother's death, but he not made any further attempt at contact. In fact Akihito had spoken to no one about his feelings or the event in question both Akira and Suoh's wife had tried but to no success. To Asami it was clear that Akihito trusted very few with his heart.

Asami walked out onto the terrace to find Akihito sitting crossed legged on a sun lounger with a sketch pad on his knees, Asami looked over Akihito's shoulder to see what the young man was working on. Akihito was drawing a house cat it was very true to life, except when Asami's gaze reached its tail. For that had been replaced with a tentacle with spikes sticking out from its bulbous end. Akihito had turned an everyday house pet into twisted mutation. "Are going to ask me how I am?" said Akihito not looking up from his work.


"Yes you were I can tell. You're right I didn't feel anything at first. Now it's like I feel too many things. It's strange at times I had wished her dead or just gone. And now she is I would wish her back. She wasn't always like she was. She wasn't a bad person just a very weak one. Part of me though can't stop being mad at her. I'm mad that she got herself tangled up in this. I furious that she was wasn't a better person. I'm furious that she messed up my life!" Akihito could feel his voice breaking his throat getting tight, he could barely get the words but he forced himself. "Do you know I got held back at school because of her? I'm the only nineteen year old in my year, all because I took so much time off looking after, cleaning up her mess! And how does she repay me?! She sells me to some fucking psycho! Asami could see tears dropping on the pad on Akihito's lap. "I had expected her to die, the life she led an early death I thought it was a forgone conclusion. I used to expect to a visit from the police or a call from a hospital telling me that she was found dead in a ditch or poisoned by alcohol. I never imagined that she would die the way she did." Akihito rubbed at his red eyes as Asami carded a hand through his hair.

Akihito sprang up taking himself and his equipment into the living room, putting his things down on the coffee table and sat on the sofa Asami did the same "I haven't made any dinner."

"We can order out what would you like?"

"Shushi. Are you disappointed I didn't cook?"

"It's up to if you want to cook or not, but I must admit it's nice to come back to a home cooked meal you make a marvellous little house husband." Asami said this with a smirk he was purpose trying to get a rise out of Akihito.

"This isn't my home, I just don't want be accused of being a moocher. And I'm not your house husband."

Kou and Takato were intrigued to see where and who Akihito was now living with, when Akihito asked them to collect his schoolwork and bring it him as he wouldn't be coming in for a while. He would only tell them he was staying with an acquaintance of his aunt (which was sort of true). When they arrived at the address Aki gave them the two boys were apprehensive. The tall and sleek structure of glass and steel was like no building that they or Akihito had ever lived in "Maybe he is pulling our legs" said Takato

"No this is the address he gave us" replied Kou.

As the two boys looked uncertainly up at the building they were approached by a concierge from the building "Kou san, Takato san follow me please. Takaba sama is expecting you both." He turned and walked back to the building with both boys scurrying behind him. They were shown into a private lift that took them straight to the penthouse. When the exited they were greeted by two intimidating individuals who ushered them through a door. Their jaw's dropped at the sight of the luxury interior, it was something they had only seen on the screen or in glossy magazines. This was all proof that whoever Akihito's friend was they had seriously deep pockets. Akihito came forward to greet his friends as they removed their shoes at the entrance "Will that be all Takaba sama?" Said one of the guards.

"Yes thank you." The door was shut leaving the three boys alone. Akihito had a small smile on his face "Are you hungry? I've got snacks and tea." Takato and Kou followed Akihito into apartment they sat down in the living area as Akihito went into the kitchen coming back a few moments later with a heavily laden tray.

"We bought your work like you wanted." said Takato handing a bag to Akihito.


"Akihito." Said Takato "What is going on? I mean both Kou and I accept that you like to go your own way and don't always tell us everything. But this time you had us so worried we couldn't get a hold of you or Ayame Oba san either."

"Ayame had to leave the country suddenly and …" Akihito took a deep breath" My mother died so I need to take some time out from everything and everyone."

"Oh my God." said Kou. Takato was so stunned he couldn't speak "Was it the booze?" asked Kou.

Akihito had already decided to never tell his friends the truth as to how his mother had died, he wasn't about to get them involved in the dangerous events that were encircling him. He nodded "Yeah, she finally had that one drink to many."

That night Akihito found himself wrapping his body around Asami, his head rested on Asami shoulder. The mixture of Asami's presence and the warm bed was a perfect relaxant. "Thanks for letting me have my friends over."

"You don't need to thank me invite them again if you want."

"It was great to see them but…"

"But what?"

