A-HEY HEY HEY, playas!

I'm baaacccck...after god knows how long! This is my first TRHPS fic, since I am now a crazy fangirl who's gonna dress up as Columbia next Halloween! WHATEVS! Okay, let's get this over with! enjoy! Happy reading!


9:00 AM





She dragged herself out of bed, and walked down the staircase. How she HATED having to get up early to meet one of Frank's men.

Her eyes were still half closed.

Frank shook his head, then turned to the stocky but well built man he had hired…

"Darling, isn't he a TRIUMPH?"

"Yeah, yeah…he's alright…he'll do…he's gorgeous…"


She nearly jumped.

"Jesus Christ, Frank!"

He widened his eyes. "You are to apologize, and introduce yourself, politely, I MUST add, to our new hired help!"

"My god, Frankie, can't you just CALM DOWN?!"

"Must I use the whip?"

"You wouldn't dare!"

"Do as I have asked! And I intend to have you acquaint him with the premises later on today!"

He left the laboratory, a well-lit one with pastel walls…not like the ones in those creature features.

Columbia opened her eyes all the way, and sighed. It was then when she looked at him for the first time…and she saw the definition of beauty!

His hair was wavy…he was tanned…his eyes were brown…a very dark brown…he wore a cheap-looking and dirty pleather jacket, a plain one…He wasn't skinny, and he wasn't fat…he was cute (WAY cute)…he was dreamy...he was taller than she was, but not as tall as Frank…he looked like something she had never seen before…broken…something she was herself.

"Wow…I mean…H-Hi…Uh…I'm sorry…I'm Columbia…and you're…Eddie?"

"Solid. Hiya, baby doll…"

An awkward silence passed…one that she didn't know how to end

"So…ya new 'round here?"

"Yep…I been workin' round Denton haulin' newspaper."

"Oh…that's nice…"


He gave her a playful wink.

Columbia did not do well in high-stress situations. The butterflies got the best of her…and she almost always ended up nearly dying of embarrassment…

"Well, uh…that's swell…see ya round the…place…welcome aboard!"

See you around the place?

Just walk away, she thought to herself.

And that was the shortest conversation of both their lives!

Back in her bedroom, she got out of her pajamas, took a shower, and thought about Eddie…and how she completely made a FOOL out of herself in front of him! She changed into her favorite outfit…sure, it made her look like a walking carnival, but it was HER!

And underneath it, she wore her favorite corset…just in case!

Magenta came barging in.

"WELL, Collie, you're up early!"

Typical Magenta. Always stating the obvious.

Columbia let out an annoyed sigh. "Yeah. You wanna make something of it?!"

"Temper, temper! I'm just saying!"


"What's with the corset?" she started, putting on a fresh coat of lipstick…"British Red".

Magenta had it rough…waking up at 4 AM to get daily work done. It was like she never slept!

"Can you not? Please!"

"Not what?"

"Look at our camera while I'm getting dressed!"


She paused.

"But, seriously, though. Who's the guy?"

Columbia laughed. "What guy? It's not like a have a wide selection or nothin' like that…a GUY! Har-dee-har-har!"

"I don't know, Collie…you just seemed…elated! You know…excited…aroused…touched!"


They both started laughing uncontrollably.

"You mean…that I…no! Never!"

Magenta exited. "Sure!"

"Oh, just drop dead!"

The door slammed. Columbia looked at the top of Magenta's dresser, and grabbed a tube of her "Lustful Rust" lipstick. Surely, she wouldn't notice it! She hardly used it, anyway!

It didn't matter; she was clean, dressed, and ready for the day…ready to show her new co-worker the ropes!