"I can't seem to forget my mother, I was trying to concentrate on my friends, but I can still see her face and hear voice. She no idea what the Drones had planned for her. The look on her face I can't even begin to describe it."

Asami began to trace soothing circles on Akihito's back "You won't really ever forget her. After a while she won't be at the forefront of your mind. She'll sleep in it and only awaken when you really want her to."

"How can you be so sure?" Whispered Akihito.

"Past experience."

"What do you mean by that? I now Nana san said you don't have any family what happened to them?" Asami's hand suddenly stopped moving "I'm sorry I didn't mean to pry"

They lay in motionless in the darkness until Asami broke the silence "They were murdered. My whole family was slaughtered in a single day."

At the age of twelve Asami Ryuichi youngest son of Asami Ryuzu discovered that for the first time in his life he hated someone. No this was not fleeting dislike that would pass after time this was deep done to the bone hatred. The object of his hatred was Asami Saya his new mother. It had been barley eighteen months since his real mother had died. His father's new wife was the daughter of one of his father's contemporaries. She was a widow with a son two years older than Ryuichi. His older brothers told him that baby like him couldn't understand the importance to their business that that their remarried. Which wasn't true he could understand but that didn't mean he had to like it. And all attempts to pacify him with the notion that he would now have a brother nearer his own age had no effect.

The age gap between Ryuichi and his oldest brother Ryutaro was eighteen years, there was a gap of sixteen between him and Taiyou and fifteen between him and Kazuma. Being the youngest and not yet of age where he could be of use to his father's business he spent a lot of time with his mother and his father's men and their families. Especially the son of his father's second in command Krishima Kei and the daughter of one of his father's long term friends Hinamori Nana. He also had far more personal freedom than his brothers. It was expected for all three of them to go into the family business, perhaps it was the influence of his mother that Ryuichi was not weighed down by the same expectation. Asami Kyoko knew full well what the world she lived in was like, and she knew full the danger that it can bring and she wanted one child sparred from it and the weight of expectation.

Ryuichi's manner to his stepmother was not rude but it wasn't respectful either, much to the exasperation of his father. However his attitude towards his stepbrother Shouma was one that his father and brothers could understand. Shouma was bright but his was also obnoxious. He didn't seem to care about anyone and treated those who thought beneath him like dirt. He liked to gather secrets and information to force others to do what he wanted. He also at same time be terribly sycophantic. Some of these traits he inherited from his mother. One of the things that Ryuichi hated about her most is that she spent his father's money like it was going out of fashion, and was constantly trying to push son forward. Saya's main goal was get her husband to officially adopt her son something which so far he had refused to do. The six of them lived in this awkward state for four years. Then the day came that would change everything.

It started out like any other day his father and two eldest brothers were at work. And Kazuma was asleep after his shift at the hospital the family owned. Ryuichi was sparring with Otsuku Ken his bodyguard and Kirishima Kei. They were just finishing up when Kazuma ran into the room flanked by guards "All of you get dressed now and come with me" Kazuma commanded. With a confused look on his face Ryuichi opened his mouth to speak "Ryuichi there is no time for you to argue with me do as you are told!"

As they ran through the house Ryuichi glanced at his brother, there was fear in his eyes, shear panic. Out of all his brothers Kazuma was the easiest going and the only one who didn't possess that famous hair trigger temper of the Asami. For the first time in his life Ryuichi was truly afraid.

Ryuichi and the others were bundled into an awaiting car, the guards followed behind in another as Kazuma gave orders for the drive to take them to the port. "Kazuma what the hell is going on?!"

"Otou sama is dead, so is Ryutaro."

It took a few seconds for Kazuma's words to sink in before he could speak again "How?"

"They were murdered on the order of that bitch Saya and her father, they must have planned this for years. Infiltrating us and then destroying us from within."

"What about Taiyou he was with them?"

"He escaped the attack on our HQ and warned me to get you out."

"Kazuma sama we're being followed." Said the driver

"I know just to stick to the plan."

Stopping at the port Kazuma got out along with some of the guards who he briefly spoke to before returning to Ryuichi. Kazuma opened the car door and pulled Ryuichi out, Kei san, Otsuka san come with us." Followed by two guards they went to a boat house, leaving the guards at the entrance. Kazuma turned to Otuska "You know the escape protocol?"

"Yes sir."

"What escape protocol? Kazuma where are we going?"

"We are not going anywhere. You are with Kei and Otsuka."

Ryuichi looked at the boat and then back at his brother "But?"

"Look little brother our father and Ryutaro are dead, by now Taiyou probably is to. I have to stay to avenge our family, to try and salvage what is left."

"Then I'll stay I'll help you."

"There is nothing you can do you would just be in the way. A weak point for our enemies to exploit"

"I can learn. I can help you."

"There isn't time." Kazuma's bodyguard Kiba walked up behind him "Kiba you don't have to do this."

"Kazuma sama it is well known I'm your bodyguard those bastards wouldn't let me live, and the less people know that Ryuichi sama is alive the better." Kiba took the boat out to sea as the sound of gunfire could be heard and it was getting closer. "Otsuka you know what needs to be done Kei you will help it's for Ryu's own good" Otsuka took hold of Ryuichi, clamped a hand over his mouth and with the help of Kirishima half carried half dragged him up some stairs to a mezzanine level he hadn't noticed before. Kazuma squatted down and opened a concealed hatch revealing a crawl space. "It'll be a tight squeeze but you'll fit. Otsuka and Kazuma forced Ryuichi into the hole, he tried to get out only have his brother force him back in. Kazuma took hold of Ryuichi's wrists and bound them with a cable tie. Kei got and Otuka got in the latter secured Ryuichi's ankles in the same manner. "I'm sorry Ryu." Said Kazuma I can't risk you moving and making any sound. We can't take the risk they will hear you. I don't were you are going, but you need to stay out of sight. You need to be so small they will never see you. From now on you're dead. Asami Ryuichi is a name you can never use again. You can never come back to Japan." Ryuichi opened his mouth to speak but was cut off. "Don't say a word or I will gag you. I know you want to stay but you can't there is nothing you can do." Ruffling his brother's hair Kazuma smiled "I love you little brother." He said as he closed the hatch door.

Kazuma walked down the stairs and looked out across the water at the boat that would soon be a blazing inferno as the bomb it carried detonated. Kiba would be killed, Ryuichi would be safe. Kazuma had lied to Ryuichi, Taiyou was as good as dead Kazuma had got word that their brother had be captured as Ryuichi was dressing, but he didn't have the heart to tell Ryuichi, he couldn't bring himself to do it. Just like he couldn't bring himself to tell Ryuichi that there would be no counter attack. The attack on the Asami had come too swiftly and they were unprepared for it. They had plans and protcols in place for kinds of situation, but a betrayal from within the family itself was something they never though of. Blood ties mattered deeply to the Asami, the thought of an Asami betraying another Asami was ludercrous, but then again those that had stabbed them in the back were not true Asami. Their resources were vanishing, their subordinates were either dead, in the wind or had turned on them. No ally would come to their aid. Kazuma knew that all empires fall but he never though it would be like this. The sound of gunfire was getting even closer, he knew his death would not be swift, he would rather have taken as many of the enemy as he could with him. However he knew had to plant into their heads Ryuichi and the others were dead. As long as Ryuichi lived it would be a small victory in the face of defeat.

Kazume was surrounded, disarmed and forced to his knees. Shouma strutted in like peacock " Mummy finally let you out from behind her skirt?" The level of contempt and sarcasm in Kazuma's voice was palpable.

Shouma kicked him in the stomach. "Nice to see a dead man can still joke. Talking of jokes where is Ryu chan? "

" Ryuichi is in a place you can't get him. Can't you see the smoke?"

Shouma looked out at the water and sure enough thick black plumes of smoke were rising out of the ocean. Looking down at Kazuma Shouma replied "You wouldn't kill your own brother."

"I did. It was better that he died at my hand, than yours you sick mother fucking freak"

Shouma was pissed. He was pissed off that he hadn't got his hands of Ryuichi. He was pissed that even in the face of defeat Kazuma was proud and defiant. "Bring him let's go have some fun." Kazuma was led away from the building and forced into the back of a car. This would be the last time Asami Kazuma would ever see the light of day again.

Ryuichi felt like he had been trapped in the dark for an age, he had heard voices but they were now silent. There was no way to tell how much time passed when suddenly they all heard the sound of footsteps getting closer. All three held their breath as the hatch was opened and the light poured in. "Young master please come with us, we'll get out you out of here." Said a masked man. With the help of the man and Otsuka Ryuich was freed from the hole and unbound. They were led down the stairs. Ryuichi could see the black clouds spewing out the ocean. So that's how they faked his death an explosion at sea it was good idea the fire and the water would ensure that no evidence would be found and he could be safely be presumed dead. It was a strange sensation to be both alive and dead at the same time nothing can prepare you for it. Looking around he saw no sign of a struggle, it was clear that Kazuma had been taken with little or no resistance and would soon be dead. It was a crushing feeling to know that both his father and brothers were by now all dead. And that one had sacrificed themself for him. It would bring about a sense of guilt that he knew he would always carry with him. "Who are you people I'm not going anywhere until answer me."

"You can call me Ibuki. I'm the leader of a group who sole purpose to safely protect and evacuate the members of the Asami family in situations such as this." "

"Did you see them take my brother?"Ryuichi's fist was clenched so hard his nails were biting into his palm.

"Yes young master."

Ryuichi's fist flew at Ibuki's jaw. The man caught the teenager's fist before it could connect and held it tight.

Ryuichi drew his arm back gripping it to his chest. "You say you serve my family so why didn't you save my brother?!"

"We had no orders to do so."

"Who gave you your orders!" demanded Ryuichi

"Your father and your brothers. In events such as this it was decided that both you and mother were extracted. When she died it decided to extract Kirishima Kei and Otsuka Ken so that you would not go into exile alone." Ibuki's tone was matter of fact. It was as if he had rehearsed this moment for years. The truth was that he had though he never thought it would ever happen.

Ryuichi turned to look at Kei before he could say anything Otsuka interjected "He didn't know young master. The only ones who knew about the plan were your father, brothers, Ibuki, myself and Kei's father Keisuke san."

Ibuki cleared his throat "Young master we don't have time for this we have to…"

"No. I said no. I'm not running away."

"Young master." Said Otsuka.

"Stop call me that! I'm not a boy anymore. With my father and brothers gone I'm the head of the Asami. I say we stay and fight!"

"You snot nosed little brat!" said Ibuki "Where do get the balls to call yourself head of the Asami. What have you done to earn that title? You're not half the man your father or your grandfather was, in fact you're not even a man yet. Kazuma sama sacrificed himself for you. Taiyou sama at the cost of his own life made sure we got the call to come and get you. Everything they have done will be for nothing if you don't live."

"And what kind of life would that be spent curled up in some dark corner of the Earth hoping I won't be found?! Living with the knowledge of what was done to them, all the while pretending to be someone else, having to play a part instead of being myself."

"It's better than no life at all. And who exactly is going to help you get your revenge? Kirishima and Otsuka I say are fool enough to help. You will need more than three people."

"You and your team will help me. Teach me, train me, and fight with me."

"We are under no obligation to anything else than get you get you out of the country."

"You're right, but you were under no obligation to come here. Taiyou must have told you how bad the situation was, how dangerous it is was and yet you came. You could have pretended to have never got the message that brought you here. You say that only that a handful of people know about you, so could have lived your life in peace not bothered by our enemies. I'm guessing my father had this protocol in place for years."

"He did for twenty to be exact." Acknowledged Ibuki.

"You must have spoken with my father, with my brothers got to know them. No one would stay in position that long if they didn't care, if they felt no loyalty no sense of obligation or loyalty."

Ibuki folded his arms over his chest looked around at his men "Your statement has incurrences though I congratulate you for it. You might at least make a decent orator. Otsuka what have you be teaching him? My nine year old daughter throws a better punch than him. Well you all heard the young master let's head home. Don't argue with me your young master until you do something worthy of people called head of the Asami family. It will take years you understand that before you'll be in any kind of position to exact revenge and there is no guarantee of success."

"I know."

"What about the rest of the escape route?" Asked Kei "Wont they wondered why Asami sama hasn't appeared?"

"If he doesn't show they all just assume that he really is dead right now that is the best thing for him." Said Ibuki

Asami's hand that had been massaging Akihito's back stopped moving, he rolled on top of Akihito and slid down his body dragging Akihito's sweat pants down and off his body. One hand massaged the tip of Akihito's cock while the other cupped his balls, as Asami's teeth nipped at the delicate skin of Akihito's hip. Akihito's mouth opened in a silent scream, his hand fisted in Asami's hair encouraging him to bite harder.

Asami stopped his actions to remove his boxers "Like what you see?" asked Akihito. To Asami Akihito was glowing bright in the darkness. He was giving off a blazing light that consumed Asami's sight. Asami began a precise assault on Akihito's adorable full bottom lip. Akihito wrapped his legs around Asami. There was nothing better than delicious feeling of Asami's body pressed against his own. Asami's hand wrapped around Akihito's neck delivering just the right amount of pressure. Akihito's eyes flew open he could see his own lust and desire mirrored in Asami's eyes.

Asami couldn't comprehend how someone so bright and beautiful could look at him with such desire. However he didn't care why it happened or how he just knew he wasn't letting go. Asami plunged the index and first fingers of his right hand into his mouth and began to suck. He wasn't surprised to see Akihito's eyes grow wide. His kitten seemed to have a fascination with his hands, perhaps it was because the young man was an artist. Whatever the reason was Asami was happy to indulge him. The slicked digits worked their way down Akihito's body "Scream, shout, cry I want to hear it all. You said that this wasn't your home but you're wrong I'm here so you belong here. I won't let anyone else have you."


"You're in my blood."

It was in the early hours of the morning that Kirishima was awoken by the ringing of his phone. The Security team at Sion called him to inform him that Asami sama had arrived at the office ten minutes ago and now he was trashing his office, the head of security at Sion said he had entered the office only to be ordered out by Asami sama. When Kirishima arrived the guards were hovering nervously at the door of Asami's office, not stopping to acknowledge them, strode into his master office. He was met by the sight of the chaos that Asami's anger and frustration had created. Furniture had been overturned, ornaments and electrical equipment smashed, there were slashes in the carpet, sofa and soft furnishings. Sitting in the middle of the chaos was Asami Ryuichi with a photograph in his hand, his knuckles were white so tight was his grip. "Asami sama." Said Kirishima as he picked his way towards Asami "Asami sama what is wrong?" his voice was filled with concern as he sat down next to Asami. "It's him Kei. Suzumeibachi is Shouma." Asami spat out. Though most of the Asami family's personal property had been lost or destroyed, however a few items such as this photo albums had be saved by Suoh Nana's father. Some of those pictures had Shouma and his mother in them but Asami couldn't bring himself to deface the last reaming images of his family. "Look." Said Asami as he pushed the picture towards Kirishima along with a magnifying glass. "When you showed me the images of the Drones head I thought something looked familiar. It only hit me tonight after talking with Akihito that it hit me. Look at the bitch's broach Kei."

Kirishima looked the broach Asami Saya wore was gold, its geometric design formed a winged insect. "I once asked her if it was a fly, she said no that it was a hornet. The design on the Drones heads is the same as that broach."

"Asami sama."

"It can't be a coincidence."

"Shouma is dead Asami sama he killed himself rather than face you and his body was burned. The survivors we captured told us that." What Asami was suggesting was making Kirishima extremely uncomfortable. They went through hell and high water to topple the usurpers that seized what rightfully belonged to his master, and he didn't want to go through it all again especially if involved that the twisted little freak Shouma. Asami had been incensed that he hadn't been able to deal with Shouma himself, after all Shouma had murdered his older brother Kazuma.

"Kei all that was found was ash and a few bits of bone, all they proved was that they belonged to human male around Shouma's age. We accepted that and the story that went with it because we wanted to. At that point we all just wanted to put past behind us. My own death was successfully faked there is no reason to think he couldn't do the same. Do you trust me Kei?"

Kirishima didn't have to think about the question before he answered it "Yes."

Asami got to his feet "We'll make Suzumebachi reveal himself and one way or another the truth will be known." Kirishima looked up at Asami his voice was cold and flat, his eyes no warmth or emotion they held only a cold calculating strength of will.

Suzumeibachi sat in an upscale apartment not dissimilar to one Asami owned, the view itself was similar to Asami's being in actual fact not too far from Asami's own penthouse. He had been forced into this bolt hole by the actions of Roku, it was pity that the man's family was gone he would have loved to have paid them a visit. Roku's actions destroyed the anonymity of the other Drones so San took care of them. There was no denying it he lost a portion of his resources, knowing that out of all of them Roku was the one most likely to betray him Roku had been given access to fraction of his resources to limit the damage. Perhaps he should have gotten rid of Roku years ago but he never came across someone who was as good as Roku at his job. He was grieved by the loss the time and effort he put into training the Drones not by the death of the Drones themselves. The deaths had forced him to call on the last two bar San remaining drones Ju Yon (Fourteen) and Ju Go (Fifteen). The only person beside himself who knew about them was San, they had been developed as a contingency for situations such as this, and they had been kept away from the main force of the Drones to avoid any contagion. He wouldn't be able to fight at full force but Suzumeibachi was still determined to act.

As he sat by his master's feet San handed him a drink and then began to lightly stroke up and down his master's leg with the tips of his fingers. "Master do think Asami knows who you are now." Asked San for he was the only Drone that had been gifted the true knowledge of his master's identity. "I think so Ryu chan was always rather perceptive. Maybe someone in the back of his mind the notion was there he just didn't want to believe it until now. He'll come to me maybe he'll want justice but in life San the best you can ever hope for is revenge."

"Master how can you be so sure of his thoughts?"

"You see San just like I'm in his, he is in my blood."

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